Absolute Great Teacher
735 Even If All These People Are Added Up, They Are Not a Match for My Teacher!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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735 Even If All These People Are Added Up, They Are Not a Match for My Teacher!

“H…have I comprehended it?”

Lu Zhiruo stared at the dense golden light from her body as a look of disbelief appeared on her face. Ever since she was young, her intelligence was on the lower side. When it came to things that needed comprehension, she usually wouldn’t get any results.

( I actually succeeded today?)

“Boohoohoo, it was truly too good that I could acknowledge Teacher Sun as my personal teacher!”


The papaya girl’s eyes turned red and she directly knelt to Sun Mo, contributing a huge bunch of favorable impression points.

At the same time, Sun Mo heard the sound of notification.


“Congratulations. Favorable impression points obtained +1,100.”

“Stand up to talk, don’t kneel so easily!”

Sun Mo was helpless.

The youths nearby all revealed a hint of shock on their faces as they immediately stared at Sun Mo. They hoped he would speak a little more.

“For things like comprehension, you shouldn’t feel that you can only achieve it because of pointers from others. That is a feeling of self-inferiority.”

Sun Mo smiled. “You guys should just pay attention to the comprehensive experience. In the future, when you run into similar topics, you should rationally think things through and it will be fine.”

Sun Mo had often encountered such students who felt that if they could solve the tough questions with their own capabilities, it would be more outstanding compared to those who solved them after listening to the teacher’s explanation.

This might be so in terms of intelligence, but when it came to efficiency, the former students wouldn’t be better off.

One should listen to the teacher’s lecture and take note of the technique and methods to solve the questions. One shouldn’t start to work on the tough questions immediately even before understanding how to do it. It would end up wasting a lot of time.

To students, their final goal was to obtain high scores in their examinations, and the methods that the teacher taught were undoubtedly the best short-cut they could get. There was basically no need for students to figure things out themselves.

“We have benefitted from your teachings.”

The youths immediately bowed.

Truthfully speaking, they did have such a thought as well. Because in this era, the mainstream thinking was one should comprehend things themselves, and teachers should only speak when the students truly had no way to resolve the situation.

Some teachers felt that such a situation was also a type of cultivation.

Li Ziqi fell silent.

“Shengjia, what do you think?”

Sun Mo glanced at the honest guy.


Qi Shengjia’s lips trembled and he had a look of embarrassment on his face. This was because he didn’t know what to do.

Using his most proficient method to look at these sword scars?


(I’m too trash. Ever since I was young till now, I have nothing that I’m proficient in.)

Qi Shengjia knelt on the ground and lowered his head. His tone was filled with disappointment. “This disciple is foolish. Teacher, please punish me!”

“Don’t rush things, just take it slow!”

Sun Mo sighed mentally.

To people with ordinary aptitude, even if you put in the effort and worked hard for some things, you wouldn’t get a result. The first part of the canyon was the easiest. If you couldn’t even comprehend them, there was no need to talk about the murals in the deeper parts.

Naturally, Sun Mo wouldn’t say anything that would psychologically impact the honest guy for the worst. However, he no longer waited and started heading toward the second part of the canyon.

Li Ziqi immediately followed after him.

Those youths immediately started to comprehend the mural based on Sun Mo’s impartation.

After all, the students brought here by their teachers were surely geniuses and had high hopes placed on them.

Not long later, the body of a youth clad in the uniform of the Westshore Military School suddenly shone with a dense golden light.

Sword will protection was activated.

This scene caused the youths nearby to feel extremely agitated. The words of that teacher were indeed useful.

“Do you guys know the identity of that great teacher and which school he is from?”

“I feel that the demeanor of that great teacher is different from others. The other great teachers wouldn’t say anything because they are afraid others might catch up to them.”

“Don’t speak nonsense. That’s just a different teaching method.”

The youths had different opinions, but with no exception, all of them felt respect for Sun Mo. Some competitive ones felt an even greater sense of urgency.

(I have to be quicker. If I can enter the third part of the canyon before that teacher and listen to his guidance, I might have a huge harvest.)

“Teacher, those murals on the outside should be that thing, right?”

Li Ziqi gazed around but didn’t dare to say anything more. This was because if it was verified, it could be considered a valuable discovery. Hence, she wanted to avoid others hearing it.

“I think so.”

Sun Mo nodded. “However, we have to visit the second part of the canyon to verify this.”

“That Battle God is truly impressive. He actually used such a method to express his intention.”

Li Ziqi sighed in admiration.


Sun Mo was also filled with admiration. At the same time, he felt a few bursts of inspiration from those sword scars. It was like the doors to a brand new world had just opened for him.

One could say that these sword scars allowed Sun Mo to save at least ten years of effort in terms of sword arts.

“What are you all talking about?”

Lu Zhiruo who was following them at the side felt as though she was stupid.

(No, there’s no as though. I’m stupid.)

This part of the canyon was only 40+ meters long, and the murals on the walls were no longer sword scars. There were a total of 18 gigantic portraits of humans.

The figures in the portraits were fully clad in armor and were wielding either sabers, swords, or spears. They were fighting on the battlefield, defending against their enemies in a castle. People could also see some who were resting next to a bonfire.

Although this stretch of the canyon was short, the number of people here was clearly much lesser compared to those outside.

“You guys should walk around here on your own!”

Sun Mo peered around. Other than not seeing Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beifang, the others were all present.

“Teacher Sun, Baiwu’s condition doesn’t seem to be too good?”

When Mei Ziyu saw Sun Mo entering, she informed him at the first instant.

