Absolute Great Teacher
771 Passing Off the Opinions of Others as Your Own
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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771 Passing Off the Opinions of Others as Your Own


“Little students, do you guys want to try? Don’t worry, I will protect you all from the side. There won’t be any danger.”

Even Li Ziqi and the others received respect from the major characters.

One could say that these people placed all their hopes on Sun Mo. Thus, there was naturally no problem with fawning.


As Sun Mo’s sword attack slash at the soldier’s waist, its armor dropped off onto the ground, revealing its battle clothes.

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened.

He had no idea how that ancient Battle God managed to do this. The faces of these summoned soldiers not only looked extremely vivid, but even their clothes and accessories were very detailed, as though they were real.

There were diagrams of ancient gigantic beasts embroidered on the battle clothes that everyone couldn’t recognize. The beasts also looked extremely lifelike, and their fierce and imposing aura made it seem as though they were about to tear their way out of the battle clothes and rush out into reality.

Sun Mo suddenly started to fiercely attack his target. Very soon, the battle clothes were torn and the body of the soldiers was revealed. His muscles were sturdy and fit, and Sun Mo could tell this soldier was an old veteran that had fought many times on the battlefield.

Five minutes later, the soldiers vanished.

“Great Teacher Sun, how is it?”

Zha Liang immediately came over and asked in a low voice.

“Let me fight a few more to probe things!”

Sun Mo’s tone was calm.

“Mn, mn!”

Zha Liang smiled and spoke in a respectful tone, “There’s no rush. That’s only the second one!”

Zha Liang merely asked in passing. He basically didn’t feel that Sun Mo could have some discoveries right away. After all, today was merely Sun Mo’s first day here. Zha Liang felt that it was already very impressive if Sun Mo could have some harvest within a month of being here.

“Teacher, drink some water!”

Li Ziqi walked over and passed a water bag to Sun Mo.

“What do you think of this stage?”

Sun Mo questioned.

The little sunny egg cast a wary glance at the surroundings before replying in a low voice. “I originally thought that these spirit runes might appear in the form of tattoos on the bodies of the soldiers. However, I didn’t expect that they were actually on the bodies of the ancient gigantic beasts embroidered on the battle clothes.

“Very well done.”

Sun Mo praised.

To the eyes of people who didn’t understand, those spirit runes looked like the scales of the ancient gigantic beasts. But with Sun Mo’s eyes, he could detect the spirit runes concealed within.

“Hehe, it’s your teaching that is good.”

The little sunny egg was smiling happily after obtaining Sun Mo’s praise.

“We have to spend some time to clear this stage.”

Sun Mo sighed.

The soldiers would only spawn at every exact hour (7.00/8.00, etc) Also, they appeared for a short time only. After exploding their armor and viewing the diagrams of the ancient gigantic beasts on their battle clothes, the time remaining for Sun Mo to observe and extract the spirit runes from them would be extremely limited.


Li Ziqi sighed as well.

“Luckily, we have your retentive memory. If not, we might need to waste half a year here.”

Sun Mo tousled the little sunny egg’s hair.


Fu Yanqing was the group leader of the Westshore Military School’s student group. He had a gloomy look on his face and caused the atmosphere of their campsite to feel tense.

The students and teachers all didn’t dare to speak loudly and were extremely cautious for fear of enraging him and being punished.

Fu Yanqing didn’t eat his meal. He was meditating in his tent because he wanted his anger to dissipate. He only walked out of his tent when the bright sun was high in the sky, painting the land beneath with its glow.

“Go and gather the students!”

Fu Yanqing instructed. He was still someone with a sense of responsibility and was very concerned with the situation of the students.

Three minutes later, the students were gathered.

“Are there still anyone who failed to pass the first stage of the Battlegod Canyon?”

Fu Yanqing asked.

This time around, no one raised their hands. After all, those last-rankers among the group were also elites if they were elsewhere.

“Anyone passed the fourth stage?”

Fu Yanqing asked again.

