Absolute Great Teacher
747 That Dream Is Too Wonderful, I Don“t Wish to Wake Up.
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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747 That Dream Is Too Wonderful, I Don“t Wish to Wake Up.

Chapter 747: That Dream Is Too Wonderful, I Don’t Wish to Wake Up.

In the canyon, a light breeze blew and the summer day was slightly cool.

“Teacher Sun, please pardon me for being presumptuous!”

Before Li Ruolan could voice her doubt, He Wei was unable to hold back his curiosity and asked, “Judging from its name, this can’t be a spirit rune that you invented, could it?”

Without realizing it, He Wei had started to use a polite tone when speaking.

He majored in the study of spirit runes. Even after taking on a job in the Saint Gate, he hadn’t given up on studying this subject.

After all, in any era, having more knowledge would mean that one had an additional capability to support themselves.

Back then, He Wei had been elbowed out and was transferred here to watch over the canyon. However, he had never given up on improving himself. He constantly paid attention to the newest research findings in the spirit rune world.

If there was a new spirit rune, then it’d definitely be a great matter that would take the nine provinces by storm. However, he hadn’t heard of anything like it before.

Li Ruolan also looked over, instinctively taking out her image-recording stone. Her instincts told her that this interview should be quite important.


Sun Mo replied with an ‘Mn’, avoiding the topic. “Go look for Ziqi to get it!”


Sun Mo didn’t really want to come out into the limelight. However, he couldn’t say that it wasn’t invented by him. After all, he was the only person in the Nine Provinces with God Hands.

If he were to deny it over some pride and let people guess that he had the support of a system backing him up, things would be really bad.


After hearing Sun Mo’s reply, He Wei drew a cold gasp and unconsciously asked, “Why don’t you report this to the Saint Gate?”

Coming up with a new spirit rune was a big event in the spirit rune world. Once it was verified, they’d be given honor and material rewards.

Of course, the most important thing was that their reputation would surge tremendously!

The title of a spirit rune grandmaster was definitely a clinch. Thereafter, they’d receive polite treatment even if they were to go to the Nine Greats or other famous schools.

“It’s just an insignificant creation. It’s not worth mentioning!”

Sun Mo felt very awkward. “Quickly go on!”

“How is it a small invention?”

He Wei looked at Sun Mo with an aggrieved expression as if he was looking at a prodigal son who was wasting precious resources. (If I am given this, I’ll create a ruckus and let everyone in the Nine Provinces know. I’ll then rely on this spirit rune to live happily for the rest of my life.)

(Damn it! You really don’t know what’s good for you!)


Favorable impression points from He Wei +200. Respect (1,100/10,000).

He Wei didn’t doubt Sun Mo’s words. After all, he could just follow Li Ruolan later to see if something like that existed.

“Was Ziqi the one who had drawn the spirit runes?”

Li Ruolan felt curious.

“En, but the effects won’t be much worse than getting a massage from me.”

Sun Mo explained.

The difference would definitely be great, but at a time like this, he should boast his eldest disciple and bring up her reputation.

The truth was, firstly, Sun Mo didn’t have the time. He needed to fully focus on extracting the spirit runes from the murals. Secondly, he wanted to give the little sunny egg a chance to shine and train.

After the spirit runes were used up, she would have to draw them again. Practice makes perfect and by drawing more, she’d be able to improve.

“Teacher Sun, if I may be so bold to ask for a favor!”

He Wei cupped his hands together and asked.

“Teacher He, there’s no need to stand on ceremony, please speak!”

Sun Mo had sort of guessed what He Wei wanted.

“Could Teacher Sun sell to me one of those God Hands Spirit Runes?”

He Wei tried to squeeze out smiles on his walnut-skinned old face. He then clenched his teeth and added.

“I’ll take care of all the living and food expenses that your school incurs during the period you’re in the Battlegod Canyon.”

To He Wei, who didn’t have any alternate sources of income, this was quite a huge sum of money. This showed that he really liked the study of spirit runes.

“There’s no need to buy. I’ll give you one.”

Sun Mo smiled and then lowered his head, continuing to draw the sword marks.

The two of them didn’t dare to continue disturbing Sun Mo. After they bade their goodbye, they went to look for Li Ziqi.


“God Hands Spirit Rune?”

Li Ziqi was withstanding the sword qis while comprehending the sword marks on the walls, wanting to extract the ‘spirit runes’. Upon hearing why Li Ruolan and He Wei had come, she didn’t think much of it and took out a stack of highest quality God Hands Spirit Runes, handing one to He Wei.

She then gave the rest to the female paparazzi.

He Wei took it and let out a cry. On the other hand, Li Ruolan was completely stunned.

(This is spirit rune? I’ve studied quite a lot, so there’s no way that you can deceive me!)

(But this layout is really beautiful, having an indescribable sense of beauty.)

Of course, given the way that it resembled a circuit board, with a strong sense of industrial vibe, it’d be strange if a native who was still in the farming era were to see it.

It was an existence that couldn’t be understood.

“How... is this supposed to be used?”

After asking that, He Wei looked awkward. (To think that I proclaim to be an expert in spirit runes. This is really embarrassing.)

“The same as you would ordinary spirit runes. Tear it to activate it.”

Li Ziqi introduced.

After hearing that, He Wei really wanted to see the effect of this spirit rune and couldn’t hold it in. He tore the spirit rune.


Spirit qi gushed rapidly, gathering over and condensing into a genie. However, this genie’s eyes were clearly listless compared to the one summoned by Sun Mo. Moreover, this genie was also smaller in size.


He Wei’s eyes popped out. He was just about to observe this muscular genie more closely when the genie’s fingers clamped together to form blades, chopping down on both sides of his neck.

