Absolute Great Teacher
736 That Fellow Is Dead for Sure!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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736 That Fellow Is Dead for Sure!


Seeing this young girl who was beautiful and had papaya-size boobs, the middle-aged Fei Jie was so infuriated that he directly roared.

“I’m talking about him!”

Usually, Fei Jie wouldn’t be so angry. But today, his unhappiness had accumulated to a peak. Sun Mo could be considered a target for him to vent his feelings.

There was no solution to it. Bai Hao had come for a day and comprehended the murals on the second part of the canyon, managing to gain access to the deeper area. What about him?

A total of three months!

Leaving aside the expenses he had to bear, just the difference in aptitudes caused him to feel extremely sullen.

Fei Jie knew that his aptitude wasn’t good enough, but it was at least above average. However, Bai Hao’s result was like a resounding slap that harshly smacked his face, crushing his pride and ego.

Bluntly speaking, he was so psychologically impacted that he almost became autistic. Then when he saw Sun Mo randomly wandering around, he suddenly felt his anger bursting and he wanted to implicate Sun Mo so he could vent.

The commotion here also disturbed the comprehension of those people in the surroundings.

The students of the Central Province Academy, Mei Ziyu, and Gu Xiuxun immediately rushed over.

“You should wash your mouth clean!”

Ying Baiwu shouted in anger and pulled out her sword.

There was actually someone daring to speak to her teacher in such a manner? How outrageous.

Jiang Leng didn’t say anything. He directly pulled out his dagger and concealed himself within the crowd, preparing to attack at any moment.

“Teacher, f*** him up!”

Qin Yaoguang ran over and cheered.

As the eldest martial sister, Li Ziqi was prepared to say something. But before she could speak, her two junior sisters already spoke.

(Do you guys find that this matter isn’t big enough?)

(Even if we want to fight, we have to probe things first so we won’t embarrass ourselves.)

“Eldest martial sister, you are worrying too much.”

Qin Yaoguang surveyed Fei Jie. “From his appearance, this fellow is slightly above middle-aged, yet he is already balding. Clearly, both his life and career aren’t smooth, and he is under great pressure.”

“For such people, they are usually failures or they wouldn’t lose their temper due to the actions of others.”

“To put it simply, he is taking out his anger on somebody who doesn’t deserve it, venting his uselessness on others...”


Upon hearing Qin Yaoguang’s ‘inference’, the surrounding people started laughing.


Li Ziqi was speechless. After that, she cast a deep glance at Qin Yaoguang. (I’ve long since felt that you are a trouble-maker. It seems that I finally received the verification today.)


Fei Jie was so angered that his hands were trembling. “These are your students? How did you teach them? They have no manners at all.”

“Everyone, quickly look at him. He’s trembling so much due to anger. Clearly, my words have stabbed into his soft spot.”

Qin Yaoguang added oil to the fire.

“Shut up!”

Fei Jie roared. With a clunking sound, he pulled out his saber. The expression of this girl made him feel like he was a trapped monkey that was being observed. It was too infuriating.

Sun Mo took a step and appeared before his personal students, blocking them from danger.

“Can I ask you something? Is this your home? Or did you purchase this land? If it’s so, I will leave immediately.”

“This is a public place and your action is obstructing everyone else from comprehending!”

Fei Jie also wasn’t stupid. He wanted to target Sun Mo and make him stand at the opposing side of the crowd.

“Oh, so we can only sit or stand unmoving beneath a single mural?”

Sun Mo was enlightened. “Sorry, I just came here today. I will take note of this in the future.”

Among the crowd, there were also people who wanted the commotion to blow up due to boredom. One of them replied, “There’s nothing like this. You have the freedom to look however you want to.”

“There’s indeed no rule that says that we can only view a single mural to comprehend things. But you wandered around randomly every few minutes, what can you possibly see from the murals?”

Fei Jie spoke in disdain.

“If you are incapable, it doesn’t mean that others can’t do it. Since my teacher is doing this, he has clearly comprehended the other murals.”

Qin Yaoguang’s reply was backed by her convictions. She took out a bag of pickled plums and grabbed some before tossing them into her mouth.

Tantai Yutang glanced at the snacking girl. (Are you not pushing our teacher onto the barbeque pit? If he didn’t manage to comprehend the earlier murals, there would surely be trouble.)

“Is that so?”

Fei Jie urged. “Then why don’t he pass this stage and head to the next part of the canyon? Let us see it.”

“What if my teacher can do it?”

Qin Yaoguang’s eyes narrowed.

“Heh, can I apologize?”

Fei Jie’s tone was frivolous.

“Kowtow and an apology.”

Qin Yaoguang added.

“Yaoguang, what are you trying to pull?”

Li Ziqi frowned. “Teacher just came in a few hours ago.”

The little sunny egg spoke in a loud voice intentionally. Actually, she did so because she wanted the surrounding audience to hear this. Even if her teacher rejected the bet, he wouldn’t be viewed with contempt.

After all, what could one comprehend in a few hours?

Fei Jie was originally hesitating, but after hearing this, he actually became more unyielding. “Sure, I will kowtow and apologize. But does your teacher dare to accept the bet?”

At this moment, the gazes of everyone turned to Sun Mo.

“Hey, this elder brother. It’s better not to be too overbearing.”

Gu Xiuxun had an unfriendly look on his face. Although she referred to him as ‘elder brother’, there was no hint of respect in her tone.

“Do you want to compete with me?”

Mei Ziyu also spoke, wanting to take charge of this for Sun Mo.


After seeing these two beautiful women protecting Sun Mo, many males immediately revealed looks of jealousy and hatred. What origin did this fellow have?

Wait a minute.

Could those beautiful young girls that were speaking earlier be his personal students too?

