Absolute Great Teacher
768 What’s the Meaning of the Battle God Diagram?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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768 What’s the Meaning of the Battle God Diagram?

Chapter 768: What’s the Meaning of the Battle God Diagram?

Bai Cha’s culinary skill wasn’t bad. He made a few extremely delicious family dishes and a flask of drunken linglong tea. The supper was truly enjoyable.

The Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were the same as ancient China. There were four classes namely scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants. However, Sun Mo didn’t disdain Bai Cha for his low social status. In fact, he felt that Bai Cha was good at conversing, and his knowledge was vast and profound.

Most probably, before he came to the Darkness Continent to start a tea store, he had roamed the Nine Provinces.

“We shouldn’t reminisce about our past!”

Bai Cha sighed ruefully. He then lifted the wine cup. “Come, let’s drink!”

After drinking, Sun Mo, who was a little tipsy, returned to his camp and took an afternoon nap. After he woke up, he climbed up to the peak of a mountain filled with maple trees and started to meditate.

He felt that he was so happy that he could float. So other than having to arrange the spirit runes he extracted from the murals during this period, he had to adjust his mental state too.

Humans shouldn’t be too complacent!

The sun set quickly.

The moon rose and its light painted the ground with a layer of white.

“The scenery is so beautiful.”

Sun Mo deeply inhaled and couldn’t control his poetic urges. “Forsaking me, Yesterday was gone though I had my share. Confounding my heart, today’s loaded with even more care!* Eh, what’s next...?”

Sun Mo recited two sentences and suddenly forgot the latter part of the poem.

There was no solution to it. After all, in the modern world, all college examinations would have this type of famous ancient sayings. Hence, he memorized only the keywords of some of them.

“Ai, I should have studied harder. Now I can’t even pretend to be a scholar!”

Sun Mo had a self-mocking smile on his face. Luckily, he was alone on this mountain peak or things would truly be very embarrassing.

At this moment, a sigh of regret entered his ears.

“A stalker?”

Sun Mo immediately turned and his sharp gaze swept over. However, other than the stone statue, he didn’t see anyone else.

“Damn, it isn’t too good to be famous. Could it be that I got locked on by a pervert? Who can bear this?”

Sun Mo started to hesitate. (Should I be more low profile from now on?)

After admiring the night scenery for a while more, Sun Mo descended the mountain. He didn’t eat dinner and headed directly straight to the Battlegod Canyon, preparing to comprehend the murals at the fifth part of the canyon.

Originally, there weren’t many people in this part of the canyon, but because of Sun Mo’s lecture, there were close to 100 people here.

Honestly speaking, the aptitudes of these people were not bad. They weren’t able to clear the stage because they didn’t manage to find the correct method. Now, with Sun Mo’s help, they could get double the results with half the effort.

“Great Teacher Sun, you are here?”

“Great Teacher Sun, good evening!”

“Teacher, if you have any instructions, please feel free to say it!”

Cultivators who saw Sun Mo all took the initiative to greet him respectfully. A few people were even respectfully addressing him as their teacher.

One must know that such a term of address wouldn’t be used recklessly. Once it was used, it meant that the person admitted that their learning and moral character were inferior to the other party and that they were willing to take the role of a student. Upon meeting the other party, the person would execute etiquette as that of a student.

Sun Mo displayed a societal smile so others wouldn’t feel that he was cold. He wouldn’t make people feel that he was warm either to maintain a certain degree of prestige so not any Tom, Dick, or Harry would dare to head up to talk to him.

Sun Mo’s time was very short. How would he have time to chat idly with strangers?


Li Ziqi and the others also hurried over to greet him. The other students of the Central Province Academy didn’t dare to neglect Sun Mo either.

“Everyone, go and comprehend the murals!”

Sun Mo swept his gaze over and was very satisfied. Even the honest guy who had the weakest talent had also entered.

Honestly speaking, this stage was the most friendly to Qi Shengjia. Because this fellow had always been overloading himself in terms of training, it fit the criteria of surpassing oneself very much.

“Sun Mo, do you have any discoveries?”

Gu Xiuxun walked over and asked directly.

