Absolute Great Teacher
742 Godfather-level Halo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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742 Godfather-level Halo


When great teachers wanted to climb up in ranks, they needed to increase their number of halo. This was a condition that must be met because the halos were a very substantial aspect of educating others.

Speaking of which, high-grade halos like Retentive Memory, Enlightenment Provision, Meticulous Discussion, or even the more commonly seen Encyclopedic Knowledge and Complete Focus were tools that could greatly improve the student’s learning efficiency.

The higher the star rank of a great teacher, the more halos they would possess. In that case, it also meant that their value would be higher.

Just like now when Yan Ju had casually cast Profound Words and berated Sun Mo.

Did he need to consider Sun Mo’s reputation and thoughts?


From his point of view, he was just teaching an ignorant junior a lesson.

Even if Sun Mo was unhappy, Sun Mo wouldn’t be able to bite him.

There was no solution to this. Great teacher halos were simply so tyrannical.

Over at Sun Mo’s side, he also didn’t imagine Yan Ju would be so petty that he would use Profound Words to bully him. When the great teacher halo shone on him, a booming sound echoed out loud in his mind akin to a giant bell being rung.

At that instant, Sun Mo felt that what this fellow said made a lot of sense.

He was a junior and shouldn’t be so rude.

Sun Mo subconsciously wanted to apologize, but after that, a layer of golden light lit up from his body.

His instincts kicked in!

(Why should I apologize?)

(You as a senior are the impolite one. Could it be that I’m not allowed to retaliate?)


Upon seeing the golden light on Sun Mo’s body, Yan Ju was completely stunned. His many years of teaching experience told him that this was Profound Words, but his feelings and rationale told him that it was impossible.

How old was this fellow merely?

At most 23 or 24, right?

(At such an age, what did you rely on to comprehend Profound Words?)

One must know that this halo was extremely rare. If one wasn’t a 5 or 6-star great teacher, there would basically be no chance for them to comprehend it.

If great teachers wished to comprehend a halo, they had to have relevant experience.

After all, it was impossible for low-ranking teachers to speak golden sentences of profound meaning. They weren’t able to articulate great logic so loud that even the deaf could hear, causing students to willingly execute their orders.

This was why Yan Ju, who had comprehended this halo three years ago, gained the qualifications to defeat his competitor and became the head teacher.

But now, a young brat had also comprehended the same thing?

For a time, Yan Ju’s head felt as though a stampede of elephants had just trampled on it. Various thoughts arose in his mind.

(What should I do now?)

How should one defend against an enemy halo?

Usually speaking, there were two ways. One: when your star ranking was high enough and the number of things you experienced was sufficient, your will and mental state would be sufficiently powerful. Since that was the case, you wouldn’t be easily influenced by the effects of great teacher halos.

Second: You comprehended the exact same halo as your enemy. The winner would be the one whose understanding of that halo was deeper and more thorough, as it would cause their halo’s influence to be greater.

One must know that Sun Mo’s Profound Words had been improved to the half-step ancestor-level by spamming time emblems. This was why he could clear off the effects of Yan Ju’s Profound Words an instant later.

Yan Ju hadn’t even sorted out his thoughts, while Sun Mo was already pissed to the max.

(F***! If it wasn’t for the fact that this daddy also comprehended Profound Words, I would have to apologize in public today. The main point was that I’m not in the wrong at all.)

The infuriated Sun Mo didn’t even stop to think of the consequences. He directly roared.



A golden halo erupted forth and at the same time, Sun Mo’s voice resounded out in the canyon like thunder, rumbling the ears of everyone.

This was especially so for Yan Ju. His brain trembled. It was as though he had returned to when he was young and was berated by his angry father and strict teacher.

Yan Ju didn’t even think about it. He felt his knees going soft as he knelt directly on the ground.


This 5-star great teacher knelt with so much force that the surrounding earth and dust shook up.


Other than a few people making unbelievable sounds of shock, the vast majority were as though they were reading a heavenly book. They were directly stunned.

Why did the 5-star great teacher suddenly kneel?

Wasn’t his opponent a junior?

(Is there something wrong with my eyes?)


Mei Ziyu was dumbstruck. She involuntarily glanced at Sun Mo. (I know you are talented but isn’t this scene too much of an exaggeration?)

(Teacher for a Day, Father for Life? You even know such a godfather-level halo?)

(Are you still a human? Or are you the reincarnation of a saint?)

“Do you see it now? I’ve said that since that fellow dared to use a great teacher halo to find trouble with Sun Mo, he’s simply asking for it.”

Gu Xiuxun covered her mouth and laughed secretly.


Tantai Yutang chortled. This scene was interesting.

“Ai, why must that person do this!”

Jiang Leng sighed.

“My teacher is actually so terrifying?”

Helian Beifang widened his eyes and was completely stunned.

A single sentence caused a 5-star great teacher to kneel. (What the f***?)

As a barbarian from the north, Helian Beifang worshipped powerful martial strength. And a single sentence from Sun Mo actually displayed strength not inferior to martial strength.

No, it was even more graceful and more tyrannical in comparison.

Subduing enemies with words. How tyrannical was that?!

Qin Yaoguang was also dumbfounded. She involuntarily moved closer to Ying Baiwu and silently poked her elbows. “Has our teacher always been so powerful?”

“He has always been so!”

Ying Baiwu’s reply was filled with certainty.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo didn’t bother with the kneeling Yan Ju. He called out to Li Ziqi and then walked with her toward the mist.

