Absolute Great Teacher
764 True Meaning of the Battlegod Murals
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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764 True Meaning of the Battlegod Murals


The entire canyon immediately turned silent. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were worried they might offend Sun Mo and Fu Yanqing, these people would stand beside them and listen to their words attentively.

One must know that the discussion between the two of them might allow the audience to gain inspiration and eventually succeed in entering the next part of the canyon.

Fu Yanqing glanced at the surroundings and gave a carefree smile. “Originally, the true meaning shouldn’t be imparted lightly. But since Teacher Sun has asked, I won’t hold anything back then.”

“Great Teacher Fu is generous!”

“I’m Du Fuwei, Universe-in-a-Sleeve. I will be the host and treat Great Teacher Fu to wine!”

“Who the hell are you? Even if you want to treat him, it won’t be your turn.”

A few people grumbled, but they immediately fell silent and quietly waited for his answer.

“For this stage, it tests one’s comprehension toward the sword qi.”

Fu Yanqing introduced. “Did you all discover that for this stage, there are no murals on the walls? Actually, the clouds and mists themselves are the murals. They would brim with sword qi every now and then, but they are too weak and the vast majority of people wouldn’t be able to sense them.”

“I managed to comprehend the sword will through contact with the sword qi. Not only did I pass the stage, but I even successfully improved to the next level.”

“Since I’ve already said so much, I will provide more guidance to you guys. This stage has a heavy emphasis on testing one’s aptitude. If you can’t even sense the sword qi in the mist, you might as well just return home!”

Fu Yanqing spoke frankly with assurance. Arrogance could be seen on his face as he put on the air of a great teacher.

“Good aura!”

Qin Yaoguang evaluated.

“Which side are you supporting?”

The papaya girl’s lips twitched and she stared at the snacking girl with resentment.

“Haha, the truth is the truth!”

Qin Yaoguang stuck her little tongue out.

“No matter what, he is a 6-star great teacher. Are you guys looking down on him a little too much?”

Jin Mujie was speechless.

This was precisely what Sun Mo would do. If it was someone else, let alone opposing Fu Yanqing, they would have lowered themselves and consulted him with reverence.

“Teacher Sun, how about it?”

Fu Yanqing had the capability to be proud. He also didn’t mind exposing the true meaning of this stage. After all, he was an absolute genius who had entered the sixth part of the canyon.

“So this is the case!”

“There’s sword qi in the mist?”

“I’ve said it’s abnormal that the mist here doesn’t fade away and can last all year round. So this is what’s going on.”

Some people were enlightened, but others had dispirited looks on their faces. They managed to sense the sword qi, but they had no idea what to do next.

Fu Yanqing concealed the main points after speaking about the sword qi in the mist.

“I have to admit that your comprehension ability and talent are both extremely good. However, that isn’t the true meaning of this stage.”

Sun Mo shook his head.


The audience was badly shocked.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no meaning if you say it like that.”

Fu Yanqing’s expression turned heavy. “We might as well get someone from the next part of the canyon over and ask them how they cleared the stage!”


Sun Mo didn’t mind it.

“Old Wang, you passed the fourth stage a year ago. Come and speak about it?”

Someone shouted among the crowd. After that, everyone turned their gazes toward a slightly balding middle-aged man.

The Battlegod Town was so small, and there were basically no secrets. Also, those who passed many stages were considered celebrities as everyone would focus their attention on them.


The balding middle-aged man laughed and didn’t say anything. He wasn’t foolish. “Why would I tell you guys the true meaning? If you want to know the secret, pay me at least 10,000 spirit stones.”


Many people pointed their middle fingers at the baldy.

“Friend, if you don’t mind it, how about letting me massage you for a while?”

Sun Mo suggested.


The baldy frowned and was somewhat unwilling.

“Oi, are you seriously stupid or what? God Hands is taking the initiative to give you a massage, but you are actually hesitating?”

“What are you afraid of? He can’t possibly know how you passed just by touching you, right?”

“You are not only bald, but you are gutless as well!”

The people at the side ridiculed him and started making sarcastic remarks. In any case, they were here for a good show and didn’t mind stirring trouble.

The baldy thought about it and agreed. This was considered free benefits, so why wouldn’t he want it? Moreover, it was impossible for Sun Mo to know his thoughts just by kneading him a little.

(Yup, that’s definitely impossible.)

“I have to trouble Great Teacher Sun then.”

The baldy clasped his fists.

Sun Mo smiled and walked to the baldy’s side. He then used a single hand and kneaded his body.

Naturally, he was merely feigning. In truth, he activated Divine Sight and saw a vast amount of information.

Sun Mo didn’t have mysophobia, but he didn’t like to touch people randomly. Hence, the genie materialized and took his place, helping the baldy to relieve the fatigue on his energy channels.


The baldy involuntary moaned. He closed his eyes and enjoyed it to the max. In fact, he even scratched his armpits and put his fingers to his nostrils as he sniffed intently.


The audience was speechless. (What are you doing?)

(Are you treating this place as your own house?)

In reality, it was because Sun Mo’s massage was too comfortable, which caused the receiver of the massage to feel like they were right at home. They had a sense of carefreeness and freedom.

An instant later, the baldy forgot where he was and started to take off his belt, wanting to remove his pants.

“What habit is this?”

Sun Mo originally wanted to give him the full set of massage, but after seeing the baldy’s action, he was shocked. (What do you usually do when you are alone?)

(Mast*rbate because you have nothing to do?)

“Eh? Don’t stop!”

