Absolute Great Teacher
734 Could It Be You Also Want to Evolve and Become One of My Crazy Fans?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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734 Could It Be You Also Want to Evolve and Become One of My Crazy Fans?


Sun Mo inhaled deeply a few times and calmed down using a self-suggestion method.

After that, he cast Gushing Thoughts on himself and started to admire these murals.

“Firstly, don’t view the murals with a utilitarian heart. Such things cannot be rushed.”

No matter what, Sun Mo was someone who had experienced countless final exams in his past life. Let alone answering multiple-choice questions, even the complex mathematical question at the very end couldn’t stump his composure.

Just do it slowly, look through all of them first before finding the crucial point out of ten thousand ideas.

Sun Mo walked along the edge and admired the murals.

There were quite a few times when he no longer wanted to look as they felt very blinding to him.

In the modern era, let alone the artwork of Picasso, Sun Mo couldn’t even feel any appreciation for Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Virgin of the Rocks.

It wasn’t that he wanted to profane them, but basically couldn’t understand the essence of the art.

Sun Mo was an ordinary man and only knew how to appreciate beautiful women in paintings.

Western artists grasped the golden ratio of human bodies very accurately. They were unlike chinese artists who drew freehand style, using their imagination.

When an western artist painted a girl, it was just a girl. An example was a girl wearing pearl earrings. However, if it was in the East, you might not even see the girl even if you viewed the entire painting.

The painting would then contain flowing water under the bridge with lotuses on the surface of the water. After that, you saw a maid wearing a single embroidered shoe with the door half-open as she rushed out, or the maid was among the trees anxiously looking for someone.

The observers would naturally understand that this was a case where the young mistress of the clan had eloped with a scholar.

That was a type of conceptual beauty.

“That Battle God might not understand painting techniques, but when he left behind those sword scars, he should have some purpose, right?”

This was deduced from conventional reasoning.

The Battle God most probably wanted to leave behind his skills for the future generation. Moreover, this was the first mural and he definitely wouldn’t draw nonsense. There must be a type of rule. Once one managed to discover the rule, they would be able to understand the essence of the murals.

Occasionally, Sun Mo would also activate Divine Sight, but all he saw were the words ‘unable to decipher.’

Sun Mo wasn’t disappointed. After all, he understood that he had to depend on himself for some stuff.

Mei Ziyu had been paying attention to Sun Mo. She discovered that he was leisurely walking around like a tourist and didn’t meditate or have anxious looks at all. This caused her to involuntarily feel admiration for him.

Such cool-headed calmness truly surpassed everyone else by a tier.

The majority of the people who came to the Battlegod Canyon weren’t able to be as calm as him. After all, comprehension was something akin to striking the first prize in the lottery. Maybe they might achieve it simply because their luck was good.


Favorable impression points from Mei Ziyu +200. Respect (4,190/10,000).

“I should learn from Teacher Sun and not harbor any pragmatic hopes in my heart when I view the murals.”

Hence, Mei Ziyu also decided to adopt the attitude of a tourist to admire these murals. And indeed, soon after that, she had a new discovery.


There seemed to be some sword scars that were concealing something?

Two hours later, Gu Xiuxun who had circled the 100 meters range in this part of the canyon finally found Sun Mo.

“You’ve already comprehended it?”

Sun Mo smiled. “You are so outstanding, causing the pressure on me to be so great!”

“How loathsome!”

As Gu Xiuxun spoke, she stretched out her little fist and bumped Sun Mo. After that, she fell silent.

“You don’t have to wait for me, you should quickly head in deeper.”

Sun Mo pushed Gu Xiuxun gently. “Try to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog in one day and surpass that Bai Hao!”

“Okay, I’m cheering for you too!”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t say anything more and turned to leave.

At this moment, any sort of encouraging speech might hurt Sun Mo. As for explaining her insights?

Please, given Sun Mo’s pride, he definitely wouldn’t listen.

Naturally, Gu Xiuxun believed Sun Mo would be able to do it. It was just that she was a step faster. In any case, the person who could comprehend the whole Battlegod Catalog would then be the final winner.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Reverence (25,300/100,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo looked at the masochist’s back view and felt a little speechless. (Clearly, you are a step faster than me, so why did you contribute favorable impression points?)

(Are you believing in my talent a little too much?)

(Could it be that you want to evolve and become my crazy fan as well?)

(Luckily, this time around I managed to see something in the murals or I would have let your trust in me down.)

Sun Mo smiled.

Honestly speaking, the feeling of having a friend that trusted you regardless was really not bad.


When the sun was high in the sky, He Wei entered the canyon.

Usually, he wouldn’t come to such a place. After all, he had been here for over ten years and even if the murals were beauties, he would have long since grown sick of seeing them.

But this time around, there was Bai Hao and many students from Westshore. Oh right, there was also a Sun Mo. Hence, it was worth it for him to pay some attention to them.

“That student isn’t bad. From his appearance, he has the possibility of gaining enlightenment!”

“As for that student, he can’t even enter a deep state in his meditation, yet he still wants to dream about comprehending a Battlegod Catalog? Who gave him the courage to dream so?”

“Mn, this girl is quite beautiful.”

He Wei seemed to be looking at pigs in a piggery. When he walked over, he had some evaluation for everyone he saw.

“What’s this fellow doing? Is he treating this place like an art gallery? With how lazy you are, how can you see anything?”

He Wei’s lips twitched. He felt that the fellow he was looking at had no future. But when he wanted to leave, he suddenly halted and turned his head back for another glance.

