Absolute Great Teacher
738 Priceless Advice, Immeasurable Value!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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738 Priceless Advice, Immeasurable Value!


Everyone halted their breathing and seriously looked at Sun Mo’s hands as he massaged Fei Jie. Some of them even wished to secretly learn this, but when the genie manifested, they understood they were thinking too much.

If this divine skill could be learned secretly, everyone would have the title ‘God Hands’.

However, this skill was truly magical. It could actually cause a muscular dude to materialize.

A few minutes later, Sun Mo relaxed his hands and indicated to Fei Jie who was sitting cross-legged that he could stand up.

“Teacher Sun, how is it?”

Fei Jie’s way of speaking grew respectful and his tone was filled with hope.

“The Heavenly King Six Revolution Art doesn’t match your aptitude.”

Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive.

Fei Jie’s expression was as though he had just seen an immortal descending from the heavens. (My heavens, he could tell the cultivation art I train in just by touching me?)

(How magical!)

But after that, Fei Jie’s round face frowned so intensely that he resembled a bitter gourd.

“The Heavenly King Six Revolution Art is the highest-graded cultivation art I can find.”

Fei Jie was depressed. “Moreover, I’ve cultivated it for over 20 years. If I give it up now, the losses will be too great.”

When many of the audience heard this, they couldn’t help but sigh in understanding as they thought of their own circumstances.

When it came to choosing cultivation arts to train in, everyone would choose the highest-graded one available instead of the one that suited them the most. So it could be said that if one met a great teacher when they were young and managed to obtain a suitable cultivation art, they would be very fortunate. If not, they would end up like Fei Jie, wasting their many years of effort.

“Teacher Sun, how’s my talent?”

Fei Jie asked again.

Sun Mo glanced at Fei Jie. (Aren’t you making things difficult for me?)

(You’ve even cultivated to the extent where you become bald but you achieved nothing. Do you still not know your standard?)

“Hehe, I know I can’t be compared to a genius. I just want to understand what level can I be placed in when compared to the general public?”

Fei Jie explained, “Teacher Sun, don’t look at my current appearance. When I was young, a great teacher had told me I was talented.”

(The person who evaluated you is definitely blind.)

Sun Mo’s lips twitched as he sank into conflict. If he spoke honestly, he would surely give Fei Jie a psychological impact. But if he lied, Fei Jie would surely continue to work hard.

However, with his aptitude, his achievements would merely be so much in this life.

“Teacher, is it really so difficult to say?”

Fei Jie’s countenance grew unsightly.

“Average, I would say. Moreover, you have been lazy for the recent three years.”

Sun Mo eventually decided to tell the truth.

When some people heard this evaluation, they directly looked at Fei Jie. He was simply asking to be smacked. All of them wondered if Fei Jie would lose his temper.

Fei Jie was indeed unhappy. After all, concealing a fault to avoid criticism was everyone’s innate nature, but Fei Jie had some expectation that this might be the case.

During this period, he had been studying the murals in the Battlegod Canyon to seek a breakthrough. But in truth, he was trying to avoid working hard.

(Could it be that my life is truly over?)

Fei Jie was somewhat reluctant. After that, his eyes brightened as he looked at the two girls standing beside Sun Mo.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fei Jie directly kowtowed thrice. After that, he didn’t even lift his head as he sincerely begged. “Teacher Sun, can you tell me your insights regarding this stage?”

Fei Jie still felt some hope in his heart. (Maybe I can transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly if I comprehend the murals of this canyon?)

“I understand your mental state. After all, my words can be considered to have destroyed your future, so I will tell you my insights as a form of compensation.”

Sun Mo sighed. He moved to Fei Jie’s ear and whispered a few sentences.

For a time, everything was so silent that one could even hear a pin fall.

Fei Jie lifted his head and looked at those murals again. (So the meaning is like this?)

(An understanding of my own combat style?)

(I am too anxious, hence, I like to take the initiative to attack, causing my defense to be unstable. Moreover, if I fail to take down my opponent right at the start, I will immediately become flustered.)

After all, Fei Jie was someone who had lived for over 40 years. He didn’t need to think deeply and already knew his own mistakes.

Everyone would experience this phase once they reached middle-age.

“Oi, since you gained the insights, why don’t you try clearing this stage?”

A person with malicious intent urged from the crowd.

If Fei Jie died, there would be a good show to watch. If Fei Jie passed, this malicious guy would go and beg Black Doggy Sun for the insight as well.

One must know that for a matter like comprehension, it was like a major question in the final examinations that could torment people to death.

“Don’t speak nonsense. What if Sun Mo’s insights are not effective? Wouldn’t you become Fei Jie’s executioner?”

There were still some kind-hearted people among the crowd.

Fei Jie looked at the two statues and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He felt somewhat nervous because he had seen quite a few confident people being sliced through when they attempted to pass the statues.

Fei Jie, who didn’t know what to do, subconsciously gazed at Sun Mo.

“You are already an adult. You can either give up and return home to marry a wife, leading a peaceful life, or you can strive and continue to work hard. If you die here, so be it.”

After Sun Mo spoke, a golden light emitted from him, illuminating the area.

“It’s Priceless Advice!”

Someone marveled.

“Yeah, I’ve wasted half my lifetime.”

Fei Jie scratched his balding head and gritted his teeth. After that, he ran toward the two statues.

He didn’t dare to walk because he was afraid he might regret it and would choose to stop.

Everyone held their breath and stared at Fei Jie’s back view.

(Yes! I went over!)

Those two imposing statues didn’t strike him with their giant swords.

(I’ve succeeded? I’ve really succeeded?)

Over at the misty area, Fei Jie’s voice that was filled with disbelief rang out. After that, he let out a roar of wild excitement.

