Absolute Great Teacher
760 Disciples Would Resemble Their Teacher!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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760 Disciples Would Resemble Their Teacher!


Jin Mujie racked her brains for a solution, wanting to reduce the magnitude of this incident to something acceptable. As for Fu Yanqing scolding Sun Mo as a Black Doggy...

That was nothing.

In the great teacher world, seniority was highly regarded. Even if Sun Mo didn’t do anything wrong, with Fu Yanqing’s status as a 6-star great teacher, he could scold a 2-star like Sun Mo no matter how unpleasant the scolding was. To outsiders, this was something very normal.

Jin Mujie didn’t reply, but Sun Mo’s personal students were all unhappy.

“Who are you calling black doggy?”

Ying Baiwu took a step forward. Her pale face was filled with rage. “Retract your words!”

The iron-headed girl wasn’t merely making a statement. The bow in her hands was fully pulled, and she looked like she was ready to act at the smallest provocation.

“That’s right. No matter what, you are a 6-star great teacher. Calling others names is truly a very low-end behavior.”

The papaya girl grumbled. “Please maintain the prestige of 6-star great teachers.”

“Great Teacher Fu. For things like face and prestige, it’s supposed to be gained by oneself. Before making things clear, you are already losing your temper. Isn’t this a little too dogmatic?”

Li Ziqi questioned.

“Haha, all of you are Black Doggy Sun’s students, right?”

Fu Yanqing laughed due to anger. “In the past twenty years, let alone students, even great teachers wouldn’t dare to talk like this to me. All of you are very gusty indeed!”

His tone was already filled with a menacing threat.

At the same time, a surge of terrifying spirit might blasted out with Fu Yanqing at the center. The surge of spirit might was akin to tides, sweeping toward the student group of the Central Province Academy.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Jin Mujie, Gu Xiuxun, and even the sickly Mei Ziyu stood out immediately, blocking the area before the students.

“Teacher Fu. You are a senior. Why are you so calculative with kids in their teens?”

Although Jin Mujie spoke politely, her tone was filled with anger.

(I don’t antagonize those who don’t antagonize me! If you dare to antagonize me, I will kill your own family!)

Jin Mujie was also regarded as a genius and was considered a superstar among 3-star great teachers. Although she didn’t want to fight, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t.

“What a coincidence. We don’t have anything except for sufficient guts and iron heads.”

Xuanyuan Po pulled his spear sack away and touched his silver spear. He stared at Fu Yanqing and enunciated his words clearly. “Although I might die, I’m willing to fight!”

The spectating crowd could see an intense battle intent radiating from Xuanyuan Po. This fellow wasn’t joking at all.

Hence, everyone was astonished.

“Have these students gone mad?”

“I don’t know whether they’ve gone mad or not, but I know they really respect Sun Mo!”

“Yeah, from the looks of things, regardless of whether Teacher Sun’s teaching capabilities are good or bad, his personal charisma is extremely high.”

Everyone whispered to themselves. Some great teachers also revealed looks of envy.

Who didn’t want students who loved them more than they loved themselves?!

Even Fu Yanqing felt somewhat envious at this moment.

After all, no one would feel that they had too many such loyal students.

“Great Teacher Fu, the current situation is this. My teacher just entered the next part of the canyon and this meant that he had comprehended the true meaning of the previous stage. As for that ‘dead person’, there’s no way to determine whether he truly died. We should wait for my teacher to come out before we can have a final conclusion.”

“You can’t possibly really fight against us juniors, right?”

Li Ziqi’s right hands were tightly clenched. Her nails almost pierced into her palms, but she subdued her nervousness and fear and revealed a casual and confident attitude.

(I’m Teacher’s eldest martial student. I have to bear all of this.)

Who was Bai Hao?

He was a superstar of the Westshore Military School and was nurtured as a future core power of the academy. Moreover, his personal teacher was an 8-star great teacher. If Bai Hao died here, Fu Yanqing would definitely be in great trouble.

At the very least, others would think that he couldn’t even protect a junior’s life. His reputation would surely be heavily damaged.

Things would be troublesome if Fu Yanqing, who was enraged, injured her junior martial siblings. Hence, Li Ziqi had to drag time out.

“Sun Mo has entered the next part of the canyon?”

Fu Yanqing frowned and swept his gaze around. He saw many people nodding, and this caused his expression to sink. If it wasn’t for the fact that his self-control was good, he would have inhaled a breath of cold air.

(Sun Mo’s aptitude and comprehension are actually so high?)

When he looked at Bai Hao’s corpse lying on the ground, a surge of depression and vexation rushed into his heart.

Jin Mujie felt incomparably envious when she saw how composed Li Ziqi was. Although Li Ziqi had no fighting capability, she was extremely outstanding in all other aspects.

Fu Yanqing flicked his sleeves. He couldn’t be bothered with these people and strode with large steps toward the next part of the canyon.

(The fifth part of the canyon?)

(Sorry, this also cannot be considered a difficult stage for me.)

At this moment, Xuanyuan Po suddenly roared loudly.

“I understand now.”

After the combat addict finished speaking, he began to sprint toward the mist.


Li Ziqi jumped in fright and stretched out her hand to hold him back.

“Junior martial brother, don’t act recklessly!”

Lu Zhiruo hurriedly stopped him too. One would die if they failed to comprehend each of the stages, and there was no chance to restart.


Everyone’s gazes turned over. Even Fu Yanqing couldn’t help but halt.

“What the hell?”

“Could he have comprehended the true meaning?”

“It can’t be, right? That youth only came to the Battlegod Rampart for a few days!”

The audience grew curious.

“Xuanyuan Po, hold it right there.”

