Absolute Great Teacher
737 I Also Want to Be Low-Profile but These Fellows Don’t Want to Give Me a Chance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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737 I Also Want to Be Low-Profile but These Fellows Don’t Want to Give Me a Chance!

Chapter 737: I Also Want to Be Low-Profile but These Fellows Don’t Want to Give Me a Chance!

“Boss, should we stop him?”

The assistant was so worried that he felt a headache. “His fiancee is An Xinhui. If something happens to him, what should we do if she came looking for us? Also, this fellow is the extremely famous God Hands, so it can’t possibly be fake. There might be some major characters who regard him highly. If he dies here, wouldn’t they blame us for inferior supervision and administration?”

“F*** his mom!”

He Wei was depressed. (This daddy gave you a way out and you could simply leave. Why did you have to be so iron-headed?)


(He’s definitely yet another ‘heaven’s chosen’ that has never suffered a disadvantage before.)

He Wei had seen too many of such geniuses. But with no exceptions, all of them would have their egos crushed by the Battlegod Canyon.

Those two statues were something left behind by an Ancient Battle God. The great swords they wielded had never missed their targets; one would die the moment they got struck by it. There was not a second possibility.


He Wei contemplated and decided that he couldn’t allow Sun Mo to die here. Hence, he endured his unhappiness and went to find Mei Ziyu and Gu Xiuxun, hoping that they could persuade Sun Mo.

“Both of you, I’ve been guarding this place for 15 years. Those who failed to comprehend the murals but tried to pass through this place would all be killed by the statues. There were no exceptions”

Hei Wei secretly surveyed Mei Ziyu. This girl looked very familiar to him.

When Mei Ziyu first came here, she was only in her teens. Her transformation over these few years was pretty big, hence, He Wei wasn’t able to recognize the fact that she was Mei Yazhi’s daughter at a first glance.

If not, his attitude definitely wouldn’t be like this.

“Teacher Gu...”

Mei Ziyu naturally didn’t want to see anything bad happening to Sun Mo, but she could also tell that Sun Mo was a very proud man. If she told him to give up, wouldn’t that be the same as telling him to concede?

Who could endure this?

“What can I do? I’m also despairing!”

Gu Xiuxun had a bitter look of worry on her face. Right now, she could only hope that Li Ziqi could persuade Sun Mo...


Li Ziqi, whom both Gu Xiuxun and Mei Ziyu had high hopes for, didn’t have any intention of persuading Sun Mo. Rather, she followed him and concentrated on viewing the murals with a similar tempo.

After that, she admired Sun Mo even more.

Earlier, she had just seen some tiny clues about a mural, but her teacher already switched to another mural. His comprehension ability was simply explosive. As for that Fei Jie, he basically didn’t know who he just betted against.

“Do you have any harvest?”

Sun Mo stood at the last mural and asked.

“These murals should be created because the creator wants cultivators to gain enlightenment about their own bodies, right?”

Li Ziqi answered.

“Not enlightenment. The creator wanted cultivators to have the most realistic understanding of their own combat style.”

Sun Mo’s tone of voice was very certain.

“It also means that when the viewers started to examine themselves closely, they would have already passed. I’m only curious how those two statues would judge whether a cultivator has understood this point. After all, something like thoughts has no physical form.”

Sun Mo pondered and walked toward the depths of the canyon.

The originally noisy surroundings immediately fell silent.

Over a hundred gazes stared at Sun Mo.

“Hah, you actually dare to walk there? I want to see how you die!”

Fei Jie crossed his arms over his chest and waited to see Sun Mo being split into twain by the statues.

“What should we do?”

Gu Xiuxun stared at Mei Ziyu. After that, the two women both ran toward Sun Mo without prior consultation with each other. Forget everything else, even if they were scolded, they had to stop him.

But at this moment, Sun Mo actually idly walked past the space between the two statues as though he was a tourist wandering around scenic spots.

The statues didn’t move at all. It was as though they were as heavy as a thousand years of history.

Everyone was completely silent. Only their eyes were involuntarily widened.

“It can’t be, right? He actually succeeded?”

“That fellow must have come to the Battlegod Canyon before. If not, how is it possible for him to comprehend these murals in such a short time?”

“Damn, it’s too psychologically impactful. Why must such a genius appear before my eyes?”

Everyone had different thoughts in their hearts, but there was a common point everyone was thinking about. Sun Mo was really strong.

After that, the inevitable envy surged up in their hearts.


Fei Jie was dumbfounded. (He actually succeeded?)

In an instant, boundless envy flooded forth like tides, engulfing Fei Jie. This caused him to pant as he felt pain in his chest. He was about to suffocate.

But after that, his feelings turned to fear and embarrassment. (It can’t be, right?)

(Do I really have to kowtow and apologize?)


Gu Xiuxun’s red lips were in the ‘O’ shape. It was so large that one could stuff a big banana within. (Sun Mo, do you dare to be even more talented?)


Mei Ziqu started to blame herself. (I actually no longer believed in Sun Mo? Have I forgotten those shocking achievements he obtained previously?)

Truthfully, this couldn’t be blamed on Mei Ziyu because she had grown up in Jixia Learning Palace since she was young, and the number of geniuses she had seen before was as numerous as fish in the sea.


Other than this term, the assistant didn’t know what to say. (Damn, as expected...since he can become An Xinhui’s fiance, he’s definitely capable. If not, he wouldn’t be able to do so.)

He Wei closed his eyes. He then lifted his hands and forcefully rubbed his cheeks.

(No wonder despite me working for half my life, I’m only qualified to guard this mountain.)

(A true genius was standing before me, but I couldn’t see him.)


(I’m really blind!)

