Absolute Great Teacher
740 Geniuses Are Always So Illogical!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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740 Geniuses Are Always So Illogical!


During times of war, why would the correspondence between both parties be kept a secret?

Because they were worried that a third party might read it. Hence, they used all sorts of methods to encrypt it. But even so, some people would still be able to decrypt it.

These people were undoubtedly outstanding in terms of intelligence.

Also, they were very rare. Each of them was a genius.

However, other than decryption, there was another method and that was to send out spies, to bribe the person in charge of encryption, or to steal the method of encryption.

If one could obtain the encryption method, even an ordinary person would be able to decipher the content of the secret correspondence.

“The original intent of that ancient Battle God should be to test the intellect of the junior generations. He wanted to choose an extraordinary genius to inherit his Battlegod Catalog. But teacher you...”

Li Ziqi didn’t know what to say.

It was like a test. Others were doing the questions, but Sun Mo even understood how the teacher was coming up with the questions.

Naturally, although Sun Mo omitted the comprehending part, it was still very hard for him to achieve this to such an extent.

Firstly, you had to be a grandmaster in the study of spirit runes. After that, your intellect and horizons couldn’t be weak. Only then would you be able to discover that the murals were a new type of method for drawing spirit runes.

The Battlegod Canyon had existed for tens of thousands of years. There would surely be many spirit runes grandmasters who had come here before. However, they hadn’t discovered this point. From this fact alone, one could see how much of a genius Sun Mo was.

“I only understood a part. I believe that the latter part of the murals would be even more difficult.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“I believe Teacher will be able to do it.”

Li Ziqi believed this firmly without a doubt.

One could say that from now on, the Battlegod Canyon would completely become a different test for Sun Mo. Rather than comprehending the battlegod’s will, he had to decipher the ‘writing method’ of the spirit runes.

Simply speaking, Sun Mo had to summarize the murals he had encountered in the first three parts of the canyon and come out with some common techniques, using them as tools to decipher the spirit runes.

For example, Sun Mo was trying to determine some common symbols and their meaning through the sentences written by a tribal person. After that, he had to use the symbol combinations to interpret more sentences.

Others were cluelessly comprehending the murals, but for Sun Mo, it became a mathematical question. There was the discovery, proof-through hypothesis, and finally verification.


Sun Mo rubbed the little sunny egg on her head. “If you are uncomfortable, just rest earlier. A place like this has no meaning for you.”


If it was in the past, Li Ziqi would choose to persevere because she didn’t want to feel inferior to the other personal students of Sun Mo. But after she understood the meaning of the murals, there was no longer a need for that.

Her research direction became the same as Sun Mo’s.

“Teacher, say...if we decipher these murals, wouldn’t we obtain part of the Battlegod Catalog?”

She still felt a little agitated when she thought about this.

“It should be the case.”

Sun Mo didn’t really mind this. After all, with Immemorial Vairocana, he could simply find a target to steal whatever top-graded cultivation arts he wanted to learn.

The prerequisite was that he didn’t die from being beaten up.


Li Ziqi grinned. She involuntarily hugged Sun Mo’s arm.

(It’s so interesting to follow Teacher around! Even the world I see is different!)

Li Ziqi turned her head and looked at those genius students fighting against the streams of sword qi. She suddenly felt a sense of looking down upon them. She wasn’t despising them exactly as it was true that she was standing at a higher angle.

Even for the most talented genius, their thoughts would be about comprehending the murals before them, wanting to go into the depths of the canyon as much as possible. But as for Li Ziqi now, she already found the way to obtain the Battlegod Catalog.

“Even if that ancient battle god reincarnated, he wouldn’t imagine a scene like this, right?”

Li Ziqi sighed ruefully. Her gaze was filled with worship as she looked at Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence ( 68,850/100,000).

“Ziqi, don’t look down on the ancients. Maybe even after we comprehended all the murals, we still wouldn’t be able to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Maybe the correct method is to decipher these murals.”


Li Ziqi was stunned because if the possibility mentioned by her teacher were true, it would indicate that countless cultivators through the years had been hoodwinked.

(Wait a minute!)

(That might really be the case!)

It had been so many years and there were definitely world-shaking absolute geniuses who had come here before. Yet, all of them failed to comprehend the Battle God Catalog. Didn’t this prove that Sun Mo’s words were correct?

“If this secret was exposed, it would surely cause a huge uproar in the Nine Provinces.”

Li Ziqi felt shocked in her heart. Because of Sun Mo’s words, various thoughts flooded her mind.

At this moment, she started brainstorming.

Sun Mo suddenly felt joy when he saw Li Ziqi in contemplation. His words had sparked an inspiration for her. To occupations like authors and scientists, this state of epiphany was something they could hope for but not actively seek after.

Sun Mo directly waved his hands and cast Gushing Thoughts on Li Ziqi.

After that, his white hand also shone with a white glow as his mind recalled all his memories after he entered the canyon.

Other than this, there were concepts of divergent thinking.

It was all knowledge that Sun Mo had grasped in the modern era. There was nothing like that in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

After that, he punched out.


The fist stopped before Li Ziqi’s glabella. The white glow imparted everything directly into the little sunny egg’s mind.

