Absolute Great Teacher
748 Headhunt, Fiercely Headhunting!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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748 Headhunt, Fiercely Headhunting!


Under the steep walls and next to a massive boulder, Xuanyuan Po was sitting cross-legged. He didn’t fend off those sword qis, but instead, allowed them to freely pierce his body. Then, relying on the sword qis and pain that drilled into him in that instant, he comprehended the sword wills they contained.

Xuanyuan Po was a combat addict. Ever since he had come to the Battlegod Canyon, he had entered a state in which he became oblivious of himself.

Sun Mo’s guidance?

He hadn’t heard a single word of it. He relied solely on his instincts.

This guy really did have unparalleled talent in battle.

“Perfect! It’s simply perfect!”

Yan Ju had initially planned on infuriating Sun Mo by headhunting his students, but the instant he saw Xuanyuan Po, he almost forgot about this feud.

In his eyes, there was only Xuanyuan Po’s burly and strong physique, as well as his dauntless gaze.

Some cultivators, after withstanding too many sword qis, would instinctively detest and fear them. After all, the excruciating pain wasn’t something that anyone would be able to take.

However, Xuanyuan Po took this pain as a form of enjoyment.

“I have to get him!”

Yan Ju mumbled. He then smoothed out the creases on his clothes and kept his right hand behind his back, assuming a graceful and dignified stance as he walked over.

“This student, I am Taoshi Academy’s head teacher, Yan Ju.”

The more Yan Ju looked at Xuanyuan Po, the more he liked him.

This guy would be a waste in the Central Province Academy.

Look at his body! He was born to be a battle god!

Yan Ju started to think about what to say. He mustn’t appear too anxious nor too aloof. Otherwise, he would scare the student away.


(Since I became a 4-star great teacher until now, it has always been those rich people bringing their children to me, wanting me to accept them as my personal disciples. Hence, I haven’t headhunted students since then and have gotten a little rusty.)

Yan Ju was thinking about all sorts of things, waiting for Xuanyuan Po to speak up. However, he realized that Xuanyuan Po had his eyes closed and appeared unmoved.

“To think that he is so focused? Not bad, I like that!”

Yan Ju spoke louder this time, asking again. However, Xuanyuan Po continued to show no reaction. This made Yan Ju frown.

It couldn’t be that there was something wrong with his ears, could it?

Yan Ju felt worried and took another step forward. He then repeated what he had said earlier, almost shouting out.

“Can you stop being so annoying?”

Xuanyuan Po opened his eyes and looked at Yan Ju with contempt. “Move away! You’re blocking my sword qis!”


Yan Ju instantly felt displeased. (What is with this attitude?)

However, after seeing Xuanyuan Po’s strong body, his fury dissipated. How was someone like this going to become a battle god if they didn’t have a fiery temper?

“I’m Yan Ju, Taoshi Academy’s head teacher. I admire your talent a lot...”

Yan Ju repeated, but before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Xuanyuan Po.

“I’m not interested in you! Move away!”

Xuanyuan Po urged and then threw a glance in Ying Baiwu’s direction. He then also glanced at Helian Beifang and Jiang Leng. Damn it. He was facing a lot of pressure.

The combat addict was an extremely competitive person.

He knew that Jiang Leng and Ying Baiwu’s aptitude was very good. The iron-headed young girl, especially, always liked to compete with him, wanting to become their teacher’s most amazing disciple.

How could he accept that?

(I’m the senior martial brother and a guy to top it off. I mustn’t lose to a girl.)

However, before he could completely suppress Ying Baiwu, Helian Beifang joined in. Xuanyuan Po only needed one look to know that the barbarian young man was going to be a formidable opponent in his lifetime.

And his conjecture was right.

Ever since coming to the Darkness Continent, Ying Baiwu’s body had been in bad condition for some reason. The speed of her comprehension reduced tremendously. However, this Helian Beifang remained on par with him.


No matter how good Yan Ju’s temperament was, he couldn’t take this attitude repeatedly. Therefore, he sneered, “I’m a 5-star great teacher.”

“So what?”

Xuanyuan Po asked.


This time around, Yan Ju was completely stunned. He subconsciously asked, “Do you know some general knowledge?”

“You’re saying that I should curry up to you?”

Xuanyuan Po’s eyes squinted. He clenched onto his silver spear and instantly sent a battle will permeating out.


Thankfully, Yan Ju still had some pride as a great teacher and didn’t care to hold it against a student. Otherwise, if he were to retort, he’d say, (Are you alright in the head? Shouldn’t you be currying up to me? I’m a 5-star great teacher. Do you get to see one often? Hmph!)

Yan Ju left, feeling infuriated. However, he couldn’t get Xuanyuan Po’s physique out of his mind. He didn’t manage to hold it in and turned to ask.

“Do you want to learn peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art?”

To Yan Ju, this was definitely a complete recognition toward someone. It was because what he practiced was also a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art.

If Xuanyuan Po were to come under his tutelage, he’d definitely nurture him as if he was a seed disciple.


Xuanyuan Po said this and then closed his eyes.


Yan Ju felt so angry that his lungs were going to explode. “What kind of attitude is this? Are you going to tell me that you practice a saint-tier cultivation art?”

(I’m offering to take you in as my personal disciple out of goodwill, but you’re humiliating me like this? It’s over for you! Do you know that you’ve discarded the most important opportunity of your life?)

What made Yan Ju feel helpless was Xuanyuan Po’s words. He wasn’t mocking him but had just said it nonchalantly. This was what made it the most hurtful.

Moreover, Xuanyuan Po wasn’t even trying to argue with him. He just continued to focus on comprehending the murals.

This focus...

(F*ck your mom, why isn’t this my student?)

Yan Ju kept on looking back as he walked away, unwilling to part with this.


