Absolute Great Teacher
749 Three Consecutive Halos, Finding One“s Initial Intent!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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749 Three Consecutive Halos, Finding One“s Initial Intent!

Chapter 749: Three Consecutive Halos, Finding One’s Initial Intent!

Although Yan Ju felt so angry that he wanted to slap Helian Beifang’s face, he didn’t do it.

Firstly, although headhunting students was a commonly-seen occurrence in the great teacher world, it was still deemed as an improper act. If the news of him beating up someone else’s student after his headhunting attempt failed, he’d be super embarrassed.

Moreover, Helian Beifang was a barbarian.

In Yan Ju’s perspective, he was no different from a wild dog.

According to the Central Plains’ primary values, beating up a barbarian warrior wasn’t something to be proud of, let alone beating up a barbarian young man.

Because this action was like biting a dog back after being bitten by it. The act of ‘biting’ in itself was low class to begin with.

Moreover, a great teacher should convince people with their morals!

“You really don’t know what’s good for you.”

Yan Ju scolded then swung his sleeve and left.

He then started to look for a third target.

Very soon, Ying Baiwu entered his line of vision.

“Very determined expression!”

Yan Ju observed for a moment. Ying Baiwu’s countenance was pale, an indication that she was clearly feeling unwell. However, she persisted in comprehending the sword qis. Just from this point alone, her will was fantastic.

This was definitely a girl who could take hardship.

“It shall be her then.”

Yan Ju walked over. The more he looked at her, the more satisfied he felt.

He had been too focused on this young girl’s performance and had forgotten to take note of her appearance. Now that he looked at her face, despite not having any makeup on it, she had an indescribable sense of beauty.

It wasn’t just her looks but also her disposition.

Yan Ju had passed the age of liking someone because of their appearances. However, he felt a little attracted to her.

If Sun Mo knew what Yan Ju was thinking, he’d tell him that it was a type of androgyny beauty. The Goddess Lin who played the role of Dongfang Bubai [1] had similar charms.

Sun Mo had the thought of giving Ying Baiwu a short hairstyle. She’d definitely look cool with it.

“What do you want?”

This time around, before Yan Ju said anything, Ying Baiwu spoke up first. Moreover, there was clear hostility in her gaze.

“I bear no ill will!”

Yan Ju quickly explained, “I saw that your aptitude isn’t bad and I wish to take you in as my personal disciple!”

(Hold on. Why did I give such a promise? I should observe her for a while. What if she is incompetent? Sigh, I was driven over my head with fury by the repetitive failures.)

Yan Ju was a 5-star great teacher after all and had some shame. Although he wanted to seek revenge on Sun Mo, he wouldn’t do anything reckless. After all, one must be serious and responsible when taking in personal disciples.

If the great teachers were to take one in, they would have to do whatever they could to teach the student well!

“I already have a teacher!”

Ying Baiwu refused, her hostility growing even stronger.

To think that this guy wanted to headhunt from her teacher?

Really detestable!

“Haha, can he teach you a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art?”

While Yan Ju said this, he had one hand behind his back, revealing a confident smile.

(I should look very cool now, right?)

“Peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art... Tsk tsk, how many teachers can be as generous as me?”

Yan Ju looked at Ying Baiwu’s eyes, speaking with a tone as if she had met someone who could change her life. “Student, you’re really fortunate!”

Just as Yan Ju’s last note landed, he saw that girl raising her hand.


A golden light beam shot out, brushing past his ear.


In that instant, Yan Ju broke out in cold sweat.

(What is this? It feels so dangerous! If she were aiming for my head, wouldn’t I be dead by now?)

“You haven’t seen this before, right?”

Ying Baiwu’s beautiful lips curled.

“Cultivation art?”

Yan Ju asked. To be honest, he hadn’t seen it before and was very curious. If it wasn’t because of the reservation he felt due to his identity, he’d want to get Ying Baiwu to perform it again.

The iron-headed young girl didn’t reply but stared at him. Then, her arms shook and her fists met each other.