Soul Imprint!


The information was like a nuclear warhead that exploded in Li Ziqi’s mind. After that, many sparks of thoughts directly gushed forth.

Li Ziqi remained immobile for a total of 15 minutes. Even when sword qi pierced her body, she was like a stone statue that didn’t feel anything.

As for Sun Mo, he waved his wooden blade and did his best to block the sword qi for her, not allowing the pain from the sword qi to disrupt her current state of mind.

When Mei Ziyu and Gu Xiuxun saw this, they hurried over.

“Let us block people from interrupting her!”

Gu Xiuxun suggested and stood at an area 30 meters away from Li Ziqi, blocking outsiders from disrupting her enlightenment.

However, those who could enter the third stage of the canyon were all proud geniuses. They felt disdain to do things that would disrupt the enlightenment of others. When they saw Li Ziqi’s situation, they actually moved further away to not disturb her.

Xuanyuan Po was extremely focused and didn’t notice the commotion here, but Helian Beifang saw it. His eldest martial sister seemed to be in a state of epiphany. By logic or emotions, he ought to go over and guard her.

Hence, he went over.

Sun Mo didn’t say anything, but he made a gesture to tell his personal students to leave and ignore what was happening here.

“It can’t be, right? Why is the eldest martial sister the first to comprehend this?”

Qin Yaoguang was astonished. She looked at Tantai Yutang beside her. “Oi, sickly invalid...could it be that Ziqi always pretends to stumble when she walks to lower the wariness of others toward her?”

“Do you think that’s possible?”

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes.

“Ziqi is very smart.”

Jiang Leng was very convinced. Also, his eldest martial sister’s dream to build the largest library in the Nine Provinces and freely open it to everyone made him feel very impressed.

“A vulgar claptrap to please the crowd. I want to see what you can comprehend exactly.”

Bai Hao casually waved his sword and caused a stream of sword qi gushing at him to dispel. After that, he looked at Li Ziqi.

Another few minutes passed and Li Ziqi’s eyes once again regained their spirit from the contemplative state. She didn’t even think about it and purely acted on instincts as she waved her hand toward Sun Mo who was standing the nearest to her.


A golden halo landed on Sun Mo, causing his mind to be refreshed and his thoughts to be clearer.


Sun Mo’s eyes brightened before he smiled. “Ziqi, congratulations.”


Li Ziqi was so agitated that she couldn’t control herself. Her hand covered her mouth as tears flowed from her eyes. (I’ve proven once again that I’m not trash.)

(Secondary Saint Zhou, have you seen it?)

(I’ve comprehended my fourth great teacher halo at the age of 14. Can you achieve this?)

“Eh? Great teacher halo?”

The surrounding people were stunned. So the girl didn’t comprehend a cultivation art?

(Wait... Isn’t this place the Battlegod Canyon? How could you comprehend a great teacher halo here? It doesn’t make sense at all.)


Bai Hao’s gaze immediately turned to Sun Mo.

(What did he do? What was that battle skill that made his fist glow with light? That can’t be a great teacher halo, right?)

Due to him originating from a famous school and being a genius, Bai Hao’s horizons were very broad. One could say that he had seen all types of great teacher halos before.

However, he had never seen anything like it!

“Si, a great teacher halo?”

Mei Ziyu was shocked too as she looked at Gu Xiuxun.

“You didn’t see it wrongly!”

Gu Xiuxin laughed. “Also, I think that this is her fourth halo? In any case, it’s definitely her third or fourth.”

“Doesn’t that mean...”

Mei Ziyu was dumbfounded. How old was this girl merely?

Gu Xiuxun shrugged. “There’s no solution to it. Geniuses are always so illogical!”

“Eldest martial sister, congratulations!”

Qin Yaoguang ran over. “What halo did you comprehend?”

“Eldest martial sister, impressive!” Tantai Yutang flashed a thumbs-up.

“Eldest martial sister, I’m filled with admiration!” Jiang Leng was thoroughly convinced.

Helian Beifang had a dumbfounded look on his face. (Forget it, I will just offer my congratulations first.)

“Eldest martial sister, you are so awesome!” Lu Zhiruo ran over and hugged Li Ziqi.

“You are finally willing to address me as ‘eldest martial sister’?”

Li Ziqi looked at the sickly invalid.

“When I surpass you next time, I will change my term of address.”

The sickly invalid wouldn’t admit defeat so easily.

“Quickly reveal it, which halo was that?”

Qin Yaoguang urged.

“Gushing Thoughts!”

As Li Ziqi spoke, she looked at Sun Mo. It was due to the words of her teacher as well as the bizarre knowledge that caused her to be filled with inspiration, sparking her thoughts.

(Teacher, I really have no way to repay you in my entire lifetime.)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence (69,850/100,000).

“Do you want to comprehend the murals since your state is excellent now, or do you want to leave first?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

“Leave first probably. I don’t want to be looked at like a monkey in the circus!”

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched. She then hugged Sun Mo’s arm in the passing. “Teacher, let us leave the canyon together?”


Sun Mo also didn’t want to stay here anymore. He wanted to head out to make some preparations. But at this moment, someone spoke out.

“The two of you, please wait!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》