Absolute Great Teacher
752 Go and Ask Great Teacher Sun. He Was the One Who Guided Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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752 Go and Ask Great Teacher Sun. He Was the One Who Guided Me!


“She actually walked in?”

“Crazy woman, what a crazy woman!”

“What a pity. She was so beautiful. Now, she probably must have become a pile of mush.”

The audience discussed. None of them felt that Li Ruolan could succeed.

One must know that the longest period someone had stayed here was five years. On average, the people here would stay for 7 months. Li Ruolan hadn’t even been here for five days, yet she wanted to think of passing this stage? Wasn’t this simply indulging in fantasy?

No one believed that Li Ruolan could succeed. In fact, they subconsciously hoped that she would die.

Because if she succeeded, didn’t that mean that the aptitudes of everyone here were trash and they were stupid?

The mist blocked Li Ruolan’s silhouette and everyone could no longer see her. Hence, they glanced toward the walls. The streams of sword qi over there should be activated, right?

Such a scene would surely be very majestic!

But after a long time, there was no reaction.

Gradually, the chattering of the crowd fell to silence as everyone’s gazes turned to the mist.


Li Ruolan wasn’t mentally prepared yet. The mist before her eyes abruptly vanished as her vision cleared.

“Ah? I succeeded? It’s that simple?”

Li Ruolan gazed at her hands. There were no injuries. And when she turned her head, the mist was behind her. They looked so dream-like yet so cold and cruel.

People who failed to comprehend the insights would have no way of passing it even if they put their lives on the line.

“Sun Mo, you are truly very impressive!”

Li Ruolan murmured. Her heart was filled with admiration for Sun Mo.

How terrifying was his comprehension?

Others were still racking their brains to comprehend the murals, but Sun Mo had discovered that the murals had been drawn using a spirit rune writing technique.

Maybe, Sun Mo might really be able to ‘comprehend’ the Battlegod Catalog.

As Li Ruolan thought of this, she suddenly grew agitated.

(Could it be that I’m witnessing history?)

One must know that the Battlegod Canyon had existed for tens of thousands of years, yet no one had managed to decipher it.

Whoever managed to do it would be the first person in Nine Provinces to do so.

The agitated Li Ruolan hurriedly lifted her head and increased her pace, wanting to view the murals at this part of the canyon. After that, she was stunned.

It was because other than a single ancient sword scar, there was not a single mural on the walls.

“What the hell? Where’s the supposed spirit rune? How should we even start to comprehend this?”

Li Ruolan ran around this area and her face gradually turned pale.

There was really nothing here.

Could it be that Sun Mo’s conjecture was wrong?

No, she had to quickly tell him about this.

However, before Li Ruolan left, she still turned her head to survey everything again.

Under the thin mist, several people were sitting cross-legged in meditation or pacing around in contemplation. A few were even using their heads to knock on the stone walls.

There were many people in this part of the canyon. This was because this stage was exceptionally difficult. Supposedly, one needed extremely high comprehension abilities to pass this stage. If one could do so, they would become a dragon or a phoenix among humans.


“Why are there no reactions? Did she succeed?”

“That’s impossible, right?”

“What do you mean by impossible? Since the sword qi wasn’t activated after such a long time, Li Ruolan must have entered the next part of the canyon.”

“Sigh, I wonder what the murals look like in the next part of the canyon. I really wish to take a look!”

The audience discussed with each other. All of a sudden, Li Ruolan’s silhouette passed through the fog and appeared in everyone’s vision.


The entire place fell silent.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Li Ruolan as they swiftly observed.

There were no injuries at all.


Actually succeeded?

Where was the logic?

How many days had she been here? (When compared to her, I feel like I’m an idiot.)

A moment later, several people felt so sour as though they had been drowned in a vinegar jar in their previous lives.

“Oi, did you see it?”

Li Ruolan stared at Shi Xingyan. “I walked over.”

Shi Xingyan had a dumbstruck look on his face.

“The truth has proved that you are the blind one and you have no brains.”

Li Ruolan ridiculed. “Even if you stay for ten more years here, you won’t have any bit of improvement.”

Shi Xingyan’s face instantly flushed purplish-red, resembling the color of pig’s livers. However, he had no way to dispute this because the winner was always right.

Results were everything.

(Haha, the feeling of verbally shooting someone feels so good!)

Seeing Shi Xingyan’s face contorting from depression, Li Ruolan felt extremely delighted.

“Didn’t you say earlier that you would be my servant and work like an ox for me if I succeeded?”

Li Ruolan pressed.

“Oi, a man should honor his words. You mustn’t go back on them!”

Someone pressured him.

“That’s right, I’m willing to do so!”

Shi Xingyan gritted his teeth.

“No need for that!”

Li Ruolan brought one of her hands to her neck and swept her silky black long hair. “You are too ugly. I would feel disgusted if I look at you.”


Shi Xingyan cursed loudly and directly pulled out his weapon.

“What do you want to do?”

However, before he could act, over ten people already stepped out and were staring at him like how a tiger would look at its prey.

Their motives were impure.

Other than coveting Li Ruolan’s beauty, some of them wanted to do this as a favor to her so they could privately request her to tell them her insights of this stage.

“Something’s wrong. I don’t believe your comprehension is so high. There must be a problem with the mist. Right, it must have lost its effect.”

Shi Xingyan, who was humiliated to the point of anger, subconsciously rushed toward the mist.

No one stopped him. Actually, everyone had this suspicion in their minds. Now that someone was willing to test it out with their body, it naturally fit their intent.

Just after Shi Xingyan’s figure rushed into the mist, the spirit qi in the entire part of this canyon boomed and stirred, gushing forth like angry tides.

