Absolute Great Teacher
767 This Sun Mo Is a Distinguished and Accomplished Man!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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767 This Sun Mo Is a Distinguished and Accomplished Man!


“The prerequisite is that you can comprehend the Battlegod Catalog. Enough, let’s stop talking nonsense. Just work hard for now!”

Honestly speaking, this reward was a little ‘big’. But from the point of view of the system, since Sun Mo wouldn’t be able to accomplish it, it didn’t matter how ‘big’ the reward it promised.

(In any case, it can show that I’m generous and magnanimous, behaving with integrity.)

“Oh, what can I do for you, Teacher Jin?”

Sun Mo regained his senses.

“Calling me ‘Teacher’? Are you joking with me?”

Jin Mujie rolled her eyes. “I just want to know this. Didn’t you say you have to surpass yourself if you want to clear the stage? As for you, which aspect of yourself did you surpass?”

The others immediately pricked their ears and felt extremely curious.

“I think it’s experiencing arrogance without restraint.”

Sun Mo smiled.

“What do you mean?”

Gu Xiuxun frowned. Wasn’t that a bad personality trait?

(In the past, I’ve always been inflexible, acting according to convention. When crossing the roads, I wouldn’t dare to ignore the traffic light, when I’m queuing up, I would do so orderly. Let alone killing someone, I have never even fought people before.)

Sun Mo silently thought of this, but when he verbalized it, he gave casual examples relating to this era.

Breaking the law?

That didn’t exist. Even during examinations, Sun Mo wouldn’t copy a single answer from anyone.

“I feel that as a Battle God, he ought to have a type of arrogance. Why does he need to care about logic? The war ax in his hands is logic itself. If you are unconvinced, he will beat you until you do.”

Honestly speaking, when a country fought against another country, that was indeed the case.

Whoever fists were bigger, would be the one on the side of logic.

The loser had to relinquish territories as reparations, and their citizens would become slaves of a vanquished nation.

Between humans, if there were no laws or etiquette to restrict people, things would be the same. Hence, Sun Mo wanted to experience what it felt like when one had enough strength to ride roughshod through all secular laws.

Hence, he acted and exploded Bai Hao’s head with a single attack.

“If your judgment was wrong, Bai Hao would really die. What do you plan to do then? For the sake of face, the revenge by the Westshore Military School would surely be extremely ruthless and intense.”

Jin Mujie asked again.

“If I knew Bai Hao wouldn’t die for real. How could I be considered to have ‘surpassed myself’ when I exploded his head?”

Sun Mo smiled and revealed his pearly whites. “Back then I’ve thought about it. If Bai Hao really died, I would bear all the consequences.”

“If a man doesn’t face a storm in his lifetime, how can he be called a man?”


Motes of golden light manifested as Priceless Advice was activated.

This caused the surrounding people to subconsciously glance over. However, they smiled when they saw Sun Mo and treated it as something normal.

“Golden Sentences Sun, can you stop with your magic?”

Gu Xiuxun was a little helpless. (Do you have to flaunt your outstandingness? Will you die if you don’t say a golden sentence within three days? However, his words do have flavor.)

The others fell silent. This was especially so for Helian Beifang. He was so agitated that he found it hard to contain himself. He clutched the hilt of his weapon several times and released it. He felt that that was something a man living in the world should aspire to.

Constantly facing adversity, constantly fighting and killing!

“How handsome!”

Li Ruolan moved closer and wanted to take a clearer shot. After all, for some reason, she couldn’t get enough of looking at Sun Mo today.

He was definitely an outstanding man whom she would give ten marks to.

Even if she gave Sun Mo one more mark, there was no need for him to feel arrogant.

“Alright, go and comprehend!”

Sun Mo didn’t want to continue this topic anymore.

Actually, the behavior of killing Bai Hao was very selfish and unfair to Bai Hao. But was there true fairness in the world?

Since Bai Hao jumped out to criticize him, he had to pay a price for his actions. Now that he didn’t die and actually comprehended this stage instead, one could say that it was a good and joyous ending.

