Absolute Great Teacher
754 Did the White Dragon Horse Eventually Marry Reverend Tang Sanzhang?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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754 Did the White Dragon Horse Eventually Marry Reverend Tang Sanzhang?


To many people, a matter like comprehension was like being in an unknown maze and they were trying to find the correct exit.

The vast majority of people would scuttle around wildly like headless flies.

Those with good aptitude could eliminate some of those mistaken paths through constant thinking and testing and might even be able to pick the correct path eventually.

Bai Hao and a minority among the crowd had very good comprehension abilities. If they had more time, they would surely be able to understand the trick behind the murals by themselves.

But now because they observed Sun Mo’s performance, their sharp instincts managed to capture the main point to clear the stage.

When sword qi pierced their body, it was too painful and would surely cause damage. Hence, the vast majority of people tried their best to avoid them as much as possible.

Even if some people wanted to depend on the sword qi attacks to comprehend the sword will, they wouldn’t be able to do so because the number of streams erupting forth was limited and there were also many people here. They couldn’t possibly go around and ‘snatch’ the sword qi of others, right?

There would surely be conflicts if they did that.

Hence, the only chance they had to watch the ten thousand streams of sword qi would be when some people thought they had comprehended the true meaning and actually failed when they walked toward the mist.

This chance would only come when others chose to risk their lives. Also, right from the very start, everyone was very cautious. If they didn’t have at least 90% confidence, they would absolutely not act recklessly.

It was unknown what method Sun Mo had used to activate the sword qi in the canyon. This allowed Bai Hao and the other geniuses to have a chance to observe things closely.

They immediately discovered that the trajectory of these streams of sword qi, as well as the parts they attacked, had a rule to it.

And the areas Sun Mo blocked were the vital parts of his body when the powerful streams of sword qi aimed at them. As for those streams of sword qi that were less powerful and wouldn’t cause major damage, he would take the initiative to endure them.

Some people even used their hands to gesture, imitating the sword qi attacks, thinking what they would do if they were in the shoes of Sun Mo.

Very soon, other than the sound of the sword qi whistling, the canyon was so quiet that one could even hear a pin drop. Those spectators all started to ponder.

Even if they didn’t understand, they wanted to take down notes. After all, such a chance was very rare.

After triggering three waves of sword qi attacks, Sun Mo stopped.

“Don’t stop!”

That burly dude was so immersed in watching. When he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but urge Sun Mo. Only after shouting did he realize how rude he was. Hence, he quickly bowed to apologize.

“Great Teacher Sun, sorry...I’ve misspoken.”

Great teachers were an occupation that everyone loved and respected. This was especially so for someone as talented as Sun Mo. They would enjoy this deferential treatment.

Bai Hao also felt somewhat anxious because he knew he just had to watch a little more and he would be able to poke through the thin film of mystery obstructing him. This feeling of almost getting something but was stopped at the last minute was even more difficult to bear than having an itch in his heart.

Sun Mo didn’t bother with these people. He tore open a God Hands Spirit Rune.


Spirit qi gushed forth and a muscular dude materialized. However, it was different from the one Sun Mo usually summoned. It didn’t flaunt its muscles and its gaze was sluggish.

It only knew the most basic massage.

The two hands of the muscular genie fluttered like butterflies around Sun Mo’s head. There was jabbing, kneading, and pressing before the whole set of service shifted to his upper body.

“What’s that?”

“One can even summon something using spirit runes? Why have I not seen this before?”

“F***, I felt that my knowledge in the study of spirit runes has all gone to the dogs.”

The audience was dumbfounded.

“That’s the God Hands Spirit Rune!”

He Wei explained professionally while praising Sun Mo, helping to boost his fame while fawning on him. At the same time, he recalled the enjoyable feeling he felt when he experienced the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands that day.

He was truly unable to extricate himself from the comfort.

It was too good!

Very soon, Sun Mo’s mental fatigue vanished like the mist being shone upon by sunshine. He was filled with energy.

