Absolute Great Teacher
757 Passing the Stage
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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757 Passing the Stage


Taverns were a place where people would gather. Since there were people, gossip and boasting would naturally be born. Moreover, no one cared what delicacies or delicious wine they were having. It was more important to boast to other people.

If one didn’t boast, they would rather die.

The Battlegod Tavern was the largest social gathering place in Battlegod Town. Usually, the mainstream topic would be who-who-who broke through whichever stage of the canyon. Everyone would sigh and feel envy then continue to gossip.

If some ‘courtesans’ came to visit, everyone would feel excited and a little shameless as they tactfully asked for her price. After knowing that they couldn’t afford them, they would curse out loud saying how expensive meat was and began to drink wine of shoddy quality, entering a drunken stupor.

After all, there was everything in a dream.

Because the Battlegod Canyon was located at the second level of the Darkness Continent where dangerous spirit qi tides and spirit fantasy reactions existed, their connection with the external world had never been smooth.

Also, the majority of these people would place their attention on the murals in the Battlegod Canyon as they hoped to be able to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog quicker.

But recently, a great teacher named Sun Mo became a hot topic.

No matter where they went in the town, even those people who were squatting in the dumps when taking a shit would be talking about Sun Mo.

They wanted to find out more information about him.

Being able to help others to comprehend the true meaning of the murals...this fact alone was already extremely impressive.

In the past, there was once someone with bad comprehension ability coming here. That person spent a huge amount of money to purchase insights and experience from geniuses who entered the depths of the canyon.

Those geniuses also sincerely explained their insights, but the purchaser ultimately didn’t manage to succeed.

This was the mysterious part of the murals.

Everyone might be looking at the same murals, but the things they comprehended were different. So how to determine exactly whether one passed or failed? There was no standard answer.

Hence, when Sun Mo’s guidance allowed all the students of the Central Province Academy to pass the stage, this was very terrifying. In any case, in several hundred years, no one had managed to do so before.

Therefore, many people admired Sun Mo. Although they only felt a little favorable impression toward him, with so many people added up, the number of favorable impression points were still pretty high.

Truthfully speaking, Sun Mo wasn’t as strong as they thought. Some high-ranking great teachers could guide their students too, but they didn’t do so.

This was because the education concept in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces mainly focused on students comprehending things themselves while the teachers were to play a support role.

As for Sun Mo, he directly told the answers to the students.

It was like when a student encountered an extremely difficult mathematical question, Sun Mo would seriously explain the concepts, what formula to use, and the thinking process of the question-setter.

But the teachers of the Nine Provinces would let their students try the question for half a year before they guided them. They felt even if the students couldn’t get the correct conclusion from their thinking process, the experience gained would become powerful ‘nutrients’ for them.

Naturally, Sun Mo dared to tell his students because he had deciphered the spirit runes of the murals and knew that even if one meditated and comprehended it by themselves, it wouldn’t be meaningful.

“Did Sun Mo fail? How many days has it been since he last showed up? Why did he not do anything yet?”

A person with a scarred face squatted in the latrine pit and played around with the toilet paper.

“You guys are too anxious. How many days has it been since Great Teacher Sun came to the Battlegod Canyon? Wouldn’t it be abnormal if he comprehended it so quickly?”

At the toilet next door, another voice rang out.

“That’s true. Sun Mo is overly outstanding to the point where I’ve already forgotten that even if one spent a few months or a few years to comprehend the mural, it was also a matter worthy of flaunting.”

Scarface sighed. The disparity between humans was truly great.

“So, we should just calm down. I feel that we have to wait at least three months.”

The voice conjectured. “Maybe even more than half a year. After all, the murals at the latter part of the canyon are extremely difficult.”

“Sigh, I really wish to see those murals!”

Scarface sighed.

At this moment, a loud shout suddenly rang out from outside. After that, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard,

“What’s going on?”

Scarface wore his pants and stood up as he stared outside the latrine pit. Was there a leak?

“Quickly go and watch. Sun Mo is going to enter the canyon to clear the fourth stage!”

A clear shout rang out, causing Scarface to involuntarily curse out loud.

“Damn, is this real or fake?”

After Scarface shouted, he suddenly regained his senses.

“Yes, I have to hurry up!”

Scarface grew anxious. He didn’t want to miss out on such a rare-to-come-by scene. Hence, he hurriedly wiped his butt, but he discovered that because he was too nervous, the toilet paper had been crumpled into a ball by him.

When he spread the paper out, it was already torn and tattered and couldn’t be used anymore.


Scarface wanted to curse out loud. After that, he glanced at the side. “Bro, do you have extra toilet paper, can you...”


The guy next door charged the bamboo door open as a loud bang rang out. He then rushed out when his pants were only pulled halfway.

“Bro, bro. F***, don’t be in such a hurry to leave. Pass me some toilet paper!”

Scarface was anxious now. He directly pushed the door open and took two steps forward, but that other guy had vanished.

Damn, what should he do now?

Scarface listened carefully for the sounds of any commotion in the latrine pit. After that, he gritted his teeth and simply wore his pants as he rushed to the Battlegod Canyon.

When he ran tens of meters out, he suddenly stopped.

Wait a minute, even if Sun Mo was comprehending the true meaning of the murals, he should be doing so at the fourth part of the canyon, right? (I’m someone who merely reached the second part of the canyon. Even if I go there, I won’t be able to see anything.)

But when Scarface saw the streets being flooded as everyone was rushing to the Battlegod Canyon, he tightened his belt and hastened his steps.

