Absolute Great Teacher
766 The Host This Time around Is Indeed a Little Impressive!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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766 The Host This Time around Is Indeed a Little Impressive!


There were many people gathered at the entrance of the Battlegod Canyon. All of them were stretching their necks and constantly peering within, wanting to know what the situation was.

Although they didn’t have the qualifications to enter the fourth part of the canyon, it wouldn’t obstruct them from paying attention. After all, even salted fish had the desire to overturn their situations.

And there was an 80 to 90% chance that Sun Mo was their springboard.

“It’s Great Teacher Fu!!”

“Great Teacher Fu came out!”

He was the first person who exited the valley. If it wasn’t for the fact that Fu Yanqing’s status was too high, there would already be people who couldn’t control their urge and ask him.

But even so, after a short period of whispering, someone finally asked the question.

“Great Teacher Fu, can I please ask how’s the situation within? Did Great Teacher Sun succeed in his comprehension?”

Fu Yanqing, who was in contemplation, suddenly trembled when he heard this. He subconsciously glanced at that person. After that, he turned and looked at the fourth part of the canyon before shaking his head and continuing on his way.

“Surpass oneself? The reason is actually this?”

Fu Yanqing’s pride was still crumbling. It wouldn’t be so easy if he wanted to build it back up.

It was like a three-time e-sports champion being beaten so badly by a primary school kid that he became autistic. It was already very commendable that he didn’t delete his account and start again.

“This Sun Mo is somewhat capable. I wonder which stage he would be able to reach?”

Fu Yanqing sighed ruefully. “Could he really decipher all the murals in the canyon and obtain the Battlegod Catalog?”

After thinking of this, Fu Yanqing laughed involuntarily.

(I’m too naive.)

(For this matter, even if he was a genius that only appeared once in ten thousand years, he still wouldn’t be able to do it. After all, the Battlegod Canyon has existed for so long and no one has managed to clear it.)

“However, I hope you really can break through and pass the sixth stage.”

At this moment, Fu Yanqing felt so conflicted that he wanted to die.

He knew that for himself, if he wanted to comprehend the murals on the sixth part of the canyon, he had to stay at least ten years here, but the thing he lacked most was time.

Hence, he wanted to make use of Sun Mo. However, once Sun Mo completed it, it was a type of absolute dominance over himself.

When the people spoke about Sun Mo’s feat in the Battlegod Canyon, they would use his name as a comparison. Who told him to be the highest-ranked great teacher here in Battlegod Town?!

“I shouldn’t have come!”

Fu Yanqing suddenly felt some regret.


“What did he mean when he shook his head? Did Sun Mo fail?”

Sun Mo doubted.

“That shouldn’t be the case. If Sun Mo died, the crowd would have dispersed. It can’t be that Sun Mo’s corpse is nicer to look at when compared to courtesans, right?”

“That means he succeeded?”

“That might be the case. Look at Fu Yanqing’s expression, he is very disappointed and he might be psychologically impacted by Sun Mo’s success.”

“Haha stop talking nonsense. Do you think 6-star great teachers are cabbages that Sun Mo can manipulate at his will?”

Since everyone was free, they started to guess randomly. After that, they waited but no one came out.

There would naturally be no one.

Now that Sun Mo had revealed the true meaning of this stage, they would naturally not care about other things and immediately focus on clearing the stage after thanking Sun Mo.

Coming out to inform these busybodies?

(Sorry, I would even find it a waste of time if I have to urinate.)


In the fourth part of the canyon, everyone came one by one toward Sun Mo and bowed to him.

“Many thanks to Great Teacher Sun for being so generous to guide us!”

This was a scholar.

“Great Teacher Sun, a mere ‘thank you’ is an insufficient response to a huge favor. In the future, when you go to Western Jing, you have to remember to find me at the Virtuous Gathering Manor. I will take care of all your food and lodging, and you can choose any beautiful courtesan in Western Jing. If I, Wang, don’t have enough face and cannot invite them, I will kidnap them for you.”

This was a major character. When he spoke malicious words, he exuded an extremely generous feeling.

“Teacher Sun, this student thank you.”

This was a great teacher. Because he received Sun Mo’s guidance, he had to refer to himself as a student according to the rules.

Sun Mo returned the gesture. His expression didn’t change and he had the demeanor of a great teacher. However, he was wildly joyful in his heart. The number of favorable impression points he was receiving was so much that he felt his hands go soft.

Some were truly grateful to Sun Mo and directly contributed over a thousand points, and the others were only slightly grateful and contributed a few hundred points.

Naturally, the few who contributed only tens of points were silently remembered by Sun Mo as he made a mental note about them.

In any case, before he revealed any more true meanings in the future, he would first drive those people away.

(Do they really think I’m so magnanimous and my heart state is so vast that I can contain a ship in my belly?)


“In view of your outstanding performance, there’s a super mission issued at the last minute. Please continue to work hard and try your best to clear all the stages. The more stages you clear in the Battlegod Canyon, the better the rewards will be.”

The system suddenly spoke.


Sun Mo couldn’t control it and directly cursed, “It’s one thing that there’s no reward for my current achievements, but you are even giving out a mission? Are you still human?”

“Sorry, I’m a system, I don’t have feelings!”

The system’s reply was cold and emotionless.

“What if I comprehend the Battlegod Catalog?”

Sun Mo’s mind spun rapidly. From the mission the system issued, he could be sure that the Battlegod Catalog did exist.

“Are you dreaming?”

The system swiftly shot back.

“Are you blind then? To choose me as your host?”

Sun Mo instantly replied. (As a system that has chosen me, why don’t you believe in my talent?)

“That’s called choosing a general among dwarves. Have you not heard of this before?”

The system spoke in contempt.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had to mind his image before his students, Sun Mo would have erupted in anger.