Sun Mo continued, but he also discovered that when clashing against the streams of sword qi, it felt like he was testing out moves against that ancient Battle God.

It was a familiarization process.

Simply speaking, a cultivator could fight against the ancient Battle God through the process of enduring ten thousand streams of sword qi. With the initial step of understanding, it would already be sufficient to pass this stage.

However, if one couldn’t even manage to achieve this point, there was no need to mention anything about learning the Battlegod Catalog.

The original intention of the Battle God wasn’t to kill people or to temper them in such a cruel manner. As long as one paid attention and remained focused, this process was actually very safe. Hence, an hour later, Sun Mo had braced ten thousand streams of sword qi with his body.

He stood there unmoving again and thought for a few minutes. After that, he walked toward the mist.

“Eh? Is he not continuing?”

Someone felt regret. They had managed to see a door opening for them. If this process ended now, their comprehension would be in vain.

“Has he comprehended the true meaning of the mural?”

Some people still hadn’t understood anything.

He Wei immediately went over. “Great Teacher Sun, how do you feel?”

“Pretty good.”

Sun Mo smiled.

In the crowd, a person suddenly rushed out and bowed to him.

“Thank you Great Teacher Sun for allowing me to gain an epiphany.”


Favorable impression points from passerby ‘A’ +200.

As this person bowed, a few others also walked out and expressed their gratitude for Sun Mo.

Without Sun Mo, they had to waste a few months here at the very least.

“No need for that. It’s all thanks to your great comprehension abilities!”

Sun Mo didn’t claim the credit.

Bai Hao took a step forward but stopped himself. Because of Sun Mo, he had completely comprehended the murals of this stage, but he felt unhappy if he had to thank Sun Mo. Moreover, Sun Mo was his love rival.

However, when Sun Mo was about to enter the mist, Bai Hao eventually decided to run over and caught up to him.

“Teacher Sun, thank you for your generosity!”

Bai Hao lowered his head and bowed slightly. “However, I won’t lose. Our competition still continues.”


Upon seeing this scene, several people exclaimed in surprise. After all, Bai Hao was the second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. However, he was pretty magnanimous.

“I’ll accompany you any time!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He didn’t receive any favorable impression points from Bai Hao. This meant that this fellow was merely thanking him because of his identity as a great teacher, but he wasn’t convinced in his heart.

Naturally, Sun Mo wouldn’t care about small characters like Bai Hao because he was insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

After walking through the mist and safely passing it, notifications of favorable impression points began to flash before Sun Mo’s eyes. There were a total of over 30,000 points.

“That’s just appropriate!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied. After that, he calmed his heart down and began to browse the walls here.

There was really nothing here.

“Teacher Sun, what do you think?”

A group of people took the initiative to come over.

He Wei followed them. When he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but smile in disdain.

These people were all cultivators who could enter the fourth part of the canyon. Because their progress was quicker, they were usually extremely arrogant and would ignore people who wanted to seek their advice. But today, all of them were here in the capacity of a learner. Evidently, they wanted to gain inspiration from Sun Mo.

“I temporarily have no idea!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he began to walk around the canyon. Although there were no murals here, there was still sword qi flowing through the canyon.

However, the sword will here wouldn’t injure anyone.

“In that case, does the sword qi belong to this part of the canyon, or does it flow in from the outer parts?”

Sun Mo lowered his head and glanced at the land. Could there be a mural beneath their feet?

The night was overdue and the wind became silent.

Through a thin gap in the ceiling, one could see the stars that were like a long, sparkling river.

Mist pervaded the air. The scene seemed so dreamlike and ethereal.

Using the Earth as the bed and the Sky as the blanket, with gentle gusts of wind accompanying you. Such days weren’t bad.

Gu Xiuxun entered but after looking at Sun Mo who was hugging his knees and in a daze while staring at the sky, she didn’t have the courage to walk over.

