Absolute Great Teacher
743 Person with Superb Prospects
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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743 Person with Superb Prospects



“Congratulations, you’ve obtained ten ten-year time emblems!”

It was quite good to open ten time emblems from a gold treasure chest. It’d cost around 10,000 favorable impression points.

But to the current Sun Mo, it was no longer considered a reward with the highest cost-performance ratio.

It was because, given the current rate at which he was earning favorable impression points, he’d be able to buy two to three of them every day.

“Ziqi, one can only get increasingly skilled in their great teacher halos by using them more often. You can stand at the canyon’s entrance and provide free reinforcements to the people entering.”

Sun Mo said, “Of course, it doesn’t matter even if you’re unwilling to do so. You’ll be responsible for your martial siblings in the future.”

“I heed Teacher’s teachings!”

Li Ziqi received Sun Mo’s instructions.

Retentive Memory was a peak-grade halo that was used to memorize things. No matter how deep or difficult the content was, with the reinforcement from this halo, the student would be able to memorize something regardless if they could understand it.

As for Gushing Thoughts...

Its value was in helping one to gain enlightenment. When the user looked at something, they’d feel as if they were lit up with new inspiration, coming up with new ideas and eventually forming new fruits of labor.

“Alright, the goal for today has been accomplished. It’s time for a break!”

Just as Sun Mo was feeling leisurely, everyone in the canyon suddenly felt a strong sense of urgency. They gave up on resting and planned on working through the night.

This was especially so for Bai Hao. The proud feelings and confidence he had gained from clearing two stages in one go had now been crushed by Sun Mo to nothingness.

“Sun Mo, I’m not going to sleep. I don’t believe that I won’t be able to catch up with this difference overnight.”

Being second on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings and seeing so many students watching him, he decided to give it his all.

(I will let you guys know that I’m the best!)


During dinner, He Wei warmed up a pot of wine and prepared a few dishes, planning to enjoy a bit of drinking, getting rid of the wretched feelings he had.

“Damn that Sun Mo. I gave you an opportunity to get off from the awkward position, yet you didn’t appreciate it at all. You can just wait to get humiliated!”

Thinking of how he had had to butter up to Sun Mo in the day, He Wei felt really upset.

(When have I fallen so low? However, that Sun Mo is really amazing. Not only did he comprehend the murals all by himself, but he could also use Priceless Advice to let the students comprehend them as well. That’s really amazing.)

He Wei took a sip of wine. “The murals will get progressively harder. If you can comprehend all of them in a month, I’ll call you daddy, with sincerity from the bottom of my heart.”

“Boss! Boss! There’s big news! Big news!”

His assistant came running in.

“Why are you in such a flurry? As a man, you should remain calm and composed. Otherwise, how can you achieve great things?”

He Wei reproached.


(My assistant is the only one I can bully now. Hmph, it’s really low-class! When will I be able to have my way with the great teachers from those famous schools?)

At the thought of how he might never be able to achieve this goal, not even in his dreams, He Wei’s mood immediately turned for the worse. “What’s the big news? Go on and say it!”

“Sun Mo is really amazing!”

His assistant praised.

“Are you f*cking crazy? Who can’t tell that?”

He Wei picked up his wine pot, wanting to smash it into his assistant’s face. “Do you think that I haven’t been embarrassed enough from currying up to Sun Mo that you’ve come to make me even more upset now?”

“No, Sun Mo has done something big again!”

His assistant was beaming. “He gave guidance to one of his female students at the third stage, allowing her to comprehend a great teacher halo.”

“It’s just this?”

He Wei didn’t pay it much heed. Back in the days, he had also helped students to comprehend great teacher halos. This only showed that Sun Mo’s student had quite a good aptitude.

“That girl is only 14 years old.”

The assistant added, “Moreover, it’s already her second halo.”


He Wei spurted out the wine he had just drunk. He shot up to his feet and then grabbed his assistant’s collar.

“How old did you say she is?”

“14 years old!”

The assistant felt that he was going to suffocate.

He Wei immediately looked as if he had suffered from constipation for a month, feeling so unbearably upset that even the corners of his lips were twitching. Heaven was really unfair. Sun Mo was already so amazing, but even the student he took in was also such a great genius!

It was really an amazing feat to be able to comprehend two great teacher halos at the age of 14.

“Oh right, he criticized a 5-star great teacher today.”

The assistant spoke up again.


He Wei’s mood suddenly grew for the better, just like the clearing up of the weather after the rain. (Turns out that I’m not the only one who feels aggrieved! I feel good now!)


He Wei took another sip of wine, instructing with a gentle tone. “Fill up my wine cup and tell me about this in detail.”

“That great teacher by the name of Yan Ju took a liking to that Sun Mo’s student and wanted to headhunt her. However, he was rejected, not even given a chance to speak.”

The assistant gloated. “He ended up feeling upset about it. He flew into a rage and yelled out Profound Words, asking Sun Mo to apologize.”

“What happened then?”

He Wei continued to ask.

“Sun Mo turned out completely fine. He was immune to it and then yelled out ‘Kneel’. Yan Ju then dropped to his knees.”

The assistant felt very emotional. “It’s a 5-star great teacher, but he dropped to his knees just like that. He was like a salted fish that had been dried under the sun, not even having the chance to put up a struggle.”

“What the hell?”

He Wei frowned. “Is that 5-star great teacher an idiot? He likes to kneel to people just like that?”

“No, Sun Mo released Teacher for a Day, Father for Life!”

After the assistant said that, He Wei spurted out wine onto his face.


He must have heard that wrongly. “Say that again!”

