Absolute Great Teacher
741 Taoshi Academy, Start of Poaching!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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741 Taoshi Academy, Start of Poaching!


The Battlegod Canyon was an extremely huge mountain. Every day, only when the sun was at its peak would there be sunlight streaming down. And the majority of the time, the mountain would cast a large shadow covering everything.

When there was wind or overcast skies, the atmosphere in the canyon would be as cool as autumn.

“You are...?”

Sun Mo turned his head.

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man that seemed imposing even without being angry. This was especially so when the shadow cast by the mountain covered his face. It caused his countenance to have a hint of maliciousness within.

The papaya girl hid herself behind Mei Ziyu. The face and demeanor of this guy would easily cause people to be terrified.

“I’m Yan Ju, a 5-star great teacher who is also the head teacher of the Taoshi Academy.”

The middle-aged man reported his identity and instantly attracted the gazes of people in the surroundings.

This was because both his titles were relatively impressive.

There was no need to mention much about the title of a 5-star great teacher. In a small country, they were considered major characters that even the emperor had to personally come out to welcome. Also, the Taoshi Academy was an ‘A’ graded school.

In the Nine Provinces, there were only 18 ‘A’ graded schools. Even if one used their knees to think, someone who was able to become the head teacher in such a high-level famous school would definitely be extremely strong.

“Nice to meet you!”

Sun Mo nodded and waited for Yan Ju to reveal the reason why he came.

Yan Ju frowned as he surveyed Sun Mo. He was musing whether Sun Mo was too arrogant and egoistical or he didn’t know the ways of the world. Usually speaking, when someone heard his status, they would have long since taken the initiative to greet him.

But Sun Mo was good. He merely said it was nice to meet him.

Also, weren’t the expressions of these students a little too calm?

(Sigh, as expected of the people from low-grade schools, their horizons are too shallow. They basically have no idea what sort of major character they are facing now.)

“Is this girl your student?”

Yan Ju felt that he was a major character and hence, he couldn’t be bothered with the attitudes of Sun Mo and these people. He looked at Li Ziqi and surveyed her attentively.


There was no need to ask. This guy must be here to poach his students. Hence, Sun Mo replied casually.

“How old are you?”

Yan Ju estimated that Li Ziqi should be about 13 or 14? After all, with her figure and appearance, he could tell that she was a budding beauty in her maidenhood.

Li Ziqi had received top-tier education on etiquette as she was part of the royal clan. Hence, she had learned how to be modest and courteous when treating others. But this Yan Ju kept putting on airs and acting loftily, simply too rude, hence, Li Ziqi lowered her head and pretended not to have heard anything.

“You didn’t hear my question?”

Yan Ju frowned even deeper. (I have to deduct marks from you if you continue acting like that.)

“My eldest martial sister is 14 years old!”

Qin Yaoguang helped to reply.


Upon hearing this number, Yan Ju’s thoughts began to become lively again. He couldn’t help but ask, “How many great teacher halos have you comprehended?”

If it was two or more, he would take her on as his personal student. If it was just one, he would forget about this as she was not worth the effort.

The Taoshi Academy was a very famous school, and they were extremely strict when it came to accepting students. Their students had to have very good aptitudes.

Li Ziqi was very intelligent and basically had guessed Yan Ju’s thoughts. Hence, she replied like this.


If she said three or four, it would surely attract exclamations of admiration and make Yan Ju continue to poach her. This would undoubtedly cause trouble for her teacher and herself.

If she said one, most probably the Taoshi Academy would also have students of this level, right?

If that was the case, wouldn’t that mean that her teacher wasn’t good at teaching her?

Hence, the little sunny egg chose to announce ‘two halos’.

From her point of view, that was the standard of the average genius. It wouldn’t cause people to covet her so there wouldn’t be unnecessary trouble stirred. It also wouldn’t make her teacher lose face.

However, he didn’t know that when Yan Ju heard this number, his eyes brightened as he stared at her fixedly.

“Two halos? When did you comprehend the self-taught halo?”

Yan Ju took two steps forward, wanting to observe Li Ziqi at a closer distance. “Also, for your second halo, how long did you take to master it after comprehending the first halo?”

The little sunny egg stepped back and inched toward Sun Mo. After that, she no longer replied.

“What’s your name?”

Yan Ju continued to ask.

This time around, Li Ziqi directly hid behind Sun Mo’s back and ignored Yan Ju, causing Yan Ju’s thick brows to wrinkle from anger.

But after that, his brows relaxed.

(It’s fine. She definitely has no idea how esteemed my identity is. After she understands it, she will know how rude her behavior is and will sincerely apologize to me in reverence.)

Hence, Yan Ju smiled and introduced himself in a teasing tone.

“5-star great teachers might be a little weaker as there are many of them in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. However, there are only 18 ‘A’ graded schools!”

“This lowly one is not talented enough and is only the head teacher of one of the ‘A’ graded schools.”

“Are you interested in joining the Taoshi Academy?”

Yan Ju was also someone who wanted face. Before the face of her personal teacher, he felt embarrassed to poach her directly. In any case, after she joined his school, she would be like meat on his plate. He could think of many ideas to get her to be his personal student.

Li Ziqi didn’t hesitate and directly rejected him. “Sorry, I’m not interested!”

“Hehe, the teachers there are all very impressive, also our basic facilities...cough...”

Yan Ju couldn’t continue because he was rejected too quickly, causing him to be too astonished to the point where he almost bit his tongue.


