Absolute Great Teacher
755 Shooting to Fame in a Single Day
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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755 Shooting to Fame in a Single Day


Not only had Sun Mo passed the third part of the canyon, but he had also toppled the method that everyone acknowledged. This feat instantly ignited the mood in the Battlegod Town and he became the hottest topic to discuss.

When Fu Yanqing woke up on the second morning, he immediately sensed the change.

He saw the pedestrians in glowing spirits, having agitated expressions as they discussed something. Floods of people formed into groups and entered the Battlegod Canyon.

Because sword qi ran rampant in the canyon and enduring too much would hurt one’s mind easily, many people would stay outside the canyon to ponder. They would enter after they had some thoughts to verify. But today, the canyon was so packed that not a drop of water could trickle through.

“What’s going on?”

Fu Yanqing was puzzled. (I merely slept a night and the world changed so greatly?)

“Sun Mo comprehended the true meaning of the murals last night and passed the stage.”

That teacher surnamed ‘Miao’, who was scolded yesterday, started to explain.

“Oh, pretty impressive!”

Fu Yanqing frowned. “What about Bai Hao?”

“He passed too!”

When Fu Yanqing heard this news, his furrowed brows eased as he praised, “Not bad, Bai Hao didn’t lose face for our Westshore Military School.”

Bai Hao’s performance didn’t let down his nurturing and admiration. Very good.

Honestly speaking, spending five days to pass the third stage was already very fast. Bai Hao was worthy of the title, a dragon among humans.

But then, there had to be a Sun Mo.

“It’s good for there to be competition. It can rouse and stimulate Bai Hao’s potential.”

Fu Yanqing prepared to go for a meal. In the end, he saw Teacher Miao with a conflicted expression like he had suffered constipation for a month. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is there anything else?”

“Sun Mo passed the stage last night using an unprecedented method. That’s why there’s such a huge commotion. As for Teacher Bai...”

As he spoke until the end, Miao Mu already felt embarrassed.

If he didn’t tell Fu Yanqing and Fu Yanqing misunderstood, it would be a dereliction of duty. But if he told him that Bai Hao could comprehend the true meaning of the murals so quickly due to being inspired by Sun Mo, wouldn’t that be too face-smacking?

Honestly speaking, Fu Yanqing’s words ‘Bai Hao didn’t lose face for our Westshore Military School’ was spoken wrongly. Those who were at the scene last night could tell that Sun Mo was the leading character.

Bai Hao?

Sorry, he merely refreshed his existence in the mind of everyone by thanking Sun Mo after that.

He was playing a supporting role through and through.

“What unprecedented method?”

Fu Yanqing’s brows furrowed very tightly, sufficient to crush a crab to death.

Miao Mu quickly described what he saw.

After Fu Yanqing heard it, he was completely stunned.

“Activating the sword scars on the wall and causing thousands of streams of sword qi to run rampant?”

Fu Yanqing was dumbfounded. There was such a solution?

After that, he sank into deep thought. After all, as a 6-star great teacher, his experience and comprehension were both extremely high.

Miao Mu didn’t dare to disturb him and obediently stood at the side.

“Did he touch the murals?”

Fu Yanqing asked.


Miao Mu hurriedly nodded and praised. “Although group leader wasn’t present, your description is as though you were there personally.”

“How audacious. Doesn’t he know that the Saint Gate doesn’t permit cultivators to touch the stone walls? If he damaged the murals, he would be banished.”

Fu Yanqing coldly snorted. He disliked Sun Mo’s chaotic methods.

As an old pedant, he felt that only students who followed the rules were good students.

This time around, Sun Mo was lucky he succeeded. If he failed, wouldn’t he have damaged the wall murals?

Miao Mu wanted to say that those murals weren’t damaged, but he didn’t dare to do so. Also, he was extremely impressed with Sun Mo’s courage and comprehension abilities in his heart. Maybe, there were other secrets in the murals, but no one discovered them because the Saint Gate prohibited people from touching them.

“Tell Bai Hao to stop eating. He should continue comprehending the murals. The second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, the new superstar the Westshore Military School is nurturing...if he cannot even win against a teacher from a rubbish school, he better reflect on himself properly.”