Spirit qi gushed out from Ying Baiwu’s body and then condensed into a six-meter-tall ancient Buddha figure behind her.

The Buddha figure had its hands put together, with bright golden light beaming out from its body. A dignified and rustic aura came surging over.

“You haven’t seen this before, right?”

The iron-headed young girl continued to ask.

“This... this...”

Yan Ju stuttered. Given his experience, he could tell that this cultivation art was at least at the heaven-tier. Just as he looked toward Ying Baiwu again, wanting to ask for her background, the iron-headed girl disappeared from the spot with a swoosh.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three figures went one round around Yan Ju, then joined together to become one again.

“You haven’t seen this movement technique before either, am I right?”

Ying Baiwu looked at him with contempt. “If you know what they are, I’ll immediately acknowledge you as my teacher!”

Looking at Ying Baiwu’s gaze of contempt, Yan Ju felt infuriated and wanted to retaliate. However, it was true that he hadn’t seen those cultivation arts before.

Therefore, Yan Ju’s face scrunched up like a bitter gourd.

“All three cultivation arts are peerless-grade saint-tier!”

Ying Baiwu inclined her body forward, staring into Yan Ju’s eyes like a loyal dog protective of its owner, making sure to say each word clearly. “These were all taught to me by my teacher.”

“How many teachers can be as generous as me? I’m sorry, you are worse than an ant when compared to my teacher!


Yan Ju was so infuriated that his entire body was trembling as if he had Parkinson. However, other than rage, there was also astonishment and perplexity in his heart.

(Who is this? A fool? To be teaching three sets of saint-tier cultivation arts to his student in one go? One shouldn’t even be doting on their daughter in this manner! F*ck your mom! Why am I so jealous!?)

In that instant, Yan Ju felt like being the daughter of this young girl’s teacher.

Hold on!

Yan Ju looked toward Ying Baiwu. “Your teacher is Sun Mo?”

“Please address him as Teacher Sun!”

Ying Baiwu reproached, “One more thing. What I excel in is actually archery. Do you want to take a look at it?”

Yan Ju’s gaze subconsciously landed on the longbow that the iron-headed young girl was carrying on her back. He then felt like cursing.

(What the hell? You teach an archer so many saint-tier cultivation arts? Isn’t this a waste of precious resources? And this bow is really beautiful!)

Even though Yan Ju didn’t study much into weapons, he could tell that this was a peak-grade item. He’d probably not be able to buy it even with ten years of his salary.

“Do you still want to headhunt me?”

Ying Baiwu asked.

This question made Yan Ju feel extremely embarrassed, and he turned to leave. He couldn’t afford to headhunt her, he couldn’t afford to headhunt her! However, after taking a few steps, he turned back and asked,

“What level is your archery?”

Yan Ju was really curious.

“My teacher doesn’t teach anything that isn’t at the saint-tier!”

Ying Baiwu sighed in her heart. (It’s a pity that I let down Teacher’s expectations and can’t even suppress a Xuanyuan Po.)

Although Yan Ju had already guessed as much, he was still astonished when he heard the answer in person. He felt a pain in his chest, and with a “pffft”, spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

(This is the death of me!)


“Why does Sun Mo know three peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts?”

Yan Ju couldn’t understand.

For others, being able to get their hands on just one of those would be considered a great fortune that they had amassed over ten lifetimes. Who was Sun Mo to get so many of them?

Yes, they must have been given to him by Central Province Academy’s old headmaster.

He was really having it good as a gigolo.

After being rejected three consecutive times, Yan Ju felt increasingly encouraged. (I’ll take after Sun Mo’s surname if I don’t manage to headhunt a single student today.)

(I’ll pass on this thin and sickly-looking one. He looks like he is going to die soon. This guy with the word ‘trash’ on his head won’t do either. Hmmm? This girl looks quite pretty!)

After noticing Qin Yaoguang, who was dressed in the Central Province Academy’s uniform, he walked toward her.