Jin Mujie anxiously shouted and even chased after him. (Sun Mo has already comprehended the true meaning, so why are you in such a rush?)

(Can’t you wait and consult him first? By doing so, it would be extremely safe.)

Sadly, Xuanyuan Po’s speed was too quick and he was very decisive. After a few seconds, he had charged into the mist with no hesitation.

Upon seeing this scene, Fu Yanqing revealed a look of admiration.

Fearless, courageous, and pure!

If this fellow didn’t die, he would surely make a name for himself in the Nine Provinces.

After tens of seconds later, everyone glanced at the stone wall.

They waited for a total of one minute, but the attacking sword qi wasn’t activated

“So... does this mean that he passed?”

No one replied, but this answer was definitely true

“Isn’t this too psychologically damaging?”

“That youth’s name is Xuanyuan Po, isn’t it? It sounds so domineering!”


Jin Mujie was speechless. She subconsciously turned her head and glanced at Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu was currently dumbfounded. He was shocked by Xuanyuan Po’s craziness.

(You are not going to confirm things and simply chose to enter directly?)

(Are you not afraid of death?)

Honestly speaking, after Sun Mo had successfully entered the next part of the canyon, Zhou Yu had already given up comprehending and was waiting for the answer.

Hence, right now, he felt incomparably ashamed.

“If Xuanyuan continues to develop like this, he will definitely be able to become a ranker on the Hero Rankings. Hence, Sun Mo’s 4-star title is already secured.”

Gu Xiuxun felt envious.

In the past, she felt that Zhang Yanzong’s aptitude wasn’t any inferior to Xuanyuan Po. But from the looks of things now, Xuanyuan Po was in a class of his own.

“The personal student of a great teacher capable of rising two stars in a year and being a 2-time champion is simply impressive!”

Fu Yanqing laughed loudly. He then looked at the students from the Central Province Academy. “I wonder if there’s anyone else like him?”

“Don’t fall for his provocation!”

Jin Mujie hurriedly reminded them.

“Teacher Fu, how can you do this?”

Mei Ziyu complained. What if Sun Mo’s students died because they wanted to enter the canyon to protect their dignity?

“Teacher Mei, don’t worry. We are not stupid!”

After Lu Zhiruo finished speaking, she heard her eldest martial sister speaking out.

“Great Teacher Fu, you are too narrow-minded!”

After Li Ziqi said this, she walked toward the mist with confidence and elegance.

At this instant, the aura, grace, and dignity of a princess of the royal clan were fully displayed.

“Eh? Eldest martial sister, what are you doing?”

The papaya girl jumped in fright.

“Ziqi, don’t act recklessly!”

Jiang Leng, who usually didn’t like to speak, also spoke out in warning.

Li Ziqi turned her head and smiled beautifully.

“Don’t worry!”

At this instant, the appearance of the little sunny egg caused the hearts of many males to thump wildly.

When this little girl grew up, she would surely be an absolute beauty.

(Sigh, the only thing pitiful is that her chest is too flat.)


Fu Yanqing was ridiculed but he could only bear it. If not, what could he do?

She was already risking her life and trying to enter the next part of the canyon. He couldn’t possibly act personally to kill her, right? Hence, Fu Yanqing felt that it would be too overbearing if he taunted her back.

No one else spoke. The atmosphere fell silent as everyone looked at Li Ziqi.

“Don’t panic, you have already seen the spirit runes Teacher extracted. Although Teacher didn’t explain, the meaning of the runes you inferred shouldn’t be wrong.”

Li Ziqi encouraged herself. “Also, you have seen Xuanyuan Po’s performance. That was the best example.”

During these few days, although Sun Mo didn’t specially tell the little sunny egg that the spirit runes were formed from the mist, he had allowed her to follow beside him to learn. Hence, she had seen all the spirit runes at this part of the canyon before.

At this instant, the little sunny egg managed to decipher the runes herself.

The misty area was not very large. When Li Ziqi walked out of it, she still felt a little dazed. After that, she saw Sun Mo lifting his head and staring at the stone wall unmoving not far away.

This caused the little sunny egg to feel worried for no reason.

Given her teacher’s intelligence, there was no way he wouldn’t have known that there would be trouble incoming after he had exploded Bai Hao’s head. However, he didn’t come out to explain. Could it be that he had encountered some major situation?

Hence, Li Ziqi increased her speed and ran over to Sun Mo.


On the other side, the sword qi didn’t activate despite some time passing. This caused the audience to exclaim in shock.

“Damn, another one entered?”

“That’s a little impressive!”

“Convinced, I’m really convinced. Not only is Teacher Sun impressive, but his students are very talented as well.”

The discussion of the crowd was heard by Fu Yanqing, and it caused his expression to turn even more unsightly.

(She succeeded like that?)

Fu Yanqing’s original intention wasn’t to force Sun Mo’s students to death by making them cross the mist. He merely wanted to pressure them a little and make them lose face.

But who could have predicted that they would manage to do so and even succeeded?

Wasn’t this too face-smacking?

This made it seem that he was like an ignorant vile character.

But this talent...

When he thought of how composed and calm Li Ziqi was when facing him, Fu Yanqing suddenly felt like recruiting her as a personal student.

Fu Yanqing didn’t lack students like Xuanyuan Po who was capable of fighting. But for students like Li Ziqi, who could calmly control the whole situation with her identity as the eldest martial sister, he didn’t have a single one.

Or more accurately, his personal students weren’t perfect enough.

For this little girl, if he could guide and mold her, she would surely be extraordinary when she grew up


Ying Baiwu heaved a sigh of relief. Originally, she had been preparing to do the same thing if her eldest martial sister failed, but she could relax now.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》