Absolute Great Teacher
762 Simply So Outstanding That He Soars
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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762 Simply So Outstanding That He Soars


Fu Yanqing was ultimately a veteran with much experience in society. He felt that he could be calm even if he saw his wife cheating on him.

After all, the longer he lived, the more control he would have over his emotions.

But at this moment, Fu Yanqing’s hands were tightly clenched. His nails dug into the flesh of his palm with so much force that his palm started bleeding.

“Why? An illusion? That’s impossible!”

Fu Yanqing looked at Bai Hao and wanted nothing more than to peel his skin and properly inspect this.

One must know that he himself had successfully passed this stage before. This was why he was sure there was no illusion involved in this stage. Hence, he was so angered due to Bai Hao’s ‘death’...

And now, a living Bai Hao appeared before his eyes?

One could say that Fu Yanqing’s pride had been completely smashed.

Because he didn’t understand!

To a great teacher, this was a humiliation.

If a great teacher lost in battle, basically no one would look at them in disdain. After all, great teachers weren’t specialized in fighting or killing. However, if a great teacher lost in teaching and learning, their reputations would surely be damaged.

Some people snuck a glance at Fu Yanqing and discovered that although his expression was calm, his eyes had a hint of puzzlement. Moreover, upon looking at Bai Hao’s action, it was clear that he didn’t understand anything either.

Was Sun Mo really so impressive?

Everyone was badly shocked.

“I knew that Bai Hao didn’t die!”

Lu Zhiruo grinned with confidence. “That was clearly an illusion!”

Everyone nodded. This was the only explanation left. But how to break it? It couldn’t possibly have something to do with exploding heads, right?

However, if one could clear this stage like that, it was worth allowing someone to explode their head once.

At this moment, Sun Mo spoke.

“It isn’t an illusion!”

Sun Mo’s gaze swept through the crowd and he looked at those people who were excited to try exploding their heads. He warned, “For this stage, it isn’t an illusion and the method to pass might not be exploding heads.”


The audience, who were originally agitated because they thought they had found the answer, was stunned again.

“What do you mean?”

“Great Teacher Sun, don’t keep us in suspense anymore. Please be kindhearted and tell us?”

“Grandpa Sun, I will kneel to you and burn paper money for you all my life. Please take pity on me. I’ve been stuck here for 12 years.”

The audience started speaking out. An old man among them felt his heart state collapsing as he knelt and cried.

“Great Teacher Sun, are you worried that we would discover the secret to clear the stage hence you intentionally lied to us?”

There were also some narrow-minded people who doubted Sun Mo’s words.

“In that case, you can try it out!”

Sun Mo glanced over and spoke in an unbothered tone, “With your attitude, I dare to say that let alone exploding your head, even if you explode your entire body, you won’t be able to pass.”


The person being scolded froze and didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.

Honestly speaking, everyone was afraid of a matter like exploding their heads.

Although Bai Hao didn’t die, what if they really died because they didn’t know the reason why?

Hence, they couldn’t afford to gamble!

Since everyone couldn’t get the answer from Sun Mo, they turned to Bai Hao.

“Great Teacher Bai, why didn’t you die?”

“Yeah, how did you come out from the fifth part of the canyon?”

“Great Teacher Bai, please reveal it. Look at Great Teacher Fu’s face, he is clearly very interested as well.”

This sentence directly caused Fu Yanqing to blush as he felt awkward.

Bai Hao ignored them. He was staring at Sun Mo, not knowing what attitude he should use to treat Sun Mo.

Sun Mo chortled and asked.

“Do you understand now?”

Bai Hao’s lips were pursed. He naturally understood, but how could he bring himself to say something like this?

If he said it, it would mean that he admitted that he had passed the stage completely due to Sun Mo’s credit. To a new rising superstar in the great teacher world, how great of a humiliation was this?!

It was one thing to be guided by high-ranking teachers. But being guided by one of the same star-rank and even younger? He truly felt helpless and awkward.

However, Bai Hao’s pride didn’t allow him to lie.

“I understand!”

Bai Hao replied weakly.

“Why don’t you share your experience?”

Sun Mo suggested.

Bai Hao’s face immediately turned black. After that, he felt indignant in his heart. “Teacher Sun, I admit that you are very impressive. That’s enough, right? Why do you have to humiliate me like this?”


These words caused the entire scene to be in an uproar.

The famed second-ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Ranking actually took the initiative to admit he was weaker?

From the looks of things, he was almost infuriated to the point of tears by Sun Mo.

Li Ruolan quickly aimed her image-recording stone over. For someone so strong like Bai Hao, he most probably didn’t have many opportunities to be embarrassed. Hence, she naturally had to record such a valuable scene.

“Teacher Bai is mistaken. If I really wanted to humiliate you, you would have coughed out blood from anger.”

Sun Mo shrugged. “I only want to understand the experience you went through earlier when you passed the stage. This cannot be considered too over-the-top, right?”

For such experiences, no one would feel that they had too few of them.

Bai Hao fell silent. Evidently, he didn’t believe in Sun Mo’s words.

Sun Mo shook his head and sighed again. “Teacher Bai, do you know what is your greatest problem?”

Bai Hao saw that Sun Mo’s gaze was filled with sincerity and had no hints of teasing him. Hence, he clasped his fists and bowed. “Teacher Sun, please guide me!”

“Your greatest problem is that you are too overly outstanding, and this led to you having extreme arrogance and a huge ego. During these twenty years, you have never failed before, right?”

Sun Mo spoke bluntly.

“It isn’t that I, Bai, am arrogant, but ever since I was young up till now, other than getting first place when competing with my peers, I have never obtained any other ranking.”

