Absolute Great Teacher
732 Deposition of an Outstanding Hero
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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732 Deposition of an Outstanding Hero


“A very good one. Sun Mo’s talent and capabilities are both very high.”

Li Ruolan solemnly nodded. She knew that Bai Hao had feelings for her. By saying this, he would definitely be unhappy about Sun Mo.

If they really fought, she would have new materials to write about.

“It’s settled, I don’t have to worry about not having some materials to write.”

Li Ruolan secretly glanced at the group leader Fu Yanqing. The latter basically didn’t care about Sun Mo. However, that was true as well. As a 6-star great teacher and a vice headmaster of the Westshore Military School, he truly didn’t need to pay attention to a 2-star.

Given Fu Yanqing’s age, the number of geniuses he had seen before were like the number of fish in the sea. If Sun Mo couldn’t achieve a feat so shocking that it would explode eyeballs, sorry then, to this vice-headmaster, Sun Mo was the same as a random passerby.

“His talent and capabilities are both very high, eh?”

Bai Hao’s lips curled in displeasure. After that, he instructed his personal student, “Pay attention to Sun Mo and inform me when he enters the Battlegod Rampart.”

Li Ruolan’s eyes brightened. She understood Bai Hao’s meaning. He wanted to compete with Sun Mo and see who would be able to comprehend more murals.

“It’s a pity that An Xinhui didn’t come. Otherwise, it would benefit you greatly if you sparred with her.”

Fu Yanqing sighed. Although he had only met An Xinhui once before, that little girl gave him a very deep impression.

She was undoubtedly a genius.

Sadly, her potential was held back due to her position as a headmaster. Otherwise, her accomplishments would surely be able to trump all of her peers.


“Boss, I saw the student group from the Central Province Academy, should we go over to greet them?”

An assistant asked.

“Greet them for what? A mere 3-star isn’t worthy of me moving out!”

He Wei returned to his office and sat on a chair, drinking his tea that hadn’t cooled yet. He pondered what excuses he could use to treat Fu Yanqing to a meal.

As for the Central Province Academy? Well, it didn’t matter. A sophisticated man like He Wei had long since noticed their arrival. If An Xinhui was present, he definitely would take the initiative to go over. However, the person leading the training group this time around was Jin Mujie.

Although Jin Mujie was very beautiful, He Wei was old and had long since lost all ability to be active in bed. Hence, he wasn’t interested. What he wanted was to get acquainted with more high-star great teachers so they could help him enter the Saint Gate’s main headquarters instead of having to stay here on a stupid mountain.

(What Battlegod Catalog?)

“I’ve worked here for 15 years and leaving aside those who could comprehend this divine art, I’ve only seen a small number of geniuses who could walk all the way to the depths of the Battlegod Canyon.”

“But Sun Mo is present!”

The assistant was worried that his boss might not know of Sun Mo’s name, hence, he added another sentence. “That God Hands, the two-time champion.”


He Wei was unhappy. It should be Sun Mo who took the initiative to visit him instead.

(Although I’ve fallen, I haven’t fallen so far to the extent where I need to simp over a new rising star among the junior generations.)


“Teacher Sun, you guys go on ahead. I will lead my student to view the murals first.”

Jin Mujie felt immense pressure. After setting up a camp simply, she led her personal student to the Battlegod Canyon.

This was also the first time Sun Mo saw that ‘eldest senior brother’. He had a tall figure and was very handsome, resembling the main characters in wuxia novels.

Although his expression was calm, there was an unmistakable hint of worry in his eyes.

Zhou Yu, Peak of the blood-ignition realm

Strength: 23. You are walking on the ‘scholar’ path, the muscular path doesn’t suit you.

Intellect: 26. You are young and smart, your EQ is pretty good as well.

Agility: 29. Footwork so light that one can tread on the waves. For the sake of handsomeness, you spent a very huge amount of time training your movement arts.

