Absolute Great Teacher
746 Not Only Can Your Looks Not Make It, But Your Intellect Can“t Either!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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746 Not Only Can Your Looks Not Make It, But Your Intellect Can“t Either!

Chapter 746: Not Only Can Your Looks Not Make It, But Your Intellect Can’t Either!

“Damn it! You guys are still flaunting?”

The cultivator who kept on turning back and throwing secret looks at Li Ruolan felt extremely upset when he saw the beautiful female reporter kissing Sun Mo.

He felt so sore about it as if his mouth had been pried open and he had a big bucket of lemon juice forced down his throat.

The cultivator rolled up his sleeve, wanting to pick up a rock from the floor and give a harsh one to Sun Mo.

Li Ruolan was really astonished by Sun Mo’s generosity.

This trust felt too heavy. After all, if she were to sell this piece of news, she’d be able to trade it for a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art at the very least.

(How am I supposed to repay this?)

“What should I do? I feel like marrying you now.”

Li Ruolan looked into Sun Mo’s eyes. If she were to get married to him, it wouldn’t be bad either. It would be an enjoyment to look at this face when she woke up every morning.


Sun Mo was stunned. When he suddenly heard this, he subconsciously wanted to push her away.

(I haven’t f*cking done anything.)

Sensing Sun Mo’s action, Li Ruolan frowned and didn’t feel good.

“What do you mean by this? Do you not fancy me?”

(Yes, I know that your fiancée is An Xinhui who excels in both talent and beauty. She is also a great beauty who is ranked fifth in the Devastating Beauty Rankings. But I’m not bad either. I’m ranked 11th, not because my looks and figure are bad, but because I don’t work as a great teacher.)

(Damn it! Do you believe that today, I’ll...)

Of course, Li Ruolan was just thinking about it.


Sun Mo felt stumped. (I’m someone who, other than working, just stays at home and plays games. I’m really not good with women.)

“Compensate me!”

Li Ruolan pouted.


Sun Mo continued to ask.

“Kiss me?”

Li Ruolan let out a cold snort.



Li Ruolan suddenly punched Sun Mo’s stomach.

“Wishful thinking!”

Li Ruolan pushed Sun Mo away and quickened her footsteps.

Her feelings were in a mess right now. What if Sun Mo really were to do it, what should she do?

Push him away?

It was really detestable.

Why was it that she had felt good about someone, but the guy turned out to have a fiancée?

Hold on!

The ‘big secret’ that Sun Mo said earlier couldn’t have been overheard by someone, right?

Li Ruolan quickly looked around. She then saw a man secretly looking in this direction. Her heart instantly clenched up.

“Sun Mo, over there!”

Li Ruolan used her gaze to gesture for Sun Mo to take note of that suspicious person.

“It’s fine.”

Sun Mo was no fool. When he brought this out, he had taken note of the surroundings. Moreover, his voice was only loud enough for the two of them to hear. “But aren’t you suspicious of me?”

It was 10,000 favorable impression points. From the start of his career till now, he had only gotten so many points a couple of times. This showed that Li Ruolan was really trusting his words.

“I believe in my judgment of people.”

At the mention of this, Li Ruolan smiled in self-mockery.

That was right, Sun Mo was composed and a gentleman when facing her. If he were to try to get fresh with her, she’d deduct points off him.

“Thank you.”

Sun Mo smiled.

Li Ruolan turned back and took a glance. She realized that Sun Mo was five meters away from her, not daring to get close. She felt both angry and amused. She couldn’t help but reproach him.

“Why are you so far away? Am I poisonous?”

After Li Ruolan entered the Battlegod Canyon, she immediately tried to comprehend those murals based on the ‘true meanings’ that Sun Mo had told him about. She then discovered that it was really useful.

She entered the third part of the canyon with great ease.

This part wasn’t difficult. The only troublesome thing was to withstand those sword qis. It really hurt when the sword qis pierced into your body.

“It really isn’t easy to become a battle god!”

Li Ruolan felt a lot of emotions.

Not long later, a man got close.

“Miss, you shouldn’t be withstanding the sword qis on such a high frequency. Otherwise, you’d die.”

The man tried to hit on her, breaking into a smile that he thought was handsome.

Li Ruolan couldn’t be bothered with him.

(Given your face, if I were to give you three points, the three points would feel that they are being humiliated.)

“Miss, you should listen to my advice. If you do this, not only will you feel horrible, but it’ll also be impossible for you to comprehend the murals!”

Shi Xingyan said confidently.

“I’m sorry, please move aside. You’re blocking my sword qis.”

Li Ruolan urged impatiently.

(Damn that Sun Mo. Where did he go off to? He should come quickly to protect me!)

“Hey, she’s asking you to get lost. You shouldn’t be annoying, trying to curry up to her.”

Someone sneered, causing a series of laughter.

Shi Xingyan’s countenance looked grim and he threw a glance at Li Ruolan. He couldn’t help but say, “If you can clear this stage with this, the battle god must really be blind.”

After saying that, Shi Xingyan continued to swing his sword with one hand, slashing down a stream of sword qi.

A great beauty like Li Ruolan would attract guys’ secret gazes no matter where she went. Therefore, quite a number of people saw this scene.

Bai Hao came over immediately after saying this.

“Ruolan, although his motives aren’t pure, what he said is true. There’s no way that you’ll be able to comprehend the murals by withstanding the sword qis like this. You’ll get yourself hurt instead.”

