Absolute Great Teacher
772 Sun Mo’s Prestige
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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772 Sun Mo’s Prestige

Chapter 772: Sun Mo’s Prestige

All the major characters fell silent because no one wanted to offend a 6-star great teacher for no reason.

“Aiya, you people.”

Zha Liang felt resentful toward them for failing to meet expectations. “Fu Yanqing has been famous for so long and given his societal experience, what sort of people hasn’t he seen before? What sort of gifts he hasn’t received? What is the price we have to pay before we can hug his huge thigh?

“And Sun Mo is currently rising. It’s still considered advantageous for us at the Longevity Realm. When he reached our realm, we wouldn’t even be considered farts to him.

“Sending charcoal in winter is more valuable compared to adding flowers to a brocade.”

Everyone silently agreed. After offending Fu Yanqing, they would at most steer clear of his way and not appear before him in the future. Moreover, 6-star great teachers cannot be considered a lot or a little. Even if they needed the help of a 6-star great teacher, they could seek out others.

“Old Zha, you are still the one with knowledge!”

“As expected of someone who left his home for ten years. You didn’t waste your time as a monk.”

“Just speak, how many little nuns have you cheated?”

Everyone complimented him.


Zha Liang was stunned. (Who exposed my secret of being a Daoist? But wait a minute. You guys are exposed to the wrong information. I’ve never been a monk before!)

The major characters who placed down their worries started to attack even fiercer. Zha Liang was even more ruthless. Evidently, he wanted to bootlick Sun Mo all the way and directly lunged toward Bai Hao to seize his soldier.

Fu Yanqing started. After that, his expression turned gloomy. His countenance was so dark that it seemed even ink could be squeezed out.

(Damn, do you think I’m made of mud?)

(Daring to steal the prey of a teacher in my group. You must be tired of living.)


Fu Yanqing glared at Zha Liang and roared.

He didn’t attack immediately because he was considering his status as a great teacher.

“Great Teacher Fu, your status is so high. Can you not get involved in this matter? You will only cause your own status to drop.”

Zha Liang chortled.

“You are the one challenging the prestige of my Westshore Military School, alright?”

Fu Yanqing roared in rage.

Zha Liang was an expert at the Longevity Realm. Although Bai Hao was very strong, he couldn’t jump levels and contend against Zha Liang. Hence, he was forced to retreat. After that, he could only watch dumbly as Zha Liang lured the soldiers over to Sun Mo.

“Your words are not logical. The soldiers don’t belong to your school. Whoever snatches them, owns them!”

Zha Liang felt sullen.

“F*** your mother!”

Fu Yanqing was directly enraged. “Are you snatching them for yourself? You are snatching them for Sun Mo. You truly have talent in being a dog.”


Zha Liang smiled coldly as a malevolent look flashed in his eyes. “I respect Great Teacher Sun’s character and am helping him to snatch the soldiers. Is there a problem?”


Li Ruolan took an image-recording stone and recorded the scene. When she heard this, she couldn’t help but smile.

Zha Liang’s words were silently mocking Fu Yanqing for having a bad character.

For a time, Fu Yanqing didn’t know what to reply because there was no way to refute Zha Liang’s reasoning.

“Old Zha, please help to explode the armors of the soldiers.”

With Longevity Realm experts helping him work for free, the speed of exploding the soldier’s armors was very fast. Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to attack himself and only did his best to memorize the diagrams.

“Great Teacher Sun, my side is done.”

The major characters all spoke respectively.

“I have to trouble everyone to explode their armors!”

Sun Mo also wasn’t polite anymore.

Bai Hao stood at the scene and had helplessness on his face.


Fu Yanqing grabbed his sword hilt and wanted to act. But at this moment, the cunning Zha Liang spoke again.

“Great Teacher Fu, are you trying to help a teacher under you by attacking personally?”

“I’m not trying to help him. It’s just that I can’t stand to see you guys bullying a junior.”

Fu Yanqing also knew how to dispute things.

“How are we bullying him? We only wish we can clear the stage as soon as possible. Moreover, even if we gave these soldiers to Great Teacher Bai, how long does he need to clear the stage? A month? Half a year? A year?”

Zha Liang’s lips curled and looked at Bai Hao. “If you dare to guarantee that you can clear the stage within a year, we won’t snatch the soldiers from you anymore.”

Bai Hao’s lips were directly pursed tightly. He was so angry that his fists were tightly clenched. Green veins could be seen throbbing on his forehead.

Such words were undoubtedly smacking his face in public.

It indicated that he was inferior to Sun Mo.

Bai Hao was someone from a famous school and he also wanted some face. Hence, he wouldn’t brag.

