Absolute Great Teacher
769 At the Very End, Simps Would End Up with Nothing!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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769 At the Very End, Simps Would End Up with Nothing!



After hearing the middle-aged man’s words, the others who were currently snatching the soldiers were all stunned and looked over here dumbfoundedly.

“Damn, Old Zha. I didn’t expect someone with thick eyebrows and big eyes like you would be so proficient in fawning. You must have practiced it in private before, right?”

An old man spoke frankly with assurance.

They had stayed three years in the fifth part of the canyon. Although they weren’t friends, they were familiar with each other. They would usually gather together and drink wine out of boredom as they discussed how to clear the sage.

Although Old Zha looked like a middle-aged man, he was actually already 260 years old. But because he was an expert at the Longevity Realm, his appearance didn’t age.

For experts of this level who had lived for centuries, they naturally wanted face, let alone before so many juniors.

After hearing the old man’s words, Old Zha, who had very thin skin, immediately felt his face flushing red. He shouted, “This is what cultivators ought to do. What do you mean by fawning? This is called respect. Do you understand?

“For an absolute genius like Great Teacher Sun, could it be that he isn’t qualified to have a soldier? Look at you guys randomly trying to snatch one. It isn’t that I’m looking down on you, but even if you snatch one, no... even if you snatch 1,000, what’s the point? If you give Teacher Sun one of them, you might actually clear this stage.”

The more Old Zha spoke, the more logical he sounded. The feeling of shame due to him bootlicking also weakened by quite a bit.

Everyone was stunned. (It does seem to be like that Damn! Old Zha already made the first move!)

Honestly speaking, things couldn’t be blamed on these people.

Those who depended on their capabilities to enter this part of the canyon were all intelligent people with excellent comprehension or a powerful cultivation base. The weakest among them was at the eighth or ninth level of the Divine Force Realm. Although it couldn’t be said that they could do whatever they wanted to in the Nine Provinces, at the very least, when they tried to perform acts of justice, they wouldn’t be killed by the evildoer and they could become a hero.

If they chose the path of evil, they would still be able to become a boss of the underworld. Hence, they basically had no experience in fawning others. This was why they couldn’t adapt to it for a short period.

“Great Teacher Sun, please come here. I will give this to you.”

“What do you mean by giving this to him? Do you know how to speak? Great Teacher Sun, this soldier is something I respectfully offer up to show my respect to you. I hope you can clear this stage quickly.”

“Great Teacher Sun, come and catch this one. This one is very beautiful. Wait a minute, I’ve been in the Battlegod Canyon for over a year and I even found a summoned soldier beautiful just by looking at it?”

“I have the same feeling. Damn it, would I fall in love with gigolos in the future?”

Everyone was talking non-stop, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

The cultivators who had just entered were more anxious, but these people had already stayed here for quite a long duration. Because they were clueless, they became much calmer as time went by.

After all, haste makes waste.

Upon seeing this scene, Bai Hao grew depressed.

Although he was the second ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings and was very famous in the great teacher world, no one really cared about him as a whole. So, plenty of people dared to snatch soldiers from him, about seven or eight of them.

At this moment, after seeing a major character at the Longevity Realm snatching soldiers to give to Sun Mo, while the others were trying to snatch a soldier from his hand, Bai Hao was immediately in a bad mood.

“I feel that my status is so low!”

Bai Hao’s lips pursed. After that, he tried to snatch even more ferociously.

(No, I have to work hard for this stage and surpass Sun Mo to prove myself.


“No need.”

Sun Mo tactfully declined.

“Teacher Sun, are you looking down on me, Old Zha?”

Zha Liang counter-asked.


Sun Mo shook his head. He mentally mused that he was only letting guinea pigs like them go first. In any case, there were still ‘checkpoints’ after that. Even if they got the soldiers first, it was fine.

Hence, Sun Mo was not anxious at all.

“In that case, don’t be polite with me. This can be considered a gift from me.”

Zha Liang’s tone was sincere and he had a look on his face that said ‘if I were a woman, I would recommend myself to warm your bed.’

“Alright then, many thanks.”

Sun Mo clasped his fist and then instructed. “Xuanyuan, go on. Zhiruo, sword!”


The papaya girl grabbed the sword sheath and tossed Evil Vanquisher to Sun Mo.

The combat addict who had long since grown impatient from waiting immediately rushed over.

“Great Teacher Sun, please forgive me for saying too much. These soldiers are very powerful. I’m afraid your disciple might be injured.”

Zha Liang reminded him out of good will. Just after he finished speaking, he saw that muscular young man that was akin to a gigantic desolate beast rushing forward with his spear and clashing against that soldier.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The spear tip pierced repeatedly toward the soldier’s armor, causing a myriad of sparks to manifest.

“Good moves!”

Old Zha couldn’t help but praise loudly.

“Very sharp!”

“This disciple of Great Teacher Sun is pretty good!”

Everyone here was an expert. When they saw this, they immediately knew that this youth was proficient in combat and had definitely experienced life-and-death battles before.

Naturally, the most beautiful things weren’t his moves. Rather, it was his fearless aura that had a hint of exquisite gorgeousness.

Gradually, everyone stopped speaking and started to observe the combat.

The soldier that ‘walked out’ from the murals did indeed possess powerful combat strength. It instantly suppressed Xuanyuan Po, and because the difference in strength was too great, even an ordinary attack by the soldier would cause heavy injuries to Xuanyuan Po if it hit.

Hence, Xuanyuan Po was surrounded by perils.

“Senior brother Xuanyuan’s brain isn’t very good, right?”

Qin Yaoguang chewed on her candy and had a bewildered look on her face. In a combat where he would die if he was the slightest bit careless, he actually felt no fear and had a face filled with desire.