Bai Hao’s heart ached for her.

“Then how should I do it?”

Li Ruolan turned her head slightly, blinking her big eyes.


At this moment, Bai Hao’s heart skipped a beat, feeling as if he had been shot by a sharp arrow. That was right. Li Ruolan was someone he needed in his life.

Bai Hao then started to feel upset.

(Why haven’t I comprehended the murals? Otherwise, I’d be able to show off, and Ruolan would definitely be filled with admiration and infatuation toward me after entering the next part of the canyon. It would all be a done deal then.)

“I understand. I’ll give it a try again. Teacher Bai, you should continue with your attempt at comprehending it and don’t be held up.”

Li Ruolan smiled but let out a sigh in her heart.

(Not only can your looks not make it, but your intellect can’t either!)


Bai Hao left in a hurry. He mustn’t have any more delays. He must comprehend the murals as fast as possible and then give Li Ruolan some guidance. Only then would he be able to win her love.

This time around, Li Ruolan knew better. She walked over to a corner with fewer people and after getting used to it for a while, she started to take the initiative to receive those sword qis.

Li Ruolan also felt displeased to be spoken sarcastically to by Shi Xingyan. She must prove that she wasn’t talentless either.

However, 15 minutes later, she couldn’t take it anymore.

The sword qis wouldn’t leave any wounds on her body, but her muscles would suffer damage. Her nerves would also be harmed.

Li Ruolan panted heavily. She couldn’t hang on anymore.

“Why am I so weak?”

Li Ruolan felt upset. What should she do now?

If she were to continue, she might really die.

However, she quickly felt elated as she had found the answer.

Look for Sun Mo!

Wasn’t God Hands’ greatest effect to get rid of fatigue and heal wounds?

Li Ruolan put her thoughts into action right away, running toward the first part of the canyon.


Shi Xingyan, who had been paying attention to Li Ruolan, smirked in disdain and shouted, “Why? Are you not training anymore? Don’t stop! You should continue!”

(It was quite a nice scene to watch a great beauty being hit by sword qis and occasionally letting agonizing cries.)

“I’ll kill you first after I’ve comprehended the true meaning of the murals!”

Li Ruolan swore.


Sun Mo was surrounded in the first part of the canyon again. It was due to the sword marks that he had drawn on the paper.

If it wasn’t because Sun Mo’s achievements were too astonishing to have cleared two stages in a day, there’d have been people mocking him.

Drawing sword marks?

Dream on!

If it was so simple, then who would still need to travel to the Battlegod Canyon? They might as well just pay for a set of printed books of the set of sword marks.

The reason why these sword marks were famous was because they were thought to contain the Battlegod Catalog as they had been carved by an ancient Battle God. When you drew them out, the sword wills would have been long gone.

Cultivators who were braver got closer to take a look. The sword marks on the white paper were messy, but they didn’t get any feeling from them.

Fu Yanqing stood in the distance, looked at the paper for a while, and then shook his head.

This young man had talent, but he was also too proud.

Wanting to replicate the battle god’s sword marks?

He was imagining too much.

However, it wasn’t bad to suffer sometimes. It’d allow one to grow and recognize their flaws.

“Teacher Sun, this way of doing things won’t work!”

He Wei got closer, smiling as he explained.

“En, thank you Teacher He for your concern.”

One didn’t hit someone who was smiling. Sun Mo was unable to explain it so he replied half-heartedly.

After seeing that Sun Mo wasn’t stopping and was paying no heed to his opinion, He Wei felt helpless about it too. He could only try to say, “Drawing it isn’t bad either. It can let one better understand these sword marks.”

(F*ck, I have to praise myself for my quick-witted thinking.)

He Wei felt a little proud for this flattery. He then saw that beautiful female reporter cum best writer for the Great Teacher Report looking at him with contempt.


He Wei’s old face turned red like walnuts’ skin in autumn.

There was no helping it. Such bootlicking behavior was truly embarrassing.

“It’s no wonder they said that the Saint Gate is getting worse by the year. This guy is the person-in-charge of the Battlegod Canyon, right? To think that even he is currying up to Sun Mo like this?”

After Li Ruolan was done despising, she felt that it wasn’t right. She should be saying that this guy had good judgment.

He could already tell from such an early point that Sun Mo was a reliable person and was planning to hold onto him.

“What’s the matter?

Sun Mo didn’t stop. He was attempting to extract the spirit runes.

Li Ruolan got close to Sun Mo’s ear. “Can your God Hands be used to heal my injuries, allowing me to withstand 10,000 sword qis within a short period?”

“Isn’t it good to take it slowly?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“There are people who look down on your method. Therefore, I want to enter the next part of the canyon as soon as possible to uphold your reputation.”

Li Ruolan wore an expression as if she would share honor and humiliation alongside Sun Mo.

“I can. But it’ll deplete your physical abilities.”

Something like this was easy to Sun Mo.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Li Ruolan urged. “Are we doing it here? Or should we return to the hotel?”

Hearing the word ‘hotel’, many men revealed envious gazes. F*ck, if he were to give a massage, wouldn’t he be able to touch this beautiful female reporter’s body with a legitimate reason?

Even He Wei, who could no longer turn hard, showed an envious expression, having a strong urge to take Sun Mo’s place.

“Go look for Ziqi and ask her for the God Hands Spirit Rune!”

Sun Mo had never thought of taking advantage of Li Ruolan.


Li Ruolan was baffled. God Hands Spirit Rune? There was something like that?

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