No one replied again, but Fu Yanqing already guessed this. After all, there were only a few geniuses like Sun Mo.

Duan Hu and Miao Ze exchanged glances. They weren’t able to surpass each other, and this caused them to feel unhappy.

“All of you have to continue to work hard!”

After Fu Yanqing finished speaking, he saw Bai Hao coming over with a worried look on his face. Just when he wanted to get the students to disperse, he saw a student sneakily moving toward the back of the crowd, and this caused his expression to turn unsightly.

“Lu Lin, where did you go?”

Fu Yanqing asked.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this little fellow had a good performance, Fu Yanqing wouldn’t even ask this and would directly punish him by making him kneel for three days.

(Hmph, his ego must have swelled up because he had good achievements.)


Lu Lin had been at the fifth part of the canyon watching Sun Mo attack the soldiers. However, when he saw Bai Hao coming back, he decided to follow him. After all, Bai Hao was a great teacher of his school, and they belonged to the same camp.

“I what I? You can’t even speak clearly?”

Fu Yanqing lost his temper.

“I’m currently at the fifth stage trying to comprehend the murals.”

Lu Lin originally didn’t want to say anything. After all, he had been able to clear the fourth stage because of Sun Mo’s guidance and this caused him to feel guilty. But he also felt proud in his heart and wanted to be looked up to by people. Moreover, because he was worried Fu Yanqing might punish him, he decided to say it.


Fu Yanqing’s anger immediately dissipated a lot when he heard this. “Why didn’t you say it directly then?”

Lu Lin lowered his head.

“You guys have to learn from Lu Lin!”

Fu Yanqing lectured the others. He then instructed, “Go on then. When we are in the Battlegod Canyon, there’s no need for you to follow the rules of the camp.”

This was preferential treatment an outstanding student could receive.

When Miao Ze and Duan Hu heard Lu Lin’s words, they were astonished and after that, a gloomy expression appeared on their faces.

(Damn, what the hell is going on?)

(He actually climbed onto my head?)

“Everyone, dispersed!”

After Fu Yanqing spoke, he entered the tent and heard Bai Hao explaining the incidents that were happening in the canyon.

A group of major characters were snatching soldiers to give to Sun Mo?

Fu Yanqing was dumbfounded. He didn’t forget how hard it was for him to snatch a soldier back then. He had to put his life on the line to fight for one.

“Sun Mo’s fame has started to rise.”

Bai Hao sighed. This could be considered a small scheme.

After all, he couldn’t possibly say ‘Teacher Fu, please help me to suppress the situation.’, right?

Hence, he had to provoke Fu Yanqing a little to make him go there voluntarily.

Bai Hao truly didn’t want to wait anymore. After all, without the soldiers, there was no way one could comprehend anything.

If that was the case, the distance between him and Sun Mo would only grow further and further.

“Wait for an exact hour to come. I’ll go and take a look with you!”

After Fu Yanqing spoke, he got Bai Hao to go out and summoned Miao Mu in.

“Teacher Miao. Have you heard Sun Mo’s explanation? What do you make of it?”

Fu Yanqing asked.


Miao Mu felt his scalp turning numb. Sun Mo’s explanation was naturally extremely good, but he didn’t dare to say such words. If he said it, wouldn’t he be looking for trouble?

“The students of the Westshore Military School are the most outstanding students in the Nine Provinces. Our advancement cannot be inferior to others. You should go and guide them properly!”

Fu Yanqing instructed.

(How should I guide?)

Miao Mu was wailing in his heart. He walked out and mumbled, “In addition, why did this fall to me? I’m just a little insignificant teacher!”

However, Miao Mu’s brain wasn’t bad. After he pondered a while, he understood that Fu Yanqing wanted him to tell the true meaning of the murals to the students.

Given Fu Yanqing’s status, he would definitely not repeat Sun Mo’s explanation because it would be too embarrassing if he passed off Sun Mo’s opinions as his own. Hence, he could only get the teachers under him to do so.

“Do I look like I was born to be a scapegoat?”

