Absolute Great Teacher
763 Only I Can Punish My Students!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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763 Only I Can Punish My Students!


“Teacher is super awesome!”

The papaya girl smiled gloriously and lifted her hand toward Li Ziqi.

The little sunny egg started before she understood. Her junior martial sister wanted a high-five. Hence, she smiled and struck her palm against Lu Zhiruo’s.


The sound was clear and crisp.

“Me too! Me too!”

Qin Yaoguang chewed on her candy and requested exuberantly to join them.


Helian Beifang was so agitated that he forgot himself. (As expected, I didn’t find the wrong teacher. So what if Bai Hao is the second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings? So what if Fu Yanqing is an esteemed 6-star great teacher? Weren’t they still thoroughly convinced by their loss in the end?)

Jin Mujie sighed ruefully.

“I’m used to it!”

Gu Xiuxun giggled.


Mei Ziyu nodded. Sun Mo’s outstandingness had long since been proven during the 2-star great teacher examination.


In truth, Fu Yanqing’s reaction was then the correct one.

At this moment, the 6-star great teacher was staring at Sun Mo with a stunned look on his face. He then glanced at Bai Hao who was breaking through. The spirit qi vortex above Bai Hao’s head simply blinded his eyes.

“How did he suddenly break through?”

Fu Yanqing felt so sullen that he wanted to die.

Sun Mo exploded Bai Hao’s head and used Priceless Advice to guide him. In the end, he even caused Bai Hao to break through the shackles in his heart and achieved a breakthrough. This operation was simply incisive.

In his tens of years of career, he had only achieved such a radiant experience twice or thrice.

To make it even worse, he had felt unfair for Bai Hao and wanted to seek Sun Mo for justice because of it. In the end, Bai Hao seized the initiative and kept thanking Sun Mo.

However, Fu Yanqing didn’t resent Bai Hao. If he was in Bai Hao’s shoes, he would do the same as well.

Because as long as a great teacher still had their pride, they wouldn’t be able to ignore Sun Mo’s aid. This favor was simply too great.

Bai Hao’s sentence that he was willing to render his service for Sun Mo wasn’t something he said casually.

If Sun Mo sought Bai Hao out for help in the future and the latter rejected, when this matter spread, Bai Hao’s reputation would be damaged forever. There would absolutely be no one who would help him anymore in the future.

“Sun Mo? What kind of person is he?”

Fu Yanqing surveyed Sun Mo and started to observe him. But then, he suddenly noticed Li Ruolan aiming the image-recording stone his way, and he hurriedly lifted his hands to block his face as he berated.

“What are you doing?”

He naturally had no wish to become the foil that would enhance Sun Mo.

Li Ruolan put her tongue out and hurriedly shifted her image-recording stone away. She didn’t wish to offend a major character like Fu Yanqing.


Under the observation of everyone, Bai Hao succeeded in his breakthrough.

He didn’t celebrate in joy. Rather, he expressed his gratitude for Sun Mo at the first instant.

“Many thanks to Teacher Sun for being tolerant with my previous offense and generously guiding me.”

This time around, Bai Hao was thoroughly convinced.

Sun Mo, be it in teacher etiquette, aptitude, talent, and mental state, surpassed him in all aspects.

He had suffered a complete defeat today.


Favorable impression points from Bai Hao +1,000. Prestige connection unlocked. Respect (1,000/10,000).


In the crowd, a few great teachers involuntarily took in a gasp of cold air when they heard Bai Hao addressing Sun Mo as Teacher Sun (Sun-laoshi).

This indicated that Bai Hao had admitted his inferiority and was willing to act like a student. Their statuses were different.

“Teacher Bai, don’t be too courteous.”

After hearing the number of favorable impression points contributed by Bai Hao, Sun Mo’s lips curled slightly. (Truly a proud man. My fame is already quite great, but you didn’t even contribute a single favorable impression point before this.)

This indicated that before this incident, Bai Hao truly felt he wasn’t inferior to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

He Wei walked over swiftly and congratulated.

