Absolute Great Teacher
753 Ten Thousand Streams of Sword Qi Shooting Out in Unison, Passing the Stage in a Single Day!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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753 Ten Thousand Streams of Sword Qi Shooting Out in Unison, Passing the Stage in a Single Day!


The sun had set, the night wind was blowing.

For many people, this was a rare time to relax. Having a meal and taking a shower, forgetting the depression that came from not being able to comprehend the murals. They could adjust their mental state and try again the next day.

“Eh? Isn’t that Sun Mo?”

“Wearing the teacher robes of the Central Province Academy and being very handsome, there’s no mistake.”

“Why did he enter the Battlegod Canyon so late?”

The people who exited the canyon suddenly felt their spirits stirring when they saw Sun Mo. They quickly turned and followed him in.

Not long later, there were many people following behind Sun Mo.

Originally, Sun Mo’s fame was only resounding in the great teacher world. But after Li Ruolan won the bet today, his fame instantly spread wildly to others.

One must know that Li Ruolan was someone who had passed the third part of the canyon and had an extraordinary battle achievement. No matter where she was, everyone would look up to her.

Not convinced?

That Shi Xingyan who got killed by ten thousand streams of sword qi was the best counterexample.

However, she was humbled and said ‘Go and consult Teacher Sun, he was the one who guided me!’.

Now, Sun Mo who could guide others had personally entered the place. He naturally would cause a huge commotion.

Many people saw Sun Mo idly entering the second part of the canyon. They quickly surged over and pleaded.

“Great Teacher Sun, please guide us!”

“We have stayed here for a year and have no harvest at all. It’s too agonizing.”

“I’ve been here for three years, alright? I haven’t even seen my son ever since he was born.”

“Che, are you sure that child is yours?”

Some of them pleaded and some jested among the crowd. The people belonging to the latter category didn’t have any hopes at all as they knew they had no connections to Sun Mo. There was no real need for him to help them.

Sun Mo ignored them and walked into the mist.

Several people couldn’t help but halt, or they would be killed by the two Battlegod Statues.

After grumbling for a few minutes, some people actually ran back toward the Battlegod Town.

Everyone had stayed here for a while, so who wouldn’t have friends? Even if one really didn’t have friends, this was a good time to start fawning on people.

Hence, they wanted to look for people who had entered the third part of the canyon, telling them Sun Mo just came here as a favor.

If those people were in a good mood, they might share their insights with them.

“Sun Mo entered the canyon?”

Those who heard the news had wanted to go back to the town to bathe or eat a meal. A few even planned to head to the Goddess Brothel to vent. But right now, all of them hurried back to the canyon.

There weren’t many chances for them to witness someone comprehending the murals. They naturally didn’t want to miss it.


A teacher of Westshore Military School rushed into their campsite and hurriedly reported this.

“Teacher Fu, Sun Mo has entered the canyon.”

“So what even if he enters the valley? You are losing your decorum by acting like this.”

Fu Yanqing berated.

If he didn’t know better, he would even assume that Sun Mo had passed the stage.

A great teacher at the side advised the rushing teacher, “Teacher Miao. Our group leader is an absolute genius who entered the sixth part of the Battlegod Canyon before. In the entire Nine Provinces, only a rare few have such an accomplishment. Yet, you are marveling about Sun Mo like this? This isn’t the attitude a teacher from one of the top-rated schools should have.”

“I was in the wrong!”

The great teacher surnamed Miao quickly apologized. After he thought about it carefully, things were indeed the case.

(Calm down! Calm down!)

(It wouldn’t be too late for me to be anxious after Sun Mo entered the sixth part of the canyon.)

(At the very least, he still needs a few years, right?)

(In any case, I will definitely not be able to see it.)

(Sun Mo consecutively passing stages?)

(Please. Such a thing is definitely impossible.)


15 minutes later, many people had gathered in the third part of the canyon, flooding the place.

“Che, everyone here is a familiar face. Almost everyone who can enter the third part of the canyon has arrived now.”

He Wei glanced around and spoke.

“They are all here to look at Great Teacher Sun.”

Under the public’s view, the assistant no longer dared to call Sun Mo by name. If someone reported him, he would be in dire straits.

“I want to see how capable you are exactly!”

Bai Hao also no longer contemplated the murals and came over to look at Sun Mo.


“Wow, Teacher’s influence is so great!”

Qin Yaoguang tossed a pearflower candy into her mouth and excitedly watched this scene. Ai, she really hoped that there would be people making trouble, or it would be a letdown considering that they were now in a limelight.

“Is there a need to doubt this?”

The papaya girl felt very honored. She crossed her arms before her chest and prepared to cheer for her teacher at any time.

Li Ziqi glanced around. Other than Xuanyuan Po, the other students from the Central Province Academy were all present.

“That fellow actually depended on himself to comprehend the murals?”

The little sunny egg sighed in admiration.

One must know that the combat addict didn’t hear any of Sun Mo’s pointers. Moreover, with his personality, he would surely not eat or take a break unless he had achieved his objective.

After He Wei tidied his clothes, he swiftly walked toward Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, do you need me to clear the area?”

“Is it possible?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

In his knowledge, only when major characters were traveling would there be something like authorities helping in ‘clearing the area’.

“Others naturally wouldn’t be qualified, but you are different.”

After He Wei fawned, he suddenly felt somewhat unhappy as his fawning wasn’t obscure enough.


(After being banished to the Battlegod Canyon without a superior to report to... it seems that my fawning skills have grown rusty.)

“No need!”

Sun Mo smiled and thanked He Wei for his good intention. After that, he looked at the surroundings and reminded everyone.

