Absolute Great Teacher
758 Exploding A Head with Strength
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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758 Exploding A Head with Strength



All the spectators exclaimed in surprise as shock covered their faces. After that, they turned their heads and looked at He Wei.

Sun Mo had damaged the Battlegod Rampart (wall) and according to the rules of the Saint Gate, Sun Mo should be instantly expelled from the canyon and imprisoned to wait for the Saint Gate’s punishment.

He Wei felt very conflicted.

(What should I do now?)

(Pretend that I didn’t see it?)

But if he did so, he might be judged with dereliction of duty by the Saint Gate. He might even lose his job. But to berate Sun Mo and report his actions to the Saint Gate?

(Please, he is a super rising star in the great teacher world!)

He had gotten 2 stars in a year and was a two-time champion. It was even said that he wanted to be a three-time champion. Besides, the most important thing was that Sun Mo possessed the God Hands.

Sun Mo was someone that lived up to his reputation. He Wei had personally experienced God Hands and other than being ‘convinced’, he didn’t know what to describe his feelings as.

(Such an impressive genius. Do I have to deal with him according to the rules?)

(Sun Mo did break the rules, but rules are dead... If those in the upper echelons want to protect him, wouldn’t I just end up as the villain?)

(Sigh, the life of minor characters is so tiring.)

Right now, He Wei could only hope that Sun Mo could successfully clear the stage. This way, he would have a reason to dispute the rules. After all, geniuses could always be forgiven.

Sun Mo didn’t care about the commotion below. He still hung suspended on the wall and was watching the mist in the canyon.

The mist wasn’t thick, but it didn’t fade even after a long time.

Although the laws of nature in the Darkness Continent had some differences when compared to the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, natural phenomena like this should be similar.

On the afternoon of the second day when Sun Mo had entered the canyon, he had noticed this strange phenomenon.

This time around, Sun Mo benefitted from being someone from the modern era again.

Because to people of the Nine Provinces, the supernatural phenomena in the Darkness Continent were ‘normal’ in their perspective. But to Sun Mo who had received ‘modern education’ since he was young, he understood the myriad of things in the world according to scientific logic.

After closer observation, Sun Mo noticed weak streams of sword qi that came from the mist. It had nothing to do with the stone walls.

And at night, Sun Mo had secretly hung suspended on the stone walls and looked down from above. The circulation manner of the mist seemed to follow a set rule.

Sun Mo, who had long since felt that those murals were spirit runes, naturally drew out the movement of the mist. During these few days, he was doing research on how to assemble the movements of the mist into a diagram.


Sun Mo pulled out his weapon from the stone wall and landed on the ground.

“Teacher Sun...”

He Wei decided to chat with Sun Mo. In the end, he saw Sun Mo rushing out and piercing his sword into another location.


He Wei felt that his position might have come to an end.

In the past, he had felt that he was a watchdog. But now when he couldn’t even be a watchdog, he actually felt some disappointment.

Sun Mo continuously changed positions to observe the mist. Sometimes, he would even climb up to a height above a hundred meters.

He couldn’t help but admit that the Wind King Divine Steps were truly good to use. If not, he would have long since fallen to his death.

“It’s actually possible to assemble the mist into spirit runes. How impressive!”

Sun Mo was filled with admiration.

When he looked down from a height, he could discover the mist slowly flowing and forming into various mysterious diagrams.

On Earth, this place would certainly be classified as an unexplained mysterious region like the Bermuda Triangle.

Sun Mo was intoxicated from watching the mist forming into different diagrams. After all, these were spirit runes from several tens of thousands of years ago and represented a branch of learning. It gave him plenty of inspiration.


“Boss, we can’t allow Sun Mo to act recklessly like this.”

The assistant persuaded He Wei.

“What should I do? I’m also despairing!”

He Wei bitterly smiled.

“Do you think Teacher can comprehend the true meaning of this stage?”

Qin Yaoguang frowned. She didn’t even have the mood to eat the sweet and sour sugar-coated hawthorn in her mouth anymore. Could one pass the stage simply by prancing around like a monkey?

