Absolute Great Teacher
759 The Happiness of a Genius Is Indeed So Simple and Dull!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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759 The Happiness of a Genius Is Indeed So Simple and Dull!


In the canyon, the mist pervaded the air.

This season was the end of summer. The atmosphere was slightly hot, but at this moment, some people felt a chill in their hearts. A hint of fear appeared on their faces as they looked at Sun Mo.

(Killing someone just like that? Are you not a little too arrogant?)

As they looked at the corpse whose head got exploded by Sun Mo, the bit of goodwill the audience felt for Sun Mo instantly vanished into smoke.

(Bai Hao might be rude with his words and was targeting you deliberately. But you shouldn’t have killed someone just because of that!)

Even in an era like this that was ruled by martial strength, the saying ‘Ten thousand steps is but a number when I can kill someone every ten steps.’ was merely something found in novels.

Who would really kill someone just because of a verbal disagreement?!

(Is your brain damaged?)

“Wow, teacher is so ruthless?”

Qin Yaoguang was happy. Her little teeth bit down and munched quickly on the sugar-coated hawthorn in her hand. The candy was large enough and she felt very happy eating it.

“What do you mean by being ruthless?”

Xuanyuan Po rolled his eyes. “Given Teacher’s personality, even if he was unhappy with Bai Hao, he would openly issue a challenge to him. Sneak attacking? It’s impossible.”

After saying this, Xuanyuan Po already turned his gaze onto Sun Mo.

“It’s either that fellow is a fake, or Teacher has already comprehended the true meaning of this stage. There’s definitely a deeper meaning to his actions.”

After hearing Xuanyuan Po’s words, Li Ziqi had an astonished look on her face and couldn’t help but look at him.

She couldn’t tell that Xuanyuan Po’s understanding of their teacher was so clear and deep despite him only having combat in his heart every day.

(I’ve somewhat changed my opinion of you.)

“Eh? You are also a simp for our teacher?”

Tantai Yutang mocked. (You are gradually evolving into a crazed boy fan!)

“That’s right, Teacher isn’t a sinister or ruthless person!”

Lu Zhiruo spoke frankly with assurance, “I feel that Bai Hao probably didn’t die. There’s an 80 to 90% chance that what we saw was an illusion.”

Jiang Leng felt the same way, but he didn’t say anything. He silently held his dagger and narrowed his eyes, staring at the surroundings, resembling a ferocious beast that was concealing itself.

Even if he had to put his life on the line, he would behead whoever wanted to act and harm his teacher.

Cough! Cough!

Ying Baiwu felt very unwell now, but she couldn’t be bothered to care so much. She directly took the bow in her hand and guarded Sun Mo.

Helian Beifang also pulled out his weapon.

As a youth of the barbarian race, he was used to the law where might makes right. From his point of view, so what if his teacher killed someone?

(Ah, there are unconvinced people? Just continue killing until they are convinced then!)

(Logic is not on your side? Sorry, when all enemies die, my teacher will be the greatest logic.)


“What is he doing?”

Jin Mujie kneaded her glabella. As the group leader of the student group and the teacher from the Central Province Academy with the highest rank here, she instantly thought of all the negative implications that would result from this.

If Fu Yanqing sent punitive forces against Sun Mo, she would have to go all out to retaliate.

In any case, it was impossible to hand Sun Mo over. After all, he was her younger sister’s husband.

Jin Mujie was startled after she realized this.

One must know that she hated those who killed innocents the most. But Sun Mo did this. Although she felt uncomfortable, no feelings of loathing or disdain appeared in her heart.

(Sun Mo’s status in my heart is actually so high?)

Jin Mujie was somewhat astonished.


“T...this method of passing is a little unusual.”

Mei Ziyu was shocked.

“Yeah, so unusual that even someone’s head exploded.”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips curled. She didn’t know why, but when she saw Bai Hao’s head exploding like a rotten watermelon, she actually grew so excited that she shivered and really wanted Sun Mo to make love to her.

(Death? There’s no such thing.)

Even if Sun Mo wanted to kill someone, he would do so openly.


Sun Mo stared at the corpse on the ground. (Che, it’s quite realistic.)

A bloody smell pervaded the atmosphere and it was very unpleasant.

Sun Mo gazed at the surroundings. Everyone had dumbfounded and shocked looks on their faces. Some were even looking at him in disdain.

(Sigh, can’t these people think about the meaning behind my actions?)

(Did I look like a homicidal maniac that kills people just because of a verbal disagreement?)

Sun Mo surveyed the area where people of the Central Province Academy were at. Luckily, everyone’s performances weren’t too bad. They were all thinking. (However, Qi Shengjia, what do you mean by having a worried look on your face?)

(Che, as an honest guy, your mind is really slow.)

Actually, Sun Mo also didn’t want to do this. Such an opportunity was rare and he initially wanted to taste the feeling of suicide. However, Bai Hao kept barking away and caused him to be somewhat vexed. Hence, he brandished his weapon in the passing and exploded Bai Hao’s head.

But then again, the tactile feel when Bai Hao’s head exploded was not too bad and it sounded better than the other head explosions he had caused before. If you compared the head to a watermelon, it sounded like an explosion of an overly-ripe watermelon.

“Boss, what should we do?!”

The assistant’s voice trembled. Bai Hao had died. If the Westshore Military School pursued them, Saint Gate would do so as well. The responsible ones wouldn’t be able to run from their mistakes and most probably would be banished to remote places in the Darkness Continent.

(Please don’t banish me to the third level. I would rather die.)

In the crowd, some people were already leaving silently, heading over to inform Fu Yanqing.

Plenty of people would wish to be the lackey of a 6-star great teacher and gain a favor from him. Naturally, some with narrow states of heart would want to see Sun Mo out of luck.