Bang! Bang!

Thereafter, the genie started to proceed with the entire set of ancient massaging technique.

All the ideas in He Wei’s head completely evaporated like steam as the genie went about with its work, leaving only great satisfaction in He Wei’s body.

This feeling was too wonderful.

It was like one had fallen onto the clouds!

He recalled the feelings of his youth, when he was riding a horse and looking at the young ladies singing while beckoning with their red sleeves. In the end, the candlelight gently extinguished and with a shudder before the windows, his body and soul were floating.

By the time He Wei returned to his consciousness, he was tear-stricken.

(I’ve already aged so much! My youth, my lover, and my dreams have all been buried in the river of time.)


He Wei dropped to his knees in front of Li Ziqi.

“Can you give me another one?”

(That dream was too wonderful, I don’t wish to wake up.)

“It’s that amazing?”

Li Ruolan was surprised as she saw the tear-stricken He Wei. She subconsciously looked toward the stack of spirit runes in her hands, not daring to use them anymore.

(I don’t wish to be embarrassed like this!)

Li Ruolan was an author with rich emotions. Therefore, she understood that He Wei’s feelings must have been evoked due to the massage, causing his feelings to be exposed.

To put it simply, it was akin to evoking memories of the past, making it hard for one to control themselves.

“Sigh, things aren’t going well when one is halfway into their life!”

Li Ziqi let out a sigh and took out a spirit rune, handing it to He Wei.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

He Wei kept on thanking. He was holding onto the new spirit rune as if he was holding onto a letter from his first love, afraid that if his movement was too great, he might crease it in the slightest.

(I must hold it in and then enjoy my time when night comes!)

At the thought of this, He Wei raised his hand and slapped it harshly onto the back of his other hand.

(Why couldn’t I hold back this hand? It really is such a waste of a precious item!)

(I deserve to be beaten! I deserve to be harshly beaten!)

“Eldest Martial Sister, this guy can’t have gone crazy, right?”

When the papaya girl saw that there was a stranger looking for Li Ziqi, she came over. If anything were to happen, she could help out too.

(Although I’m bad at fighting, I’m loud and can call for help.)


With He Wei as an example, Li Ruolan didn’t dare to be reckless. She ran back to the hotel, locked up her room, and then tore up the God Hands Spirit Rune.

15 minutes later, the reporter came back to her senses and understood why He Wei had lost his composure earlier.

This wasn’t just a spirit rune!

This was one’s life!

Thereafter, Li Ruolan ran toward the Battlegod Canyon, filled with confidence.

After receiving the genie’s massage, the reporter realized that her condition was exceptionally well. (Regardless if the opponent is at the Divine Force Realm or even the Longevity Realm, I can take on ten of them by myself!)


Lu Lin, the student from Westshore, recalled Sun Mo’s guidance and then took another look at the sword marks on the walls. He then walked toward the mist-filled area.

The statues that guarded the entrance to the third part of the canyon stood there, having a dignified and domineering aura. A killing intent permeated out from it.

Ba-thump! Ba-thump!

Lu Lin’s heart palpitated very quickly. Even though he had seen how Sun Mo’s guidance had helped his students to pass through this stage, he still felt scared.

After all, one could be killed when that huge sword came slashing down.

Thankfully, Lu Lin was no coward. After walking over to the statue, he suddenly accelerated and passed by.

He was safe!


Lu Lin let out a sigh of relief, then with a plop, sat down on the floor. It was only then did he realize that his clothes were drenched from cold sweat.


Lu Lin turned back. As there was mist in the way, he couldn’t see anything. However, he knew that a few other students were anxiously trying to comprehend the murals in the canyon.

“I’ll be making a move first!”

Lu Lin swung his fist happily. It was really the right choice to have approached Teacher Sun and asked for his guidance.


Favorable impression points from Lu Lin +500. Respect (1,700/10,000).

Given how amazing Sun Mo was, why didn’t he work at the Nine Greats or other famous schools? Was that An Xinhui really that beautiful? To the extent that Sun Mo was willing to stay in that ‘C’ grade school for her sake?

Very soon, Lu Lin couldn’t let his imagination run wild anymore because the sword qis penetrated his body like steel needles piercing his flesh, causing him to cry out in pain.

Was he going to have to withstand this pain 10,000 times?

If it wasn’t because he had verified that Sun Mo’s ‘guidance’ was fine, Lu Lin would really cower. It felt too painful.

“No, I mustn’t let my aunt down!”

Lu Lin gritted his teeth and followed Sun Mo’s guidance, withstanding the sword qis as he tried hard to comprehend them.


Yan Ju’s mind was in a mess. He suffered from insomnia and only managed to fall asleep when morning came. Therefore, when he entered the canyon, the sun was already high up in the sky.

“No, I mustn’t let this pass just like that!”

Yan Ju felt indignant to have been taught a lesson by a junior with Teacher for a Day, Father for Life. If he didn’t vent this fury, he wouldn’t have any appetite for a year.

“I mustn’t approach Sun Mo directly. It’ll make me seem very petty. Yes, I must strike from their students. Aren’t you the vice-headmaster? Don’t you look down on our Taoshi Academy? Then I’ll headhunt all of your students.”

Yan Ju let out a cold snort. (I don’t believe that those students will be able to withstand the temptation of being invited to an ‘A’ grade school. Moreover, the school fees will be waived off. They’ll even be given a heaven-tier cultivation art.)

(I seemed to have seen two male students from the Central Province Academy enter the third part of the canyon very early. I’ll start with those two outstanding students then.)

Yan Ju refused to buy it. (I shall let you see how appealing it is when a 5-star great teacher like me comes out.)

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