Sun Mo glanced over and saw that the iron-headed girl had a pale look on her face with sweat on her forehead. It was as though she had just recovered from a sickness and her body was still weak.

“As long as one enters the canyon, they will suffer the pressure from the Battle God’s will. If they stay here for a long time, their minds might be injured.”

Mei Ziyu reminded him.

“I understand!”

Sun Mo decided to wait a little more. Ying Baiwu was a prideful girl and if he told her to go out to rest, she would surely reject this.

As for that pressure, it was akin to the piercing pain of radiation.

Sun Mo felt that this sensation was even more prickly compared to the first part of the canyon. Besides, he noticed that the atmosphere was quieter. There didn’t seem to be anyone speaking.

Under every mural, there would be quite a lot of people seated cross-legged below. Everyone was very polite. Those who came later would sit further back. No one was trying to push forward.

After Sun Mo observed a bit, he sat below the portrait of the Battle God that was wielding his saber and slaughtering enemies.

Lu Zhiruo had been sneakily paying attention to Sun Mo. When she saw that he was sitting there, she immediately jogged over and sat beside him.

(I’m not as smart as the others. So I want to follow Teacher.)

This mural was either the most crucial one or the easiest to comprehend. Why was it so?

Because this was the first mural chosen by her teacher.

There was definitely a profound meaning behind his action.

If Sun Mo knew the papaya girl’s thoughts, he would surely cough up blood. He chose this mural simply because of its exterior appearance. Ehm… This was a painting of a female battle god.


After coming to the Central Province, he was no longer able to watch his little movies (p*rn), causing him to feel so stimulated that he was prepared to release… ehm, never mind.

Sun Mo first used his judgment and admired the mural from the perspective of art. The conclusion he obtained was that the Battle God who had drawn this mural definitely had no experience with girls. Let alone bedding anyone, he most probably hadn’t even held the hand of a girl before.

Why? Because the mural of this female battle god was too perfectly engraved!

Her figure was explosively good!

Clearly, this guy had no relationship experience and was drawing the image from his own imagination.

“Wait a minute, is this considered public condemnation?”

Sun Mo grew joyful.

The Battle God, the number one person of the Nine Provinces that had comprehended a peerless divine art like the Battlegod Catalog…was actually a pure and innocent male virgin?

After that, Sun Mo started to analyze the mural from a learning perspective.

An hour later, Sun Mo stretched his lazy body. Very good, things were the same as he expected. Right now, he had to obtain verifications from the other murals here.

Hence, Sun Mo rose and walked toward another mural at the side.


(Has Teacher comprehended the first one?)

Lu Zhiruo had a shocked expression on her face when she saw Sun Mo leaving. (I didn’t understand anything yet, how did Teacher comprehend it so fast?) She hurriedly stood up and went to sit beside Sun Mo again.

Sun Mo cast Gushing Thoughts and Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself, and he would instantly concentrate and stare at the murals. Lu Zhiruo felt incomparable worship for him.

(As expected, Teacher is awesome!)


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100. Reverence (29,150/100,000).

(Aiya, I should stop thinking too much and try to comprehend the murals quicker.)


The papaya girl was dumbfounded from shock.

(It can’t be, right?)

(Teacher understood the mural so quickly again?)

Lu Zhiruo subconsciously glanced at the surroundings. These people were all frowning severely as though they had been constipated for half a year and almost died from it.

Some of them were either subconsciously grabbing their hair or biting their nails. A few even had bloody scratches on their faces. Clearly, these people had no harvest. But Sun Mo merely sat down for half an hour and…

(Wait a minute, why am I blindly comparing them?)

(These people won’t be a match for Teacher even if all of them are added up together.)

The papaya girl puffed her chest out with glory and lifted her chin up with pride. She followed and sat beside Sun Mo again.

(It was truly a blessing to become Teacher’s personal student.)

This time around, the papaya girl hadn’t even entered meditation before Sun Mo stood up again.

(It can’t be, right?)

Lu Zhiruo was completely stunned.

(Teacher, I know you are very outstanding, but isn’t it a little too fake when you are so outstanding to such an extent?)

(How long has it been since you sat down?)

(At most 15 minutes?)

(And you already comprehended it?)

Even though she had excessive trust and worship toward Sun Mo, at this moment, the papaya girl sank into self-doubt. After all, such comprehension speed was truly too monstrous.

(Even my grandfather would take longer than you when he went to take a dump and smoke a tobacco pipe!)

Mei Ziyu was also similarly shocked. In the past, she had come to the Battlegod Rampart and already comprehended these murals. She was staying here merely to accompany Sun Mo. She didn’t go near him because she didn’t want to disturb him, but she was always observing him.

Now when she saw Sun Mo changing to another mural every 15 minutes, she was completely stunned.

(Did you understand it?)

(Or are you just glancing at them fleetingly?)

However, before Mei Ziyu could ask due to her curiosity, a middle-aged man already shouted at Sun Mo.

“Hey, this teacher. Please respect yourself and stop walking around randomly. You will affect people who want to enter a meditative state.”

Sun Mo turned his head.

Meow meow meow~

(Are you talking about me?)

“Stop looking around! I’m talking about you. If you don’t want to comprehend the murals, please leave. You are too lacking in civility by walking around randomly like that.”

The middle-aged man spoke unkindly.

As he spoke, some of the people here, who were already fatigued, decisively decided to stop comprehending and started to watch the show, treating it as taking a break.

“Who are you referring to?”

Lu Zhiruo immediately jumped up and acted like a protective, loyal puppy as she questioned the middle-aged man.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》