“In combat-related subjects, he would become a mad man.”

Tantai Yutang teased. But in his heart, he was extremely envious of Xuanyuan Po’s healthy body.

“His courage is second to none.”

The surrounding audience marveled. Even Old Zha and the others who were experts at the Longevity Realm still felt that they were inferior. At the very least, when they were at Xuanyuan Po’s age, they weren’t so daring.

Helian Beifang watched with heat in his eyes and he involuntarily stared at Sun Mo.



Sun Mo smiled and was very satisfied with Helian Beifang’s attitude. Although he was a youth from the barbaric tribe, he knew even more about etiquette when compared to Xuanyuan Po.

With Helian Beifang added to the mix, the battle grew more chaotic. After all, he had never cooperated with Xuanyuan Po before. However, this actually caused the eyes of everyone to brighten.

“Damn, this youth is also good.”

“His usage of the curved blade isn’t bad.”

“Look at his skin color and his weapon. This fellow is a barbarian, right?”

Everyone whispered.

There were also a few great teachers in the crowd. When they saw this scene, they immediately revealed envious expressions. These two students of Sun Mo had shocking talent in martial arts.

Bai Hao, who was snatching soldiers at the side, also felt envy when he cast a glance over.

The vast majority of the students could be rated outstanding or not with a glance, but there would always be special examples who had extraordinary talent.

For example, Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beifang. They would emit a unique aura when they attacked.


Ying Baiwu was unconvinced and wanted to participate too. But when she wanted to say something, an intense pain suddenly spread from her chest area to her four limbs.

(This damnable body. Why can’t it live up to expectations?)

Ying Baiwu was very annoyed. Ever since she had entered the second level of the Darkness Continent, she had started to feel uncomfortable. She had also asked Li Ziqi about the spirit fantasy reactions before, but her symptoms were completely different.

This was strange.

She had wanted her teacher to check her situation, but she was also afraid. What if reality proved that her aptitude couldn’t make it? What should she do then?

The iron-headed girl wanted to be the most outstanding student of Sun Mo. Hence, she wouldn’t permit herself to have even the slightest bit of weakness.

“Oh no!”

Xuanyuan Po pierced out with his spear, but he didn’t expect the strength of the soldier to be much greater than before. As a result, it caused him to misjudge and fail to block successfully.

He subconsciously shifted his vital spots away and used his shoulder to receive the attack. But at this moment, a figure appeared beside him and a sword shadow flashed.


The weapon of the soldier was knocked away.

“Xuanyuan, how many times have I said it? Don’t simply depend on your instincts to fight. You have to learn how to think.”

Sun Mo lectured, “Learn how to control your instincts instead of letting your instincts dominate you.”

“As for Helian, very well done.”

Sun Mo praised.

The barbarian youth immediately revealed a bashful and happy smile.

“Retreat for now. Watch more and think more!”

Sun Mo instructed and he moved forward to welcome the attack from a soldier.

When he activated Divine Sight to observe the soldiers, he realized that they were unknown targets and he had no way to obtain any information. However, from their strength, these soldiers should be at the fifth level of the Divine Force Realm.

Xuanyuan Po panted heavily and retreated to the side. Although he had only fought for a minute, he was sweating profusely because the battle was too dangerous.

Sun Mo used his Invulnerable Golden Body to defend, and he started a combo.

West River Moon, Broad Cold Autumn, Late Fragrance.

Pak, pak, pak!

Evil Vanquisher either pierced or slash at the soldier’s body, creating sparks. However, no golden pages flew out of the soldier’s head.

Sun Mo attacked again.

The majority of people here immediately crowded around to watch. After all, ever since Sun Mo entered the canyon, everyone only knew about his intelligence that was so outstanding that it caused people’s scalp to feel numb. However, Sun Mo had never displayed his martial strength before.

“As expected, he is terrifyingly strong!”

“What cultivation art is that? It looks so gorgeous!”

“Damn, the concept of that fist actually causes me to feel a sense of nirvana? I feel like going to become a monk.”

Everyone discussed fervently and couldn’t turn their eyes away.

Even those cultivators snatching the soldiers gave up and came to watch. After all, they could snatch soldiers any time, but it was very rare to see Sun Mo fight.


Bai Hao saw his opponents leaving, and the soldier was about to fall into his hand. However, he felt very unhappy in his heart.

(I don’t want this to be ‘given’ to me!)

Sun Mo fought for a few more minutes. All of a sudden, a ‘bang’ sound rang out and the soldier exploded into countless red motes of light. They were like fireflies and swiftly vanished into the night in the canyon.

“Eh? This thing actually vanishes?”

Sun Mo felt surprised. He recalled his actions and was sure that it wasn’t him who killed the soldier.

“Great Teacher Sun is correct. If these soldiers were critically injured, for example in their brains or their hearts, they would immediately vanish. Otherwise, they would automatically vanish a few minutes later.”

Zha Liang instantly explained, “If you cut off their limbs or deal injuries to the other parts of their bodies, they wouldn’t vanish immediately. But they would vanish quicker than normally.”

Sun Mo pondered. For him to comprehend this stage would surely take up plenty of time. After all, there was a limit to the number of soldiers here. If he wanted to clear the stage, he had to have enough samples for experimentation.

Very soon, an hour passed. Everyone who was originally feeling lazy immediately stirred and stood up. They were like ferocious beasts that had entered hunting grounds. They were also feeling wariness toward the other opponents.

“Teacher Sun, you don’t have to act. Let me snatch one for you!”

Zha Liang flicked his sleeves and prepared to act.

(Whoever dares to block my path of fawning over Great Teacher Sun has to die!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》