Will: 18. Due to the overwhelming pressure, your will is currently suffering.

Endurance: 19. When having s... at night, cough cough, never mind.


Potential value: Extremely high.

Note: Most proficient in swindling girls, this guy has even obtained the achievement of visiting brothels and enjoying the services without paying money.


After seeing Zhou Yu’s data, Sun Mo really felt like beating someone up. No wonder this fellow was so fond of playing around. He didn’t need to spend money and could even sleep with famed courtesans. If it was any other guys in his shoes, they would also be so deeply immersed and be unable to extricate themselves.

“The pressure on Teacher Jin is too great. If this continues, I’m afraid she might collapse.”

Gu Xiuxun was worried.

“That’s the path she has chosen.”

What else could Sun Mo say?

Given his potential, Zhou Yu being able to reach his current level was already a feat that could be said to be exceeding one’s expectations. Yet, Jin Mujie was still so anxious, and this might actually not be a good thing.

“Are you guys here for the first time?”

Mei Ziyu smiled. “Let me guide you all.”

In the past, Sun Mo was an insignificant guy in his school. Even if there was an opportunity to view the Battlegod Rampart, it wouldn’t be his turn. As for Gu Xiuxun, she didn’t have much time back then.

She wanted to quickly become one of the top graduates and join a school to teach with her outstanding results, seeking to become a great teacher as quickly as possible.

Naturally, she also had another thought. She wanted to wait until she grew stronger before she viewed the Battlegod Murals, doing her best to advance all the way to the depths of the Battlegod Canyon in a single try.

“We will have to trouble Teacher Mei then.”

Sun Mo wasn’t polite either.

Mei Ziyu brought Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun with her as she headed west toward the little town.

“After arriving here, you guys definitely have to taste the cooling tea of the Bai Clan’s tea store.”

Mei Ziyu introduced and entered a tea store.

The store was very simple. Other than the place being a thatched hut with a few tables made of large rocks, there was an old man at the fire of a stove brewing tea.

“Esteemed guests, please be seated!”

When the old man saw guests, he hurriedly over and earnestly received them. “You guys only want drinks, or do you want some pastries along with the tea?”

“Just drinks.”

Mei Ziyu spoke. After that, she explained, “If we ate the pastries, it would cause the taste of the white tea to diminish. That would be a waste of heavenly treasure.”

“This great teacher, you are really an expert!’

The old man flashed a thumbs-up and spoke loudly in a respectful voice.

“I drank the white tea here before with my mother!”

Mei Ziyu was educated and kind in nature. Even when she encountered an old man with no status, she wouldn’t put on any airs.

The three of them continued chatting idly and not long later, the tea was served.

“Eh, this color?”

The tea was actually a light brownish color. Gu Xiuxun lifted the teacup made of bamboo and drank a mouthful. After that, she furrowed her brows. The taste was very bitter.

“If you are afraid of bitterness, you can try adding some honey.”

Mei Ziyi opened up a small jar. “Teacher Sun, do you want some?”


Sun Mo mentally mused. Why was the color and smell of this tea the same as coffee?

He couldn’t help but activate Divine Sight.

Green Qiao Beans: Produced in the Darkness Continent. Main components: Caffeine, tannic acid, fat...

So although the name was different, it was a type of coffee bean.

“Teacher Sun, try it. Although it’s a little bitter, there’s a nice aftertaste.”

Mei Ziyu recommended it greatly.


Sun Mo lifted his cup and drank a mouthful. As expected, this was the taste of coffee. However, there was a slight difference in terms of taste when compared to coffee in the modern era due to the brewing method.

“How is it?”

Mei Ziyu asked.

“It’s very tasty!”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he turned to the old man and asked, “Do you sell ice-creams here? Bring me two custard tarts as well!”


The old man had a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Hehe, I’m talking nonsense.”

Sun Mo was at ease now. This old man didn’t come from the modern era. He had merely discovered this type of bean by chance and made it into a drink.

