Absolute Great Teacher
731 Training Groups from the Supreme-tier Famous Schools
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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731 Training Groups from the Supreme-tier Famous Schools


The school flag was in a rectangular shape and red. At the center of it, golden threads were used for the school insignia.

“So they are from the Westshore Military School. No wonder there are so many people gathering here to watch!”

Qin Yaoguang shaded her eyes with a hand and stared into the distance.

The insignia was a round shield, and there was the portrait of a middle-aged man printed on it. It was said that this man was the military god of the Westshore Military School. Two swords were crossed above the shield.

This was the insignia of the Westshore Military School that everyone knew.

“Are they not being a little too orderly?”

Ying Baiwu was astonished.

The training group of the Westshore Military School not only was dressed in the same way in leather armor, but their marching gait and the angle of their arm movements were all the same.

When looking at it from afar, there was a visual sense of beauty.

“I think it’s because we are almost reaching the little town. That’s why they march like this!”

Zhang Yanzong’s lips twitched.

“You are wrong then. The Westshore Military School is the only school among the supreme-tier famous schools that follows the criterion of an army. For the students, be it their daily lives or their learning, they are bound by military rules.”

Mei Ziyu explained. She had gone to the Westshore Military School for a tour before. At that time, she was badly shocked.

Speaking of individual’s aptitude, the Westshore Military School’s geniuses might lose out to the others in the Nine Greats, but when it came to group battles, if the Westshore Military School said that they were number two, no one would proclaim to be the number one.

The students from Westshore were relatively young and they were filled with curiosity about the Battlegod Rampart. They already started to peer forward when they were far away, but in the end when a whip cracked on the ground, all the students immediately looked away.

“Pay attention to your breathing rhythm and discard all distracting thoughts.”

A middle-aged man berated.

They had just ended a six-hour run and had to use breathing techniques to recover their stamina.

“So ruthless?”

Zhang Yanzong scratched his scalp and felt a little scared. “For such a famous school, even if there are slots for me, I wouldn’t want to join it.”

“Don’t be naive. I dare to say that any student there wouldn’t be any weaker than you!”

Jin Mujie wasn’t pouring cold water onto Zhang Yanzong’s head. Rather, she wanted to spur his competitive nature.

Very soon, a few people who were waiting among the crowd walked out with smiles, welcoming the group leader from Westshore.

“They are people from the Saint Gate.”

Mei Ziyu explained.

The Saint Gate had an office in the Battlegod Town. This was to prevent people and beasts from intentionally damaging the Battlegod Rampart.

Naturally, they could also report first-hand information quickly upward. For example, were there any geniuses? And how many managed to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog?

All the pieces of information had to be recorded.

The group leader from Saint Gate was smiling, wanting to invite the great teachers of the Westshore Military School for a meal. However, he was rejected. But even so, his attitude was still excellent and he asked if they needed his help to arrange lodgings for the students.

However, the group leader of the Westshore Military School rejected him once again. He then gave the order for the students to set up camp at an area not far away from the town.

All of a sudden, the Central Province Academy’s morale dipped to the bottom.

There was no damage if there was no comparison.

The moment the student group from the Westshore Military School came, so many people were spectating them. After that, the Saint Gate even sent out people and had taken the initiative to arrange lodgings for them.

But look at them, they were ignored by everyone!

At this moment, Zhang Yanzong’s group finally knew how immense the influence of a supreme-tier school among the Nine Greats was.

Jin Mujie turned her head back and looked as she spoke with a strict tone.

“Do you guys feel reluctant to accept this? Perform well then! Try to comprehend as many murals as possible, surpassing them!”

The murals in the Battlegod Rampart were things left behind by the Battle God of ancient times. They weren’t things one could see simply because they wanted to.

Back then, the Battle God had cleaved the 21,300-meter-tall mountain into two with a single sword strike, creating a gigantic canyon. After that, on the ramparts of the two sides of the canyon, he left behind a mural after every segment.

