Absolute Great Teacher
751 A Considerate Guy
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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751 A Considerate Guy


The clear and cold moonlight seeped through the tent and shone on the mattress.

Li Ruolan had already put things this way. If Sun Mo still rejected, he would be too unreasonable.

“I’ll have to offend you then!”

Sun Mo drew in a deep breath and sat beside the bed after adjusting his emotions.

“Quickly start!”

Li Ruolan lay down and placed her chin on Sun Mo’s pillow. “Use as much strength as you want to, I’m not afraid of pain.”

Sun Mo took the bottle and opened the stopper before pouring the ancient whale oil on her back.

The white liquid and her back, which was as smooth as silk, truly complemented one another well.

The tactile feel was excellent!

“How are my bones? Did they deform?”

Li Ruolan was worried. Due to her bending over her desk, buried in work for long hours, she was worried she might become a hunchback.

“Nothing is wrong. They seem perfect.”

Sun Mo kneaded a few times and smiled. “However, you ate too much meat recently. You have to pay attention to your diet.”


Li Ruolan was shocked. “Are you saying that I put on weight? I have to blame the Westshore Military School for such good reception. There are all sorts of wild game on the menu frequently.”

“Wait, that’s wrong. I train every day without a break!”

Li Ruolan was puzzled.

“The body parts you are training are incorrect.”

Sun Mo explained.

Back then, he had grasped some knowledge about exercising purely because he thought it was easier to chase girls if he went to the gym. Sadly, after learning the knowledge, his gym membership that was worth $3,000 went to waste after he had gone there twice.

Maybe it was because the gym was a low-ended one, but all the females he saw there were elderly. There was no pretty girl there.

“Speak in detail.”

Li Ruolan felt it was fresh and she was very impressed when she heard Sun Mo’s introduction about biceps, triceps, etc.

As expected of Sun Mo with the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, his understanding of the human body was too detailed.

“Do you have any plans to write a book?”

Li Ruolan suddenly asked.


Sun Mo started. Wasn’t this divergence of topic a little too great?

“My father is a scholar and loves reading books. I’ve never lacked books to read since I was young. Up until now, I can be considered to have read extensively. However, I’ve never heard about all these things you are talking about. If you publish a book, there would surely be a market for it.”

Li Ruolan had a look of excitement on her face. She had just discovered a path to profit.

“There’s no need for you to write content about your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Just write the book as an essay and make it more interesting. It would definitely be wildly popular.”

When Li Ruolan said this, she smiled and couldn’t help but ask, “Flatfish (soleus) muscle? This name sounds so strange. Is there the persian cat muscle then?”

Very soon, Li Ruolan no longer had any mood to chat idly as she was completely immersed in the joy of being massaged, unable to extricate herself.

When she regained her senses again, Sun Mo had disappeared. His blanket was covering her body.

Li Ruolan glanced at the top of the tent. She pulled the blanket and covered half her face.

It was so comfortable that she didn’t want to think.

“Are you awake now?”

Not long later, Sun Mo’s voice rang out from outside.

“Yes, but wait a little!”

Li Ruolan didn’t dare to dawdle. She hurriedly got up and lifted the blanket. But when she was preparing to wear her clothes, she suddenly screamed.

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo frowned. “Do you need me to enter?”

“No need!”

Li Ruolan’s lips twitched. (Hmph, I hate hypocrites the most.)

If it was any other men, they would have long since found an excuse to rush in.

(Wait a minute.)

(Earlier when I was asleep, Sun Mo completely had the chance to look at my naked body. Could it be that he has no interest in me?)

Li Ruolan, who suddenly felt a little unhappy, soon forgot all these because she was concentrating on her fair white skin fully. In fact, she couldn’t stop touching her skin.

“When God Hands are used with ancient whale oil, there’s actually such a terrifying effect? Isn’t the feel of my skin too good? It feels like I got younger by ten years!”

