Absolute Great Teacher
761 Capabilities a Tier Higher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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761 Capabilities a Tier Higher


Xuanyuan Po was frequently immersed in combat and unable to extricate himself.

After entering the next part of the canyon, he saw Sun Mo. He originally planned to tell Sun Mo about the things happening outside, but when his gaze swept past the stone walls here, he could no longer shift his eyes away.

This time around, the murals here were no longer random sword scars imprinted on the wall in a chaotic manner. It was now pictures of a prolonged war.

A powerful army could be seen in the murals. The generals and soldiers were in high morale as they were drenched in blood while fighting their enemies bravely.

These soldiers had different postures. Some were in combat, some were resting, and some were even dead. Also, their expressions were all different.

There were maniacs who reveled in slaughter, cowards who feared death, and also ‘zombies’ who had long since lost their humanity due to the tough battle.

Xuanyuan Po didn’t know art, but he felt that the murals were painted very well and weren’t in any way inferior to the famous paintings of his teacher.


Li Ziqi ran to Sun Mo’s side and quickly summarized the things outside. At the same time, she divided her focus and a part of her sense was looking at the murals.

How blood-stirring, how murderous!

As something produced by an ancient Battle God, they were truly extraordinary. However if that was the case, where were the spirit runes?

Because the scene here was too normal, this actually caused Li Ziqi to be perplexed.

(Maybe this is the reason why Teacher is also staring at the murals unmovingly?)


Sun Mo wasn’t really bothered about Fu Yanqing. Rather, he was very shocked by Li Ziqi’s appearance here.

In Xuanyuan Po’s bones, there was an obsession and madness toward combat and killing. This was why Sun Mo wasn’t surprised that Xuanyuan Po could pass the fourth stage

It was because the testing format there was very suitable for Xuanyuan Po, and he unknowingly managed to achieve comprehension.

But Li Ziqi...

She was a girl who loved freedom. Why would she be so crazy?

One must know that failure equated to death.

But success would be an extremely valuable experience to her future.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo smiled and turned to walk back.

After a while, the number of favorable impression points he received directly broke past 20,000 and continued surging up.

Li Ziqi hurriedly caught up to him. After that, she cast a glance at the intoxicated Xuanyuan Po and wanted to call out to him, but Sun Mo stopped her.

“Just let him stay here!”

Although Xuanyuan Po had quite a bit of flaws, his pure concentration moved Sun Mo very much.


“Can you give us a path of survival?”

Gu Xiuxun kneaded her glabella and sighed. “If I wasn’t Sun Mo’s close friend, I most probably would feel so jealous that I want to die.”


Mei Ziyu covered her mouth and laughed. She knew Gu XIuxun was joking. Given her personality, Gu Xiuxun might envy Sun Mo, but she would also be happy for him.

Jin Mujie at the side had shock in her eyes!

Jin Mujie understood the story of this royal princess. His majesty had pleaded with Secondary Saint Zhou to accept his daughter as his disciple, but because Li Ziqi’s motor nerves were too bad, she had been rejected.

After that, when she came to Jinling to relax, she looked favorably upon Sun Mo for some reason and wanted to take him as her personal teacher.

At that time, other than Liu Mubai, there were a few high-ranking great teachers in the school. Because of Li Ziqi’s identity as a princess, everyone wanted to take her as their personal student but got rejected.

In this one year plus, Li Ziqi’s performance was indeed not so stellar. In fact, even during the student battle in Sun Mo’s 2-star examination, she wasn’t sent out to fight.

When Xuanyuan Po, Ying Baiwu, and Jiang Leng got the top three, everyone neglected her. Hence, no one had expected that she actually had such talent and courage.

Honestly speaking, even Jin Mujie didn’t dare to enter the mist.


“Boss, what should we do?”

The assistant had a dumbfounded look on his face. The matters seemed to have developed above their expectations. “Say...do you think Great Teacher Fu would screw things up?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

He Wei berated his assistant but in his heart, he wanted nothing more than for Sun Mo to win. After all, he still had a chance to hug Sun Mo’s thigh now. As for Fu Yanqing?

Sorry, a minor character like He Wei wouldn’t even be able to come in contact with a strand of Fu Yanqing’s hair.

The atmosphere in the canyon was chaotic, but after someone shouted ‘Great Teacher Sun has come out’, this place was suddenly like cold currents of winter. The atmosphere was deathly still.

Everyone had their eyes wide open as they looked at Sun No. After that, they looked behind at that obedient-looking girl behind him.

Truly, this was a case of an impressive teacher with his excellent disciple!

When they looked at Fu Yanqing and Bai Hao, whose corpse was on the ground with his head exploded...

(This second-ranker of the Great Teachers Hero Ranking is fake, right?)


The papaya girl immediately ran over and hugged Sun Mo’s arm in passing. “I knew you could do it!”

“Teacher Sun, please share your experience!”

“Grandpa Sun, if you tell me the secret. I will treat you as my father from now on!”

“Hi, Great Teacher Sun. I’m Lin Weiguo and people call me the ironhand butcher. I wish to invite you to some drinks. I wonder if you would give me this honor?”

Some anxious people already started shouting.

There was no solution to this as they had wasted a lot of time in this canyon. Since there was a shortcut, they must naturally grab it.

For a time, Fu Yanqing was completely ignored.

This caused him to feel extremely awkward. One must know that he was a 6-star great teacher and even had a disagreement with Sun Mo. Yet, these people still wanted to seek Sun Mo’s guidance? Wasn’t this not placing him in their eyes?


Fu Yanqing shouted and activated Profound Words.

When the golden light of the halo brushed across everyone, they discovered to their shock that they could no longer speak.