“Alright, alright. If you really manage to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog, I will give you...”

The system paused.

“What will you give me?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “If I manage to do it, wouldn’t I be a genius that has not been seen in ten thousand years? Are you not honored if you could have such a host? Shouldn’t you reward me greatly? Why are you hesitating?”

“System, I’ve misjudged you. We have to break off relations, we definitely have to!”

“What’s that?”

The system counter-asked.


Sun Mo spat a mouthful of saliva.

“Alright, alright. If you can do it, I’ll give you ten great teacher emblems. How about it? I’m really bleeding here.”

The system consoled Sun Mo.

Honestly speaking, it was still very satisfied with Sun Mo.

Sun Mo had actually depended on his own intellect to see that the murals were a type of spirit runes and comprehended their true meanings. He understood fundamentally the tempering trial that ancient Battle God had set up.

(Alright, I will admit that my host is a little impressive this time around.)

(I feel proud because of my judgment!)

“Scram for me!” Sun Mo was unhappy. “Why are you bullying an honest guy?”

“I’m wrongly accused!” The system wanted to cry. “The great teacher emblems are definitely good stuff!”


Sun Mo cursed. “Up until now, I don’t even know what they can be used for. Also, are they very hard to obtain? I have 15 of them now. Other than occupying space in the inventory, what can they do?”


The system was astonished and actually had no way to rebut. After thinking carefully, Sun Mo truly had a lot of great teacher emblems. B...but...

The previous hosts were not so wealthy and if they could get one every year, it would already be considered a very great result.

One must know that great teacher emblems could only be obtained after the host had achieved a great teacher feat. That meant Sun Mo had just arrived in this world for two years and actually achieved so many great teacher feats?

Upon thinking of this, the system was shocked.

(Could it be that Sun Mo is more impressive than what I expected?)

“Why? Not talking anymore?”

Sun Mo spoke in disdain.

“Alright, I was in the wrong. Okay, how about this, what do you want?”

In order to regain its prestige, the system decided to be generous for once. “Just feel free to say it. I will give you the highest reward I can give within the scope of my authority.”

“Let me go home!”

Sun Mo directly suggested.

“That’s impossible!”

The system immediately rejected this.

“Hehe, I was just joking.”

Sun Mo mentally mused, ‘I was just testing you’. Actually, even if the system allowed him to go back, he didn’t want to.

What could he do if he returned?

Continue to be a teacher in the No.2 High School?

With no money and no background, he would at most be head of the year his entire life, and he would have to burn huge amounts of incense to thank his ancestors if he could really do so. He wouldn’t even be able to become a vice headmaster.

Even if he worked hard and became the head of department after ten years, what was the point?

He would only earn a little more. Could he be able to afford a villa?

When he got sick, would he be able to cut the queue and get the best doctor to treat him?

As for women, given his occupation and salary, even a 5/10 girl would disdain him, let alone 7/10 girls.

Those pretty girls belonged to the affluent second-generations or the wealthy people.

However, in the Nine Provinces, he was the vice headmaster of a famous school. Although the school’s grading wasn’t very good now, it would only improve.

The most important thing was that as a mighty new rising superstar, if Sun Mo got sick, he could casually look for the best doctors to treat him.

Naturally, given Sun Mo’s physique, it wouldn’t be easy even if he wanted to fall sick.

Also, he was currently living in a villa with a maid gifted by the prime minister who had served three generations of the empire. The maid was even skilled in zither, poetry, chess, and painting. She wasn’t inferior to any celebrities of the modern era.

The best part was... he could sleep with her any time he wanted to.

He even had an extremely talented fiancee that was a ranker on the Beauty Rankings. Moreover, his personal students respected and loved him, and he also had a few bosom buddies.

When he thought of this, Sun Mo glanced at Gu Xiuxun and Mei Ziyu.

(Speaking of which, I’ve treated you guys like my bosom buddies.)

After that, Sun Mo turned his gaze onto Jin Mujie. (Would there be a chance for a ‘more-than-friends’ relationship to occur between me and her?)

(Aiya, as a great teacher, how can my thinking be so shameless? I blame myself! Yes, I should feel self-reproach!)

After that, Sun Mo smiled. (Only retards would think of going back. The only ones I’ve let down are possibly my parents. Sigh, it would be good if I can return frequently to see them.)

“How about this? If you really manage to get the Battlegod Catalog, you can choose any subject you want and I will raise its expertise level directly to the grandmaster level. However, please note that the process is extremely dangerous, and it’s very possible that your brain might be damaged due to the large amount of information transmitted over.”

The system went all out.

Sun Mo frowned. “Would I become a retard?”


Just when Sun Mo was at ease, he heard the second half.

“But you will be crippled!”


Sun Mo wanted to hit someone.

“Do you want it?”

The system continued to ask and spoke with some disdain, “Daring to bargain with me? You can be considered a unique one among the hosts I had.”

“Even C. Ronaldo and Lionel Messi dared to ask for a salary increase.”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. “Those with ability naturally would want more money. What’s the matter? Would you be willing to work for free?”

“Enough, enough. I can’t outtalk you. So do you want that or not?”

The system conceded.

“I want!”

Sun Mo was joyful. “Just so coincidentally, I have zero knowledge about alchemy. I might as well use this chance to learn it. Grandmaster-level? Perfect!”

“Teacher Sun? Teacher Sun?”

The audience had left and only people on their side remained. Jin Mujie wanted to ask a few personal questions, but she only saw Sun Mo in a daze and would even occasionally flash a silly smile, completely ignoring her.

Was there a need to be so happy just because he had defeated a 6-star great teacher?

Jin Mujie thought about it. Mn, it was only natural. If she was in his shoes, she might even book the entire brothel and be drunk while having fun for three days and nights.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》