“The number of storms you are facing is quite a lot.”

Jin Mujie teased. How many things had Sun Mo experienced after he started as a teacher? To think that he could really shoulder everything. “Oh right, call me Sister Jin. You will be treating me as an outsider if you keep calling me Teacher Jin.”

Sun Mo laughed. After that, he headed toward the exit.

Lu Lin stood at a location somewhat far away to eavesdrop on the conversation here. He suddenly felt a deep veneration for Sun Mo and felt that he had found a new direction to advance toward in his life.

“I want to be a man like that!”

Lu Lin decided.


Bai Hao stood beneath a stone wall and had been paying close attention to Sun Mo. Although he had comprehended this stage, he didn’t enter the fifth part of the canyon because he wanted to enter at the same time as Sun Mo and compete with him. But who knew that Sun Mo actually chose to head out.

“What is he doing?”

Bai Hao was astonished. He discovered that he basically couldn’t guess Sun Mo. After that, he suddenly felt depressed and reluctant.

He treated Sun Mo as an opponent, but Sun Mo didn’t care about him at all.

How sorrowful.


Why did Sun Mo leave?

Naturally, it was to harvest favorable impression points!

These people heard his guidance, but they wanted to quickly comprehend this stage and didn’t head out to spread the news. How abominable.

Since they were not going to do it, he would do it himself.

“Speaking of which, would I seem a little ‘low’ by doing this?”

Sun Mo was conflicted.

“Quickly look, Sun Mo has exited!”

As a shout rang out, the waiting people immediately crowded over.

“Teacher Sun, how is it?”

“Did you clear the stage?”

“Aiya, Great Teacher Sun, can you say something? I’m so anxious that I could die.”

Everyone started talking, surrounding Sun Mo and not letting him leave.

“Everyone, please excuse me. I’m a little tired!”

Sun Mo had a calm look on his face and a humble attitude.

After hearing this, many people showed looks of disappointment on their faces and thought that this was an excuse for Sun Mo’s failure.

“Everyone, let’s disperse. Clearly, it was a failure.”

“I’ve said it. The murals of the Battlegod Canyon are so difficult. How can someone who came for a week comprehend them?”

“Ai, seems like Sun Mo is merely so-so.”

The people here gradually dispersed. After all, no matter how they thought, they wouldn’t have imagined that Sun Mo would publicly share the true meaning of the fourth stage of the Battlegod Canyon earlier.

However, a few people still chose to follow Sun Mo.

Although Sun Mo had failed to comprehend the fourth stage, God Hands weren’t fake. Hence, they wanted to console Sun Mo, so their relationships could grow closer. In that case, if they asked for a massage in the future, they wouldn’t be so easily rejected.

These people followed Sun Mo to Bai Cha’s tea store.

Right now, the fact that Sun Mo preferred the strange bitter-tasting tea was no longer a secret.

Bai Cha sat on a stool and was smoking on his tobacco pipe. When he saw Sun Mo, he laughed and didn’t say anything. He directly stood up and steeped a pot of tea.

“Taste it, I specially prepared it for you.”

Bai Cha smiled. He wouldn’t tell Sun Mo that this was a good tea he had kept for 20 years, something he wouldn’t take out for customers easily.

“Oh? Is it good?”

Sun Mo lifted the teacup and smelled it. It was really fragrant. After that, he drank a mouthful of it. This coffee was extremely bitter.

“Life is like this white tea. If there’s no bitterness, how can we appreciate and experience what sweetness is?”

Bai Cha sat in front of Sun Mo.

“Haha, you want to be my life tutor?”

Sun Mo laughed.

“Stop acting. We can be considered to have similar interests. If you have something burdening you, you can just tell me. After that, you will forget everything after a good night of sleep and continue fighting tomorrow.”

Bai Cha puffed a mouthful of smoke and spoke with a hint of commemoration in his voice, “I know that bearing the pain forcefully is very painful.”