Fu Yanqing’s tone was cold.

This was the atmosphere of the Westshore Military School. Everything was strict and everything was done with obtaining victory as the objective. (I live for the sake of winning.)

There was no prestige in being second place!

This was the teaching of the Westshore Military School.

When Fu Yanqing heard the discussion of the people in the surroundings, he suddenly felt some regret at why he didn’t go to watch Sun Mo when he was comprehending the true meaning of the murals.

However, there should be someone who recorded the scene using an image-recording stone, right?

“Miao Mu, go and look around to see if there was anyone using an image-recording stone to record the scene of Sun Mo’s comprehension. Buy it no matter the price.”

Fu Yanqing instructed.


Miao Mu was stunned. (I thought you didn’t care about this earlier?)

“Why are you in a daze? Can’t you even do such a minor thing?”

Fu Yanqing berated.


There were plenty of people with the same thoughts as Fu Yanqing. After all, those scenes might not only contain the secret of how one should comprehend the murals. They were beautiful as well.

Sun Mo’s ‘fight’ against the streams of sword qi was definitely a gorgeous and magnificent sight.

Even those people who had just entered the canyon and couldn’t be sure if they could walk all the way until the end also purchased the image-recording stones at a high price.

After all, they could either sell or allow their friends to watch it.

But just after a day passed, the image-recording stones were already so popular that there was demand but no supply. For a time, several people felt regret.

(Why didn’t I record the scenes yesterday?)

(Otherwise, I would be able to profit greatly today.)


“Eldest martial sister, you are still the one with foresight!”

Qin Yaoguang praised.

Yesterday, Li Ziqi gave each of them an image-recording stone and told them to record the scenes. Now, these items were worth a lot of money.

“I’m not planning to sell mine!”

The little sunny egg rolled her eyes. She planned to keep it as a collection. “Speaking of which, has Teacher come out yet?”

“He has not!”

The papaya girl shook her head.


Sun Mo stayed for a day and a night in the canyon, and he only came out on the second day when it was very early in the morning.

“How is it?”

Li Ruolan immediately ran over. She had also stayed with Sun Mo and endured the wait for so long. However, she was happy and wasn’t tired. After all, Sun Mo was handsome and she wouldn’t feel tired to look at him.

“It’s a little difficult!”

Sun Mo chortled.

“You stayed for so long, is it because you want to see if the murals might appear during different timing or due to special weather?”

Mei Ziyu shook her head. “That’s impossible. This part of the canyon is the same all year round. There are no changes.”

“Ziyu, back then when you were here, which stage stopped you?”

Gu Xiuxun was curious. After a few days of interaction, the two of them had developed a very good relationship. Hence, they could casually ask each other private questions like this.

“The fourth stage.”

Mei Ziyu used a week to enter the fourth part of the canyon. After that, she lost interest. After all, her hobby was tending to flowers and plants.

Moreover, because her body was unwell, Mei Yazhi wouldn’t permit her daughter to stay at a place where so many streams of sword qi were gushing about for a long period.

Sun Mo wasn’t anxious. In any case, the main purpose of this expedition was to allow the students to improve. Also, the 3-star great teacher examination didn’t test one’s personal combat strength. Hence, even if he obtained the Battlegod Catalog, it wouldn’t really be of help to him.

After enjoying a good sleep, Sun Mo woke up and invited Mei Ziyu and Gu Xiuxun for breakfast.

Jin Mujie?

She didn’t have time. During these few days, she was busy teaching her personal students. This was especially so for Zhou Yu, who was cultivating very assiduously due to Jin Mujie’s training schedule for him.

In a porridge shop...

Sun Mo ordered a small bowl of porridge, a tray of buns, a plate of salted vegetables, and a basket of steamed dumplings. Honestly speaking, the chef’s cooking skill was ordinary, but he had two beauties to accompany him for breakfast. Everything would taste better like this.

In the modern era, there was no need to mention eating with two beauties. If just any one of them, be it Gu Xiuxun or Mei Ziyu, was willing to accompany Sun Mo for a meal, it would already invoke so much jealousy in others that they felt as sour as eating lemons for three days.

“Great Teacher Sun, please enjoy the food slowly!”

