Absolute Great Teacher
730 The distance between a genius and a mortal
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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730 The distance between a genius and a mortal


Sun Mo didn’t say anything, but the honest guy was already anxious.

“T...teacher, don’t chase me away!”

Because he consumed the spirit fantasy pill, the feeling of drowning already faded away. However, the scene before Qi Shengjia’s eyes was still distorted. It felt like he was in a mirage, and everything was indistinct.

“You might go mad.”

Sun Mo frowned.


The honest guy stuttered, not knowing what to say. He directly knelt and kowtowed to Sun Mo.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of his kowtows directly rang out in Sun Mo’s heart.

“It’s useless, Teacher Sun cannot make the decision on such a matter.”

Gu Xiuxun sighed.

At this moment, the difference in aptitudes was displayed thoroughly.

If your body was sufficiently good, you would be able to continue exploring the Darkness Continent. If your body was not up to the mark, the serious spirit fantasy reaction would make you see the truth clearly.

“Your state is already so bad although you just teleported over. If you continue heading deeper, you will die!”

That staff had seen too many of such situations. He persuaded Qi Shengjia out of good will, “Don’t stir up trouble for your teacher.”

“I...I’ve already worked so hard, but why am I still so rubbish? I really feel that the heavens are very unfair!”

Qi Shengjia sobbed. If he returned home, this also indicated that there was no more hope for his future.

One must know that those cultivators whose names resounded famously through the nine provinces had all trained in the Darkness Continent before. In fact, a rare few among them even managed to head to the sixth level.

“There’s no fairness in this world.”

Qin Yaoguang’s lips twitched.

Mei Ziyu grew soft-hearted and didn’t wish to see this. Hence, she tugged at Sun Mo’s sleeves and suggested in a small voice. “Do you want to try using your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?”

(Even the God Hands are not omnipotent!)

Although he thought like this, Sun Mo still squatted beside Qi Shengjia and massaged his head with his fingers. “Don’t think of nonsense, just calm your heart down!”

Sun Mo pondered for some time, only the Soul Nurturing Skill was able to calm his mind and heart down.

However, this skill was merely a minor branch of the ancient massaging technique. Could it resolve the spirit fantasy reaction of so many people?

(Forget it, I should treat a dead horse as though it’s alive!)

After Sun Mo kneaded for a while, spirit qi gushed forth as the genie appeared, taking over him.

“Damn, what’s this?”

The staff was stunned. He subconsciously leaped backward and pulled his blade out.

There was no solution to this. This muscular dude with a purple turban exuded a strong sense of pressure.


The genie shouted and slammed his palm into the back of the honest guy’s head. After that, it swung its arms left and right, slapping the back of the honest guy’s head six times.


Sun Mo glanced at the genie. (Do you have an enmity with the honest guy?)

“In the future, even if you guys beat me to death, I will never let Teacher give me a massage.”

Xuanyuan Po shivered although he wasn’t feeling cold.


Tantai Yutang and Jiang Leng nodded.

Qin Yaoguang immediately ran over and hugged Sun Mo’s arms as she curiously surveyed the genie. “Teacher, this muscular dude is so interesting. Does it have its own awareness?”

Li Ziqi’s gaze immediately turned to the snacking girl’s arm.


Actually, Sun Mo also didn’t know. However, although the genie’s actions were rough, the effects were extraordinarily good. Qi Shengjia’s vision gradually stabilized, and his dizziness as well as the feeling of disgust instantly vanished.

“Teacher, I’m fine now. Please bring me to the Battlegod Rampart!”

Qi Shengjia pleaded.

“Let’s try for now, but if I tell you to head back, you have to do so immediately!”

Sun Mo was also reluctant. He felt that those who were hardworking deserved to be rewarded.

“Many thanks, teacher.”

Qi Shengjia stood up and didn’t dare to show any signs of weakness. He was afraid he might be forced to return.