After being depressed, He Wei immediately started to think of a way to remedy this.

“An understanding toward combat?”

Li Ziqi recalled Sun Mo’s words. She then summed it up with her own understanding of the murals, and she suddenly felt a hint of enlightenment.

“It also means that we must understand our own strengths and weaknesses as well as our battle habits...”

Li Ziqi pondered as she started to walk through the passageway between the two statues.

“Eh? Eldest martial sister, you comprehended it too?”

Lu Zhiruo was astonished. She jogged over and caught up to them.

“That balding middle-aged man actually dared to doubt our teacher’s talent. I want him to know that not only can our teacher comprehend this, but a few sentences from Teacher can also let us, his personal students, understand the meaning of the murals.”

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched.

“That’s right.”

The papaya girl nodded heavily and followed them. (I cannot lose face for Teacher.)

(Speaking of which, about my understanding of combat?)

(I know this!)

(If it’s fighting head-on, I might be a newbie, the noobest of all newbies that doesn’t even know how to use a weapon properly. But when it comes to the art of spiritual control, I can still fight.)

(Aiya, should I focus on the art of spiritual control mainly in the future?)

(But the cultivation arts teacher taught us are all peerless saint-tier ones. If I don’t cultivate them, wouldn’t that be such a waste?)


The spectators were originally in a fervent discussion. Some who didn’t know Sun Mo was currently trying to find out more about him. In the end, all of them felt somewhat astonished when they saw the two young girls heading over.

“They can’t possibly have passed too, right?”

“I think they walk there because they want to see their teacher?”

“That’s for sure. If even they could comprehend these murals, how much of a genius would they be? In any case, I don’t believe anyone else could do such a thing in such a short span of time.”

As He Wei heard the discussion in the surroundings, he quickened his steps and shouted toward Li Ziqi and the papaya girl, “Stop advancing forward. The range of the statues’ attack is very large...eh...”

In the end, He Wei was completely dumbstruck. His eyes widened so much that they almost exploded.

Because the two girls walked past the statues safely and entered the third part of the canyon!


“My heavens, have I gone blind? Is this true?”

“Damn, there are geniuses every year, but the number of geniuses this year are exceptionally numerous. Even those students from Westshore are crushed by the two girls.”

Sounds of exclamations rang out. Many people subconsciously cursed.

There was no solution to it. They were not cultured and could only use profanities to express their shock.


Gu Xiuxun’s mind was in chaos. All along, she had felt that although she was inferior to Sun Mo, she wasn’t too far off. But now, she felt so impacted that she became a little autistic.

“No wonder my mother wants me to work at the Central Province Academy.”

In the past, there were guys pursuing Mei Ziyu, but Mei Yazhi had always rebuked and driven them away. But this time around, despite the close interactions of her and Sun Mo, Mei Yazhi didn’t say anything.

So Mei Yazhi had long since discovered and admired Sun Mo’s talent!

Fei Jie was dumbfounded. After that, he lifted his hand and harshly slapped himself a few times.

(Fei Jie, you are truly a failure.)

(You wanted to scold someone, but he’s actually such a genius. How blind can you be?)

“Cough, cough. I’ve said that teacher would be able to do it.”

Ying Baiwu felt very glorious now.

Jiang Leng and Tantai Yutang exchanged a mutual glance, feeling shocked in their hearts.

The discussion in the surroundings suddenly grew louder. The eyes of many people were glowing.

Being able to enlighten students with a few sentences...that was truly impressive.

Everyone saw it. Before Sun Mo entered the deeper part of the canyon, he spoke to the two girls. Clearly, it was those sentences that caused them to be enlightened.

Between each part of the canyon, there was mist obscuring the area. Not long later, Sun Mo walked back.

“Teacher Sun, my eyes are failing me. I actually failed to see a genius like you.”

He Wei took the initiative to walk over with a welcoming smile on his face.

After being a ‘grandson’ for over ten years, he was already used to it and could bow or submit in a matter of seconds. Besides, he didn’t feel it was embarrassing for him to fawn on a true genius like this.

“You are praising me too much.”

Sun Mo returned a polite smile.

“Sir, so you are God Hands? I’ve long since heard and admired your great name!”

“I’m the Iron Sword of Rivermountain. Nice to meet you!”

“Great Teacher Sun, I’m Qian Ze, we participated in the 1-star great teacher examination together.”

Many people crowded around and took the initiative to chat with Sun Mo.

“Do you have to be so outstanding?”

As Gu Xiuxun spoke, she elbowed Sun Mo’s stomach. “You caused us to worry for nothing!”

“I also want to be low-profile, but these fellows don’t want to give me the chance!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

However, he was secretly delighted because he had earned over 10,000 favorable impression points. He could continue to spend them then.

“Oi, you’ve lost. Quickly come over to kowtow and apologize!”

Qin Yaoguang shouted at Fei Jie.

Fei Jie gritted his teeth and walked over. He then knelt toward Sun Mo with a thud.

“I have eyes but am blind. I admit defeat.”

Fei Jie vowed that in the future, if he was unhappy, he would find trouble for a beggar instead. Most probably, he wouldn’t ram his toe into a steelboard like today, right?

Seeing how honest Fei Jie was, Sun Mo actually changed his opinion of him and involuntarily activated Divine Sight to observe Fei Jie.

“If you have no other instructions, I will take my leave.”

Fei Jie didn’t want to continue throwing his face here.

“If you don’t mind, could you allow me to give you a massage?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

Bathump, bathump!

Fei Jie’s heart immediately pounded wildly with agitation. (After all, Sun Mo is the God Hands, if I can receive his guidance...)

(Wouldn’t I be able to soar to the skies?)

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