Absolute Great Teacher
739 The Profound Secret of the Battlegod Canyon
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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739 The Profound Secret of the Battlegod Canyon


After Sun Mo told his insights to his personal students, he traveled through the mist and entered the third stage of the canyon.

Just when he entered, even before he could see the scene clearly, Sun Mo already felt his entire body shivering from the cold. Also, he saw a strand of sword qi from the corner of his eyes shooting directly at him.

Sun Mo pulled out his sword and wanted to block it. At the same time, he also activated his Invulnerable Golden Body.

One could say that Sun Mo’s reactions were already relatively fast. But this time around, just when the thought to defend appeared in his mind, that strand of sword qi already pierced into his chest.

Cough! Cough!

Sun Mo started coughing. He had a feeling as though his chest was penetrated.

(Sorry, I won’t be having any more kebabs in the future.)

(So those poor sheep that were made into meat skewers felt like that! It was truly too painful.)

But when Sun Mo lowered his head, he discovered that there wasn’t a wound at all. Let alone bleeding, there was not even a single sign of any damage.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

More streams of sword qi flowed over.

Sun Mo didn’t dare to be careless. He did his utmost to block them while also surveying the surroundings.

This part of the canyon was about 50+ meters long. On the vertical stone cliff, messy sword scars could be seen everywhere.

These sword scars emitted red lights and were absorbing spirit qi. When they were ‘full’, they would woosh out and attack the person nearest to them.

There weren’t many people in this part of the canyon.

This was because for this stage, the moment they entered, they would be attacked by the sword qi. Although their body wouldn’t be injured or bleed, they would suffer pain to their minds when they got struck by the sword qi.

Every cultivator was doing their best to fend off the attacking streams of sword qi while viewing the sword scars, trying their best to see as many of them as possible.

Once they were pierced by the sword qi and reached the limit of what they could endure, they would immediately retreat or death would follow them soon.


Right now, Sun Mo believed that a divine art like the Battlegod Catalog truly existed. Look at the sword scars...they weren’t something an ordinary genius could leave behind.

A few people glanced at Sun Mo, but the majority of them were doing their best, wanting to comprehend the sword scars as quickly as possible so they could head to the next part of the canyon.

After all, if they were struck by the spirit qi, they would feel the sensation of being pierced by a sword. It was too tormenting.


“What should we do?”

Tantai Yutang stared at everyone and asked.

“Naturally, let’s enter!”

After Qin Yaoguang spoke, she lifted her feet and stepped toward the mist. She also teasingly smiled. “This feeling of watching others meditating but failing to get any results, while we manage to enter easily, feels like cheating. It feels really good!”


Zhang Yanzong was speechless. He wanted to say her mentality wasn’t correct, but when he glanced around and noticed the envious looks others were gazing at them with, he discovered this was truly the case.

A few sentences from Teacher Sun had helped everyone to save a few months of effort.

Naturally, the prerequisite was that you were a genius and could comprehend the situation clearly.

“That’s right, Teacher is like a huge cheat.”

The papaya girl felt honor. She didn’t feel guilty because she achieved this due to Sun Mo’s help and not with her own ability.

(Because Teacher’s thoughts are my thoughts!)

(I exist together with Teacher!)

“You guys...”

Tantai Yutang was helpless as he mentally mused. (Are you guys not afraid that an accident might happen?)

“Sickly invalid, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!!”

Qin Yaoguang turned her head back and urged.

Everyone chatted leisurely and they were like taking a walk in their back garden. They then safely and healthily passed through the passageway guarded by the two statues.

Many people were looking at these students. After that, this scene caused all of them to feel extremely agitated.

“Isn’t this too fake? Is it not good enough that he passed? Did he really have to bring a group of people with him as well?”

“If the insights gained aren’t comprehended by themselves, the insights would ultimately not belong to them.”

“Enough, stop feeling sour. Didn’t you hear what that teacher said? For this stage, whether the insights are gained by yourself or not, it holds no significance.”

The audience mumbled to themselves. Some people still found excuses to comfort themselves.

But there were no exceptions. All of them admitted that Sun Mo was talented, and they started to be more familiar with his character.

“Oh no, what should I do now?”

Lu Lin, who had passed the first stage because of Sun Mo’s guidance, was now completely stunned. He originally wanted to listen to Sun Mo’s words sneakily so he could benefit. In the end, he didn’t manage to do so.

Lu Lin turned his head and glanced at the murals. After that, he frowned so severely that he resembled a bitter melon.

(I’m finished.)

(How can trash like me comprehend these murals?)

(Wait a minute.)

(Should I go consult that teacher?)


The group of people from the Central Province Academy passed through the mist and entered the next part of the canyon. This wasn’t a ripple caused by tossing a small stone in the pond. It was simply like a meteor blasting through the atmosphere, smashing heavily onto the ground.

Even the dinosaurs were shocked.

“What’s the situation?”

Those cultivators who were fighting against the streams of sword qi were completely stunned.

Some of them were here for as long as a year and had never seen a group of people entering this part of the canyon before.

Could it be that the murals of the second part had disappeared?

Other than this possibility, what else could explain why there would be so many people coming in together? It was impossible that their comprehension abilities were all the same, right?

“The teachers and students from the Central Province Academy?”

Bai Hao frowned.

The countenance of this second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings immediately grew unsightly. This was because not even 10% of the students from his school had managed to enter here.

Didn’t that mean that they were inferior to Central Province Academy?

