Absolute Great Teacher
729 Reimbursed Trip
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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729 Reimbursed Trip


This time around, An Xinhui would bring her personal disciples there as well because she was also going to participate in the 4-star great teacher examination.

It could be said that both An Xinhui and Jin Mujie were strong enough. Their only problem was their personal disciples.

“I don’t expect them to gain enlightenment from the Battlegod Catalog. I only hope that they get more experience in their battles!”

An Xinhui’s mentality was very stable. At most, they could just take it as a trip to relax before the examinations.

Of course, the expenses for this trip wouldn’t be a small sum.

If it was in the past, the Central Province Academy would definitely not be able to afford this.

The Darkness Continent was treacherous and many places were still unexplored. Even places that had been explored by cultivators would still be filled with danger.

Based on what was known now, the Darkness Continent had a total of six levels, with each level having different rules. Each of them was like a whole new world.

The first level was filled with spirit qi tides.

Some places had dense spirit qi, being several times or even ten times more than Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. On the other hand, there were places with scarily thin spirit qi level.

It was fine if the spirit qi density was weaker. It would just make it hard for them to survive, but if there was no spirit qi at all, it would directly lead to the cultivators’ deaths.

The cultivators from Middle-Earth had a spirit pressure difference between the inside and outside of their bodies.

No matter how weak the spirit pressure outside their bodies was, as long as there was spirit qi, then cultivators would be able to survive on their powerful bodies. However, if cultivators were in an environment without spirit qi, they’d swell up like a balloon and then explode.

Therefore, what cultivators feared the most in the Darkness Continent were regions where spirit qi was completely absent. Therefore, they must keep a spirit pressure reader with them to avoid the danger in advance.

The second level of the Darkness Continent was even more dangerous. Other than the completely irregular spirit qi tides, there was also a unique natural phenomenon here known as the spirit fantasy.

As its name suggested, the cultivators who entered this level would experience all sorts of auditory and visual hallucinations. This would make their mental state be constantly fatigued.

No one knew the cause of the spirit fantasies. It could be one’s physique or it could be their mental pressure. To sum it up, it was very dangerous.

For example, a cultivator might walk on and suddenly notice someone launching a sneak attack on them. The cultivator then started to retaliate, wanting to kill their opponent.

However, from other people’s perspectives, this might look like a nutcase’s rampage.

Of course, every cultivator showed different reactions to spirit fantasies.

The scholars in the great teacher world had the perspective that the weaker the reaction a cultivator showed toward spirit fantasies, the better their aptitude.

Of course, even people who showed no reactions at all would have to be fully prepared to move around on the second level of the Darkness Continent.

And spirit fantasy pills were a necessary supply to bring along.

It was refined from several types of medicinal herbs that were harvested on the third level of the Darkness Continent. As there were few cultivators on the third level, not many could harvest the herbs, leading to the low supply. Besides, it also required relatively good skills to be able to refine spirit fantasy pills. Therefore, the price for them was extremely high.

They could only be purchased with spirit stones.

Usually, famous schools would stash up on spirit fantasy pills. They’d also recruit alchemists who could refine this alchemical pill.

However, there were no such alchemists in the Central Province Academy. This also went to show that the school was in decline.

“I have to thank you for this. Teacher Mei only asked for the cost price on your account.”

Half of the spirit fantasy pills that An Xinhui had were purchased from Mei Yazhi. She only asked for the price for the ingredients and didn’t even account for the labor costs.

Otherwise, An Xinhui’s heart would ache so much that she would feel like spurting blood.

Of course, An Xinhui didn’t like to take advantage of others either. She promised Mei Yazhi that anyone who held a recommendation letter from her would be able to use the darkness illusion dojo as they wished.

This was an amazing building that was extremely beneficial to hone one’s battle skill.

Both An Xinhui and Sun Mo were people with great resolution. After ascertaining their travel plan, all the preparations were done in just two days.

This time around, Sun Mo would be the one to lead the Central Province Academy’s group. The participants included Sun Mo’s personal disciples, Gu Xiuxun and her personal disciples, Jin Mujie and her personal disciples, as well as Mei Ziyu and An Xinhui’s personal disciples.

As An Xinhui was too busy with work, she had to wait for a few days before she could head to the Battlegod Rampart.

In the horse carriage, Qi Shengjia held tightly onto the spirit fantasy pill, looking nervous. One reason was because they were going to the Darkness Continent, and the other was his gratitude toward Sun Mo.

Without Sun Mo, he probably would never get the chance to go to the Battlegod Rampart in his lifetime.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +100. Reverence (42,500/100,000).

“I heard that the Battlegod Catalog was the world’s greatest divine art back then. It’s a pity that battle god didn’t have any personal disciples, resulting in there being no one who knew this divine art today. Therefore, no one has the luck to see it today.”

Qin Yaoguang said.

She was positive and had a lively character, thus was able to get along with anyone. This was why she had gotten close to everyone long ago.

Helian Beifang couldn’t do the same. He shrank in a corner of the horse carriage by himself, but his ears were perked up. After all, he was a guy, so how could he not be interested in such peak-grade divine arts?

“There’s no need to feel flurried. This time around, I’ll comprehend the Battlegod Catalog and you guys will be able to have the great fortune of witnessing it then.”

Xuanyuan Po rubbed his palms together.