“Are you planning to headhunt me?”

Qin Yaoguang spoke up first.

“That’s right.”

Yan Ju assessed this girl who kept on eating snacks, feeling very satisfied with her.

“You specialize in short blades? I have a cultivation art here...”

Before Yan Ju finished his words, he was interrupted by the snacking girl.

“No need!”

Qin Yaoguang rejected. “Even if I don’t have a teacher, I won’t choose to study under your wing.”


Yan Ju was stunned. “I’m a 5-star...”

“It has no relevance with star level. You’re too ugly.”

Qin Yaoguang smiled. “I’ll add one more thing. My teacher is Sun Mo. He’s super handsome!”

After saying this, the snacking girl ran off, leaving behind Yan Ju, whose face was flushed up like a purple eggplant. It was as if he had a mouthful of feces stuffed into his mouth. He was almost driven to death from fury.

“What kind of reason is that?”

Yan Ju sent a rock in front of him flying with a kick. “She’s really strange!”


Feeling mentally exhausted, Yan Ju went around and saw Gu Xiuxun giving Zhang Yanzong guidance. His eyes suddenly lit up.

(This woman couldn’t possibly know three saint-tier cultivation arts, right?)

After Gu Xiuxun left, Yan Ju quickly came over.

“Cough cough!”

Yan Ju coughed.

“Great Teacher Yan!”

Zhang Yanzong bowed. Although he was displeased with this guy, he mustn’t ignore the formalities. It was because he couldn’t afford to offend a great teacher.


Yan Ju appeared calm but was actually happy inside.

(This is it! This is the attitude that students should show!)

“What’s your name?”

Yan Ju assessed him. This student wasn’t bad.

“Zhang Yanzong!”

Zhang Yanzong didn’t understand what Yan Ju wanted with him.

“This name isn’t bad.”

Yan Ju praised. “Are you interested in becoming my student?”


Zhang Yanzong’s heart skipped a beat.

To be a student of a 5-star great teacher?

(This is a dream I have had since young.)

However, Zhang Yanzong calmed down in an instant, shaking his head to refuse. “Great Teacher Yan, thank you for your great kindness, but pardon me for not having the fortune to enjoy it.”

“Your teacher is Sun Mo?” Yan Ju asked.


Zhang Yanzong shook his head.

“You know peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts?” Yan Ju continued to ask.

“I don’t!”

Zhang Yanzong looked dejected.

“Then why?”

Yan Ju shouted, “Since you don’t know anything, then why aren’t you willing to study under me? I can teach you!”

Zhang Yanzong fell silent for a few seconds, then still shook his head.

(I’m not an idiot. If I could choose my teacher again, I’d choose Sun Mo. But given the relationship that my teacher, Gu Xiuxun, has with Sun Mo, after she’s married to him in the future, I’ll be able to learn peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts as well.)

Zhang Yanzong bowed again and then left.

Yan Ju fell silent for a few seconds then couldn’t hold it in anymore. He erupted, bellowing out loud.

“You students from the Central Province Academy are all sick in the head! Very sick!”

As he was too enraged, Yan Ju went straight to look for Li Ziqi.

(If I want to headhunt, I’ll headhunt the one you like the most. Sun Mo, I want you to die of heartache.)

“Do you want to have a cup of white tea?”

Yan Ju changed his method and planned on using his graceful demeanor of a great teacher to convince Li Ziqi.

“You’re too old!”

Li Ziqi shook her head.


Yan Ju almost spurted out blood.

(Please, I’m only 82 years old. From the Longevity Realm’s perspective, I’m in the prime of my life.)

“You’re thinking of headhunting me, right?”

Li Ziqi smiled. “What can you give me?”

“I can let you comprehend great teacher halos, becoming a great teacher who enjoys great glory in the Nine Provinces!”

Yan Ju saw Li Ziqi comprehending a great teacher halo the other day. This meant that she should be planning to develop on the path of a great teacher.