He Wei, who was in a daze, suddenly lifted his hands and ruthlessly slapped himself four times.

(Don’t panic, there must be some hidden matters that I don’t know of.)

(How can the thigh I looked up be so shallow as to kill someone just because of a few sentences?)

This wasn’t something a great teacher would do, and Sun Mo wasn’t a homicidal maniac.

“B...Black Doggy Sun, what do you mean by this?”

Among the crowd, the haters of Sun Mo started to launch cannon shots.

“You have low intelligence. If you don’t understand, just stop barking and obediently stand to the side and watch.”

Sun Mo directly shot back. (Wanting to trample on me? I’ll hammer your toes until they rot.)

“What? Are you embarrassed by anger? If you don’t give an explanation today, this matter definitely won’t be settled so easily!”

A hater spoke sharply. But at the next moment, he saw Sun Mo lifting his hand slightly as a beam of spirit light shot over, grazing past the hater’s head.


In an instant, that hater was drenched in cold sweat. His tongue shivered and he couldn’t speak.

(If the light beam was slightly closer by a few degrees, I would have died!)

“Don’t be nervous. I can’t even be bothered to kill a newbie like you even if you stand there for me to kill.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled.


Everyone laughed out loud but soon shut up.

“It’s here, it’s here. This is the drama I want to watch!”

Li Ruolan took the image-recording stone and aimed it at Sun Mo with excitement on her face.

(Come on, be enemies with the rest of the world.)

Li Ruolan had a premonition that the scene today would surely become a hot topic of interest in the history of the great teacher world.

It was too good that she could be a spectator.

“It’s over. Teacher Bai has died. What should I do? Should I inform Group Leader Fu?”

Lu Lin panicked and was sweating madly as he kept scratching his hair.

As a student of Westshore, he should go and make the report. However, Sun Mo had shown kindness toward him by guiding him. At this moment, Sun Mo suddenly moved, heading toward the mist in the depths of this part of the canyon.


The crowd which was whispering instantly fell silent.

“Is he going to clear the stage?”


“Can you keep quiet?”

Some of the people spoke. They felt fear as they watched Sun Mo heading toward the mist. They immediately followed him because they didn’t wish to miss out on any details.

As for the dead Bai Hao?

(Sorry, are we very familiar with each other?)


Sun Mo walked toward the mist.

The expressions of everyone immediately turned nervous and some were even panting heavily. Shouldn’t Sun Mo prepare himself more?

But Sun Mo directly entered, walking leisurely and being as completely at ease as taking a walk in his own garden.

(Can you at least make this more ceremonial with solemnness?)

(If you pass this stage so relaxedly, you will make us feel like we are idiots.)

One couldn’t help but say that Sun Mo’s calm demeanor was truly graceful and handsome.

For a time, many people contributed favorable impression points. This was especially so for females. They suddenly felt that Sun Mo’s act of killing Bai Hao wasn’t something unforgivable after all.

After waiting for a few minutes, someone spoke.

“The sword qi isn’t activated. Is he successful?”

“I think so?”

“Speaking of which...is Sun Mo not afraid? He would die if he failed!”

“Maybe that’s the difference between a genius and a mortal?”

As time passed, the whispers of the crowd grew louder. After that, they grew more intense and became fervent discussions.

At this moment, no one doubted Sun Mo’s aptitude anymore.

Maybe his character was a little perverse, and he liked to kill people by exploding their heads. However, his comprehension ability was definitely at the first grade. No, at the supreme grade.


“Our teacher is actually so terrifying?”

Although Qin Yaoguang felt that Sun Mo should have comprehended the true meaning of this stage, she was still shocked when she personally saw him passing through the mist.

One must know that he merely used a total of six days. Other than the day and night he spent in the canyon back then, he hadn’t been staying here that much.

Look at the audience in the surroundings. Some were already so old that their hair turned white. They had spent at least a few months here casually and for extreme cases even tens of years. Nevertheless, they had no harvest.

“I took such an extremely awesome guy as my personal teacher, like really?”

“You just discovered this now?”

The papaya girl was surprised. “It’s very normal for Teacher to be so outstanding!”

“Che, as expected... Teacher managed to display his brilliance again!”

Tantai Yutang shook his head and laughed. “The happiness of a genius is so simple and dull as expected.”

Jiang Leng’s lips curled and he kept his dagger.

No matter how unhappy these people were with his teacher, they wouldn’t go against him. This was because they could only beg his teacher if they wanted to pass the stage.

“Speaking of which, what did Sun...Great Teacher Sun do exactly?”

A person was curious. He originally wanted to address Sun Mo by his name but suddenly felt that it might be too impolite to do so. Hence, he changed his way of address to ‘Great Teacher Sun.’

This was an act of respect.

Respect was brought by strength. You could ignore how people addressed you, but others had to treat you seriously.

“It can’t possibly be... to explode a head to pass, right?”

“Definitely not. How many people would need to die here then?”

“Sigh, I can’t tell. How agonizing!”

Just when the audience was racking their brains, a roar of anger rang out resoundingly.

“Black Doggy Sun, how dare you!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Fu Yanqing’s beard and hair bristling from anger. He looked like a lion king whose cub was killed.


Everyone then proceeded to turn their heads and look in the direction of the teachers and students from the Central Province Academy. There was a good show to watch now. (You exploded Bai Hao’s head just because you wanted to pass the stage. This reason can’t be justified no matter what.)

After all, Fu Yanqing was an absolute genius that had entered the sixth part of the canyon before.

“Where’s Black Doggy Sun?”

Fu Yanqing followed everyone’s gaze and turned to look at everyone from the Central Province Academy, questioning in a cold voice.

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