If cultivators wished to view the murals, they had to enter the canyons, but there were many prohibitions within. It was said that one could only continue advancing forward once they comprehended a mural. Otherwise, they couldn’t continue heading deeper.

If one barged in forcefully, they would be heavily injured by the Battle God’s will or even killed.

Hence, it was said that the number of murals you could see depended on how strong your comprehension abilities were. Some students couldn’t even see a single mural.

“Teacher Jin, just watch me properly then!”

Zhang Yanzong rubbed his fists together and was waiting to perform.

“Xuanyuan Po, don’t act recklessly.”

Li Ziqi immediately glanced at the combat addict. As expected, he was staring at the students from Westshore, wanting to fight them.

“How is fighting them acting recklessly?”

Xuanyuan Po casually replied.

“Tantai and Jiang Leng, you guys must watch him carefully. If he stirs up trouble, all of you will be punished together.”

Li Ziqi instructed. Now that they were outside, the behavior of students also represented the face of the school and their teachers. This was especially so before the Westshore Military School. They definitely mustn’t lose face.

“Eldest martial sister, I feel that Xuanyuan’s words aren’t wrong. We should display our might to intimidate them first.”

Qin Yaoguang was chewing on the external layer of a sugar cane. She then bit down and ate the tender and white flesh within. As she chewed, she spoke out for Xuanyuan Po.

“Let them know that the Central Province Academy has stood up now.”

The little sunny egg cast a glance at Qin Yaoguang but didn’t say anything.

Stood up?

Most probably their knees would be broken, right?!

“Let’s go and choose a place to set up camp.”

Jin Mujie clapped her hands and got the students to move.

Even if the Central Province Academy had money now, Jin Mujie wouldn’t use it to rent rooms in the town for the students. Suffering a little was also a good method to temper one’s will.

Sun Mo had no interest in the Westshore Military School. They were all just a bunch of arrogant show-offs, what was so nice to look at them? But some of their ladies in uniform looked quite nice to be honest. However, since they were all students and Sun Mo was a teacher, he felt a little embarrassed to sneak glances at them.

Before Sun Mo had walked a few steps, he heard someone calling him.

The voice sounded very sweet.

“Sun Mo!”

Swish, swish, swish~

Li Ziqi and Gu Xiuxun turned their heads immediately. Qin Yaoguang was slower by half a beat.

“Sun Mo, I didn’t expect to meet you here. We are really fated!”

Li Ruolan waved her hand and rode with a horse over.

Her forehead was sweating with a few strands of her hair sticking to it. However, she didn’t cut a sorry figure. This actually caused her charm to increase by a little.

“We have not met for several days. Reporter Li looks as charming as before.”

Sun Mo also knew how to exchange conventional pleasantries, but this sentence of his was sincere.

After coming to the Nine Provinces, the number of beauties Sun Mo had met couldn’t be considered little. For example, the girls beside him: Gu Xiuxun, Mei Ziyu, and Jin Mujie—all of them possessed their unique characteristics. However, their differences when compared to Li Ruolan was that they didn’t know how to doll themselves up.

Speaking of dolling oneself, things like using a little rouge and lipstick was quite common. However, Li Ruolan was much stronger than them in this aspect.

Li Ruolan not only knew how to doll herself up, but each of her casual actions exuded the air of a great celebrity. How could other females compare to her?

No matter where she stood, she would easily become the center of attraction. It was impossible even if people didn’t want to notice her.

“Who’s that?”

Helian Beifang couldn’t help but ask. He could feel his heart thumping wildly.

This woman was truly charming!

This was especially so for her leather armor. Although it was in the style of the teacher robes from the Westshore Military School, wasn’t it a little too tight-fitting? It completely accentuated her figure, not hiding any of her curves.

“You guys don’t even know Li Ruolan? She quitted being a teacher to enter the literacy circle and is a writer the Saint Gate frequently uses. Her articles are sharp and incisive, and she chased after the popular topics, having many audiences reading her articles.”

Qin Yaoguang bit on the sugar cane as she surveyed Lu Ruolan.