Hence, she silently watched him from a corner.

Mei Ziyu entered. When he saw Sun Mo alone as though he was in his own world, she also put down her hand that was raised in greetings.

(Does this world have a dwelling place for me?)

Hence, Mei Ziyu, who was worried about Sun Mo, decided to sit in a remote corner and watch him quietly.

Jin Mujie stood at the entrance and looked at Sun Mo.

A long time later~

Li Ruolan basically didn’t think about going to Sun Mo’s side because she was holding an image-recording stone and was aiming it at Sun Mo.

This composition, this artistic mood, in addition to Sun Mo’s handsome face that showed contemplation...they were simply perfect!

(I have to take a shot of him.)

(So I can treasure it my entire life.)

Li Ruolan was very busy because she kept changing locations and took photos of Sun Mo from different angles. She would also occasionally contribute favorable impression points.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo also entered.

The papaya girl smiled sweetly when she saw Sun Mo and ran over immediately. After that, she sat down like him and hugged her knees with her hands as she gazed at the sky.

Not long later, her head leaned against Sun Mo’s shoulder.


Li Ziqi was speechless. (Can you not disturb our teacher?)


The papaya girl called out softly.


Sun Mo replied. But Lu Zhiruo didn’t respond. A few minutes later, she called out again.


After that, it was silent again.


Sun Mo turned his head and glanced at the papaya girl. He really wanted to ask her if she was making fun of him?

“I really want to wait with you like this forever, Teacher...Ah, pain pain pain! My ears are about to drop!”

Lu Zhiruo spoke halfway and suddenly cried.

“Don’t disturb Teacher. Understand?”

Li Ziqi frowned and lightly twisted the papaya girl’s ear.

“I understand. Eldest martial sister, quickly release your grab. It’s so painful!”

The papaya girl covered her ear.

“You have to be sensible!”

Li Ziqi reprimanded. Actually, in her heart, she felt a little envious. (I also want to sit next to Teacher. Sadly, I’m the eldest martial sister and I have to be sensible.)

“Ziqi, life is bitter and short. There’s no need to be so serious about everything or you might miss out on many sceneries.”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully.

He had met some children who matured early. They thought too much and lived too wearily.

“Come, sit down!”

Sun Mo patted at the area beside him.


The little sunny egg came over and sat down with her hands hugging her knees. Actually, she wanted to lean on Sun Mo, but royal etiquette didn’t permit her to act so inappropriately.

“For the world of adults, you should wait until you grow up before you try to understand it. Now, isn’t it better to just quietly admire the scenery?”

Sun Mo sighed with emotions.

“Teacher, why don’t you tell us a story?”

Lu Zhiruo suggested.

“What do you all wish to hear?”

(This is my specialty. As a teacher, who doesn’t have a few bowls of chicken soup for the soul? I guarantee that after you drink them, you will work hard industriously in your studies for a month.)

“Journey to the West!”

Lu Zhiruo was curious. “In the end, did the white dragon horse marry Reverend Tang Sanzhang?”


(The difficulty of this topic is too high, how do you want me to reply to that?)

Ying Baiwu stood not far away and silently watched everything.

“Are you not heading over?”

Tantai Yutang teased. “You would be able to reminisce about such interaction for your entire life.”


The iron-headed girl turned and left.

(From now onward, Teacher will climb higher and higher and naturally encounter more enemies. I have to become our teacher’s sharp sword, prying aside all thorns in his path, helping him charge through the enemy lines.)

Depending on Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo?

That would be impossible!

“Are you okay?”

The sickly invalid frowned. His junior martial sister’s condition didn’t seem to be too good.

“I won’t die!”

Ying Baiwu also wanted to depend on her own capabilities to comprehend the fourth stage of the Battlegod Canyon.

(I definitely must not be inferior to Xuanyuan Po!)

[1] Both the white dragon horse and Tang Sanzhang are characters in [Journey to the West]

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》