“Your God Hands can even dispel spirit fantasy reactions, wow!”

Jin Mujie was shocked.

“A single spirit fantasy pill cost tens of spirit stones. If Teacher opens a massage shop here, I’m afraid he will most probably become an extremely wealthy man, right?”

Qin Yaoguang teased.

“That’s right. There’s no need to consume any medical pills, hence, there are no side effects.”

Lu Zhiruo started counting the imaginary profits.

“Alright, let’s move out.”

Sun Mo urged.

“God Hands? Yeah they came from Jinling, so could that person be the Black Doggy Sun, Sun Mo?”

The staff looked at Sun Mo’s back view and suddenly clapped his forehead.

“Oh no, I better hurry up and report this incident up to my superiors, saying that Sun Mo’s God Hands can cure the spirit fantasy reaction.”

Because he worked here throughout the year, he knew how terrifying Sun Mo was when he dispelled the spirit fantasy reaction simply by massaging a few minutes.

If this was reported, it would surely be a major news that would cause a commotion in the upper echelons.

Because after so many years, this staff had never seen someone managing to do such a thing before.


Favorable impression points from Lu Yi +100. Friendly (310/1,000).


Sun Mo had Little Silver. If he sat on it, he wouldn’t even need an hour to reach the Battlegod Rampart. But as the group leader, he had to lead the group and could only sit in carriages, honestly making his way over.

This trip to the Battlegod Canyon required a day and night worth of traveling time.

Not long later, Sun Mo gave the order.

“All students are to get down and start walking.”

One couldn’t help but say that in this era, the authority of teachers was extremely great. Not a single student objected and all of them moved very quickly.

Sun Mo glanced at Li Ziqi. He didn’t give her any special privileges.

The little sunny egg didn’t need them either. She carried her luggage and moved with determination. However, three hours later, she felt it to be somewhat unbearable.

“It’s so tiring but I cannot make Teacher look bad.”

Li Ziqi gritted her teeth.

“Eldest martial sister, let me help you carry your luggage!”

Lu Zhiruo came over and stretched out her hand for Li Ziqi’s bag.

“It’s fine!”

The little sunny egg rejected.

“The scenery is very nice. We can even shoot ‘The Hobbit’ here!”

Sun Mo gazed around.

The terrain here was similar to New Zealand. There were u-shaped ravines, long lakes, and short shrubs everywhere. Occasionally, he would also be able to see squirrels and other little animals scuttling around.

“Teacher, who are the Hobbits? Why do we have to shoot them?”

Qin Yaoguang asked while passing a water flask over.

“Because they would spit out gold if we shoot their stomachs.”

Sun Mo chortled.

“Wow, wouldn’t that mean we would be rich if we caught one?”

Qin Yaoguang was very curious. “Where do the hobbits stay?”

Helian Beifang pricked his ears up.

“In caves!”

After that, Sun Mo saw a waterfall and announced to the students to pitch camp and take a break.

Li Ziqi endured her exhaustion forcefully and guided her juniors to set up camp, draw water, and prepare meals. Every action was planned out meticulously.

“Your eldest disciple is really too capable.”

Jin Mujie felt envious. After that, she glanced at her own personal students who were busy with their own things. Their efficiency was much lower.

“Sadly, her body is not up to the mark.”

Sun Mo sighed. He didn’t persuade the little sunny egg to rest because this was the method she used to display her authority as the eldest martial sister.

Since her combat strength was low, she had to make up for it in other aspects.

After dinner, beside the creek, Li Ziqi squatted there and vomited with discomfort.

“As expected, you are my pride!”

After hearing this, she felt a large warm hand patting her back. Li Ziqi suddenly felt that all her suffering had been worth it.


Li Ziqi called out sweetly. “You don’t have to worry, I’m fine.”

In any case, she mustn’t throw her teacher’s face before the other teachers and students.

“Sit down, let me help you by giving you a massage!”

Sun Mo gently grabbed Li Ziqi’s ankle.