The baldy was filled with resentment. It was like suffering withdrawal symptoms from drugs and he moved his body around in unhappiness.

“It should be okay now.”

Sun Mo retreated.

“Ah? That’s all?”

The baldy was very disappointed. After that, he bravely asked, “Teacher Sun, how much do you charge for your massage each time?”


After hearing the baldy’s words, those who originally didn’t mind finally had a clear understanding of Sun Mo’s God Hands.

His hands were like hegemons.

“Uncle, do you think my teacher lacks money?”

Li Ziqi frowned. (My teacher isn’t a masseuse at the blind people massage shop.)


The baldy laughed. He was also a wealthy person due to his clan’s background. A massage? Wasn’t that possible as long as he spammed money?

(Can it be that I can’t afford it?)

“There’s a problem with your energy channels. If you continue training like this, you will become a cripple soon.”

Sun Mo surveyed the baldy. “You don’t have to think about achieving the Longevity Realm in your lifetime.”

The baldy’s expression stiffened. After that, he felt somewhat suspicious. (Could it be that Sun Mo is purposely making my problem more serious than it actually is so I would feel he’s important?)

It was like those quack doctors. If they didn’t describe your illness as something very serious, how could they earn your money?

“Alright, let’s go back to the main topic. You are a very hardworking person and passed the stage a year ago. You cultivated assiduously and meditated here every day, despite the cold or the heat, for eleven months before you finally comprehended it. Am I right?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.


The baldy’s face was filled with immense shock. He subconsciously blurted, “How do you know this?”

God Hands managed to ‘feel’ it?

This was too hard to believe.

Hence, the baldy thought that someone must have leaked this information. But after thinking about it, he didn’t tell anyone the knack to comprehend the true meaning. He didn’t even tell his wife.

After all, this was something that would only be imparted to his son.

Now, he instantly felt very disappointed that he was exposed by Sun Mo.

“I told you that my teacher’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is very impressive, but you didn’t believe me!”

The papaya girl’s lips curled.

Everyone was stunned too. From the looks of the baldy, Sun Mo wasn’t wrong. This was truly impressive.

“I’m impressed!’

The baldy clasped his hands and had a respectful attitude. He swiftly retracted his thoughts of spamming money to get Sun Mo to massage him.

For such a person, he couldn’t afford to ‘spam money’.

Just with this skill alone, Sun Mo probably would be able to earn tens of millions of gold per year easily if he wanted to.


Favorable impression points from baldy +1,000. Respect (1,200/10,000).

“Everyone, Great Teacher Sun is correct. I did cultivate assiduously here for eleven months before I passed the stage.”

Since his secret was exposed, the baldy decided to generously verify Sun Mo’s words, hoping to gain a good impression from Sun Mo. Moreover, this matter was indeed his pride.

“So the method is indeed different.”

Everyone whispered.

Everyone could tell that before this, the attitude of the baldy was very ordinary toward Sun Mo. But after the massage, he immediately grew respectful.

“Still acting?”

Fu Yanqing frowned.

“Teacher Fu, if you don’t believe me, you can ask a few more people. Their comprehension methods should be different from each other.”

Sun Mo was very confident.

Fu Yanqing no longer spoke. His rationale told him that this was indeed the case.

“Why is this so?”

“Great Teacher Sun, stop keeping us in suspense. Quickly tell us, please?”

Everyone urged.

“Let’s talk about the first stage. Actually, things are very simple. It’s just a test of basic conditions.”

“On the murals, streams of sword qi will be released, and hints of the Battle God’s will can be felt in the sword qi. If you stay every day in the canyon, you will be completely acclimatized to the ‘will’ and once your body fully adapts to it, you will be able to pass.”

Sun Mo explained.

Simply speaking, it was like a human being trapped with a ferocious tiger. At the start, that human would surely feel fear and nervousness. But after they subdued their emotions, they could eat and sleep or even master*bate calmly, and that would be the time when they passed.

“It’s actually like that?”

Some people nodded and felt enlightened. They passed due to their talents, but as to what the true meaning of the murals was, they didn’t understand it or their understanding was incorrect.

After all, this was like a fill-in-the-blank question. If you got the answer, you would have the points. But whether you got the answer from calculation or random guesses, it didn’t matter to the teacher marking the test.

“As for the second stage, it is a little difficult. It tests everyone’s understanding of combat.

“After all, the ancient Battle God is most proficient in combat. If those who entered the second part of the canyon didn’t have a unique understanding of their own combat style, they wouldn’t be able to pass.

“One could say that the purpose of the Battle God is to allow you to have a comprehensive knowledge toward yourself.”

Sun Mo continued explaining.

“Mn, mn!”

Everyone was extremely focused on listening. Some people even tore their sleeves and bit their fingers to record notes.

“As for the third stage, it is actually not difficult. It’s a mutual process of getting familiar with the Battle God. Hence, for that stage, do your best to accept the sword qi and experience the sword will.”

Sun Mo laughed. “One must know that sword will is similar to writing, speech, and habits. Each person will have their own style.

“For the third stage, you have to go and understand the Battle God. If not, you will find it even harder to comprehend the murals in the latter parts.

“I believe there’s a minority among the crowd who went back to restart their comprehension process of all the first two stages. After that, they gained new inspiration for this stage.”

A few people in the crowd nodded. They passed like that.

“The first three stages cannot really be considered hard. It’s a self-introduction of the Battle God. As for the fourth stage, this is the first truly difficult stage.”

As Sun Mo spoke until here, everyone held their breaths as their eyes shone fervently.

(Quickly say it, we are waiting for this.)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》