Absolute Great Teacher
770 Don’t I Want Face?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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770 Don’t I Want Face?

Chapter 770: Don’t I Want Face?

Every hour, the number of soldiers would spawn according to the time. This was something that was already verified. Hence, there would be a wave of combat every hour.

The number of soldiers was too little. Hence, no one cared whether or not the crucial point of things was on the soldiers. They just wanted to seize one first so they could conduct detailed research.

“It’s all Sun Mo’s fault.”

A man with a bucktooth at the Divine Force Realm involuntarily grumbled in a low voice.

Because Sun Mo revealed the true meaning of the murals at the fourth stage of the canyon, this led to the number of people passing the stage to surge. Hence, the supply of soldiers wasn’t enough to meet the demand.

For example, in this wave, the bucktooth guy clearly felt that the others were fighting harder and attacking his vitals with every move.

One must know that even if one managed to seize a soldier, they would only have an additional chance of observation and wouldn’t be able to pass the stage. Hence, no one would put their lives on the line to fight for it. But now, the situation was different.

“Great Teacher Sun, this fellow is bad-mouthing you!”

A woman who was snatching the soldier against the bucktooth guy shouted out loud the moment she heard this.

“I didn’t!”

“You are talking nonsense!”

“Great Teacher Sun, I’m innocent. I snatched this soldier because I wanted to give it to you.”

The bucktooth guy immediately denied it. He was so frightened that he turned pale.

He had no harvest despite having stayed here for over three years, and he had lost his confidence long ago. Now Sun Mo’s appearance was like a spark of hope for him.

If Sun Mo was in a good mood after comprehending the mural and revealed the true meaning, he could gain some benefits too. Hence, he absolutely didn’t dare to offend Sun Mo.


Bai Hao suffered a palm strike from the tall old man. His qi and blood swirled chaotically and he was sent flying.

This caused him to have a gloomy expression on his face, and he felt extremely helpless.

There was no solution to it. He truly couldn’t defeat experts at the Longevity Realm.

“Forget it, I shall target salted fish instead next time!”

Bai Hao’s gaze searched around and observed the people here. However, he discovered that it was truly very difficult because there were too many experts. Hence, he changed his way of thinking.

Could he form a group with other experts?


Sun Mo felt that his identity as a great teacher should be of use. But at this moment, he heard that tall old man shouting.

“Great Teacher Sun, this is a soldier for you. There’s no need to mention it!”

The old man smiled and completely didn’t look like a major character in the Longevity Realm that was capable of killing and forcing the crowd back. He bowed slightly and had a wide smile on his face. “Please accept it!”


After Bai Hao recovered from his astonishment, he wanted to curse and spew some vulgarities.

(You guys are at the Longevity Realm and can live for a few hundred years. Don’t you all want face? Isn’t Sun Mo merely someone who can comprehend the murals? Do you all have to fawn on him like this?)

Bai Hao was so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood. (I worked so hard and even suffered injuries, but I wasn’t able to snatch a soldier. I even planned to be an assistant to a major character. Yet, Sun Mo didn’t even need to do anything? We are both great teachers, but why is the difference in treatment so great?)

“Great Teacher Sun, use mine instead. This soldier is prettier!”

“What’s the use of being pretty? Great Teacher Sun, come and fight this. My soldier is clearly more powerful. Only such soldiers are qualified enough to match up to your status.”

“Damn, this idea is clearly thought up by me. Why do you guys have to be so shameless?”

Zha Liang was speechless. He then shouted at Sun Mo, “Great Teacher Sun, I will lure the soldier to you, prepare to accept it!”

As Zha Liang spoke, he started to retreat in Sun Mo’s direction. The soldier also followed after him.

The others wanted to do this, but they were afraid they might lure over too many soldiers and injure Sun Mo. In that case, Sun Mo would surely curse at them.

They would fail at fawning and even offend him. The gains did not make up for the losses.

“Damnable Zha Liang, your ancestor must be a eunuch, right? You are so good at serving people.”

Someone mocked.

“Are you stupid? How can a eunuch give birth to kids?”

“You are the stupid one. Why can’t eunuchs adopt kids?”

The atmosphere was very chaotic, but over at Sun Mo’s side, it was completely different. After all, everyone placed their hopes on him.

“Thanks then!”

Sun Mo wasn’t polite and directly rushed over to attack.

“Great Teacher Sun, just take your time to fight them. I will protect you from the side!”

Zha Liang grabbed his blade and coldly stared at the surroundings. “I’ll tear whoever dares to disturb you to shreds.”

“Don’t pretend to be a good man. All of us are people who respect Great Teacher Sun and will absolutely not make trouble for him.”

“That’s right. How about this? Every time the soldiers manifest, we will let Great Teacher Sun choose first before we snatch among ourselves?”

“I think this is a good idea. In any case, we won’t be able to clear the stage even if we capture the soldiers.”

A group of major characters with high cultivation bases immediately made the decision. Hence, everyone competed with each other in fawning. As long as they could get into Sun Mo’s good books, the others didn’t matter.

They continued discussing loudly here, completely ignoring the opinions of others.

The others could only watch this helplessly and resign themselves to fate.

There was no solution as they couldn’t win in a fight.

In the Darkness Continent, there were no laws at all. It was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. If you were killed by someone, you could only blame yourself for not being strong enough.

On this continent, if your relatives or fellow sect members were killed, there was nowhere you could report this to. Although the Saint Gate would care about it, they had to verify the truth first. What if the person who reported the crime was lying to frame others?