The attitude of the shop’s boss was very good. When she saw Sun Mo eating the steamed dumplings with gusto, she delivered three more baskets over.

“Is there a mistake? I didn’t order these!”

Sun Mo drank a mouthful of porridge.

“There’s no mistake, there’s no mistake!” The aunty in the shop felt ill at ease. “They are on the house.”

“Oh, I have to thank you then.”

Sun Mo laughed and appreciated the intention. However, he still would pay for them. He wouldn’t take such benefits for free.

“I don’t dare to accept it, I don’t dare to accept it!”

The aunty immediately waved her hands in refusal. She wanted to say something but then hesitated.

“Aunty, do you have some difficulties?”

Sun Mo mentally mused. (You can’t possibly have a son that wants to take me on as a personal teacher, right? Seems like I’m getting pretty famous!)

In the end, it was proven that Sun Mo had thought too much.

“Great Teacher Sun, can you please come to my shop to eat breakfast again tomorrow?”

The aunty pleaded.


Sun Mo was astonished. (I’m not a beautiful girl. There’s no use even if I stay here, right?)

Gu Xiuxun stretched out her hand and silently poked at Sun Mo’s ribs, indicating for him to look at the surroundings. After that, he discovered that there were so many people, and when they were eating, all of them were glancing at him repeatedly.


Sun Mo was speechless.

“These people all came because of your fame. They want to find out the secrets from you.”

Mei Ziyu covered her mouth and smiled lightly. Earlier, Sun Mo had put on a posture like he was preparing to accept a disciple. It was really so interesting. (However, can’t you think through things a little? How can the aunty have such deep foresight?)

(Her purpose is merely to make you come again to attract the crowd so she can earn more money.)

“Let’s eat!”

Sun Mo thought that these people would leave after satisfying their curiosity but sadly, he was wrong. For a total of three days, he was like a monkey in a circus that was watched by others. This caused him to almost go crazy.

“Since you are unhappy, just say it out and tell them to stop following you.”

Bai Cha brought the tea, as well as a plate of pastries, over. After that, he sat at the side and took out his tobacco pipe, lighting it up and taking a puff.

“Hehe, the road belongs to everyone.”

Sun Mo gave a self-mocking smile. If he really said that, others might say that he was arrogant and they were simply walking on the same path as him, not looking at him at all. What should he do then?

This was the same logic as one couldn’t hit the paparazzi.

If someone intentionally wanted to set a trap for him and take the chance to stir up trouble, his reputation would surely suffer.

“Speaking of which, do you have any insights on the wall mural in the fourth part of the canyon?”

After Bai Cha finished asking, the ears of everyone in the surroundings instantly pricked up. Even the idle chatter had disappeared.

“Boss Bai, you are trying to swindle me?”

Sun Mo was helpless.

“How can this be called swindling? I’m merely helping people to ask, so I can earn a few copper coins. It’s okay even if you don’t want to reply.”

Bai Cha laughed and puffed out a mouthful of smoke.

“Actually I have a discovery!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he suddenly rose and moved toward Bai Cha before whispering a few words in his ear. After that, he finished the coffee in the cup and left.


After Sun Mo left, the other people in the store seemed like sharks who smelt blood and immediately rushed over directly.

“Boss, what did he say?”

“Quickly tell me, I will give you 10,000 taels of silver!”

“You even dare to call out a mere 10,000 taels of silver? I’m willing to pay 100,000 taels of silver!”

Everyone argued.

Bai Cha had an astonished look on his face. After that, he laughed out uproariously. (Good on you. Sun Mo, you are swindling me!)

Truthfully speaking, Sun Mo didn’t share any insights at all. He merely said that he had a discovery and he would pass the stage tomorrow. But if Bai Cha said this out loud, an even larger commotion would surely be created.

At the very least, his tea store’s gate would be trampled flat from the floods of people rushing in. After all, no one could block curiosity. As long as they were human, they would surely come here to ask.

“Haha, what an interesting young man.”

Bai Cha grew joyful. It seemed like the Battlegod Canyon had a much more joyful atmosphere this year due to Sun Mo’s arrival.

(Speaking of which, is he really going to pass the stage tomorrow?)

(I really feel like going there to take a look!)

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