Yan Ju was stunned. A student of her age should already know the benefit of joining a top-rated famous school.

“Because I wish to follow my teacher and learn from him.”

Li Ziqi’s reply was concise and comprehensive.

This was the second time Yan Ju’s gaze drifted toward Sun Mo. It seemed like this fellow must be quite capable and did a pretty good job in forming a good relationship with his personal students.

Naturally, this young man was also very handsome. If he was slightly talented, there would indeed be many young girls mesmerized by him.

“This great teacher, are you keen to work in the Taoshi Academy?”

Yan Ju laughed.

This was called taking drastic measures to deal with a situation. (If I poach your teacher over, you will surely follow him as well, right?)

(And at that time, you will know how small the world you are seeing now is and as for your teacher...)

Yan Ju felt that just three months later, Sun Mo would be crushed by the immense pressure from the other genius teachers in the school, becoming psychologically impacted to the point of turning autistic.

At that time, there was no need to fire him personally. Sun Mo would understand the situation himself and leave tactfully.

“Not interested!”

Sun Mo rejected. His reply was also extremely clean.

Meow meow meow~

(What the hell?)

(Did I encounter two idiots today?)

Yan Ju was stunned. (Why are you guys not replying according to logic?)

(Oh yeah, they might not have heard me clearly.)

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Yan Ju repeated.

“Teacher said that he isn’t interested.”

Qin Yaoguang helped to speak after seeing Sun Mo completely had no interest to reply.

“This great teacher, could it be that the great name of the Taoshi Academy isn’t enough?”

Yan Ju’s tone grew somewhat unhappy.

From his point of view, Sun Mo was trying to wait for a better offer and wanted to demand better benefits.

(What a foolish dream!)

(Do you know how many great teachers are rushing to enter the Taoshi Academy during our recruitment season every year?)

“This fellow actually doesn’t offer anything when he attempts to poach people? What a lack of sincerity!”

Gu Xiuxun spoke with disdain.

“It’s because the signboard of the Taoshi Academy is resounding enough.”

Mei Ziyu understood Yan Ju’s mentality.

When a high-grade famous school wanted to poach people, it was already sufficient if they depended on their fame.

“Not enough!”

Sun Mo replied with two words. He no longer had any mood to continue acting perfunctorily.

“What did you say?”

Yan Ju’s eyes widened to their limits instantly. “Say that again?”

“You guys can continue with comprehending the murals. I will leave with Ziqi. Zhiruo, do you want to come together with us?”

Sun Mo decided to treat Yan Ju like a mad dog.

“Nope, I want to comprehend for a while more!”

The papaya girl felt like she should work harder, or her prestige as the second senior martial sister would be thrown away.

“Pay attention to your body.”

Sun Mo instructed. After that, he looked at Yan Ju. “If you didn’t hear clearly enough, let me repeat it once more. Not enough!”


A commotion rang out in the surroundings.

(Why must you be so unyielding? It’s very offensive to them given how you are acting.)


Yan Ju pointed at Sun Mo. He was so angry that his hands were trembling.

“Stop ‘you-ing’ my teacher. Our teacher is carefree and at ease being a vice headmaster of the Central Province Academy. Why should he join your Taoshi Academy as a teacher?”

Qin Yaoguang spoke in contempt. She also disliked the attitude of this fellow very much.

“Vice headmaster? At such a young age?”

“The Central Province Academy? Isn’t that An Xinhui’s school?”

“What is this fellow’s name? Sun Mo? Eh? I seemed to have heard of this name before?”

The people in the surroundings discussed.

Right now, Sun Mo was famous because he had obtained shocking results during the two great teacher examinations. However, he wasn’t famous in the other circles yet.

“You are Sun Mo?”

Although he was asking, Yan Ju already confirmed this. Without God Hands or the status as An Xinhui’s fiance, this fellow wouldn’t have such confidence to talk so impolitely.

“Don’t you feel it’s very rude to only ask my name now?”

Sun Mo ridiculed.

In truth, everyone could see that Yan Ju didn’t treat Sun Mo with respect. By not taking the initiative to ask for Sun Mo’s name, it was also a type of disrespect.


Yan Ju choked and felt extremely unbearable. After that, he was angry. Ever since he became a 3-star great teacher, those juniors had always been very respectable when they spoke to him. It had already been twenty years since then.

However, this Sun Mo was the first person who dared to use such a tone to talk to him.

“How preposterous! Sun Mo, I admit that you obtained very good examination results, but right now, you are merely a 2-star. It’s unknown how many years you would need before you can get to my rank. Hence, as a human, you should be humble and acknowledge your seniors.”

Yan Ju brought up great teacher etiquette as he lectured Sun Mo.

“When facing a senior, is this the attitude you ought to have? Why are you not apologizing yet?”


Profound Words were activated.

“This fellow is too bad!”

Mei Ziyu was extremely angry. Wasn’t this bullying just because his star rank was higher and he grasped more halos?

Profound Words would force the listener to do things according to the great teacher’s instruction. It wasn’t like Priceless Advice that was activated due to the intense emotions of the great teacher. Even if the great teacher didn’t think about anything and was a sanctimonious fellow, Profound Words would still take effect.

“Hehe, he’s going to be unlucky!”

Gu Xiuxun felt joyful. (Do you think Sun Mo’s title is fake?)

(You are clearly sending yourself to be face smacked!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》