“I want to comprehend the mural and will be staying here. However, things might get a little dangerous, so could you guys please step back further? Otherwise, I would feel bad if any of you got injured!”

A burly dude immediately jumped in and tried to act familiar with Sun Mo.

“Great Teacher Sun, just relax and comprehend as you will. There’s no need to care about us. Whoever got injured is a newbie and will have nothing to do with you!”

“That’s right. If that person couldn’t even withstand a few streams of sword qi, he or she might as well head back home earlier and avoid the embarrassment.”

“Great Teacher Sun, please get started quickly!”

The spectators kept commenting, but not a single one of them left. After all, such a chance to view Sun Mo’s performance was rare. Hence, everyone cherished it very much.

“Xiuxun, Ziyu, can I trouble you all to monitor everyone and get them to step back?”

Sun Mo was referring to the students from the Central Province Academy.

Five minutes later, all preparations were completed.

Sun Mo inhaled deeply and pointed at the stone wall on the right, shooting out a light beam formed from spirit qi.


Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art.

“My heavens, what is that?”

“There’s such a cultivation art?”

“Impressive! Just from being able to watch such a long-range cultivation art, we have already profited.”

The audience cheered and laughed as they stared at the light beam.

He Wei’s countenance instantly darkened.

At the entrance of the canyon, a large stone tablet clearly stated that all behavior that damaged the stone walls would be prohibited. The offender would be expelled to the Darkness Continent or be put to death.

“What should I do? I’m in despair as well!”

He Wei was helpless. (I treated you as a potential stock and wanted to hug your thigh. However, can you not be so ‘arrogant’?)

(Forget it, I will pretend I didn’t see it.)

He Wei shifted his gaze away.


The assistant was also scared by Sun Mo’s action. He hurriedly asked He Wei. After all, such a thing was against the rules.

“What’s the matter?”

He Wei’s acting skills were so good that they were off the charts.

“Eh, Sun Mo...”

But before the assistant could finish speaking, he was interrupted by He Wei.

“Quickly look at the sword scars. They started to light up.”

He Wei mentally mused. (Are you stupid? After we return to the Saint Gate, I have to get a smarter person to be my assistant.)

(Right, it has to be a female too. A beautiful female.)

However, when He Wei saw the light beam hitting its target, he also heaved a sigh of relief. Because, Sun Mo didn’t damage the walls, and that light beam seemed to have simply vanished.

Actually, it didn’t vanish but entered the walls, like a kindling tossed into a bonfire. It activated some of the spirit runes in the canyon.

Because this was the first time, Sun Mo sought stability. If not, he would have awakened all the spirit runes in the canyon.

Bzz! Bzz! Bzz!

Now, the evening had passed and the night had fallen. Hence, when the sword scars lit up, half of the canyon shone with golden light.

For a time, the scenery was gorgeous.

“Wow, it’s so pretty!”

But very soon, the faces of the audience were filled with fear as beams of sword qi suddenly blasted out.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~

They were like ten thousand arrows shooting out in unison.


Earlier, the burly dude, who had said that sentence about the one injured would be a newbie, immediately exerted force with his legs and retreated rapidly. The others were also frantically dodging.

After such a long time of probing, they already knew how much sword qi they could withstand at any single time. If the streams of sword qi were too many, they would definitely be heavily injured.

Yet, Sun Mo took the initiative to welcome the attacks.

Invulnerable Golden Body!


A layer of golden light appeared on Sun Mo’s body. He started to use his fists to clash against those streams of sword qi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Some streams were exploded by him while others pierced his arms. There were even some which Sun Mo didn’t block and directly struck his body.

When sword qi entered the body, it would be extremely painful.

Sun Mo gritted his teeth and continued to persevere.

Three minutes later, the sword qi dissipated.

Sun Mo panted and after standing there in contemplation for a few minutes, a spirit wave blasted out again.


Another large stretch of sword scars flashed and lit up the canyon.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Sword qi ran rampant once again.

Sun Mo refreshed the Invulnerable Golden Body and faced the attacks.

The people were completely stunned by what they saw. Not only did Sun Mo take the initiative to endure so many sword qi attacks, but he also activated so many streams of sword qi in one blow.

One must know that the sword qi in the canyon was auto-generated by the sword scars. Although these people had stayed here for so long, they had never imagined such a thing would happen.

“How did he do it?”

The burly dude was astonished.

“I have no idea!”

Someone replied, “But it’s for sure that he has a very deep understanding toward the Battlegod Rampart.”

“Are you not talking superfluous nonsense?”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes.

“Sun Mo is so impressive!”

Mei Ziyu had also comprehended these murals before. In fact, she had even discussed it with the geniuses of the Jixia Academy, but no one knew about such a thing.

“Teacher is awesome!”

Lu Zhiruo clapped her hands lightly. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was worried she might disturb her teacher, she would even cheer.


Seeing the scene before his eyes, Bai Hao felt as though a steel nail had just pierced into his heart. It felt unbearably painful. In terms of emotions, he didn’t want to admit Sun Mo was stronger than him. However, his rationality harshly smacked his face, allowing him to see reality clearly.

(I’m inferior to Sun Mo!)

(No, I can’t be discouraged. There are still a few parts of the canyon at the back. I still have a chance to reverse the situation.)

Bai Hao was the type of person who had a sense of shame and would become courageous because of that. However, he didn’t leave in a pique. Rather, he opened his eyes wide and attentively observed the intercepting method Sun Mo was using to deal with the sword qi.

Very soon, a light flashed in his mind.

(So this is the case!)

In the audience, the vast majority were here to watch the show, but a rare few truly had outstanding aptitudes. They also managed to discover some secrets through Sun Mo’s comprehension process.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》