His inner clothes were already wet due to sweating from nervousness. But now, everything was fine.

The thigh he had his sight on was truly sturdy and was also pretty ruthless when it came to kicking people.

“From today onward, Great Teacher Sun’s ranking on the Great Teachers Hero Ranking will surely rise!”

He Wei praised.

Sun Mo revealed his teeth as he smiled politely. After that, he called the students from his school and brought them to a remote area.

‘One must strike when the iron is hot.’ Since everyone was in a good mood now, he could tell them the answer and get them to continue.

When He Wei saw this, he immediately felt like going over to listen, but his rationale stopped him. Moreover, he also took the initiative to maintain order here for Sun Mo.

“Everyone, stand further away and do not come over.”

He Wei shouted and then scolded his assistant, “Stop being in a daze, quickly maintain the order.”

Actually, He Wei was worried too much. After the scene earlier, Sun Mo’s prestige was extremely high. Although right now everyone wanted nothing more than to get Sun Mo to tell them the true meaning of this stage, they wouldn’t dare to take any offensive action toward him in terms of their behaviors.

As for eavesdropping?

There was no such thing.

These people could only stare dumbly at Sun Mo, like wild dogs begging for scraps of food.


“Next, I will be telling you guys about the true meaning of this stage. However, it is quite interesting. If you choose to comprehend it yourself and succeed, it would not only be fun but also beneficial for your future. If you guys want to comprehend it by yourself, you don’t have to listen.”

Sun Mo wouldn’t force the students.

The students exchanged mutual glances and couldn’t decide.

“Teacher, if we try to comprehend it by ourselves, how long would it roughly take?”

Zhou Yu’s left hand was rubbing his nose.

“Not sure, but roughly about three months at the quickest.”

Sun Mo mentally mused, ‘Zhou Yu, with your current attitude you most probably have to stay here your entire life.’

“I want to hear!”

Zhang Yanzong spoke, “I don’t have time to waste here. Also, if I want to temper myself, wouldn’t the difficulty of the murals at the latter parts of the canyon be even higher?”

“Say, are you guys not overestimating yourselves a little too much? Not everyone’s the same as Xuanyuan Po and Li Ziqi. This opportunity is hard to come by, and it’s unknown when my teacher will come here again in the future.”

Qin Yaoguang reminded them.

Her words were correct. Hence, those who were still conflicted nodded.

“For this stage, it tests whether one can surpass themselves.”

Sun Mo explained, but as he spoke halfway, he was interrupted.

“Teacher Sun, your teaching method is so coarse. Forgive me for being straightforward. You will harm these students.”

Because everyone wanted to know what Sun Mo was about to say, although there were many people in the canyon, no one was speaking and the atmosphere was very quiet.

Hence, these words rang out clearly in the air.


Everyone turned in unison toward the voice and discovered that the person who spoke was Fu Yanqing.

(Ha, was it because he was unconvinced and wanted to gain back some face?)

“Teacher Sun, please think thrice.”

Fu Yanqing appeared as though he had good intentions. Actually, he only wanted to regain his prestige.

For great teachers, they would naturally compete in teaching.

In any case, he wanted to suppress Sun Mo.

“Many thanks for Teacher Fu’s reminder. However, I have my own way of teaching.”

Sun Mo looked at Fu Yanqing and activated Divine Sight.

Expert at the Longevity Realm.

Strength: ???

Intellect: ???

Agility: ???

Will: ???

Endurance: A noob compared to his peers. During combat, one can fight a battle of attrition against him.


Potential value: Extremely high.

Note: A dragon among humans. He has extraordinary talent in combat.

“System, what do you mean by showing me so many ‘???’. Even my ancestor-level Divine Sight is useless?”

Sun Mo was speechless and wanted to curse at someone.

“I do this to protect you. For major characters of this level, if you observe them, it might trigger extreme reactions. At that time, what should I do if you get killed?”