(Wait a minute, isn’t that the Black Doggy Sun?)

After that, He Wei seriously surveyed Sun Mo for a few minutes and discovered that his performance was completely not in accordance with how talented he was in the rumors.

Given He Wei’s experience, he knew that Sun Mo had not comprehended the essence of the sword will at all.

“How disappointing!”

He Wei shook his head and entered the second part of the canyon.

Actually, Sun Mo wasn’t even trying to comprehend the murals. He was already clear of the reasons behind these murals and as for why he didn’t continue to advance deeper into the canyon, it was because he was waiting for his students.

Qi Shengjia truly didn’t let his rubbish potential value down. As expected, he failed to comprehend anything. Besides, even just sitting here cross-legged for a few hours had diminished his patience and he was frustrated.

Sun Mo swept a glance over and discovered that the honest guy’s will had dipped again.

The papaya girl sat under a rock and stared at the sword scars as she fell into a daze. Clearly, she had no harvest either.

“Ziqi, how’s the situation?”

Sun Mo walked toward the little sunny egg. He also saw Qin Yaoguang, but this girl had already comprehended it because he had personally seen her entering the second part of the canyon.

As for the others, their performances were all very outstanding. Even for that sickly invalid Tantai Yutang, his comprehension abilities were very high.


Li Ziqi who was sitting cross-legged quickly stood up.

“Just sit!”

Sun Mo surveyed the little sunny egg. “Since you have comprehended it, why are you not advancing?”

The few youths nearby couldn’t help but feel surprised when they heard this.

(This girl has already comprehended it? This must be fake, right?)

(Why can’t I tell?)

Leaving aside that Li Ziqi had a beautiful appearance, just her aura of nobility and elegance did contain immense ‘killing prowess’ toward some youths. Hence, this was why these youths chose to comprehend the murals at a place not far away from her.

Boys would always want to be sitting at the same table with the girl they were fond of.

“I still have some parts I don’t understand!”

Li Ziqi spoke bluntly.

“Go get Qi Shengjia and Zhiruo over!”

Sun Mo instructed. The two of them most probably wouldn’t have any harvest even if they were here until the end of the week. This was why he wanted them to hear his conversation with Li Ziqi as it might provide them with some insights.

Very soon, the two students arrived.


Qi Shengjia had an ashamed look on his face. He wanted nothing more than to find a hole to hide within.


The papaya girl also had her head lowered. Her fingers were holding the corner of her clothes, and she had a disappointed look on her face.

“How did you guys meditate?”

Sun Mo asked.

“What do you mean by how do we meditate?”

The papaya girl was puzzled. “Isn’t it simply thinking using our brains?”


The few students nearby all started laughing. This girl was endearingly silly.

“Zhiruo, Teacher is asking what is the target you guys are relying on when meditating!”

Li Ziqi was helpless and explained.

“I relied on those sword scars!”

Qi Shengjia sighed. “Sadly, this disciple is foolish and cannot read anything from them!”

Those students from the Westshore Military School no longer laughed. Rather, they looked at Sun Mo and wanted to hear what he said. This was because they were doing the same thing as well.

“The vast majority of people would look at the sword scars and brace themselves to think about it. However, the difference in their comprehension abilities would lead to different results.”

Sun Mo analyzed.

Gu Xiuxun was an example. Her comprehension was too good and she could immediately feel the ‘sword will’ the moment she stepped into the canyon. She had instantly gained insights.

The faces of Qi Shengjia and Lu Zhiruo immediately turned unsightly.

“Don’t abase yourself, my comprehension isn’t good either.”

Sun Mo consoled. “So, what should we do now? We should try to resolve this by using a methodology.”

The youths at the side moved even closer, deeply afraid to miss out any word.

“The sword scars the Battle God left behind...what purpose did they want to achieve?”

“Are there any inner rules in the sword scars? Also, you all have to remember something. It’s not necessary for everything you see to be effective.”

“Naturally, if you guys can’t even think clearly to understand this, just use your most proficient method to look at these sword scars.”

After speaking until here, Sun Mo felt many emotions. That Battle God must have reached the realm where he could revert complexity into simplicity.

These sword scars were sword scars, but at the same time, they weren’t.

Everyone could use their most proficient aspect to find the relevant understanding.

The people here fell into silence and looked at the wall again.

“Rules? The most proficient method?”

Lu Zhiruo scratched her head, feeling that this was very difficult. (Ai, if these murals were animals, it would be much easier for me to understand them.)

Upon thinking of this, the papaya subconsciously tried to link the starting and ending points of the sword scars into an abstract shape of a ferocious tiger.


How interesting!

Lu Zhiruo ran out and observed the murals. (Hmm, there’s a lion here, there’s a bunch of monkeys fighting there...)

The few youths subconsciously glanced at the papaya girl, but a few minutes later, they suddenly saw some golden motes of light starting to gather, cloaking her with a layer of golden light.


Lu Zhiruo was shocked. (What’s going on with me?)

“That’s the sword will protection! Without it, all cultivators who enter the second part of the canyon will be killed by those sharp streams of sword will.”

A youth explained, his eyes were filled with jealousy. How come even such an endearingly silly girl could comprehend this? (Could it be that my comprehension abilities are worse than her?)

(Wait a minute?)

(What did that teacher say earlier?)

The youth suddenly came to a realization. This girl could succeed because of the words said by that teacher.

(Quickly think back, what did that teacher say earlier?)

(As long as I recall it, I can also achieve comprehension!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》