Absolute Great Teacher
756 Counter-Attack of the Lowest-Ranking
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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756 Counter-Attack of the Lowest-Ranking


Bai Cha didn’t reveal Sun Mo’s words.

Honestly speaking, it didn’t really matter whether he said it or not. Right now, Sun Mo was not merely the hottest topic of the Battlegod City, but he was also a dazzling target for headhunters.

This was especially so for those people who entered the fourth part of the canyon but weren’t able to comprehend anything. At this moment, they were simply like explorers who had discovered a new land. All of them were either following Sun Mo personally or spending money to get people to follow him. In any case, they wanted to know his each and every action daily.

From their point of view, Sun Mo’s comprehension might not be done in the canyon. Hence, they didn’t want to miss out on any detail.

Hence, Sun Mo was in troubling circumstances. There were over ten hired paparazzis dogging his steps every day,

“There’s no solution even if you are unhappy. Who told you to have such a dazzling performance?”

Li Ruolan teased.

Honestly speaking, if someone comprehended the true meaning of the murals, other people might feel envy, but they wouldn’t do such a thing. After all, comprehension was a private matter.

However, it was different for Sun Mo. The most terrifying thing about him wasn’t his comprehension ability. Rather, it was his guidance for his students, allowing them to pass each stage smoothly.

Look at the students from the Central Province Academy. Right now, all of them had entered the fourth part of the canyon. This was something that couldn’t be faked.

One must know that they weren’t even here for a week.

Those cultivators who had spent a few months here could still be calm. But those who had spent a year or even more than ten years here almost went crazy.

When they compared themselves to Sun Mo’s students, they would feel that the tens of years spent here was a waste of their time. If they chose to have kids back then, they might even have grandkids now.

One must know that kids were considered adults at the age of 15 in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, and they could already marry and have kids at this age.

How important was Sun Mo’s guidance?

There was another clear example.

These students from the Westshore Military School were brought here by 6-star great teacher Fu Yanqing. Their talents and aptitudes were definitely one in a thousand, but the quickest among them had merely entered the third part of the canyon.

Not only that, but there was even a student who died.

Maybe he didn’t want to let his teacher’s hopes down, maybe he was too self-confident and felt he had comprehended the true meaning of the murals...that unlucky fool was cut directly into twain by the huge weapons of the statues when he attempted to cross the passageway.

His guts and blood splattered around.

The Westshore Military School was one of the Nine Greats Their supply of students definitely suppressed the Central Province Academy. Yet, the disparity of performance between the students of the two schools was so great. There was no need to mention it. At the very least, 70% was due to Sun Mo.

Hence, the cultivators paid special attention to all of Sun Mo’s actions.


Evening camp, the atmosphere in the campsite of the Westshore Military School was completely silent. The students were queueing up to eat food, and they would also occasionally cast glances at Fu Yanqing’s tent, praying for him not to come out.

If he came out, it would represent that he wanted to do an inspection. And as for today, everyone could clearly sense that Fu Yanqing was not in a good mood and kept having a heavy expression on his face.

If their performances were not up to par, they would surely be heavily punished.

Sadly, things turned out contrary to one’s belief.

Halfway through dinner, Fu Yanqing walked out. His sharp gazes swept past the students.

Everyone lowered their heads and wanted nothing more than to bury their heads in their bowls.

“Are there still anyone who failed to enter the second part of the canyon?”

Fu Yanqing asked.

Three students stood up with embarrassed looks on their faces.

There was no solution for it. They mustn’t be cowards and if they hid this, they would suffer even greater punishment.

“Go run 100 rounds around the Battlegod Town and enter the canyon again. If you still fail to comprehend the true meaning of the murals before evening tomorrow, you guys can just scram back to school.”

Fu Yanqing berated.

Actually, Fu Yanqing was considered soft-hearted. Back in the day, he would have expelled trash like them directly.

Upon hearing Fu Yanqing’s words, the gazes of several people turned to Lu Lin. Actually, everyone felt contempt for this person who was rumored to be able to join the student group because of his connections.

“What dogshit luck does he have?!”

The few who were unhappy with Lu Lin naturally felt annoyed that he passed.

“How many have entered the third part of the canyon?”

Fu Yanqing asked again.

Miao Ze, Duan Hu, and three other students, which were two males and females, stood up. Their countenances had a hard-to-mask pride.

Fu Yanqing fell silent.

The other teachers also didn’t dare to speak and could only sigh silently. If it was usually, being able to gain access to the third part of the canyon in about a week would already be considered an extremely good performance.

If Fu Yanqing was happy, he might even reward everyone.

But this time around, they had to run into the student group from the Central Province Academy. Their faces were simply smacked swollen.

“You guys are the face and pride of the Westshore Military School. Don’t embarrass me.”

Fu Yanqing encouraged them.


All of them replied. Duan Hu and Miao Ze, whose gazes were filled with hostility, clashed against each other to the point where there were almost sparks.

“Continue eating!”

Fu Yanqing turned and walked back to his tent.

The inspection was over. Everyone sighed a heave of relief. But at this moment, Fu Yanqing halted and suddenly turned back.


Instantly, everyone who had already sat down hurriedly stood back up again. It felt like having a hook latched onto your scalp, and the hook was lifted forcefully. Everyone felt that their skins were tightening from that sudden ‘pull’.

“Is there anyone who entered the fourth part of the canyon?”

Fu Yanqing’s eyes were filled with hope. He knew that this question was a little overwhelming, but under the huge pressure of the Central Province Academy, he also hoped that the students of his school were able to rise and become a genius that could make others look at them in a new light.

No one replied.

(What should I do? Should I stand up?)