The system spoke as though it was thinking on behalf of Sun Mo and he should feel grateful instead.

“Okay just stay silent then. I feel increasingly annoyed the more you talk.”

Sun Mo grumbled at the system. He basically didn’t have any hope that the system could provide any help.

After seeing Sun Mo obstinately clinging to his course, Fu Yanqing’s tone also grew stricter.

“Teacher Sun, you are already very strong. Everyone also knows how outstanding you are. There’s no need to use the students to increase your prestige.”

Fu Yanqing sincerely pleaded, in fact, even Priceless Advice was activated.

The golden light shone on him, Sun Mo grew unhappy.

(My character is being doubted!)

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a clear conscience, Sun Mo would have apologized at this moment due to the halo’s effect.

“Sun Mo, for something like comprehension, it is a private matter. Although the process is dull, boring, and agonizing, once that person succeeds, the sense and accomplishment they feel would be incomparable. It would allow the students to become more confident in themselves and it would aid their growth.”

Fu Yanqing’s teaching style was mainstream in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

Depend on one’s own comprehension!

If the students failed to do so, others would assume that their aptitudes were bad. There were very few people who would curse at the teacher for being useless and unable to teach the students.

“Your students came to the Battlegod Canyon for less than a week, yet they have all entered the fourth part of the canyon. This is simply gaining a superficial understanding from cursory observation. Say, what can they actually learn?”

Fu Yanqing counter-asked.

“I feel that Great Teacher Fu’s words are correct. Sun Mo is too egoistic and that his actions are not helping the students. Actually, he is harming them.”

“Their speed of advancement is too quick. I reckon that those students didn’t even see the entirety of the murals in the earlier stages.”

“Yeah, it’s better to allow the students to comprehend things themselves, and after they are unable to get the answer despite spending a few months, it wouldn’t be too late for Great Teacher Sun to tell them the answer. I feel this method isn’t bad.”

The audience discussed fervently.

Upon hearing the voice of the crowd that agreed with what he said, Fu Yanqing felt joy in his heart. He then continued, “Teacher Sun, your vision is too shortsighted, seeking instant benefits. By doing so, other than showcasing your outstandingness, are there any benefits to the students? They are wasting a chance they could use to temper themselves.”

“You are blaming me because you feel I’m doing this to flaunt my outstandingness, and I basically didn’t consider the situation of the students, right?”

Sun Mo counter-asked and narrowed his eyes.

Fu Yanqing didn’t reply, so it could be considered that he agreed tacitly with what Sun Mo said.

“Great Teacher Fu, you probably wanted to teach your students as well but are unable to do so, right?”

Ying Baiwu mocked.

“Impudent. I’m speaking with your teacher. It wasn’t your place to interrupt!”

Fu Yanqing berated. “Shut up!”


Profound Words were activated.

Ying Baiwu was as though she was struck by lightning. Her expression was one of resentment, but she couldn’t speak a single word.

“Teacher Fu, what do you mean by this?”

Sun Mo frowned so severely that his furrowed brows could crush a crab to death.

He originally didn’t wish to argue with Fu Yanqing, but this fellow stepped on his face and actually started to punish his student?


(Only I can punish my students!)

“Why did Teacher Sun grow angry? Could it be that my words are correct?”

Fu Yanqing counter-asked with a look of innocence on his face.


Sun Mo laughed. (Nice, so you want to plot against me? In that case, this daddy won’t be polite anymore.) Sun Mo’s smile became even more radiant.

“Teacher Fu, do you even know what this stage is testing for?”

Sun Mo smiled, revealing eight pearly white teeth that were all shining brilliantly.

“Wow, Sun Mo is so handsome!”

Li Ruolan took out another image-recording stone and hurriedly recorded it. (I don’t wish to miss out on such a handsome scene.)

The spectators didn’t care whether Sun Mo was handsome or not. When they heard Sun Mo’s words, they directly pricked their ears. After all, this was the greatest secret everyone cared about.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》