Absolute Great Teacher
744 Bai Hao, You“re Really Useless!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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744 Bai Hao, You“re Really Useless!

Chapter 744: Bai Hao, You’re Really Useless!

Lu Lin knew that these students just didn’t know the right approach to comprehending the murals. After they made sense of things, then his comprehension speed would probably be last again in a few days.

If this were to continue, he’d be asked to leave.

After all, he had relied on his aunt to be able to get into the Westshore Military School.

(This mustn’t happen. I must think of a solution. I mustn’t embarrass my aunt.)

Lu Lin suddenly thought of Sun Mo’s personal disciples. If they hadn’t relied on Sun Mo, some of them would have been unable to get into the third part of the canyon.

“But why would Teacher Sun help me, a student from Westshore?”

Lu Lin’s head started aching.

The next morning, Lu Lin got up from bed and entered the canyon. Then, as expected, he remained baffled for the entire morning, not making any progress.

There was no helping it. Lu Lin wasn’t even in the mood for food and just roamed around in the town, searching for Sun Mo. He was very lucky and found Sun Mo in that teashop.


“We should be considered friends, right? I’ve written quite a few articles to spread your fame, but why are you always so cold toward me?”

Li Ruolan looked at Sun Mo with an aggrieved expression. “You aren’t even willing to spare me some time for an interview?”


Sun Mo was speechless. (Can you not wear this expression? It’d make me feel as if I’m a horrible guy who ditched you.)

But Li Ruolan was really good at dressing herself up. Her lips were painted with dark red rouge and when paired with her fair skin, she looked like a beautiful peony. She was very charming.

It was a pity that the Nine Provinces’ cosmetics and skills were not up to par. Otherwise, if Li Ruolan was placed in modern days, her looks would definitely be top-notch.

If she were to do a live stream, her popularity would definitely be so high that it’d cause the server to break down.

“Have you really comprehended Teacher for a Day, Father for Life?”

Li Ruolan was very curious. This was the Rest-in-Peace halo, something that only great teachers who were so ancient would be able to comprehend.

To date, Li Ruolan hadn’t seen it before.


Sun Mo nodded.

“Was there something that sparked this?”

Li Ruolan continued to ask, “By right, given your age and your years on the job, they shouldn’t be enough to support your comprehension of this halo.”

“I also want to know!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Tsk, petty!”

Li Ruolan pouted, intentionally acting adorable as her perk nose wrinkled. She then realized that Sun Mo didn’t seem to be someone who would fall for it.

(I don’t believe there’d be any man who doesn’t like wildflowers from outside. The next time I interview you, I’ll change into a thin dress, one that exposes a lot of skin.)

“Do you have any psychological pressure after having gone up against a 5-star great teacher?”

Li Ruolan continued the interview.

“Why would I have any pressure?”

Since Sun Mo had done the deed, he wasn’t afraid.

“Then you must feel very good.”

Li Ruolan wrote this down.

“Hey, don’t just write however you want to!”

Sun Mo felt helpless. If this was reported, Yan Ju would probably find trouble for Sun Mo for his entire lifetime.

“So does it feel good or not?”

Li Ruolan looked into Sun Mo’s eyes. “Speak the truth.”

Sun Mo fell silent and then replied.

“It does!”

Then, after a momentary silence, both of them were unable to hold it in and broke out laughing.

“You’re really bad!”

Li Ruolan rolled her eyes. “But I like honest men.”

“Thank you for your praise. I’m just honest to a normal degree.”

The atmosphere of their conversation instantly relaxed.

“What are you going to do if Yan Ju looks for trouble?”

Li Ruolan felt concerned. “A 5-star great teacher isn’t just an undeserved reputation.”

“Then I’ll just make him kneel a second time.”

Sun Mo didn’t mind.

Having learned 12 great teacher halos and grasped several kinds of peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation techniques as well as three grandmaster-level subjects, Sun Mo would leave the great teachers world if he still couldn’t win against Yan Ju.

“I have a small request.”

Li Ruolan lowered her voice.

“Go on!”

Beautiful ladies should be given some special treatment.

“Can you let me experience Teacher for a Day, Father for Life?”

Li Ruolan pursed her red lips.

“Are you sure?”

Sun Mo frowned, thinking. (You aren’t a masochist, right?)

“I am!” Li Ruolan nodded. “You don’t have to show me pity. Just give me all you’ve got!”


Her words sounded as if they had a lewd suggestion to it.

Li Ruolan got up, stepped away from the table, and stood on an empty spot. “Come on. Treat me like how you treated Yan Ju yesterday!”

“Cough cough!”

Seeing that Li Ruolan wasn’t kidding, Sun Mo spoke up.



Golden halo erupted.

Li Ruolan’s body couldn’t help but tremble. It was as if she had returned to her childhood days in an instant and was being reproached by her strict father.

The feeling was as if her father had raised his big hand and was about to slap it down.

Li Ruolan’s knees instinctively dropped.

“Oh my, that’s amazing!”

The owner of the teahouse was surprised and almost dropped the teapot in his hand.


This effect was really outstanding!

Even Sun Mo himself was surprised. After all, thinking about it, he didn’t use this halo that much actually.

“Stand up!”

Sun Mo put out his hand to help Li Ruolan up.

Li Ruolan was still a little stunned. After getting up, she stumbled a little and pounced into Sun Mo’s arms.

Sun Mo didn’t dare to take advantage of her in the slightest and quickly pushed her shoulder, drawing his distance.