“Sun Mo, how do you plan to give an explanation for this matter?”

Fu Yanqing questioned.

As for the nickname ‘Black Doggy Sun’, Fu Yanqing no longer used that. There was no solution to this as Sun Mo’s strength did deserve his respect.

If Fu Yanqing still used that insulting address, he would only be embarrassing himself.

“Eh? The corpse hasn’t vanished yet?”

Sun Mo felt puzzled.

“What did you say?”

Fu Yanqing cursed in rage. He clenched his fists and due to using too much force, cracking sounds could be heard. He felt that Sun Mo was provoking him.

“Great Teacher Fu. Seems like you might have passed this particular stage but you didn’t understand its essence!”

Sun Mo shook his head.


Fu Yanqing’s face instantly flushed red because Sun Mo’s words were saying that he couldn’t make it. Hence, he laughed due to rage. “Why? You mean both of us can pass this stage, but there are still differences in the depth of our understanding?”

Sun Mo nodded, “That’s right.”


Fu Yanqing was completely infuriated. “Oh? After exploding someone’s head, you are indeed a tier higher than me in your ‘understanding’. In that case, if I crush the heads of your personal students, wouldn’t that prove that my ‘understanding’ is more impressive than yours?”

As he spoke, Fu Yanqing’s killing intent gushed forth.

“Teacher Fu, calm down! Calm down!”

He Wei rushed over and persuaded him with a smile.

Fu Yanqing didn’t even glance at him and slapped out.


He Wei’s face was directly smacked swollen. He even lost two teeth.

“My head isn’t yours to explode. But if my teacher is willing to, he can explode my head at any time.”

Helian Beifang was very unhappy with Fu Yanqing’s overbearing actions. He stood up. “From the start till the end, I believe that my teacher is more capable than you.”

“Teacher can explode my head too!”

Ying Baiwu coldly spoke.

“Explode mine, my head is bigger!”

Lu Zhiruo raised her hand and recommended herself.

Jiang Leng didn’t say anything, but if Sun Mo wanted to explode heads, he didn’t mind being an experimental subject.

This scene caused many great teachers to feel so envious that they wanted to die.

Look at the personal students of Sun Mo. They were willing to face death for their teacher!

It was not known how Sun Mo educated them. They really felt like asking him to share his insights!

“Great Teacher Fu, may I ask how long did you take back then to comprehend the true meaning of the fourth stage?”

Li Ziqi continued questioning.

Fu Yanqing’s face already turned from red to ashen green.

The time he used definitely was not shorter than Sun Mo. Or in other words, Sun Mo’s talent was too shocking.

What was called smacking someone’s face after beating them?

This was it.

“You are a ‘little toxic tongue’. Can’t you shut your mouth? Do you feel Fu Yanqing isn’t angry enough?”

He Wei had a helpless look on his face.

It was unknown why, but when Li Ziqi stood beside Sun Mo, she would always feel full of confidence. Even if she was facing a secondary saint... alright, an 8-star great teacher, she would dare to rebut.

“Nice. In that case, can Great Teacher Sun perform a head explosion once again to prove that you are more impressive than me!?”

Fu Yanqin almost went mad from anger. He was forcing Sun Mo.

“For something like head explosions, they are too bloody. What if the children got frightened?”

Sun Mo smiled.


Everyone was speechless. (Earlier when you exploded Bai Hao’s skull, why weren’t you concerned that we might be frightened?)

“Great Teacher Sun. Just go ahead and explode heads. Consider it my loss if I blink!”

Some of the observers naturally wanted the matter to blow out so it would be more exciting. But before one man could finish his words, Sun Mo’s sharp gaze was already staring at him.

“Peak of the Divine Force Realm at the age of 52. You depended on your wealth to purchase insights from others and luckily managed to enter the fourth part of the canyon. For someone like you, do you have the qualifications to ridicule me?”

Sun Mo coldly laughed. “I’ll tell you this clearly. This is your limit. Even if you stay here for a hundred years more, it will only be a waste of time.”


Everyone turned their heads and saw a middle-aged man with slightly white hair. He had a face filled with shock. (How did Sun Mo know my situation so detailedly?)

(He is the God Hands, but he didn’t touch me, alright?)

He involuntarily felt deep respect in his heart and no longer dared to talk nonsense.


Favorable impression points from passerby ‘A’ +100. Friendly (610/1,000).

“Old Mo, so this is how you passed the earlier stages? To think that you were shameless enough to boast that you gained comprehension overnight after staying here for half a year. So that was nothing but a lie.”

Someone who knew this middle-aged fellow spoke out a moment later.

“Stop wasting my time with nonsense. How do you intend to settle the matter today?”

Fu Yanqing was in no mood to continue chatting. In any case, since Bai Hao had died, Sun Mo had to pay with his life.

Sun Mo shrugged and suddenly roared, “Teacher Bai, are you awake now? If you are, quickly come over!”

“What do you mean? Bai Hao didn’t die?”

Everyone was astonished and subconsciously glanced at that corpse. There was even someone who ran over courageously and touched it.

(There’s no mistake, the corpse hasn’t turned cold yet.)

Just when everyone was puzzled, Bai Hao’s silhouette appeared from the misty area of the fifth part of the canyon.


When everyone saw this, they were completely stunned.

“What’s the situation?”

“Bai Hao seemed to comprehend the true meaning here too and successfully passed! If not, how did he manage to walk out from the mist?”

“Wait a minute, who’s the one who died earlier? It can’t be his twin, right?”

The audience was completely clueless. Some even pinched themselves forcefully to ascertain that they weren’t in some illusion-scape.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》