When Bai Hao said this, his tone was filled with a thick sense of pride.

Truthfully speaking, he was the model of a life-winner.

“Teacher Bai, not all gold is sufficiently red and nobody is perfect. As for you, you always felt that as long as you worked hard enough, you would be able to do anything. You already feel disdain at learning from others because you feel that they are unworthy of you.”

Sun Mo looked into Bai Hao’s eyes. “But do you know that there’s actually something to be learned from everyone? Even if the other party is an oil-seller, there might be something you can learn from him.”

“Teacher Bai, don’t look down on people of the world!”

After Sun Mo spoke, motes of golden light emitted forth from him, illuminating the canyon like fireflies.

“What’s that?”

“Silly. It’s a great teacher halo named Priceless Advice. Have you never seen that before?”

“My heavens, Teacher Sun is so impressive. He actually used Priceless Advice to lecture the second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. What performance is this?”

“He is simply so outstanding that he is soaring through the skies!”

When the golden light came in contact with Bai Hao, Bai Hao trembled. The unhappiness and vexation in his heart vanished because when Priceless Advice was activated, it indicated that Sun Mo was discussing this sincerely and wasn’t mocking him.

He had been judging a gentleman with the heart of a petty person.

After that, because of the effect of the great teacher halo and Sun Mo’s advice, Bai Hao subconsciously started to reflect on his entire life.

Joining a famous school with the identity of a top genius, obtaining the guidance of a high-ranking teacher, improving fast in his cultivation base, being at the top of his studies, becoming a dazzling great teacher in the eyes of everyone from a young age, working in one of the Nine Greats...

Honestly speaking, Bai Hao had even looked down on suggestions given by some 6-star great teachers. Because in the future, he would definitely be a 6-star great teacher as well. Hence, he didn’t have respect and reverence for them in his heart.

“Since you don’t wish to share your experience, how about I make a deduction?”

Sun Mo laughed. “Given your personality, you definitely wouldn’t give up when you saw me launching a sneak attack with my wooden blade. Your desire to live was extremely strong, hence, you erupted forth with a self-surpassing power.

“After that, you discovered you didn’t die and you sank into contemplation, summing up the experience of the instant of ‘death’ and discovering the knack to pass this stage.

“One couldn’t help but say that Teacher Bai’s talent is really great.”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully. He had already seen that Bai Hao’s potential value was extremely high, and all his stats were off-the-charts.

Even if he wasn’t involved, Bai Hao would succeed in comprehending this in just a few months.

However, the others were in his shoes, for example the honest guy, even if you explode his head 100 times, it would be useless.

Bai Hao was staring fixedly at Sun Mo because Sun Mo was correct. After that, Bai Hao clasped his fists and bowed deeply in apology.

“Teacher Sun is praising me too much.”

“I, Bai, could only pass the stage because of Teacher Sun’s generous guidance. Thank you!”

“In the future, if Great Teacher Sun needs any help, please feel free to instruct me. I, Bai, will do anything I can to aid you!”

Bai Hao thanked him thrice.

The audience was completely stunned. Was this considered as Bai Hao being thoroughly convinced of his loss?

“He actually conceded?”

Ying Baiwu felt surprised. She initially thought that Bai Hao would dispute it.

“He only passed because of our teacher. Besides, our teacher’s words are spot on and Priceless Advice was even activated. Does he still have any face left to dispute?”

Tantai Yutang’s lips twitched.

Their teacher had obtained a complete victory this time around.

Bai Hao stood up, bowed toward Fu Yanqing, and spoke in a low voice, “Teacher Fu, I’m sorry. I’ve lost face for you and the Westshore Military School.”

Fu Yanqing’s face alternated between the shades of green and red. He was currently pondering on how to handle this so they could regain some face. But at this moment, he saw Sun Mo walking toward Bai Hao.

“What does he want to do?”

Everyone was curious.

“Teacher Bai is too courteous. I can see that you are stuck at the peak of the seventh level of the Divine Force Realm for quite a long time. Allow me to aid you!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he stretched out his hand and patted Bai Hao on his shoulder.

In the next instant, spirit qi suddenly surged in Bai Hao’s body. After that, there seemed to be a vortex within and the spirit qi in the surroundings started to be absorbed over, forming a funnel-like appearance on his head.

“This is a...breakthrough?”

Everyone was stunned. After that, all of them turned in unison and looked at Sun Mo’s right hand.

God Hands were actually so magical?

Even Fu Yanqing was dumbstruck. The words he wanted to say were now stuck in his belly.

“Teacher Sun...”

Bai Hao was stunned as well.

“Don’t say anything, just focus on making your breakthrough.”

Sun Mo placed one of his hands behind Bai Hao’s back and had the bearing of a great teacher.

Bai Hao had been stuck at this cultivation level for over a year. The quantity of his spirit qi was enough, but his mental state led to him being unable to break through. Today, his head had been exploded by Sun Mo, causing his mind to be shaken and him to gain comprehension. During this time, he started to reflect on his past actions and his mental state managed to improve.

Finally, Sun Mo’s usage of God Hands was like tossing a flame on firewood, helping Bai Hao to ignite the spirit qi in his body. Bai Hao naturally started to break through.

Honestly speaking, even if Sun Mo didn’t act, Bai Hao would be able to break through at most a week later.

But at this moment, no one knew the inner details. Hence, all of them thought that because of Sun Mo’s action, the effect was shockingly good.

At the same time, the sound of a system notification rang out in Sun Mo’s mind as favorable impression points started to flood in...

Breaking 10,000 in an instant!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》