Hence, a lot of time would be wasted. This was why if someone wanted revenge, they would undoubtedly choose the method of giving bounties.

You paid the money, the others would do the work for you.

In the end, some private grudges also started to use such a method of resolution. The number of cultivators wanting to earn such money wasn’t small.

Because such transactions couldn’t be done openly, the underground black market was very popular.


Bai Hao cursed and tossed his sword on the ground, preparing to leave.

He could no longer stay here because the scene was too insulting.

(I’m a great teacher, yet I’m actually being treated like this.)

But after walking a few steps, Bai Hao endured it.


(The more things are like this, the more I have to work hard. For this stage, I definitely must win against Sun Mo.)

When he thought of this, Bai Hao prepared to look for Fu Yanqing.


“What the hell? Are these people not a little too lacking in moral integrity?”

Helian Beifang was stunned. He completely didn’t expect Longevity Realm experts to actually do such actions.

“If you were tormented by a problem for a few years or even tens of years and there was suddenly someone who could solve it, what would you do?”

Li Ziqi counter-asked. “At that time, the problem has already become a knot in your heart. If you didn’t unravel it, your entire person wouldn’t be able to think clearly.”

“This is all due to our teacher’s prestige.”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t find it strange. “Great Teachers are simply like this. They answer queries and everyone respects and loves them.”

“I suddenly managed to experience the awe-inspiring moments of being Teacher’s personal student.”

Tantai Yutang mocked.

His gaze cruised at the surroundings and occasionally met the gazes of others. The other party would immediately smile at him.

If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, no one would bother with a nameless and insignificant little salted fish like him.

Helian Beifang nodded. Usually, when he went out, people would always be saying nasty things because of his race or slight him. But today, he could see that although some people were unhappy with him, they didn’t dare to express it.

This was all because of his teacher.

Ying Baiwu and Xuanyuan Po weren’t bothered about these. They were staring at these soldiers and wanted to find the crux to clearing the stage.

Li Ziqi was also paying attention to the soldiers.

She felt that the secret lay on the bodies of these soldiers. Where did they hide the spirit runes?

Could it be in the form of tattoos?

Wait a minute?


Just when Li Ziqi wanted to remind Sun Mo, she discovered Sun Mo’s attacks were aimed at the links of the soldier’s armor, instead of attacking the vital spots like the soldier’s head, neck, or heart.

He was attacking the links evidently to ‘explode’ the armor.

(As expected, Teacher is so impressive!)

The little sunny egg sighed ruefully. (Sigh, How can a small and useless personal student like me exhibit myself? I can’t simply be a bed warmer for Teacher, right?)

(Although I want to do this, my competitiveness is too weak. After all, Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwu both can do so too, and their figures are better.)


“Say, would the attitudes of these people change if Sun Mo failed to clear the stage?”

Gu Xiuxun was curious.

Honestly speaking, she felt so envious that she could die. They were all great teachers, and such moments were ones they hoped for the most.

“That doesn’t exist. I believe in Teacher Sun’s intelligence!”

Mei Ziyu looked at Sun Mo with a gentle gaze that held a hint of worship within.

(No wonder my mother didn’t stop me from going to the Central Province Academy. So, she has already discovered Sun Mo’s outstandingness!)

“That won’t happen. If Sun Mo couldn’t comprehend it, these people wouldn’t even need to have any hopes to pass the stage.”

Jin Mujie kept sighing.

Bai Hao wasn’t the only one psychologically impacted. One must know that Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher. But in the end, her prestige and reputation were both inferior to Sun Mo.

And at this moment, the major characters reached a conclusion.

“This great teacher, do you want a soldier to fight with?”

Jin Mujie’s spirits immediately stirred when she heard someone speaking to her.

(Very good, although my intellect is weaker than his, my beauty is still here.)

Jin Mujie, who was used to simps fawning over her, wanted to tactfully thank the person. In the end, she heard that person speaking.

“Since you are in the same party as Great Teacher Sun, your relationship with him shouldn’t be bad, right? When Great Teacher Sun comprehends the true meaning, please help to say a few good things about me to him!”

The middle-aged man who was speaking didn’t even pay any attention to Jin Mujie. He was constantly observing each of Sun Mo’s actions. After that, he guaranteed, “The soldiers you need in the canyon will be settled by me. Whenever you want to fight one, I will snatch one for you.”

From this middle-aged man’s point of view, Mei Ziyu and Gu Xiuxun might be beautiful, but they were too pure. Only Jin Mujie was ‘tasty’.

(This woman has an explosively curvy figure. My heavens, which man could resist her?)

(Whatever... It’s secure now. Even if they are not lovers, it doesn’t matter. Just with her figure alone, Sun Mo will surely listen if she speaks. There’s no need to doubt this!)

Jin Mujie was stunned for a while. Given her intelligence, she immediately guessed the other party’s intention. After that, she angrily scolded.


(Don’t I, Jin Mujie, want face as well?! Using my body for such a thing? Impossible!)

(Wait a minute...)

(If it is Sun Mo...) Jin Mujie looked at Sun Mo. Sun Mo who was in battle was serious and calm, exuding a sense of control. She felt an intense sense of security by looking at him.

Actually, if the other party was Sun Mo, her answer might be okay.

(Aiya, Jin Mujie, what nonsense are you thinking of? He is your sworn sister’s fiance, your younger sister’s husband!)

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