“Is it nice to drink?”

Gu Xiuxun originally didn’t like it, but after hearing Sun Mo’s words, she decided to try another sip.

(Very good, it’s a fact now. There must be something wrong with Sun Mo’s taste buds. It’s so bitter, how can it be tasty?)

Yet, Mei Ziqi was secretly delighted. (Nice, I now have a small hobby similar to Sun Mo.) This was because there were only a pitifully few people among her friends who could get used to drinking this white tea.

“Speaking of which, the tea is clearly brown. Why is it named ‘white tea’?”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t understand,

“Because my surname is ‘Bai’ (white) and my name is a single word ‘Cha’ (tea)!”

The tone of the old man was as it should be by rights.

Gu Xiuxun glanced at the old man’s face that was weathered by age and glanced back at the teacup. After that, she directly stretched out her hand and pushed the cup backward.

(There’s no solution to it. It’s not tasty at all!)

(By not spitting it out, I’m already very cultured.)

“Alright, we have drunk tea. Let’s go and stroll around some other places!”

This was Sun Mo’s habit. After arriving at an unfamiliar location, he wanted to be familiarized with the surrounding terrain first. “Oh ya boss, I will teach you a way to drink this. For this coff...eh I mean for this tea, if you add some warm milk with it, the taste would be even more special.”


The old man was stunned.

(Why do you know this when it’s the first time you drank it?)

Adding warm milk to the white tea was something special the old man made for himself, he had never told anyone about this before.

“What’s your name?”

The old man chased after them.

“Sun Mo, from the Central Province Academy!”

Gu Xiuxun helped to answer.

“Sun Mo?”

The old man touched his chin. “Interesting.”

Clearly, he had seen this type of white tea in some other locations before and the name of the white tea was coff...something


Favorable impression points from Bai Cha +1. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (1/100).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo started. It had been such a long time since he received a single-digit favorable impression point. It seems like that old man really doesn’t know what’s what.

After they came out from the tea store, they climbed and reached the peak of a small mountain that was full of maple trees.

“When autumn comes, the leaves would dye the entire area red like the flames of anger. The scenery is really beautiful then!”

Mei Ziyu sighed deeply. She loved nature.

“Who is that? Does he have no civility?”

Gu Xiuxun grumbled as she looked in the distance.

In front of them, there was a bar-shaped stone that was protruding out. On the stone, there was a rogue cultivator sitting there. He lifted his head to look at the stone statue in the sky.

Due to the passing of years, the five features of the stone statue and some contours of its face were already blurred. However, the entire feel of the statue had a Buddhic aura to it.

This was especially so for its stone eyes. It seemed as though they contained the entirety of heavens within.

Sadly, there were various words like ‘xxx is here before’, and there was also excrement from some animals around it.


Sun Mo was joyful. If this was in the modern world, such a stone statue would have been confined and renamed as a scenic spot. If you wanted to see it, you would even have to pay the entrance fee.

The three of them finished touring a few places with good scenery and when they returned to the camp, the sky was almost completely dark as stars filled the sky.

“Where’s the others?”

Sun Mo swept his gaze over and discovered quite a few people were missing. “Are they still in the Battlegod Canyon?”

“Teacher, there’s bad news. That Bai Hao used half a day to comprehend two murals and has entered the third part of the Battlegod Canyon.”

(There’s actually someone more impressive than our Teacher Sun? That’s definitely not permitted!)

“Teacher, you should quickly go and comprehend the murals to surpass that fellow. Let him know what is the immense strength of Doggy Sun!”

“What Doggy Sun?”

Sun Mo unhappily rapped Qin Yaoguang’s head.

“That awesome?”

Mei Ziyu was shocked.

When Gu Xiuxun saw the experienced and knowledgeable Mei Ziyu revealing such an expression, she immediately knew that this Bai Hao had most probably done something shockingly impressive.

Note: Bai Cha – Literally means white tea

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