“That’s for sure!”

The papaya girl decisively nodded and spoke in a manner as it should be by rights. “In this world, there’s nothing Teacher cannot do.”


Li Ziqi quietly berated. (Although I feel the same way, we cannot say it out like that as it would attract too much aggro. This fact will infuriate all those competitors to their deaths.)

The others weren’t in the mood to talk. They inclined their heads and looked at Sun Mo. Even the combat addict was no exception.

“Jumping around like that, do you think you are a Monkey Sun?”

Bai Hao scolded. After that, he hurriedly changed his words. “Wrong, there’s no way you are Sun Wukong.”

Bai Hao was very fond of the book [Journey to the West]. The Great Sage Equal to the Heavens wrecking trouble in the celestial court...Sun Wukong was his idol. Hence, he felt it was an insult to compare Sun Mo’s name to Sun Wukong.

“Hmph, why isn’t the Great Sage surnamed ‘Bai’? That Gandalf who wrote the book must be surnamed ‘Sun’. It’s clearly selfishness.”

Bai Hao was distracted. When he thought of Sun Mo having the surname ‘Sun’, he immediately grew unhappy.


Sun Mo landed on the ground gracefully and elegantly.

“Sun Mo, please climb lower and slower, or I won’t be able to capture the scene.”

Li Ruolan grumbled.

Bai Hao, who was already somewhat uncomfortable, felt crushed instantly when he heard the woman he admired speaking like this to Sun Mo. Moreover, there was a hint of admiration in her gaze when she looked at him.

“Sun Mo, please respect yourself!”

Bai Hao roared.

Sun Mo, who was originally climbing, suddenly stopped.


Everyone’s gazes turned to Bai Hao. Was he not convinced and wanted to make trouble?

Bai Hao was someone famous and he wasn’t a coward. When facing the gazes of so many people, he wasn’t afraid at all. He then spoke as though justice was on his side, “Teacher Sun, the Saint Gate has rules. One is not allowed to damage the stone walls. It’s fine if you poke it once or twice, but by frantically jumping around like that, it is too inappropriate!

“If everyone does the same thing, the rampart would be destroyed sooner or later, and no one would need to think about comprehending the Battlegod Catalog anymore.

“The Battlegod Canyon has existed for tens of thousands of years due to everyone’s care for it. Teacher Sun, please restrain yourself.”

One couldn’t help but say that Bai Hao’s words were packed with logic and fully displayed the image of a reputable and righteous senior martial brother.

“That’s right. What if the stone wall was damaged?”

“Indeed, Sun Mo was rash.”

“His ego must have swelled after passing three stages in a row.”

If a person felt joy, someone else would surely be unhappy. However, Sun Mo’s actions were truly not appropriate, and even those neutral parties felt some degree of resentment.

Just like what Bai Hao had said. If the rampart was destroyed, no one in the future could comprehend the Battle God Catalog anymore.

“Teacher Bai, you are worrying too much. This stone wall is very normal. Let alone a few pokes, even if I shatter a part of them, it won’t affect anything.

Sun Mo explained.

“Who dares to guarantee this?”

Bai Hao counter-asked in an overbearing manner.

Sun Mo fell silent. He couldn’t possibly say that he guaranteed it, right?

That would be too egotistical and make him seem like a villain!

“Teacher Sun, I understand your feelings. You want to clear the stage as quickly as possible. But please don’t be egoistical...”

Bai Hao also didn’t plan to harp further. After all, he wanted to win against Sun Mo in terms of teaching capabilities and talent rather than using a lousy excuse such as damaging the stone wall.

However, who could have expected Li Ruolan to interject at this moment?

“Sun Mo definitely has his own logic. You shouldn’t bother him.”

This sentence was clearly spoken with the attitude of protecting Sun Mo. Also with a single glance, it was clear her relationship with Sun Mo was very close and Bai Hao was an outsider.

Bai Hao’s crumbling state of heart instantly exploded.

“What logic?”

Bai Hao questioned.