It was said that the murals on the Battlegod Canyon’s walls were a divine art. The combat addict felt that given his aptitude, he’d be able to comprehend it in less than a month.

“Hehe, Senior Martial Brother Xuanyuan, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but do you know how many great geniuses have tried comprehending the murals on the Battlegod Canyon’s walls? But till date, none of them had managed to learn the Battlegod Catalog.”

Qin Yaoguang teased.

“I don’t know if Xuanyuan can do it, but Teacher will definitely be able to.”

Lu Zhiruo had great expectations for Sun Mo’s performance. “We shouldn’t waste the effort to comprehend it. We just need to wait to learn it from Teacher.”

Helian Beifang couldn’t help but throw a glance at this big papaya. (Why are you being so aboveboard even when you’re slacking?)

“Zhiruo, be careful of what you say.”

Li Ziqi reminded. It didn’t matter if they were saying these amongst their martial siblings, but if other people were to hear it, it might cause trouble.

Moreover, to speak the truth, even though Li Ziqi felt that their teacher’s talent was unparalleled and his intelligence was superb, to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog? Sorry, that was really tough.

“I heard that once someone comprehends the Battlegod Catalog, the murals on the walls will disappear. Is that true?”

Tantai Yutang was curious.

“There are people who say this.”

Qin Yaoguang nodded. “Even now, there’d be many geniuses who go there to comprehend it. However, till date, no one has succeeded.”

Li Ziqi suddenly thought of Jiang Leng’s identity and couldn’t help but ask, “You should have been to the Battlegod Rampart in the past, right?”


Jiang Leng nodded. “It should be fine to raise one’s battle experience. But to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog? I’m sorry, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but none of you will be able to do it.”


Xuanyuan Po put out his middle finger, planning to speak with facts.

Helian Beifang also clenched his fists tightly. He was going to show his talent to Sun Mo through this opportunity and thereby getting more attention from him.

In the tribes of the north, the stronger children would be able to get more food. This was the norm.

“Does that Mei Ziyu like Teacher? If not, why is she staying here?”

Qin Yaoguang was very curious about such things.

Mei Yazhi was one of the signboard teachers in Jixia Learning Palace. As her daughter, Mei Ziyu would be able to receive great treatment there even if she was an idiot. There was no need for her to come to the Central Province Academy and work here.

“It’d be more surprising for a woman to not like Teacher.”

Lu Zhiruo replied, with a matter-of-fact tone.

“Not bad!”

Ying Baiwu nodded in approval.


Qin Yaoguang was rendered speechless. (I know that you guys have great respect for Sun Mo, but I didn’t expect it to be to this extent. Mei Ziyu is a genius who got on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings back then)

(Moreover, she is very beautiful as well.)


The horseman stopped the carriage after they had arrived at Jinling’s suburbs.

“Don’t go around recklessly and take turns to pass through the teleportation gate later. We’ll go straight to the second level of the Darkness Continent.”

Sun Mo instructed in a loud voice.

“Due to the existence of spirit fantasies, by right, you guys should take the spirit fantasy pill now. But I feel that you guys should experience the spirit fantasies first.”

“Of course, the feeling will be very uncomfortable. You guys can make the decision yourself.”

After saying that, Sun Mo went to pay the fees for using the teleportation gate.

It could be said to be quite expensive, being five spirit stones per person. Therefore, ordinary schools wouldn’t be able to even afford it.

None of them took the pill. They queued up and waited to enter the teleportation gate.

When it was Qi Shengjia’s turn, he took in a deep breath and went through the teleportation gate. Before he could open his eyes, an intense giddiness gushed toward him.

It felt as if he had fallen into a river, his movements seemingly sluggish. Qi Shengjia subconsciously grabbed out and struggled.

After ten whole seconds passed, this feeling didn’t disappear but instead got increasingly stronger. Qi Shengjia felt that he was going to drown and shouted out subconsciously.

“He... Help!”

When Sun Mo passed through the teleportation gate, the first thing he saw was Qi Shengjia lying on the floor, looking like an unlucky fool who was drowning. He was struggling in agony.

“Don’t save him. Let him adapt to it.”

Jin Mujie clearly had experience in this and reminded him.

A staff wearing the Saint Gate’s uniform walked over. “Are you the group leader? This student won’t be able to handle it. It’s best for you to send him back. Otherwise, he’ll go crazy.”

Sun Mo kept quiet.

“Sun Mo, I know that you admire Qi Shengjia’s hard work, but this time around, a life is on the line!”

Gu Xiuxun said softly.

Spirit fantasy reactions weren’t an illness. One would just sink into illusions for some reason and go crazy. Even if you wanted to save them, you wouldn’t know how to.

“If anyone feels unwell, say it immediately.”

Gu Xiuxun warned. “There are countless people who have gone crazy in their dreams on this level.”

“Feed him a spirit fantasy pill first.”

Sun Mo took a look around. Even Lu Zhiruo, who had a bad aptitude, had a normal complexion. Although Sun Mo didn’t know Qin Yaoguang and Helian Beifang’s potential value, judging from their looks, they were completely fine.


Sun Mo noticed that the iron-headed young girl’s countenance was a little pale.


Ying Baiwu thought that her teacher was instructing her. Therefore, she immediately squatted down by Qi Shengjia’s side, feeding him the spirit fantasy pill.

“Qi Shengjia’s reaction is too serious. Let him go back!”

After waiting for a little longer, Jin Mujie suggested.

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