“Huh? But I’m not bearing any pain?”

Sun Mo counter-asked. He had roughly guessed Bai Cha’s thoughts. Bai Cha wanted to console Sun Mo and he was very gratified. He was at ease now. After all, there was someone who showed interest in the topic of clearing the stage now.

(If not, how can I flaunt and earn favorable impression points?)

“Eh? Didn’t you fail in comprehending the true meaning of the murals?”

Bai Cha was puzzled.

“Who told you that?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

“I deduced it. If you succeeded, you would still be in the canyon to comprehend the other murals, how would you be in the mood to come out and drink tea?”

Bai Cha had a ‘I’m very awesome’ look on his face as he looked at Sun Mo. “Also, your expression is the same as men holding back their tears forcefully after being dumped by their girlfriends.”

“Sorry, your conjecture is wrong!”

Sun Mo laughed loudly and drank a mouthful of the white tea.


Bai Cha scratched his ear. “You mean...?”

“I succeeded!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Boss, get me a cup of...Eh?!”

The few people who followed Sun Mo had prepared to order some tea to drink when they entered. After that, they realize that they didn’t have a chance to talk to Sun Mo and actually heard these words in the end, causing all of them to be startled.

“You succeeded...?”

“In comprehending the murals?”

“Why did you exit then?”

Three questions were instantly blasted out.

“Yeah, why did you exit then?”

Boss Bai Cha was astonished. Usually speaking, after someone comprehended the murals and passed the stage, they would stay for a period in the next stage and would ignore everything else. (Could it be that you have no interest in the true meaning of the next stage’s murals?)

“There’s no solution to it. The true meanings are too simple. I can comprehend them just by casually taking a look and it’s really meaningless. Hence, I decided to come out and drink tea!”

Sun Mo teased.

Such words caused the people in the tea store to subconsciously stretch out their hands to the stools beside them. However, they stopped and simply picked up the pot of tea on their table.

(I really feel like beating you up.)

(I want to let you know why the flowers are red!)

(Do you dare to flaunt more?)

Bai Cha started but very soon, he started laughing. He then revealed his molars due to smiling widely, and the laugh turned into a hearty one as he kept slapping his thigh.

“So that’s the case, so that’s the case!”

Bai Cha laughed until his tears came out. “Not bad. For young people, if they didn’t flaunt after doing amazing things, wouldn’t that be no different from the wealthy not returning to their hometown to show off their expensive clothes at night?”

“Old man, how can we chat properly seeing how you are acting?”

Sun Mo was helpless. “It’s good enough if you know it. There’s no need to say it out loud!”

After hearing Sun Mo generously admitting it instead of shamelessly denying, Bai Cha laughed even louder. Interesting, this guy was extremely interesting!

Sun Mo was truly a wonderful person.

He had to drink a cup of tea to toast him!

“Just wait here, I will go and prepare a few dishes, and we will have to drink a few cups today!”

Bai Cha hurried away and entered the kitchen.

“What’s the situation? Did I mishear?”

“What to do now?”

“Don’t ask me, I’m also stunned.”

The few of them exchanged glances. The plan in their minds was now disrupted.

Console Sun Mo?

To better their relationship?

They were thinking too much. Sun Mo didn’t fail at all, alright?

After that, intense reverence and respect rose in their hearts.

The gazes of both parties matched. Sun Mo smiled and nodded.

The few of them immediately stood up properly due to fear and trepidation. They smiled and bowed slightly.

(There’s no solution to it. Results are considered status.)

How long had Sun Mo entered the Battlegod Canyon? However, he had comprehended so many things!

For such a person, was he someone they could easily make friends with?

They were deeply afraid that they would anger Sun Mo if their expressions were the slightest bit wrong. After all, Sun Mo was someone who had the highest chance of clearing the Battlegod Canyon.

The few of them exchanged glances and thought the same thing. Tonight, a commotion was going to rise in Battlegod Town.

Sun Mo shot to fame after a single fight!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》