This was the Nine Provinces. It didn’t matter how one played in the brothels, but if a man dared to embrace ladies in the open like this, their reputations would suffer.

Moreover, Sun Mo was a teacher and he viewed his image in high regard.

Li Ruolan’s figure was really good.

As it was dangerous in the Darkness Continent, this female reporter was wearing tight-fitting leather armor, bringing out her perfect figure.

“I’m feeling a little regretful that I didn’t follow you yesterday. The expression that Yan Ju wore after kneeling down must be amazing. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to film it!”

Li Ruolan’s expression looked aggrieved. (It’s such a great piece of news, yet I let it slip past me.)

She had thought that the news of Bai Hao being able to pass three stages within a single day was considered a good one, and that she could write a popular article with it. However, the results were greatly disappointing.

(Bai Hao, you’re really useless!)

“Sun Mo, do you know of any other rare halos? Can you use them all and let me see them?”

Li Ruolan suggested.


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +1,000. Respect (3,770/10,000).


Sun Mo rejected. (If I were to use Soul Imprint and send all the p*rn videos I watched into your mind, your perspectives of the world will be completely turned around.)

(Wait a minute, I’m a teacher. How can I think of these things?)

(Sigh, I’ve been holding it in for too long that my brain is going to get damaged. How I miss that folder that collates all of the works of humanity’s psychological culture!)

“That’s enough. I’m entering the canyon.”

Sun Mo placed a piece of shattered silver on the table.

“I’ll go with you!”

Li Ruolan had decided to follow Sun Mo for today.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no need for the money. After all, it’s worth it to be able to see Teacher for a Day, Father for Life.”

The owner of the teahouse caught up with Sun Mo, wanting to return the money to him.


Not far away, Lu Lin was caught in a struggle. Should he approach Sun Mo?

But there was an outsider around. What if the word of him seeking the guidance of a great teacher from another school were to spread? The teachers and students from his school would be very displeased.

However, if he didn’t do it, who knew when would be the next time he’d encounter Sun Mo?

At the thought of how he could come out in the last place, Lu Lin gritted his teeth and went after Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun!”

Lu Lin called out, then with a plop, dropped down to his knees in front of Sun Mo. “This student is Lu Lin, pleading for Teacher Sun’s guidance on the true meaning behind the second part of the murals on the canyon!”

At the sight of this scene, Li Ruolan appeared a little surprised. “Why don’t you go and ask Great Teacher Fu?”


Lu Lin felt awkward. “I’m too stupid and don’t dare to ask him.”

Moreover, even if he were to ask, Fu Yanqing might not tell him. After all, Fu Yanqing’s teaching style was primarily for the students to comprehend things themselves. He’d only give guidance on crucial parts.

“Can’t you ask Great Teacher Bai?”

Sun Mo wasn’t a hothead anymore. It was a bit of a taboo to be recklessly teaching a student from another school. However, he still activated his Divine Sight.

Lu Lin, 17 years old. Blood-ignition realm.

Strength 23. Although he looks weak, he has good strength.

Intellect 22. Stubborn-headed. He has difficulty understanding things.

Agility 26. You can have some expectations.

Will 21. Horrible.

Endurance 26. I can take hardship.


Average potential value.

Note: He joined the elite group as an ordinary person, withstanding a great amount of pressure. It might be the right choice to withdraw.

Seeing that Sun Mo wasn’t saying anything, Lu Lin, being bad with words and not knowing how he should beg someone, started kowtowing.

Sun Mo continued to not say anything. When Lu Lin was on his 30th kowtow to the extent that blood could be seen on his forehead, Sun Mo let out a sigh. “Do you know of your aptitude?”

“It should be... very mediocre?”

Lu Lin’s voice sounded a little bitter.

“You should have a lot of pressure being in this group, right? Have you thought of withdrawing before?”

Sun Mo continued to ask.

“I did!”

As they were strangers and there was no need for him to feel worried about his secret being leaked, Lu Lin didn’t have any psychological pressure to say this. “But I don’t want to disappoint my aunt.”

“This means that without your aunt in the question, you’ll withdraw?”

Sun Mo frowned.

Lu Lin fell silent and then shook his head. “No, I’m unwilling to accept this. My aptitude may be mediocre, but if I don’t put in hard work, I’ll have even lesser chances.

“I know that it’s very shameless for me to join the group through connections. but if I were to leave just like this, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of this humiliation.

“The second part of the canyon tests one’s understanding of their own combat power. The third part is simpler. You just have to withstand 10,000 streams of sword qis and then comprehend the sword wills.”

Sun Mo continued to walk forward. “I hope that you remember what you said earlier. Try your best to wash away this humiliation.”

“It’s so simple?”

After listening to Sun Mo’s guidance, Lu Lin felt a little stunned. This seemed a little different from what he had imagined. This was especially so for the third part of the canyon. Did he just have to get a beating?

However, now wasn’t the time for him to make blind conjectures. He quickly kowtowed to express his thanks.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for being selfless with your guidance!”

After walking a distance away, Li Ruolan couldn’t help but ask, “How is that student’s aptitude?”


Sun Mo thought of Qi Shengjia. At the very least, this student was better than the honest guy.

Li Ruolan squinted her eyes slightly and couldn’t help but assess Sun Mo. If she hadn’t recalled wrongly, Sun Mo hadn’t touched the student. This meant that he had still managed to assess the student’s aptitude even without using God Hands.

Could it be that Sun Mo’s eyes were extremely amazing as well?

She must probe on this!

She might end up finding information that no one else knew about.

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