Miao Mu was helpless, but he didn’t dare to defy Fu Yanqing’s order. He could only hurriedly do as instructed.


Another exact hour arrived. There was no need for Sun Mo to instruct Li Ziqi as she directly cast a great teacher halo on him.

Sun Mo immediately felt his mind growing clear, and everything his eyes saw would be imprinted in his mind.

“Everyone, I would have to trouble you guys to explode the armor of the soldiers.”

Sun Mo instructed. Free labor...it was a pity if he didn’t make use of them.

The major characters who were originally extremely bored immediately felt their spirits stirring when they heard this.

“Great Teacher Sun, just watch carefully!”

“Do you need us to explode their pants too?”

“Great Teacher Sun, could it be you have discovered some secrets?”

Someone expressed loyalty and the others asked in curiosity. But when the soldiers appeared, there were no exceptions. All of them lunged over and fought with their full power.

Those who entered for the first time actually wanted to steal a soldier when no one was paying attention. But when they saw the major characters going all out, they were all stunned. How should they play?

However, because this was Sun Mo’s orders, they felt very helpless but didn’t dare to grumble.

“Could he have discovered something?”

“Absolutely not. How long has it only been? I admit that he is a genius, but it’s impossible for him to be so talented to such an extent.”

“Can your brain understand the concept of being a genius?”

Everyone started talking, but they were all clueless. Not a single one of them understood what Sun Mo wanted to do.

“Great Teacher Sun, the armor has exploded.”

Zha Liang lifted his chin and stared proudly at everyone, appearing extremely complacent.

(Hmph, a bunch of bald donkeys. Daring to seize something I want from me? You guys truly don’t know the immensity of heavens and earth.)

Zha Liang scratched his head and recalled his experience before he returned to his senses.

(That year, I managed to seize the head abbess. Today, I’m going to seize Sun Mo’s favor.)

“Many thanks!”

Sun Mo immediately ran over. He circled around the soldier and memorized the patterns of the scales of the ancient gigantic beast.

Honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had Retentive Memory, he would have given up.

The diagrams were too complex.

“My side is done too.”

A major character wasn’t willing to be inferior.


Sun Mo instructed.


The little sunny egg immediately started to memorize.

“Teacher, I want to help too!”

Qin Yaoguang lifted her hand. She was extremely curious about what her teacher was doing.

The time was too tight. For the last five soldiers, Sun Mo didn’t even have time to look at them, and they already vanished.

However, Sun Mo wasn’t discouraged. He found a remote place and sat down, observing the scales of the beasts in the diagrams, wanting to find a certain ‘law’.

“Everyone, lower your chatting volume. Whoever dares to disturb Great Teacher Sun from his thoughts will have his head busted by me.”

Zha Liang glanced around ferociously and roared in a low voice.

When 11 o’clock was about to arrive, Fu Yanqing and Bai Hao entered the canyon.

Everyone didn’t say anything and was quietly waiting. However, the atmosphere was somewhat tense now.

When the exact hour arrived and the soldiers spawned, Bai Hao immediately rushed out with confidence.

One must know that Fu Yanqing wasn’t simply a 6-star great teacher. He was also an expert at the Longevity Realm and his strength was tyrannical.

“What should we do?”

A major character asked, not wanting to offend Fu Yanqing.

“In any case, there are so many soldiers. It’s fine if we let him get one.”

“That’s right, in any case, Great Teacher Sun wouldn’t be able to finish observing them.”

When everyone was still discussing, Zha Liang started cursing.

“A bunch of easily swayed people, look at how cowardly you guys are! How would Great Teacher Sun be willing to help us then?”

Zha Liang hated iron for not becoming steel. Was this a matter about letting one or two soldiers go to Bai Hao?

This was a matter of face!

(If we let Bai Hao do what he wants, doesn’t that mean that we are afraid of Fu Yanqing? What would Great Teacher Sun think then?)

(Since we want to fawn on him, we should do it all the way and snatch all the soldiers for him. Even if he doesn’t need to use them, they have to be in his possession.)

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