After that, the sword scars on the wall shone with golden light and blasted out toward the mist.

Their speed was too quick. The golden light was like a white steed flitting past a crack, vanishing in one’s vision. At the next instant, Shi Xingyan’s miserable screams rang out.


Everyone shivered despite not feeling cold. Just hearing the scream was enough to cause one to feel pain.

Bai Hao also had a look of disbelief on his face and was stretching his hand toward the mist. But after hearing the scream of agony, he paused and was drenched in cold sweat.

“What am I doing? Have I gone mad?”

Bai Hao quickly retracted his hands. After that, he looked at Li Ruolan.

(You succeeded like that? What should I do then?)

Bai Hao felt so unbearable that he almost suffocated.

“Has he died?”

“That’s for sure, he screamed so miserably. Most probably, he already died.”

“This young miss, how did you manage to do it?”

As a thick-skinned cultivator asked this question, the others also began to crowd over.

“Do you want to know?”

After Li Ruolan asked this, the surroundings immediately became quiet as everyone waited for the answer. “Go and ask Sun Mo. He was the one who guided me!”

The beautiful reporter left, leaving behind a crowd of dumbfounded people. She wanted to tell Sun Mo about her great discovery.

“Who is Sun Mo?”

“I heard he’s a very impressive great teacher!”

“How impressive is he?”

“Haven’t you seen it?”

Everyone fell silent. They had spent quite a few months comprehending the murals and had no significant progress. But in the end, the newcomer Sun Mo actually managed to do so!

“Is the difference between humans really that great?”

Several people started to doubt their way.

“Teacher Sun didn’t lie to me. It’s indeed useful!”

Lu Lin clenched his fists.

That day when Sun Mo told him about the true meaning of the murals, Li Ruolan was present too. As she had managed to do it according to Sun Mo’s instructions, it also meant that Lu Lin could do the same.

(Very good, even if Great Teacher Fu wants to inspect me, there’s no need for me to be worried or afraid anymore.)

Lu Lin gazed around and discovered that even the most impressive students of his school had not managed to comprehend the true meaning. If he managed to do so, wouldn’t he be the first among them to pass this stage?

By thinking about this, he suddenly felt a little agitated.


“Teacher’s solution is really useful!”

Qin Yaoguang marveled.

She had seen Li Ruolan’s efforts during these two days herself.

“Is there still a need to say this? It isn’t even a problem for Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo wasn’t shocked at all.

Helian Beifang closed his eyes and continued to endure the sword qi, but he was rejoicing in his heart.

(It was too good that I was able to have Teacher Sun as my personal teacher.)


“Are you still doubting him?”

Jiang Leng looked at the sickly invalid.

“When have I ever doubted Teacher before?”

Tantai Yutang shrugged and sighed. “Speaking of which, upon seeing how outstanding our teacher is, the pressure on me is extremely great!”

“Me too!”

Jiang Leng vowed that he definitely had to work harder and absolutely must not lose face for his teacher.


“Sun Mo!”

Li Ruolan found Sun Mo in Boss Bai Cha’s tea store. He was currently drinking coffee and researching spirit runes.


Sun Mo congratulated her.

Just earlier, he had obtained over 20,000 favorable impression points as a harvest. This indicated that Li Ruolan had succeeded and even helped him to gain fame.

“There’s no need to congratulate me. If I didn’t have your guidance, I would still be basking in the sun outside the canyon.”

Li Ruolan knew her limits very well.

“No, being able to endure so many streams of sword qi in such a short period is a mark of your determination. It is worthy of admiration.”

Sun Mo turned his head. “Boss, a cup of tea for the lady, please!”

“Do you swindle girls like this often?”

Li Ruolan felt some sweetness in her heart.

“I wish I can!”

Sun Mo was helpless.

“Alright, let’s speak about the main matter!”

Li Ruolan told her discovery to Sun Mo.

“There are no murals?”

Sun Mo was astonished. What the hell?

“You should personally go and take a look at it!”

Li Ruolan suggested. After the tea was served, she tasted it and felt that it was so bitter.

“Boss, the money!”

Sun Mo placed a tael of silver down and left.

Li Ruolan hurriedly followed after him, but she discovered that the direction Sun Mo was walking to wasn’t toward the canyon. Rather, she was walking toward a mountain peak filled with maple trees. She couldn’t help but be astonished. “Where are you going?”

“To find a place where there’s no one so I can think.”

Sun Mo had thought things through and listed out all sorts of possibilities. He was worried that after he entered the canyon and looked at the murals, they would disturb his line of thought.

Speaking of which, this was really interesting. If the riddle left behind by the ancient Battle God was so easily resolved, it would really be too boring.

Li Ruolan originally wanted to follow him, but after seeing the appearance of Sun Mo who was deep in contemplation, she suddenly felt reluctant to disturb him. Hence, she simply gazed at him.

Only after Sun Mo vanished did Li Ruolan regain her senses. She suddenly clapped her hand to her forehead in annoyance.

(Aiya, he’s in such an artistic mood, yet I’ve actually forgotten to take a photo to leave as a memento.)

(What a failure.)

After thinking of this, Li Ruolan took out an image-recording stone and silently followed after him.

The Great Teacher Newspaper Association Leader had given her a task to do a specific report for the Westshore Military School...


(I don’t have time to do this.)

Even if this task was given to her by the Saint Gate, she wouldn’t charge her mind.

Sun Mo stood on the mountain peak all the way until evening before he descended and walked toward the Battlegod Canyon.

Li Ruolan’s spirit stirred and she continued to follow him.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》