“It’s fine, I don’t dare to trouble Teacher for such a small matter, I can do it myself!”

Li Ziqi declined.

“Your expertise in the ancient massaging technique isn’t that enough yet.”

Sun Mo massaged the little sunny egg’s lower leg and sensed her constitution. He was preparing to head out to find the Greenhaze Forest after the 3-star examination.

He definitely had to find a top-rated nature fruit that could improve Li Ziqi’s constitution.

Seeing her teacher helping her like this, Li Ziqi felt warmth in her heart. She really wanted this moment to continue on forever. But a few seconds later, the atmosphere was disturbed.

“Teacher, I roasted a mushroom, do you want to eat?”

The papaya girl came over and held a stick of vegetables and meat in her hand. This method of roasting was something Sun Mo had taught to her.

Due to cautiousness, Sun Mo activated Divine Sight as he looked at the charred mushrooms.

Warning, poison mushroom!

“Do you want to poison me to death?”

Sun Mo teased.


Lu Zhiruo started.

“There’s poison on this mushroom!”

Sun Mo warned.

“Poison? It can’t be. Earlier when Qi Shengjia and Xuanyuan Po ate these, they were just fine.”

Lu Zhiruo was puzzled


Sun Mo frowned and glanced toward the few sticks of mushroom that were being roasted. The meat pieces were flesh from yellow carps. They were bitter and had the effect of neutralizing poison.


Sun Mo was speechless. (As expected of the goddess of luck. Even when you picked poison mushrooms, you wouldn’t suffer from eating them.)

After eating the roasted mushrooms, Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head.

“System, let’s open the treasure chests!”

Sun Mo still had three treasure chests waiting for him to open.


“Congratulations, you obtained 100 types of commonly-used spirit runes drawing techniques. Proficiency level: grandmaster.”


As expected of the purple mysterious chest, the reward was a top-rated one.

An ordinary person would have to spend ten years at the very least if they wished to train their 100 types of commonly-used spirit runes to the grandmaster level.


“Congratulations on obtaining 1 mysterious turtle shell. (6/7).”

Staring at the old and tattered turtle shell, Sun Mo had almost forgotten about this item. However, as long as the number of them wasn’t completed, this item was equivalent to nothing.


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x thousand soul pill.”

It was a large red pill that could be used to save his life. This was something good.

After opening the chests and finishing the meal, the team reorganized things and started to set off again. This time around, Sun Mo was in the lead and he upped the pacing tempo. This could also be considered a type of training.

On the second morning, as the morning mist gradually faded, a tall mountain with its peak touching the clouds appeared in their vision. Just the visual of it alone exuded such pressure when it entered the eyes of everyone.

Very soon, a little town appeared before them. Smoke from the kitchen chimneys could be seen in the distance.

There were simply too many cultivators who came to comprehend the wall murals, and they also had to eat and drink. Hence, as time passed, a little town was created here. The name of this town was known as the Battlegod Town.

Today, the town members who were making a living as well as several great teachers and cultivators were all gathered at the town’s entrance. There were over thousands of people.

“What are they doing?”

Helian Beifang felt a little taken aback. “Is our Central Province Academy that famous?”

“Evidently, they are gathered here to welcome our teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo felt that the name of their teacher was more famous than the Central Province Academy.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Li Ziqi reminded. Evidently, this gathering had nothing to do with them.

“Could it be that some major characters are going to arrive?”

Jin Mujie guessed. After that, when some of the crowd saw their group, they took a few steps forward. However, they soon halted. This was clearly because the uniforms of the Central Province Academy had already indicated their identity. They weren’t the people this crowd was waiting for.

“Quickly look, they are here, they are here!”

All of a sudden, someone called out.

Li Ziqi turned her head and she saw a group of people in the distance. They seemed to be draped by the rays of the morning sun and their school flag was flying proudly in the wind, exuding a feeling of glistening splendor.

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