Lu Lin was conflicted. Although he achieved this result, it was all due to Teacher Sun’s pointers. However, he did work hard as well.

At the very least, he endured those ten thousand streams of sword qi stoically with his body.

“Group leader, being able to enter the third part of the canyon is already a very impressive performance.”

Miao Mu spoke a word of justice.

“Hmph, the geniuses of other schools wouldn’t wait for you.”

Fu Yanqing coldly snorted. Just when he wanted to leave, he saw the last-ranking Lu Lin suddenly stand up.


The gazes of everyone turned over. This was especially so for Duan Hu and Miao Ze. They were eyeing Lu Lin like how a tiger eyed its prey.

“What’s the matter?”

Miao Mu asked.

Lu Lin was a young man after all and naturally wanted face, so other students could regard him highly. Hence, he decided to stand up despite the feelings of conflict. But after that, he suddenly felt regret.

Honestly speaking, if Miao Mu didn’t ask that sentence, Lu Lin would have sat back down. But Miao Mu’s words were evidently insinuating that Lu Lin couldn’t clear the stage. Also, Fu Yanqing’s action of turning back and walking to his tent, completely ignoring him, was another reason. All these factors directly provoked Lu Lin.

“I passed.”

Lu Lin felt wronged and subconsciously blurted it out.


Miao Mu frowned. After that, joy appeared on his face. “You are saying that you managed to enter the fourth part of the canyon?”


Lu Lin nodded.


The originally silent campsite was immediately sent into an uproar.

“It can’t be, right? This last-ranking student’s comprehension ability is so high?”

“Such a matter can’t be faked. Also, he wouldn’t dare to lie as well!”

“Impressive. This time around, Lu Lin is going to obtain Teacher Fu’s appreciation and will rise completely.”

The students mumbled and their gazes were filled with envy.

Fu Yanqing’s eyes widened rapidly. He stared at Lu Lin and started laughing. “Not bad. Very well done!”


Fu Yanqing took out a small bottle and tossed it to Lu Lin.

“This is to reward you. You have to continue to work hard!”

After seeing this scene, the eyes of the students turned red from jealousy. Fu Yanqing was a 6-star great teacher, and any casual alchemy pills that were brought out by him would surely be average heaven-tier items at the very least.

One could say that Lu Lin had just earned a lot of spirit stones.

Naturally, the most important thing was that he had earned the appreciation of a major character.

“After you finish your meal, come and look for me!”

After Fu Yanqing spoke, he returned to his tent.

Duan Hu looked at the bowl in his hand. If it wasn’t for the fact there were teachers present, he really wanted to smash it onto the ground.

What did a last-ranker have to rely on to get preferential treatment from a 6-star great teacher?

Miao Mu’s gaze was also filled with killing intent.

Lu Lin didn’t pay them any heed. He was holding the bottle and his hands were trembling from agitation and fear.

(Is this the feeling of being admired by a high-ranking great teacher? How good!)

(Thank you, Teacher Sun.)


Favorable impression points from Lu Lin +1,000. Respect (3,500/10,000).

(But in the future, I will depend on my own capabilities to gain the appreciation of my teachers.)

Lu Lin clutched the bottle tightly.


After dinner, Lu Lin felt trepidation as he walked toward Fu Yanqing’s tent.

“Miao Ze, how do you feel?”

Duan Hu mocked.

“Are you not feeling the same thing as me?”

Miao Ze rolled his eyes.

“I’ve always treated you as my opponent. I didn’t expect a lame toad would suddenly appear.”

Duan Hu’s lips curled.

“Pay attention to your words. Lu Lin is a genius who entered the fourth part of the canyon.”

Miao Ze’s tone was a little sour.

“Speaking of which, how is it possible for a last-ranking trash like him to suddenly erupt forth with so much potential?”

Duan Hu was puzzled.

“How would I know?”

Miao Ze didn’t want to converse with Duan Hu anymore.

“Should we go and ask him?”

Duan Hu suggested.

“If you were in his shoes, would you tell us?”

Miao Ze felt that this fellow was like his name, so silly that he was like a stupid cat.

Duan Hu fell silent. After that, he guessed, “Do you think it’s possible that he went to consult God Hands and got the answer?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. He isn’t Sun Mo’s son, why would Sun Mo give him pointers?”

Miao Ze shook his head. Strictly speaking, both parties were competitors.

Because the Central Province Academy’s student groups were improving very fast, the students from their Westshore Military School became the butt of jokes. If they returned, their seniors would surely call them the worst of all the student batches.

At that time, it would no longer be possible if he wanted to find a senior school sister as his girlfriend.

“That’s right!”

Duan Hu touched his chin. “In any case, get your minions to pay attention to Lu Lin’s situation during these few days. We have to get any clues we can.”


Miao Ze had the same thought.


Early morning, in a porridge shop.

“Teacher, when are you going to clear the stage?”

Qin Yaoguang bit on a bun and was in a daze due to boredom. She had already grown vexed from looking at the walls with no murals. She wanted to know what was in the latter parts of the canyon.

“Naturally, when the time comes!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Teacher, here’s a bun for you. The time will come after you finish it.”

Qin Yaoguang passed the bun that she had bitten a mouthful of to Sun Mo’s plate. After that, she took out a pearflower candy and tore the wrapper before tossing the sweet into her mouth.

When the sweetness spread, the snacking girl narrowed her eyes and revealed an expression of enjoyment.


Sun Mo was speechless. “Be careful that you don’t get tooth decay!”

“What’s that?”

Qin Yaoguang didn’t understand.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to explain, but it was indeed time he cleared the stage. After all, his time was valuable and he couldn’t keep wasting time here in the Battlegod Canyon.

(Let’s clear the stage this morning then.)

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