“Are you asking this because you are too lazy to comprehend things?”

Sun Mo teased.

“Why should I even bother trying to comprehend? With a ‘walking answer’ like you here, I feel that comprehending myself is so foolish. In any case, wouldn’t you understand the true meaning of the murals after two to three days?”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes.

She knew her own limits very well. Even if she spent half a month, her harvest wouldn’t be great. At that time, when Sun Mo revealed the true meaning of the stage, she would surely be unable to help it and want to listen. Hence, it was pretty meaningless for her to comprehend.

“You really trust me a lot.”

Sun Mo smiled.

Mei Ziyu was covering her mouth and secretly laughing as well. She was very fond of such an atmosphere when friends were chatting.

At this moment, the people in this part of the canyon suddenly felt their spirits stirring and were seriously staring in the direction of the stone wall. Some even stared fixedly and didn’t dare to blink as they were deeply afraid they might miss something.

“What’s going on?”

Sun Mo frowned.


Gu Xiuxun was speechless. She directly threw a light punch at Sun Mo. “Can you handle it? Don’t tell me you have never even seen such a scene before?”

As 8 p.m. arrived, the murals on both sides began to shine with a red light. After that, the murals of war seemed to be capable of moving. There were even shouts of killing and an army galloping on horses.

After that, over ten balls of red light shot out from the murals, and they turned into soldiers armed with helmets and body armor. Their killing intent surged rampantly.

One could tell that these things were dangerous with just a glance, but those cultivators actually rushed over in unison.

“We said not to snatch, right? Each person has their turn. Don’t you understand human speech?”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Snatch them. Whoever managed to do so will gain possession of them.”

The scene was chaotic. Some of them even fought instead of talking for the sake of seizing the soldiers.

“Ever since I entered, at each exact hour, the murals would release red light and generate soldiers that are relevant to the time.”

Gu Xiuxun introduced as she took out her pocket watch to show Sun Mo. “For example, it’s exactly eight o`clock now and there are eight soldiers!”

“Could the secret of clearing the stages be on these soldiers?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I don’t know!”

Gu Xiuxun shook her head. “But there’s definitely a connection.”

“Why are those people not snatching the soldiers?”

Sun Mo noticed that some people didn’t move.

“Those people have entered this part of the canyon long ago and have personally fought these soldiers before. However, they gained nothing from it. This is why they are so calm now and are watching by the side.”

Mei Ziyu reminded him in a low voice, “Do you want to persuade Xuanyuan Po?”

That little fellow was a combat addict and basically wouldn’t care about the consequences. He was clearly a noob at the Spirit-Refinement Realm, but he actually dared to attempt to snatch the soldiers from experts at the Divine Force and Longevity Realm!

“If he was not your student, he would have long since been beaten to death.”

Gu Xiuxun sighed. Although Xuanyuan Po’s talent was off-the-charts, his personality truly couldn’t make it. In the future, there was an 80 to 90% chance that he would die in this sort of brash fighting.

“Xuanyuan, stop!”

Sun Mo shouted.

“Teacher, if we snatched one, we would still have a chance. If we do nothing, we won’t have any clue.”

Xuanyuan Po was firm and persistent. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to snatch anything. Hence, he walked to the edge of the area where the soldiers were. And if there were a chance to, he would exchange a few moves with one of the soldiers before rapidly retreating.

Normally, the major characters here would have long since berated him or even beaten him up. But they didn’t act because they wanted to give face to Sun Mo.

Helian Beifang might love fighting too, but he was much more rational compared to Xuanyuan Po.

“Xuanyuan Po, I told you to stop!”

Sun Mo frowned. “When you encounter a problem, you have to observe and ponder first. What’s the use of rushing ahead so frantically?”

Sun Mo had another sentence he didn’t say. (Can’t you let these people act as guinea pigs to face off against the soldiers, first?)

(Even if you waited at the side, the amount of data you could collect would be the same.)

“Great Teacher Sun, please don’t be angry. This soldier will be given to your disciple to fight.”

A middle-aged man, who had been exuding killing intent and forced seven people who wanted to snatch the soldier backward, was currently smiling and looked like a husky that was determined to please its owner.

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