One must know that their students were the top 100 elites chosen out of 3,000 people from the last year and this year’s batch.

“Something is wrong. Something must have happened!”

Bai Hao’s gaze subconsciously landed on Sun Mo because these students would gaze at him occasionally with worship in their eyes.

When Zhou Yu saw these people, he hurriedly walked over and asked with astonishment, “How did you guys all come over? Am I dreaming?”

Honestly speaking, the last bit of pride in Zhou Yu’s heart was crushed. (Back then, I spent more than half a month to enter the third part of the canyon, yet you guys did the same thing within a single day?)

(Could it be that I really couldn’t make it?)

“It’s Teacher Sun who told us his insights and understanding.”

Qin Yaoguang exposed. After that, she glanced at the surroundings. “Eh? Where’s Teacher Jin?”

“She went over there.”

Zhou Yu quickly greeted Sun Mo and the others, but he was clueless in his heart. (Could insights be told to others?) Back then, his teacher told him that she had no way to teach him and he had to comprehend the murals by himself.

“Alright, stop wasting time talking idly. Quickly go and comprehend the sword will!”

Sun Mo instructed.

During this duration when they were chatting, many students got struck by the sword qi. This was especially so for Li Ziqi, she couldn’t even dodge a single one of them.

(I feel that I’m dying!)

The little sunny egg had a pale look on her face.

“Although the sword qi won’t injure your body, it can heavily damage your mind. At most, you can endure 50 streams of sword qi and you have to immediately head out to recuperate.”

Mei Ziyu reminded everyone since she had experienced it before.


Li Ziqi had a depressed look on her face.

“Don’t panic. You have grasped the correct line of thought and should just continue pondering in that direction.”

Sun Mo consoled.

Zhou Yu’s ears pricked and he couldn’t help but ask, “What line of thought?”

“It’s useless even if I tell you.”

Sun Mo knew that Zhou Yu was learning alchemy. He had completely no knowledge of spirit runes.


Zhou Yu also wasn’t disappointed as he was not Sun Mo’s student. It was very normal that Sun Mo didn’t want to tell him.

However, he could go and ask Teacher Jin to ask for him!

(I don’t believe that there would be a guy capable of withstanding Teacher Jin’s charm.)

After Sun Mo got everyone to disperse, he started to walk around and view the murals. After that, he saw Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beifang. The two youths were extremely focused. One was in a remote corner, while the other was alternating between fighting intensely against the sword qi at times and sitting cross-legged, allowing the sword qi to enter his body, wanting to comprehend the sword will through injury.


Sun Mo was truly too satisfied with regard to these two personal students.

These two youths, who were extremely capable of fighting, were like fish in water, completely in their element.

As for Ying Baiwu, her performance was a hair inferior.

Upon thinking of this, Sun Mo glanced over and discovered that the iron-headed girl had a pale countenance and she kept coughing unceasingly.

“Such a serious spirit fantasy reaction?”

Sun Mo frowned and activated Divine Sight to observe Ying Baiwu’s data.

The various attributes were very high, but for the segment of potential value, it was ‘extremely low’.

“Something is wrong. I remember that when I looked at her for the first time, her potential value was only ‘low’.”

Sun Mo couldn’t understand this. “System, can potential value be changed?”

“Unable to comment, please do your own research.”

The system’s reply was as emotionless as always.

Sun Mo sank into silence. Right now, for people he had seen before, if their potential value was low, it was absolutely impossible for their other stats to be high.

The only exception was the iron-headed girl.

“Is there a huge secret on Baiwu’s body?”

Sun Mo pondered, but he couldn’t do so anymore because a stream of sword qi just penetrated his back, causing his head to be filled with pain.

“No, I must comprehend this quicker.”

Sun Mo wasn’t a masochist, hence, after he cast Gushing Thoughts and Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself to adjust his mental state, he started to comprehend the murals.

Mn, as expected, the murals changed, but the styles still were of a common origin.

“Teacher, these sword scars also seem to be spirit runes?”

Li Ziqi came over and asked in a low voice filled with uncertainty.

Because this discovery was too shocking. After all, these sword arts looked extremely messy and had no sense of beauty. They had no sense of connection to spirit runes at all.

“Ziqi, don’t let your thoughts be bound by convention and habits!”

Sun Mo smiled and reminded his eldest disciple. “Who told you that spirit runes can’t look like that?”


Li Ziqi was dumbfounded as she subconsciously glanced at the stone wall.

This sentence of Sun Mo was like a nuclear warhead exploding in her brain. Due to being overly intelligent, the little sunny egg could experience how deep the meaning of this sentence was.

“How many languages are there in the Nine Provinces?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“There are 12 types of mainstream languages. But in the north, there are many barbarian tribes and it’s said that each tribe converses in a different language.”

Li Ziqi displayed her eruditeness.

“Yes. Just like Helian Beifang. If you never learned his tribe’s language, you will feel that the words he speaks are all nonsense and you won’t be able to make sense of anything. But if you learn it, you will be able to communicate with him.”

Sun Mo spoke generally so it was easier to understand.

“Spirit runes are the same as well. The construction model of a spirit rune can be understood as a type of language. The one we are currently learning is merely one of the mainstream ones. But you cannot say that these sword scars are not considered spirit runes.”

Yes, after viewing the murals in the first three parts of the canyon, Sun Mo could already confirm that the Battle God was using his sword will to draw spirit runes in the form of sword scars.

Had Sun Mo comprehended the sword will from these?


He broke the code instead.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》