The little sunny egg smiled and snapped her fingers.


A golden halo erupted, radiating toward Yan Ju.


Yan Ju’s head shook and then instantly cleared up, arriving at the perfect learning state.

This... this... couldn’t be Retentive Memory, could it?

Yan Ju didn’t know this halo. He had only experienced it before and thus couldn’t be certain.

Li Ziqi tilted her head slightly, looked at Yan Ju, and then snapped her fingers again.


A silvery-white halo radiated out.

Then, Yan Ju was stunned again.

(Distinctionless Education? That’s impossible, right? Is it something that can be comprehended before one reaches 8 star? Before one attains the mental state of a secondary saint? Yes! I must be mistaken!)

“You are done with just this much?”

Li Ziqi snapped her fingers for the third time.


Yan Ju didn’t even see what halo it was because what was left in his vision were his parents, who had passed away many years ago, as well as that old teacher from the private school.

Although that teacher’s talent wasn’t good, he was the one who had taught Yan Ju his initial knowledge, teaching him how to be a person with integrity.

“A good guy should have a broad mind and not be petty!”

“A good guy should be able to embrace the world, set lofty aspirations, and not have their eyes concealed by feud.”

“A good guy should be able to accept things as well as let them go. They carry the world on their back, taking responsibility for the citizens.”

All the teachings resounded in Yan Ju’s ears.

By the time he got back to his senses, he had dropped to his knees.

Unrealized Dream!

This was Unrealized Dream!

Yan Ju raised his head and looked at Li Ziqi, his eyes filled with astonishment. To think that this young girl was so terrifying?

“This is what I’ve learned in a year after becoming my teacher’s personal disciple. What do you think of his ability?”

Li Ziqi asked softly.

She wasn’t showing off her skills. She wanted to let Yan Ju understand that her teacher was better!

(I take my leave!)

Yan Ju cupped his fists together and left in embarrassment.

Teach her cultivation arts?

He should stop being so shameless. Given how Sun Mo liked Li Ziqi, would he not teach her those saint-tier cultivation arts?

Guide her on the path of a great teacher?


She had grasped three great teacher halos, and they were all those that he didn’t know. In another few more months, she could even take the test to earn the right to become a great teacher.

If she passed the examination, he’d have to address her as Teacher Li. Addressing her by her name then would be very offending.


He couldn’t afford to offend her!

Suddenly, Yan Ju felt dispirited.

Go back!

He should just go back!

He thought back on what he had seen through Unrealized Dream. Over the years, his mental state had changed. He should return to his hometown and look for that initial intent he had back then.

At the thought of this, there were no more feelings of resentment, upset, or intention to seek revenge on Yan Ju’s face anymore. He looked back, stood on the spot, and then gave a firm bow toward Li Ziqi.

“Thank you Teacher Li for your admonishment. I understand now.”


Li Ziqi was given a fright and quickly dodged.

This was a 5-star great teacher, as well as Taoshi Academy’s head teacher. A major character like this bowing toward her?

And calling her Teacher Li?

Who’d dare to accept that?


After letting go of these things, Yan Ju’s heart suddenly felt cleared up. He also understood the reason why he hadn’t had any progress over the past few years.

It was because he was too immersed in his ‘proud’ achievements and his honorable identity that he had forgotten to improve himself!

Li Ziqi suddenly felt agitated after looking at Yan Ju leave.

(I... I helped a great teacher? And I was called Teacher Li? This feeling is so great!)

Ba-thump! Ba-thump!

Li Ziqi’s heart was beating very quickly. She was a little immersed in the feeling of such ‘guidance’ and tears flickered in her eyes.

(Teacher, thank you! You let me gain a new recognition of my own value. I’m not the trash that Saint Zhou had made me out to be.)

Sun Mo had no idea that his eldest disciple, the little sunny egg, had completely convinced Yan Ju. However, Jin Mujie witnessed the entire process.

[1] Dongfang Bubai, literally “Invincible East”, is a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong.

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