Absolute Great Teacher
745 Great Reporter“s Exclamation
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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745 Great Reporter“s Exclamation

Chapter 745: Great Reporter’s Exclamation

Li Ruolan had been following the Westshore Military School’s group for some time to interview Bai Hao. Therefore, she knew a little about Lu Lin, who wasn’t only just ranked last, but also rumored to have gotten into the group through connections.

Someone like this would be excluded by the others.

“Then can you help him to get stronger?”

Li Ruolan asked an acute question. Whether one was a great teacher or not would depend on how great their help was to students.

“Given the degree of his hard work, it hasn’t reached the stage where it’d boil down to his aptitude. At the current stage, I’ll still be able to help him. However, after he has reached a limit, it’d be more difficult. It’ll depend on his opportunities.”

(You’re also someone who looks only at one’s aptitude!)

Li Ruolan sighed in her heart. Turned out that Sun Mo was no different from the others. (I’m going to deduct two points, no wait, one point from you. After all, you’re too handsome and I can’t bear to deduct two.)

However, Li Ruolan’s tone turned harsher.

“Many great teachers these days only pick students who have good aptitudes. Don’t you guys think that by doing this, you’re being unfair to the students with mediocre aptitude?”

Li Ruolan took out a small booklet, wanting to take records, assuming the attitude of getting an interview.

“Let me ask you a question first. What is success?”

Sun Mo didn’t become anxious. After all, teachers from any era would have discussed such topics in private.

“To make great achievements, stand at the top of the world, being looked up by everyone.”

Li Ruolan spoke up easily, “To put it in a more materialistic way, it is to become the person standing at the very top.”

“Across the hundred millions of years, how many people had been able to leave behind great achievements, becoming a legend to tens of thousands of people?” asked Sun Mo.

“The space at the very top of the world... Even if it is packed with people, how many people will be able to stand there?

“People standing at the very top? Is it a prime minister who only has one person standing above him? Or an extremely wealthy person in a city? For the latter, there are several hundred of them. However, they’d be considered great successes if they were in cities with only several million people.”

Sun Mo said consecutively and Li Ruolan fell silent.

“The success that you’re referring to is too distant to the broad masses.”

Sun Mo sighed.

“Then what do you think success is?” Li Ruolan asked.

“To surpass oneself, from something as big as making a career for oneself, giving their family and themselves a better life, to something as small as overcoming their laziness, becoming hardworking from now on.”

Sun Mo looked straight into Li Ruolan’s eyes. “Training for half a year, getting one’s body stronger and healthier, or even gaining success in slimming down would be considered surpassing oneself.”

“You mean...”

Li Ruolan was a smart girl and could roughly understand what Sun Mo was saying.

“I feel that to students with mediocre aptitude, we as teachers need to correct their bad habits and help them to develop healthy habits, bringing out their potential and letting them move a notch higher. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to achieve great things.”

Sun Mo shared his thoughts while looking at the cultivators who passed by him.

“You’re making things difficult for ordinary people when you ask them to achieve great successes. You might even cause them to lose their lives. These are things that are done by great talents.”

“Great teachers are humans as well. They don’t have unlimited time and energy. Therefore, what they should do is to pick out students with the best talent and do their best to teach them.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!”

This was Sun Mo’s principle. Although he admired Qi Shengjia, to speak the truth, if he had the chance to introduce someone to become a saint’s student, he’d definitely not choose the honest guy. He might not even choose Li Ziqi, whom he admired the most. It was because it’d turn out to be a lose-lose situation.

“Toward the weaker students, not being able to keep up with the great teachers’ teachings is also an extremely great torment.”

Sun Mo had seen too many of such students. Their parents felt that they had power and influence, thus would always think of ways to bribe people to get their kids into top classes. However, many children who were unable to keep up with the progress ended up ranked at the bottom, causing them to lose their confidence completely. Many of them ended up getting depression.

Sometimes, giving up being the tail of a phoenix and becoming the head of a chicken wasn’t a bad choice either.

“Do you know that if what you say were to spread out, it might affect your reputation in the great teachers world?”

Even a saint would think the same. However, in public, they’d insist on indistinct education, and that any student could become successful.

Li Ruolan looked toward Sun Mo and noticed that his eyes were like the stars in the night sky, shiny and spirited, with no hints of impurities.

Most importantly, there was nothing he felt ashamed of.

“Ruolan, sometimes, admitting that oneself can’t do it and recognizing your limit is also a type of growth.”

Sun Mo sighed.

These were Sun Mo’s heartfelt thoughts. Therefore, golden light rose from his body and then shot out as light spots.

Priceless Advice had erupted.


Li Ruolan was speechless. (There are only the two of us here. Do you have to throw out great teacher halos? Alright, I’ll admit that what you said made some sense. I’ll add back the point that I deducted. No, I’ll add two points!)

Li Ruolan looked at Sun Mo’s face. The sunlight from the end of summer was still warm, casting down on him and making him sparkle, beaming with liveliness.

He was really handsome.