It would really be regretful if they didn’t manage to watch Sun Mo. In the future, they wouldn’t even have the capacity to brag in taverns, and even the barmaids wouldn’t be bothered to glance at you.


In the canyon, Sun Mo was completely speechless.

(Do you guys have to treat this so seriously?)

He was originally thinking of a solution and in the end, he saw floods of people that came here unceasingly. Not long later, the fourth part of the canyon was fully packed.

Those who had the ability to enter were all here.

Although they were waiting beneath the stone walls and pretending to meditate. Their gazes would frequently turn to Sun Mo.

They didn’t dare to circle around him directly because it was inappropriate. In the era where an individual’s skills weren’t passed down, standing in a circle to watch someone was a thing that lacked morals.

“Haha, these people are so interesting!’

Qin Yaoguang bit on a sugar-coated hawthorn and was smiling so wide that her eyes were in the shape of crescent moons.

Because they were worried they might disturb Sun Mo, these spectators tried to give him space and stood far away. However, this part of the canyon wasn’t large and there were so many people here today. Hence, everyone was squeezed together, resembling a net that was completely filled with fish.

“Teacher’s face is so great!”

Lu Zhiruo sighed.

“Since Teacher has come, I have no way to continue comprehending.”

Xuanyuan Po’s lips twitched, feeling unhappy. (Is there a problem with these people? Why can’t they depend on themselves? With no challenge in life, what’s the point of living?)

“Cough, cough!”

Ying Baiwu coughed, feeling very unwell, but she didn’t forget to look at the surroundings. As long as someone wanted to disturb her teacher during his comprehension, she would directly shoot an arrow over.

“I want to see how your performance is!”

In the crowd, Bai Hao crossed his arms before his chest and looked at Sun Mo.

Honestly speaking, ever since he had entered the fourth part of the canyon, he had been completely clueless.

There was no solution to it as there wasn’t even a single mural here. How should one even begin to comprehend?

“Sun Mo, do you need me to clear the area?”

He Wei came in and kept using his handkerchief to wipe the sweat on his forehead. How long had it been since the Battlegod Canyon was so lively?

What should they do if something bad happened?

“Great Teacher Sun, you don’t have to worry. There’s definitely no one who would dare to question this..”

The assistant also fawned.

Before this, if Sun Mo wanted to clear the crowd, everyone would definitely scold him. But now, they would at most grumble a little because this was the fourth part of the canyon.

Someone who could clear three stages in five days naturally had the qualifications.

“No need for that!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Great Teacher Sun, don’t drag the time. Please get started!”

“Yes, hurry up please!”

“Could it be that certain methods are needed before the murals show themselves?”

Someone urged and someone asked. A commotion immediately materialized in the crowd.

“Everyone, please maintain silence!”

He Wei shouted but no one cared about him. However, when Sun Mo lifted his head, stared at the stone wall, and took the first step out, all noises in the surroundings immediately vanished.


He Wei instantly felt very sullen. (I’m the person sent by Saint Gate, the administrator of the Battlegod Canyon. Could it be that my prestige is so weak?)

(Can you guys give me some face, hmm?)

“Zhiruo, sword!”

Sun Mo turned his head and instructed.


The papaya girl pulled Evil Vanquisher out and tossed it to Sun Mo.

Although it was very fashionable for people to bring a sword or saber out in the open with them, Sun Mo didn’t like it. He felt that as great teachers, they shouldn’t be emanating killing aura.

If he brought Evil Vanquisher with him everywhere he went, he would feel like a hero who wanted to fight for justice instead of a great teacher.

Also, Sun Mo was already used to using his wooden blade.

“Wow, what sword is this? Does anyone know? It looks so beautiful!”

Those who loved weaponry marveled in admiration.

The sword edge and handle had pictures of dragons and phoenixes engraved on it, looking very gorgeous. The hilt was a pair of spread wings, and the sword body was silvery-white, looking incomparably holy.

“It looks like Evil Vanquisher?”

“Are you talking about the most outstanding masterpiece created by forging grandmaster Ou Yezi? It can’t be, right? Wasn’t that sword lost?”

“Definitely not, if it is the real Evil Vanquisher, how can a little girl possess it?”

Upon hearing this theory, everyone felt that this was indeed the case.

Anyway, everyone felt that if they had Evil Vanquisher, they would surely lock it up in their cellar and every night before they sleep, they would check on it once. Otherwise, they would surely die from heartache.

“Can you all calm down?”

The few people who were talking immediately felt unhappy when they heard this. They turned their heads and wanted to argue, but after they saw that it was Bai Hao who spoke, they immediately screwed their faces into an apologetic smile.

Bai Hao was the second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Ranking and had a supreme-tier backer which was the Westshore Military School. Who could afford to antagonize him?

After Sun Mo walked for tens of meters, he suddenly increased his speed and ran toward the stone wall. After he was near the wall, he directly jumped.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Sun Mo treaded up the surface of the stone wall, and he directly pierced Evil Vanquisher into it after reaching 20+ meters above the ground.


Evil Vanquisher was as expected of a peerless saint-tier famous sword. It could cut metal like mud and easily pierce into the stone wall. Sun Mo’s body stabilized in the air.


Upon seeing this scene, the assistant was directly stunned. Saint Gate had clear rules, saying the walls weren’t supposed to be damaged, but this sword of Sun Mo...

He Wei who was at the side directly covered his face with a thudding sound.

(I don’t think I saw it?)

(Sigh, I shouldn’t have come!)

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