(How infuriating!)

(Does your family own a spirit mine?)

Sun Mo was depressed. If didn’t accept the bet, wouldn’t that indicate that he was incapable? But if he accepted the bet, he would feel childish.

(I’m a great teacher, but you want me to bet against a balding middle-aged man that’s a failure like you? Who do you think you are?)


Fei Jie’s lips twitched. He spat out a mouthful of saliva. However, he didn’t push Sun Mo to accept the bet. Rather, he turned and walked toward the exit of the canyon.


It was destined that there wouldn’t be a show today. Some people decided to exit the canyon as well to have a good meal. After resting for two days, they might be luckier and suddenly comprehend the murals when they came back.


(Why must someone like Bai Hao be here?)

(This is too psychologically damaging.)

“Please wait,” Sun Mo spoke.

Upon hearing this, Fei Jie frowned and turned his head to look at Sun Mo.

“Give me two hours, I will bet with you!”

Sun Mo smiled. “After all, I have to finish looking at the remaining tens of murals here.”


A commotion arose.

“Haha, what did you say?”

Fei Jie laughed. “I can even give you twenty hours!”

“Are you crazy?”

Gu Xiuxun’s little fist directly punched Sun Mo’s arm.

“Teacher Sun, don’t act recklessly.”

Mei Ziyu was shocked and hurriedly explained, “There’s no sword will protection for this stage. Whether a cultivator comprehended the murals or not, no one would know about this. One could only be sure that they have comprehended something after they passed through the canyon’s entrance.”

And what was there at the canyon entrance?

There were two gigantic statues over ten meters tall. One wielded a gigantic sword, and the other was holding onto a great halberd. Those who comprehended the murals of this stage could pass by safely. But those who didn’t but tried to pass through them would be killed by the statues with a swing of their weapons.

“Hehe, don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you wish to depend on your strength to evade the weapons of the two statues, that would be impossible. Death is the only outcome.”

Fei Jie intentionally pressured Sun Mo.

“What are you guys doing?”

He Wei arrived.

The people of the Saint Gate were stationed at all parts of the canyon to prevent such situations from happening. Hence, after the staff here noticed this, they immediately reported this to He Wei.

“Everyone, disperse now.”

He Wei berated.

Fei Jie clasped his hands and bowed to He Wei before leaving.

“Wait a minute!”

Sun Mo frowned. “Did I allow you to leave?”

(Wanting to leave after scolding someone? How can there be something so good in the world?)

“What do you want to do? Should we commence the bet then?”

He Wei berated. Wasn’t this Black Doggy Sun too arrogant?

(I know your past achievements are very impressive, but this place is the Battlegod Canyon where many geniuses have fallen. It basically isn’t a place where you can act impudently.)

“I won’t be breaking the rules as long as I don’t damage the murals, right?)

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Fine, since you want to die, just do so then!”

He Wei no longer cared.

Sun Mo glanced at Fei Jie. “Two hours later, you will lose if I pass. I want you to kowtow and apologize. But if I lose...”

“You would die.”

A person interrupted from the crowd, drawing a bout of laughter

“Indeed, you would die if you lose. Hence, it’s fine.”

Fei Jie chortled.

Sun Mo cast a glance at the crowd. “If I lose, I’ll give you a peerless saint-tier cultivation art!”


These five words instantly caused an uproar.

“Daring to use a peerless saint-tier cultivation art as a bet, has this fellow gone mad?”

“Who is this? Why is he so arrogant?”

“Do you think peerless saint-tier cultivation arts are cabbages? Why don’t you display a few moves under our observation first to check whether or not you are bullshitting?”

The audience discussed. Some people were even naive enough to think about secretly pilfering Sun Mo’s cultivation art.


Fei Jie’s heart thumped wildly. He was very nervous. Let alone saint-tier arts, he hadn’t even seen peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts before.

How could he not be agitated?

“That’s right, saint-tier!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he ignited Fei Jie’s emotion and directly headed to the next mural.

Lu Zhiruo started a little and hurriedly followed him.

(Teacher is going to display his talent. I have to pay close attention and learn a thing or two. I would surely be able to benefit boundlessly then.)

“Teacher Mei...”

Gu Xiuxun frowned with worry. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in Sun Mo, but he had just come in and already dared to say that he would definitely pass two hours later!

The gigantic sword of the statue wouldn’t care whether you were Black Doggy Sun or White Doggy Sun. It would simply slash down if you didn’t meet the requirements to pass this stage.

Mei Ziyu’s beautiful brows were furrowed as well. She glanced toward Fei Jie and silently pondered whether she should act secretly.

“Cough, cough!”

Ying Baiwu covered her mouth with her hands. As she coughed, she consoled everyone. “Don’t worry, Teacher will definitely succeed.”

“Succeed? What succeed? When the time comes to collect his corpse, don’t ask me to come along as I don’t want to witness such a scene.”

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes.

Then a new young student entered the canyon and discovered that no one was comprehending the murals. Instead, they were either sitting or standing as they crowded around that teacher.

“What’s going on?”

The youth had a dumbfounded look on his face. “Could it be that the criteria for passing this stage is to look at people?”

Because this involved a peerless saint-tier cultivation art, it stirred everyone’s interest. Naturally, if Sun Mo was backed to death by the statues, it would be a pretty good entertainment as well.

“He most probably has some trump cards?”

Originally, some people here felt that Sun Mo could succeed. But very soon, they were no longer as composed because the interval where Sun Mo paused before each mural grew increasingly shorter.

(Even I’ll need more time when I’m urinating. Are you telling me you could comprehend something in such a short amount of time?)

(He’s dead for sure! That fellow is definitely dead.)

(What a pity for his beautiful friends!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》