Li Ruolan couldn’t hold back. She took out the image-recording stone and aimed it at Sun Mo.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Mo subconsciously raised his hand to block. (Am I considered to have my photo secretly taken by a female paparazzi?)

“I’m a reporter! I’m taking a photo for my article!”

Li Ruolan explained nonchalantly, then secretly praised herself for her quick-witted thinking.

(This is such a meaningful scene. I must record it and watch it a few more times.)

“Oh right, is what you told him about the murals true?”

Li Ruolan felt curious.

“Do you think I am a scammer?”

Sun Mo was speechless.

“This means that if I were to do as you ‘guided’, I can also enter the fourth part of the Battlegod Canyon?”

Li Ruolan felt that she had a greater aptitude than that student from Westshore. Therefore, she suddenly felt a little agitated.

As the battlegod murals were too obscure and hard to understand, from the fourth part onward, the number of cultivators who could enter reduced tremendously.

Even ordinary people were filled with a strong desire to find out about the Battlegod Canyon, let alone the reporters who were always trying to seek after popular topics.

It was a place that many people were unable to reach in their entire life.


Sun Mo nodded with certainty.

“Then based on your estimation, how long will Bai Hao take before he can enter the fourth part of the canyon?”

Li Ruolan assessed Sun Mo.

“At least two days.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Bai Hao is a genius. There is no doubt about it.”

“But not as much as you are.”

Li Ruolan pouted then tried probing. “Did you discover some kind of pattern to this?”

Li Ruolan didn’t believe that Sun Mo would be able to get such a clear recognition of those murals just with his comprehension abilities.

Sun Mo’s lips curled up into a smile. After Li Ruolan perked her ears, he said.

“It’s a secret!”

“You’re so bad!”

Li Ruolan raised her hand and hammered Sun Mo’s arm.

She didn’t use much strength, but instead, had a flirting hint to it.

“What would it take for you to say it?”

Li Ruolan was determined to get an answer.

“What do you think?”

There was no way Sun Mo would say it. (After all, we aren’t close.)

Seeing how Sun Mo was looking at her like an outsider, Li Ruolan felt angry. She subconsciously tiptoed, got closer, then planted a kiss on Sun Mo’s face.


Sun Mo was stunned.

“Is this present good enough?”

Li Ruolan stayed silent for a while then added, “You’re the first guy that I took the initiative to kiss.”

The female reporter was very open about this, and she looked at Sun Mo as she smiled sweetly.

(Take my ultimate attack, a beauty’s gaze. Can you still bear to refuse me?)

(But I’m not taking a loss! Given Sun Mo’s looks, it’s worth it!)

(Hold on, he won’t think I’m a frivolous woman, right?)

Suddenly, Li Ruolan felt a little regretful.

(Sigh, This goddamn impulse makes it hard to control myself!)

“Disgusting couple!”

A cultivator who hadn’t had success in the canyon felt extremely infuriated at the sight of this scene. (If you want to be all lovey-dovey, go back home to do it. Do you guys know how much damage such behavior inflicts on single dogs?)

When this cultivator saw Li Ruolan’s curvy figure and her beautiful face, he suddenly had the urge to kill Sun Mo.

All sorts of feelings rose in Sun Mo’s heart as he looked at Li Ruolan’s eyes. If this was in the modern world, a great beauty like her wouldn’t care for someone like him.

She’d have many other people currying up to her that he wouldn’t have a chance to show his face.

But in the Nine Provinces, he was a top dog.

Suddenly, Sun Mo felt that it wasn’t bad to have come to Middle-Earth.

“Forget it, I’m just kidding. You shouldn’t share such an important secret easily.”

Li Ruolan was just teasing Sun Mo. After all, the weight of this information was too great. But at this moment, Sun Mo said it.

“Spirit runes!”


Li Ruolan was stunned and couldn’t react to it.

“Those sword marks form many spirit runes.”

This didn’t matter to Sun Mo. He didn’t believe that other people would be able to decrypt those murals. Moreover, even if they could, he wouldn’t give them the time to do so.

In at most a week, he was going to take care of all the murals and get the Battlegod Catalog.

No one would complain about having too many peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts after all.


Li Ruolan was completely shocked. Her mesmerizing lips turned into an ‘O’ shape. “Why are they spirit runes?”

“How would I know?”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“It’s too surprising!”

Li Ruolan was amazed by this. The person who had left the murals behind was the number one battle god in history, and everyone in the Nine Provinces felt that only people with exceptional talent in battle would be able to comprehend those murals. She didn’t expect that they were related to spirit runes

“How many people has he tricked with these murals?”

Li Ruolan knew that many people had stayed in the Battlegod Canyon for several years since ancient days. There had even been people who died inside.

Thinking about it, wasn’t such behavior very foolish?

“Sun Mo, you’re too amazing.”

After the astonishment, Li Ruolan then felt agitated. This was a great secret. To think that she had found out about it?


Suddenly, she felt a sense of superiority.

Unable to control herself, Li Ruolan hugged Sun Mo and offered her red lips.

This time around, she kissed his lips.

“Sun Mo, thank you for your generosity!”


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +10,000. Reverence (13,770/100,000).

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