He wondered who was so lucky to have been able to take this student as their disciple!

Yan Ju felt jealous, feeling so sour as if he had a big lemon stuffed into his mouth.

Given Xuanyuan Po’s character, he wouldn’t put too much attention on things other than combat. However, he couldn’t take it when Yan Ju looked down on his cultivation art.

This was something more important than his life, just like how silver-chan was.

“I practice the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique!”

After saying that, Xuanyuan Po saw that Yan Ju appeared stunned, clearly not having heard of it before. He then added, “It’s a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!”


Yan Ju was astonished. His experience as an old dog in society told him that this young man wasn’t lying. Therefore, at this moment...

He felt jealous.

It was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!

(That’s a cultivation art that I won’t have the chance to learn in my lifetime.)


Xuanyuan Po closed his eyes, thinking. (You’re shocked just by one saint-tier cultivation art, yet you dare to think about becoming my teacher? If I were to tell you that if I wish to learn, Teacher can teach me many cultivation arts, all of them being peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts, won’t you die from jealousy? Now that I think about it, Teacher is really amazing!)


Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +500. Reverence (11,100/100,000).


Yan Ju’s first failed attempt displeased him, but it also gave him mental preparation. After all, someone like Xuanyuan Po would be a student that was given extra attention in nurturing no matter which school he was to go to. Therefore, it wasn’t strange for him to have a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

“Let’s go headhunt the next one!”

Very soon, Yan Ju appeared next to Helian Beifang, looking at this young man with a sharp gaze. Other than his identity as a barbarian, which he didn’t like, Yan Ju was satisfied with everything else about him.

“There are only 18 ‘A’ grade schools across the entire Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. Our Taoshi Academy is one of them.”

Yan Ju smiled, appearing very confident. “Do you want to come here to learn?”


Helian Beifang refused outright.


Yan Ju was stunned. Thinking to himself that barbarians were all very slow-witted, he then repeated himself.

“Are you treating me as a fool?”

Helian Beifang’s gaze turned unfriendly.


When Yan Ju saw that Helian Beifang’s hand was on his blade’s handle, he felt so upset that he wanted to spurt out blood. He had heard that barbarians had a fiery temper and were very stubborn. It was really the case.

If he were someone from the Central Plains, they’d definitely break down in tears of gratitude, dropping down to their knees and kowtowing if they were to understand that Yan Ju wanted to take them in as his personal disciple.

Left with no choice, Yan Ju could only speak outright.

“I want to take you in as my personal disciple, imparting you with great skills!”

Yan Ju feigned patting dust off his robes and showed the school emblem on his chest instead, wanting to let Helian Beifang notice the five stars there.

“I already have a teacher!”

Helian Beifang rejected.

“Oh? Who is it? An Xinhui? Or is it Jin Mujie?”

Yan Ju had expected this. If An Xinhui couldn’t even grab onto a talent like Helian Beifang, then she wouldn’t be deserving of her fame and status.

“Great Teacher Sun, Sun Mo!”

Helian Beifang reported Sun Mo’s name, his tone and attitude filled with respect and gratitude.


Yan Ju almost cursed out loud, but this was good as well. If he managed to headhunt this student successfully, it’d be an even greater blow to Sun Mo. Therefore, Yan Ju smiled even more amicably.

“I see that you have an extraordinary aptitude, so learning trash cultivation art will just waste your talent. I have a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art here that can allow you to reach the sky with a single bound. Do you want to learn it?”

Yan Ju assessed Helian Beifang carefully, feeling increasingly satisfied as he looked at him.

This young man was like an unsheathed sharp blade, revealing its glow. If he was properly tempered, he could definitely achieve great success.

“Which eye are you looking with to say that I’m learning a trash cultivation art?”

Helian Beifang had seen how Yan Ju had been looking for trouble yesterday. Therefore, he spoke with an unfriendly tone, “What I’m learning is the Dharma Skyshock Fist and the Wind King Divine Steps!”

Of course, there was also the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. However, his teacher said that this was the Skyraise Academy’s ultimate divine art. Unless he was left with no choice, he should try not to use it in public.

At the thought of this, Helian Beifang felt great gratitude toward his teacher.

Such peak-grade cultivation arts were something that one wouldn’t have a chance to learn back in his tribe unless they were children born by the main wife.


Favorable impression points from Helian Beifang +1,000. Respect (5,100/10,000).

“Who taught them to you?”

Yan Ju subconsciously asked.

“Of course, it’s my teacher!”

Helian Beifang wore an expression as if Yan Ju was a fool asking the obvious.

“Saint-tier?” Yan Ju was a little astonished. “Peerless-grade?”

“Of course!”

Helian Beifang rolled his eyes. “Even my teacher himself didn’t care to learn trash like peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts, let alone teaching them to his students.”

Yan Ju subconsciously raised his hand. (Do you believe that I’ll lash you to death? Don’t care to learn peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts? How arrogant!)

“Let me add something. This is the same for both cultivation arts.”

Helian Beifang’s lips twitched. “Of course, the reason why I’m not agreeing to be your personal disciple isn’t because of your cultivation art but because of your character.”

“Both your character and talent are trash compared to Teacher!”

As Helian Beifang said this, he still felt that he hadn’t vented enough. He spat out and then held tightly onto his blade’s handle as he looked at Yan Ju.

(Although I can’t beat you, I’ll do my best. Teacher’s enemy is my enemy.)

Looking at Helian Beifang’s mad dog gaze, Yan Ju felt both angry and jealous. (Sun Mo is really admired greatly by this barbarian young man, so much so that he doesn’t care to make an enemy out of me, a 5-star great teacher! This mustn’t happen. I must headhunt a student from the Central Province Academy, not from Sun Mo, today. Otherwise, I won’t be able to take this lying down.)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》