(Mn, she’s a beauty.)

“So she is Li Ruolan?”

An Rou was startled. She had read the [Great Teachers Report] and was also fond of Li Ruolan’s incisive writing style. But couldn’t this woman be a little more reserved in terms of her appearance?

(Also, you are standing too close to Teacher Sun, how loathsome!)

“Isn’t addressing me as Reporter Li treating me a little too much like an outsider?”

Li Ruolan surveyed Sun Mo. “As expected, your energy, spirit, and mind seem so much better after you’ve eradicated the Myriad Daos Academy. How is it? How’s the feeling of being the owner of the number one famous school in Jinling?”

“You’ve heard?”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows.

“Please, this is my rice bowl. A ‘C’ grade famous school being destroyed is major news. Let alone someone with good ‘news receiving channels’ like me, even ordinary reporters have learned of this!”

Li Ruolan rolled her eyes. “If I wasn’t doing an interview in the Westshore Military School, I would have long rushed to Jinling to chase after this story.”

“I wish to correct you on one point. An Xinhui is the headmaster.”

Sun Mo didn’t want others to say that he was coveting An Xinhui’s property.

“Aiya, stop talking about An Xinhui first. Speaking of which, why would you guys pick this moment to come? Are you not preparing to participate in the 3-star great teacher examinations?”

Li Ruolan was surprised. “I thought you wanted to get three stars in a year and obtain the glory of becoming a three-time champion?”

The 3-star examination had nothing to do with one’s personal students. And given Sun Mo’s combat strength, Li Ruolan felt it was sufficient for him to deal with the examination. Hence, in her perspective, he was wasting time by coming here.

“Just to stroll around and relieve boredom.”

Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive.

“You are impressive!”

Li Ruolan flashed a thumbs-up.

For others, they would most probably be extremely anxious at this moment, feeling so jittery that they wanted to stab their thighs. They would grab hold of every single second every day to learn so they could get a good result in the 3-star examination. But as for Sun Mo? He came for a stroll to relieve his boredom?

(As expected, geniuses can do whatever they want to.)

“I’m leaving first, let’s chat again at night!”

Li Ruolan still had things she needed to do. Hence, after she took a few steps forward, she suddenly turned and reminded Sun Mo. “Oh yeah, Bai Hao has also come. You best be a little more careful. That fellow is very narrow-minded.”

“Who is Bai Hao?”

The papaya girl was very curious. She tiptoed and glanced in the direction of the Westshore Military School.

“The #2 ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Ranking. He is currently the most famous super rising star of the Westshore Military School.”

Qin Yaoguang explained.

“How did you know that?”

The papaya girl felt that this junior martial sister of hers was very impressive.

“For such a famous person, we would know as long as we pay a little more attention to the news.”

Qin Yaoguang’s reason sounded inevitable and right.

“Alright, let’s get settled in first and you guys can have free time. However, you are not allowed to leave the Battlegod Rampart or move around alone. You all have to be at least in a group of threes.”

Sun Mo warned.


“Ruolan, did you meet someone you know?”

A young man sat on a battle horse. His back was ramrod straight and when he saw Li Ruolan coming, he smiled and greeted her.

He was none other than Bai Hao. He had a squarish face, but his demeanor was one of great determination.

“It’s Sun Mo!”

Li Ruolan spoke bluntly.

“Sun Mo? That Doggy Sun?”

Bai Hao frowned.


When Li Ruolan saw this, she silently sighed in her heart. (You look really ugly when you frown. I better deduct 1 mark from you.)

(Sigh, after meeting Sun Mo, I suddenly don’t feel like traveling along with you.)

“Hehe, interesting. I heard he is ranked #6 on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings?”

A middle-aged man at the side suddenly spoke up.

“I don’t know, I didn’t pay attention.” Bai Hao’s lips curled. “In any case, his rank isn’t higher than mine.”

After that, Bai Hao looked at Li Ruolan again. “Do the two of you have a very good relationship?”

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