“If you don’t reveal it, you have to give everyone an explanation.”

Bai Hao looked at He Wei. “What punishments does the Saint Gate have with regards to offenders damaging the stone wall?”

He Wei looked at Sun Mo. He was so depressed that he wanted to slap himself. (As expected, I shouldn’t have come to partake in the liveliness. Now, I’m being pushed up into the fire pit.)

Gu Xiuxun wanted to help, but she was stopped by Mei Ziyu.

“Teacher Sun can resolve it.”

Mei Ziyu trusted Sun Mo.

“Alright, stop barking.”

Sun Mo frowned. He didn’t understand why Bai Hao would lose his temper. However, the hostility radiating from Bai Hao was clear. Since that was the case, there was no need for Sun Mo to endure anymore.

“My logic is simply this. I’ve passed the stage.”


The originally noisy atmosphere immediately fell silent. Everyone here turned their gazes to Sun Mo as they felt incomparably astonished.

(What did you do? You passed just like that? Are you swindling us?)

However, such words couldn’t be a joke. After all, whether or not one comprehended it successfully, everything would be known when they attempted to cross through the mist-filled area leading to the next part.

For a time, because everyone was too shocked, no one said anything. Even Bai Hao was dumbstruck.

After all, being able to clear the stage represented that Sun Mo understood the true intent of this stage. Since that was the case, if Sun Mo said damaging the wall would affect nothing, that must be true.

“Teacher Sun, could you please explain it to broaden the horizons of everyone?”

Someone spoke out in curiosity to probe Sun Mo.

Li Ruolan immediately aimed the image-recording stone at Sun Mo.

At this moment, no one cared about the issue of Sun Mo damaging the stone wall. Everyone wanted to know the true meaning of this stage.

“Pass it then!”

Bai Hao sneered.

Whether it was true or not, the sword qi would give an answer.

“Sun Mo!”

Gu Xiuxun spoke. She was worried Sun Mo might try to show off. If he comprehended wrongly, he would be killed by the sword qi. It was better to be more cautious.

“Don’t worry.”

Sun Mo smiled at the masochist and walked toward Bai Hao.

Bai Hao immediately stood up straight. His body was leaning forward slightly, resembling a hunting predator or a ferocious beast. He didn’t show any signs of weakness at all as he looked at Sun Mo’s eyes directly.

Sun Mo walked before Bai Hao and looked at the Evil Vanquisher in his hands. After that, he tossed it back to the papaya girl.

“I’m still used to using this wooden blade.”

Sun Mo smiled and pulled out his black sandalwood blade and slashed through the air.

“What does this mean? Did he grow angry from being embarrassed and want to fight now?”

“Sun Mo might not win, right? After all, Bai Hao has been famous for many years.”

“Who cares? It would be good if they fight. For experts of this level to exchange blows, it would surely be something we can look at with pleasure.”

The ‘melon-eating’ audience was very excited. (The melons today are sweet and juicy, extremely delicious.)

“What process is this? Are we directly fighting or should we exchange greetings first?”

Bai Hao’s lips twitched.

(Fighting against me?)

(I can crush you so badly until you pee in your pants.)

(Since you want to embarrass yourself, I will grant you your wish.)

“Bai Hao. 2-star great teacher. I’m at the Divine Force Realm, please guide me.”

Just when Bai Hao said the word ‘guide’, the wooden blade in Sun Mo’s hands directly slashed out.


The wooden blade arced through horizontally as he executed Riverful Spring Water, which flowed constantly like the waves of a river and directly slammed into Bai Hao’s temple.


This strike was truly beautiful to watch. It was like a good calligrapher waving his brush in a spontaneous writing creation. However, the end result was too frightening.

Bai Hao’s head directly exploded and his body was knocked flying. Fresh blood and brain matter scattered through the air, leaving behind a corpse with half a head. With a bang, he fell onto the ground.

Everyone present was dumbstruck and got frightened by this sound. Their hearts pounded so rapidly that they almost exploded.

[1] melon-eating audience – audience who wants to watch a good show

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