The audience all turned their heads and looked toward Sun Mo.

After that, several people rushed over.

“Wait a minute, whoever offends my teacher can forget about living. There’s no need for any of you to dream about getting the insight to pass this stage.”

Qin Yaoguang rushed forward and stood before Sun Mo. A single sentence caused the agitated crowd to calm down. They didn’t dare to be rash.

Currently, Sun Mo was priceless.

He Wei rubbed his eyes and felt a headache. The situation had completely exceeded his expectations. If Sun Mo revealed his insight, how many people would be able to enter the third stage...?

(That’s out of the question. Wouldn’t that mean the second stage of the Battlegod Canyon is completely useless?)

“Teacher Sun, speak cautiously!”

He Wei rushed over and grabbed Sun Mo’s hands. His voice contained a tone of pleading.

“Sorry everyone. For the sake of your safety, it’s better for me to survey the murals again to firm up my comprehension!”

Sun Mo rejected.

(Why do you still need to firm up your comprehension? You are clearly selfish and want to hold on to the knowledge, not willing to share it with us.)

Many people thought like this, but they didn’t dare to say it. Hence, their gazes that were filled with anger pointed toward He Wei.

“Everyone disperse, disperse!”

He Wei roared and showed his attitude as a leader of the Saint Gate. “If you guys keep standing here to watch, just scram out of the canyon.”

He Wei’s identity naturally still contained some threat. Hence, the audience had no choice but to disperse unwillingly, but their gazes still remained fixed on Sun Mo.

Many of them decided to find a chance and privately consult him.

This was especially so for those people who hadn’t gained any insights despite being here for a few months. They were like drowning people who were willing to clutch at a life-saving straw. They naturally wanted to grasp this bit of hope.

“I know what to do!”

Sun Mo guaranteed.

“Teacher Sun, I appreciate your favor and will definitely repay it in the future.”

He Wei still had cold sweat on his forehead. “No, let’s make it tonight. I will be the host.”

“It’s fine, my time is tight!”

Sun Mo rejected. After that, he looked at his personal students. “What about you guys? Do you all want to listen to my insights, or do you all want to comprehend things for yourself? However, I have to say it is meaningless even if you comprehend the content for this stage by yourself.”

“Teacher, I want to hear your insights.”

Qin Yaoguang lifted her hand.

“It’s so troublesome to comprehend things by ourselves!”

Tantai Yutang raised his hands. “I also want to listen.”

“Me too!”

Jiang Leng wasn’t bothered about things like this.


Sun Mo looked at the iron-headed girl.

“Teacher, I’ve already understood it.”

After Baiwu spoke, she didn’t stop to listen to Sun Mo’s insights and directly headed toward the statues.

“Eh? Baiwu, don’t rush!”

Lu Zhiruo hurriedly wanted to go over to stop her. (If you didn’t manage to comprehend correctly, you might be killed!)

“Ignore her!”

Li Ziqi held the papaya girl back.

Ying Baiwu was very competitive. Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beifang had depended on their own capabilities to pass the stage. In that case, the iron-headed girl wouldn’t allow anyone else to help her.

“I have to become the personal student my teacher is the proudest of.”

Ying Baiwu clenched her fist and walked toward the statues.

The giant weapons didn’t cleave down.


Several people took in a gasp of cold air.

They knew that this girl came before Sun Mo, indicating that the amount of time she had to comprehend the murals wasn’t long. But she actually managed to depend on herself to pass the stage.

The eyes of several great teachers immediately shone as though they had discovered jade. They were preparing to poach her, but when they turned their heads and saw Sun Mo, they suddenly felt dispirited.

What could they rely on to poach people?

“Great Teacher Sun! Great Teacher Sun!”

Just when Ying Baiwu entered the deeper parts of the canyon, Fei Jie ran out with a face filled with excitement, rushing in front of Sun Mo with a single breath. After that, he knelt with a thudding sound.

(There’s no need to say anything, let’s just kowtow!)



Favorable impression points from Fei Jie +1,000. Friendly (1,000/10,000).

“Get up!”

Sun Mo was satisfied because other people were also starting to contribute favorable impression points, allowing him to gain a great harvest.

“Old Fei, congratulations. Please continue to work harder and do your best to surpass the third part of the canyon.”

A middle-aged man spoke out. He was someone familiar with Fei Jie.

“Thanks for the encouragement, but I’m preparing to return to my hometown.”

Fei Jie laughed.

“Ah?” The middle-aged man was badly shocked. “Why?”

“Great Teacher Sun’s judgment is very accurate. I don’t have much talent, and just the second part of the canyon already caused me to scratch my head so much that I almost became completely bald. If I continue, wouldn’t I go crazy? Hence, I think I should return to my hometown!”

Fei Jie thought things through, but he still felt some regret. “My old parents most probably miss me extremely much. Sigh, I’m really unfilial.”

The atmosphere in the surroundings was a little stifling because the number of people like Fei Jie were plenty.

“Teacher Sun, I’m no longer qualified. I hope that my children will be more capable and in the future, maybe they can enter your tutelage.”

After Fei Jie spoke, he kowtowed three more times and headed out of the canyon.

At this moment, after putting down his obsession, his spirit and mental state actually felt uplifted.

“Forget it, I don’t want to comprehend anymore. I’m going back home!”

“I also miss home.”

“It’s not too bad to be with my wife and kids!”

Over ten people also chose to give up at this moment.


Sun Mo was speechless. (What are you guys doing? In the future, when you guys regret this, don’t come and look for me!)

(Forget it, I don’t want to think anymore. Let’s head to the third part of the canyon to see if there’s anything interesting.)

“Teacher, you are so awesome!”

The papaya girl exclaimed in admiration. What was a great teacher’s influence?

This was it!

Changing the life of someone with a single sentence!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》