Li Ruolan had once heard of a secret recipe before. It was said that bathing in milk could allow one’s skin to be glossy and fair, filled with elasticity and had the effect of maintaining youth. However, she gave up after trying once.

It wasn’t that she had no money. Rather, it was a waste of milk.

There were so many people in the villages who couldn’t fill their stomachs. How could her conscience bear it if she bathed in milk?

Very soon, the great reporter walked out, looking extremely radiant.

“I’ve booked a room in the hot spring shop in the town. You should go and soak yourself. Remember to use the giant medicine packet and spring water beauty medicine packet together.

Sun Mo passed a little bag to Li Ruolan. There was ten days’ worth of medicine packets there.

“One who is unaccountably solicitous is sure to be hiding evil intentions. Do you have some designs on me?”

Li Ruolan teased.


Sun Mo lifted his hand and rapped Li Ruolan’s head. After that, he walked into the tent and began to research the sword scars.


Li Ruolan wrinkled her nose. After that, she smiled and headed toward the Battlegod Town.

After the massage, it would indeed be refreshing if she soaked in a bath.

“It would be perfect if I have something to eat.”

As she soaked herself, Li Ruolan discovered that she was hungry. And just when she wanted to leave to eat something, she saw three female staff from the bathing spot entering her room with plates of food.

“This is something Great Teacher Sun instructed us to prepare.”

The boss of the bathing spot smiled with a respectful attitude.

There was not a lot of food on the plates, but it was a dazzling lineup with many different things. There was pickled plum juice, soy milk, pineapple, apple, and some honeyed pastries...

In an instant, Li Ruolan’s heart grew warm.

(I have no choice. I have to add 10 marks for Sun Mo. Isn’t this action a little too caring?)

(Ai... An Xinhui’s fate is really so good.)


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +500. Reverence (14,370/100,000).

After enjoying the dinner, Li Ruolan dashed straight for Sun Mo’s tent like a gust of wind.


After the beautiful reporter spoke, she directly planted a kiss on Sun Mo’s face. She placed an apple down and left swiftly like a gust of wind.

(No one can stop me if I want to get my face smacked.)


Stars glittered in the sky as sword qi rampantly surged.

Li Ruolan, who became determined, exuded another type of charm. Even Bai Hao stopped several times involuntarily and was in a daze as he gazed at her figure.

(How pretty!)

(Her face and her body...even if I have to look at them forever, I won’t grow tired of them.)

There was no conversation through the night until the morning sun gradually rose.

Cries of the birds and bugs could be heard. A new day had arrived.

“Ruolan, you are training too hard. It’s time for you to take a break.”

Bai Hao decided to invite her for breakfast together. As for comprehension, there was no rush for that. He felt that he would soon achieve a breakthrough.

At that time, he would be able to share his experience with Li Ruolan and cause her to admire him.

“No need!”

Li Ruolan shook her head. She stared at the entrance of the canyon. (Why did that bastard not come yet?)

“You can’t rush things like comprehension.”

Bai Hao persuaded. “If you damage your body from being overly zealous, the gains wouldn’t make up for the loss.”

“Does my body look like it’s going to be damaged soon?”

Li Ruolan counter-asked.


Bai Hao surveyed her closely and suddenly felt his heart thumping quickly. Clearly, his heart was moved.

(Eh? Why do Ruolan’s skin and demeanor seem even better compared to yesterday? How mesmerizing.)

Bai Hao expended a huge amount of energy before he managed to suppress his urge of touching Li Ruolan.

Shi Xingyan was also a very hardworking guy. He woke up very early and after his morning practice and breakfast, he entered the Battlegod Canyon.

Li Ruolan, who had long since grown impatient from waiting, actually calmed her temper. After staring at Shi Xingyan for half an hour, she finally walked over.

“What’s the matter, beautiful girl? You can’t comprehend anything and want me to guide you?”