“Sun Mo smashed out a Rest-in-Peace halo and Yan Ju had no choice but to kneel. You didn’t get to see it, but when Yan Ju knelt down, there were a few small pieces of rock on the floor. I reckon that his knees are all bruised.”


He Wei was stunned.

He Wei didn’t find it strange that Sun Mo had rejected Yan Ju. He was An Xinhui’s fiancé and was going to inherit half of the Central Province Academy in the future. It’d feel very good to be bossing great teachers around as the headmaster. Unless there was something wrong with the person’s head, no one would choose to go to the Taoshi Academy to suffer as a teacher.

However, it was true that there was something wrong with Sun Mo’s head as well. Otherwise, how could he have made a 5-star great teacher kneel down in public?

“A great feud has been made.”

He Wei felt upset. He was worried and anxious at the thought of offending a 5-star great teacher. There was no helping it. It was too troublesome.

“That’s right. If I was Yan Ju, I’d kill Sun Mo.”

The assistant sighed. “But youngsters wouldn’t be youngsters if they aren’t filled with youth and vigor. How nice!”

“He’ll have a lot of trouble in the future.”

He Wei sat down and picked up a mouthful of food.

He had planned on paying Sun Mo a visit, but due to the matter with Yan Ju, he decided to postpone it. Otherwise, he’d get into trouble with Yan Ju too.

“But Sun Mo has the capability to do this. I heard that he has two students who relied on their own capabilities to enter the third part of the canyon.”

At the mention of this, the assistant’s heart was filled with envy.

As a great teacher, who wouldn’t want their personal disciples to achieve great success?

“Why are you still here?”

He Wei shot up to his feet again, urging his assistant. “Go to the backyard and dig out the jar of 20-year-old nu’er hong [1].”

This couldn’t do. He must pay a visit to a person with such great prospects at the very first instance, forging a relationship with them and strengthening their friendship.


Fu Yanqing took a look around the canyon and then came out, staying in his tent and studying alchemy.

He had comprehended those murals in his earlier days, spending a total of seven to eight years on and off. In the end, he had entered the sixth part of the canyon.

To speak the truth, it brought him a tremendous improvement, allowing him to become a midstream pillar even in the Westshore Military School.

This was why Westshore Military School’s headmaster would choose Fu Yanqing as the leader for the group. It was because he had gained the most enlightenment from the murals.

When one was at his realm, time was too important. He couldn’t afford to enter the canyon and waste his days trying to comprehend the murals anymore.

Moreover, to speak the truth, it’d take an extremely high level of comprehension for one to understand the remaining murals. Otherwise, it’d be useless even if one were to stay inside for a century.

Fu Yanqing was quite a dutiful teacher. At night, he would patrol the campsite and ask the students about their progress.

He then felt upset.

“What are you guys doing?”

To think that these students were chatting idly amongst themselves. (What is it to you that Sun Mo is amazing?) This was atrocious. “Do you guys know that in the time you take to chat, your opponents have meditated a few more minutes than you have? If you add up this amount of time every day, it’d be an extremely great advantage for them.”

The students turned silent as cicadas in winter, getting up quickly and bowing to apologize in unison.

“Teacher, we were wrong.”


Fu Yanqing’s gaze was cold as he looked at them. “Right now, report on your progress. Miao Ze, you go first!”

“Second part!”

Miao Ze spoke respectfully.

Fu Yanqing asked them in turns.

“Third part of the canyon.”

When it was Duan Hu’s turn, his expression was calm as he feigned nonchalance. However, his gaze was filled with satisfaction.

This result was very amazing. He won against Miao Ze, who was recognized as the top person amongst them.


Everyone’s gazes immediately turned over.

“Good job.”

Fu Yanqing, whose face was tensed up, broke into a smile. He took out an alchemical pill and said, “Take it. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you, Teacher Fu for your bestowal!”

Duan Hu was elated and immediately dropped to his knees to express his gratitude.

The others looked envious as well. The alchemical pills given by a 6-star great teacher would definitely be excellent items.

Fu Yanqing continued to ask the others, but his countenance quickly turned dark. It was because the rest of the students hadn’t even managed to comprehend the first part of the murals.

“You guys aren’t allowed to sleep. Scram to the canyon to comprehend the murals.”

Fu Yanqing scolded.

The order in which he asked was based on the progress the students had reported the previous night. These fools hadn’t managed to succeed after two consecutive days and deserved to be punished.


The remaining ten or more unlucky guys lowered their heads helplessly and left the tent. However, at this moment, someone spoke up.


A guy who looked slightly thin and weak raised his right hand. “I’ve comprehended the first part of murals from the canyons.”


Everyone’s gazes turned over.

To think that it was Lu Lin?

This guy was really lucky.

The students who could be a part of this group had all been picked from their respective grades through a selection process. Why was it that Lu Lin’s name was remembered? It was because he was ranked last.

Of course, some people also said that he had relied on connections. Otherwise, he would have been eliminated.


Fu Yanqing threw a glance at Lu Lin. “You don’t have to go!”

Lu Lin was elated.

Fu Yanqing left and everyone was dismissed. Lu Lin was the only one who remained standing there, looking at the back views of the ten or more students who were heading toward the canyon. He felt a tremendous pressure.

His aptitude and comprehension abilities were the worst. The reason he could pass the selection this time around was because he had been lucky to hear Teacher Sun’s guidance, which had allowed him to succeed.

Then what should he do for the second part of the murals?

[1] A type of wine that originates from Shaoxing, the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. It is made of glutinous rice and wheat. This wine evolved from the Shaoxing tradition of burying nu’er hong underground when a daughter was born, and digging it up for the wedding banquet when the daughter was to be married. The containers would be decorated with bright colors as a wedding gift.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》