“Do you finally know why I don’t want to go to the Taoshi Academy?”

Li Ziqi’s lips curled. “Because not a single one of the great teachers in your school can be compared to my teacher!”

After speaking, the little sunny egg jogged over to chase after Sun Mo and then obediently followed behind him.

This sentence was relatively arrogant. The Taoshi Academy was one of the 18 ‘A’ graded schools. From this, one could tell how elite the school was.

If the little sunny egg said this in normal times, she would surely be ridiculed. But now, no one rebutted it.

Even the few students from Taoshi Academy felt embarrassed to dispute this.

The main point was how should they even start a dispute?

The 5-star great teacher Yan Ju was still kneeling.

“What is this situation?”

Bai Hao scratched his head and frowned so severely that his frown could crack the large stone before him. He looked at Yan Ju and felt some doubt about the words from this fellow.

“Is he a swindler?”

If not how could a 5-star great teacher kneel so easily with no resistance?

One couldn’t blame Bai Hao for being puzzled.

This was because since he was young till now, Bai Hao was a good student. Be it in terms of his life or his study, he was considered top-rated and a role model for others. Hence, he had never experienced the might of the halo ‘Teacher for a Day, Father for Life’ before.

“What should we do? Should we help him up?”

“How to help? Do you wish to be implicated? Teacher Yan’s fury will surely surge to the skies later.”

“What to do then? We can’t let him keep kneeling like that, right? It’s too embarrassing.”

“How should I know? I’m also in despair!”

The elite students of Taoshi Academy all had dumbfounded looks on their faces at this moment.

Let alone them, even Yan Ju’s mind was in clouds and mist. He was like a drunkard that couldn’t do anything. His mind was simply filled with random thoughts.

(Who am I?)

(Where am I?)

(What am I doing?)

(I seem to be kneeling because of my father’s and my teacher’s reprimand?)

(But what wrong did I commit?)

(Forget it, I better just kneel first and wait for their anger to dissipate!)

As a ‘five-excellent’ student, since Yan Ju was young till now, he had also never experienced ‘Teacher for a Day, Father for Life’ before. It was basically impossible for him to comprehend such a rare halo like the rest-in-peace halo.

Jin Mujie came back through the mist from the fourth part of the canyon and suddenly started when she saw so many people crowding around, staring at something.

“What’s the situation?”

Those cultivators who could enter the third part of the canyon would all have pretty strong wills. They definitely wouldn’t be distracted due to minor matters. But now, everyone was gossiping like aunties on a busy market street who loved watching dramas.

After that, Jin Mujie saw Yan Ju who was kneeling on the ground.

“Ah? Which major character did this fellow offend?”

Jin Mujie wasn’t familiar with Yan Ju, but since she was in the Great Teacher World, she naturally knew the 5-star great teachers from some of the famous schools.


Sun Mo walked out of the canyon with a gloomy expression.

“Don’t mind it, there would always be some arrogant and rude people.”

Gu Xiuxun consoled.

“Say, how great must my fame reach before they can show me some respect?”

Sun Mo’s voice was low.

“This is very difficult!”

Mei Ziyu sighed. “Those who can obtain the title of 5-star great teachers are all absolute geniuses. Hence, your current achievements are not sufficient yet.”

“At the very least, you have to get 3 stars in a year and be a three-time champion, breaking the record, I guess...?”

Gu Xiuxun analyzed.

Back then, Yan Ju was also a ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings.

“Teacher, you might as well get 4 stars in a year.”

The papaya girl felt anticipation. “That would truly be an unprecedented feat.”

“Teacher Sun is so impressive!”

An Rou silently followed behind them. She looked at Sun Mo’s back twenty meters away and her gaze was filled with worship and envy.

(If I could be Teacher Sun’s personal student, how good would that be?)


(I’m truly envious of Li Ziqi and the others. They can follow Teacher Sun around and listen to his teachings often.)


Favorable impression points from An Rou +1,000. Respect (4,900/10,000).

“The path ahead is long and difficult!”

Sun Mo sighed with emotions.


“Congratulations on discovering the Battlegod Canyon’s secret and passing two stages consecutively. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”


“Congratulations on guiding Li Ziqi so she comprehended Gushing Thoughts, allowing her to improve further. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”


“Congratulations on obtaining over 50,000 favorable impression points in a day. Reward: 1x gold treasure chest!”

The system congratulated and rewarded him with three chests.

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head in the passing as he mentally spoke, “Open them.”

A few seconds later, a skill book clad in green light appeared before Sun Mo.


“Congratulations on obtaining the Mid-tier Botany Knowledge Encyclopedia. Proficiency: elementary. Do you want to learn?”

“Learn it!”

Sun Mo grew joyful. He wanted knowledge skill books like this the most. Moreover, botany was a relatively practical subject.

By learning this, it would at least save him ten years of effort.

And the next mysterious chest also didn’t cause Sun Mo to be disappointed. He directly opened an illustrated handbook about the rare species on the Darkness Continent.

It was the plant edition and had a rarity grade of ‘S’. There were fifty types of plants and the proficiency level was elementary.

One could say that after grasping this, Sun Mo didn’t have to worry that he would be poisoned to death by plants if he had no food and had to scavenge for plants in the wilderness.

“Open the last one too!”

Sun Mo’s heart was filled with hope. He was silently praying to get a great teacher halo!

[1] ‘Five-excellent’ student is a chinese description. It basically means that the student is good in the various aspects of physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral character, and diligence

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