Seeing Li Ruolan take the initiative to look for him, Shi Xingyan immediately grew complacent. “This lowly one is not talented but even so, I managed to gain some insights after staying in the canyon for three months.”

“Ze, you spent three months and didn’t comprehend the entire thing yet? Should I say that you are stupid or very stupid?”

Li Ruolan’s lips twitched.

Shi Xingyan frowned. “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?”

Li Ruolan’s lips twitched. “I’m scolding you. It seems that you are really stupid seeing that you can’t even understand my words.”

The commotion here immediately attracted many people who gathered around to watch.

Bai Hao directly ran over.

“Ruolan, are you okay?”

Bai Hao then stared at Shi Xingyan.

“Are you crazy?”

Bai Hao was present. If Shi Xingyan wanted to act, he better measured his own strength properly.

“Didn’t you mock me a few days ago? Saying that if I could comprehend the murals, it would mean that the Battle God is blind? Today, I will make you see who the blind one is instead.”

After Li Ruolan spoke, she walked toward the misty area in the depths of the canyon.

That was the path to the next part of the canyon. There were no longer any Battlegod Statues, but one must not make the mistake of thinking that it was very safe. If cultivators didn’t manage to comprehend the true meaning of the murals and decided to head through, the sword qi in this entire part of the canyon would shoot forth like ten thousand arrows, tearing him or her into pieces.


The audience all exclaimed in shock. This great beauty actually wanted to charge through?

Did she not want to live anymore?


Bai Hao jumped in fright and hurriedly stretched out his hand, wanting to pull her.

Li Ruolan dodged it.

Bai Hao’s expression turned stiff. His figure flashed and blocked the area before her. “Ruolan, don’t be rash. You would die.”

“I won’t. I have already comprehended the true meaning of this stage.”

Li Ruolan smiled confidently. She turned her head and looked at Shi Xingyan but didn’t say anything. She only clenched her fist and showed her thumb while making a slicing action at her neck.


Another uproar manifested.

The act of slitting one’s throat conveyed a clear meaning even if the two parties didn’t speak the same language. It meant that ‘I’m going to kill you’. In the current context, it meant that Li Ruolan wanted to hammer Shi Xingyan’s face.

Shi Xingyan was so angry that his lungs felt like exploding. However, due to extreme anger, he smiled instead. “Just go on then. If you can pass this stage, I’m willing to be your servant and work like an ox for you.”

Li Ruolan no longer wasted words. She looked at the mist and directly walked over.

“Ruolan, it’s too dangerous.”

Bai Hao was anxious and followed beside her as he persuaded, “Just wait a little more. I will comprehend this soon and at that time, I will explain my insights to you.”

“No need for that. Teacher Sun has already told me.”

Li Ruolan tactfully declined.

When Bai Hao heard this, it was as though he was struck by a thunderbolt and froze directly.

The mist was very close to her now.

Li Ruolan’s palms started to sweat and she felt a little nervous. However, she didn’t feel scared at all.

This sort of life where everything repeated the same cycle was so boring and she had enough of it. (I want to challenge myself. Even if I die, I don’t care.)

Participating in this and clashing with Shi Xingyan...

Were all these to prove her own judgment?


It was to pressure herself because when the streams of sword qi pierced into her body, they really felt painful. If she didn’t create an enemy she really wanted to defeat, she was afraid she might cower back.

“The fourth part of the canyon, here I come!”

“A new and interesting life, here I come!”

“I, Li Ruolan, am number one in terms of curiosity but so is my courage. After I write these experiences into a book, the world will surely be shocked.”

A myriad of thoughts flashed in Li Ruolan’s mind as she stepped into the mist with no hesitation.

Bai Hao halted because if he continued walking forward, he would die.

He didn’t know why but when he saw Li Ruolan’s figure slowly enveloped by the mist, his instinct told him that in his entire life, he no longer had a chance to make her his wife anymore.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》