Everyone here knew that Bai Hao clearly couldn’t make it.

“Does Sun Mo dare to make a guarantee?”

Fu Yanqing ridiculed him.

“At the very least, Great Teacher Sun’s performance throughout this week proves that he is the most suitable candidate.”

Zha Liang chortled. He then added, “He is more suitable than you.”

“What do you mean?”

Fu Yanqing was infuriated.

“Eh? When you were trying to comprehend the murals, could it be that you were comprehending them faster than Great Teacher Sun?”

Zha Liang feigned surprise.

Fu Yanqing really wanted nothing more than to crush this guy’s head with a punch. His mouth was too despicable.

“So, if we let Great Teacher Sun fight these soldiers, the value is greater. Besides, I also believe that after comprehending the true meaning, Great Teacher Sun will generously share his experience with all of us.”

Zha Liang bootlicked Sun Mo again while silently spurring him as well.

“Don’t worry. As long as I understand the true meaning, I will share it with everyone.”

Sun Mo didn’t mind it.

For this stage, it was too troublesome if he wanted to obtain all the spirit runes by himself. Hence, with people willing to work as free laborers for him, he naturally had to give them some benefits.

“Great Teacher Sun is generous!”

“Grandpa Sun. In the future, if you have any instructions, please feel free to speak. I, the Azure Mountain Iron Sword, will definitely go through water and tread on fire for you. I won’t even cower even if I have to face ten thousand deaths.”

“Look, this is how a great teacher should be.”

Everyone cheered and those major characters worked even harder.

A famous person like Sun Mo valued their promises the most. Since he had said something like this, he would surely abide by his words.

“Great Teacher Fu, have you heard of it?”

Zha Liang pressured. “Naturally, if you want to reveal the true meaning of the murals, we will also be willing to listen to you and pass the soldiers to Great Teacher Bai.”

For an instant, Fu Yanqing really wanted to expose the insights he had gained from years ago to flaunt his might. However, he soon controlled the impulse.

(Do you guys take me for a fool?)

Sun Mo might be able to clear the previous stages, but he might be stuck at this stage. Maybe, he wouldn’t be able to have any harvest his entire life? (If I told you guys the true meaning, wouldn’t I have made a terrible loss?)

Seeing Fu Yanqing who was adamant about remaining silent in his anger, Zha Liang sighed in his heart. (This damnable old dog is so tight-lipped.)

“Old Zha, your Jasper Meridian Washing Art is cultivated to a pretty high level.”

Sun Mo spoke. Everyone was choosing sides. Since that was the case, he mustn’t be stingy and cause everyone’s heart to turn cold. Hence, he decided to give some rewards first.

“Many thanks for Great Teacher Sun’s praise!”

Zha Liang was very complacent. He had trained in this art for over a hundred years every day be it rain or shine before he grew so powerful.

“However, do you feel that your legs would feel chilled during these few years? Especially so after midnight. Do you feel a cold feeling invading your body?”

Sun Mo asked.


Zha Liang started. After that, he replied, “I do have such a feeling, but because I spent the majority of my time in the Battlegod Canyon, it’s very normal for me to feel cold, right?”

“Do you also wake up suddenly during the night?”

Sun Mo continued to ask.


Zha Liang blushed and subconsciously refuted. “No such things. I’m very healthy.”

This involved a man’s pride, so he naturally wouldn’t admit it.

Sadly, trying to hide it made it even more conspicuous, and his answer caused everyone to jeer.

Zha Liang also regained his senses and realized what was going on. Great Teacher Sun must be wanting to reward him for working so hard. Hence, he decided to consult Sun Mo sincerely.

“Great Teacher Sun, I...”

“Your practice of the Jasper Meridian Washing Art has reached the point of perfection.”

Sun Mo smiled. “For this particular art, if you train it during cold days, you will get double the results with half the effort. However, if ordinary people train in it, the cold toxins will accumulate in their bodies. Hence, they have to consume fire-attributed alchemy pills to neutralize the cold toxins.”

“Ah? There’s such a thing?”

Zha Liang was astonished.

“Although this is a superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art and isn’t a peerless-grade one, it’s extremely rare. Where did you get this from?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“A superior-grade heaven-tier and not a peerless-grade one?”

After hearing Sun Mo’s words, Zha Liang felt depressed in his heart. He treated his cultivation art like a treasure, but after thinking about the cultivation arts that Sun Mo learned, he felt relief again.

Humans shouldn’t compare themselves to other humans.

“I’m not going to conceal things from Great Teacher Sun. This is an inherited art of my family.”

It was naturally not the case. This cultivation art was something Zha Liang’s ancestor had snatched from the hands of someone else. This was why he had no idea about the secret behind the cold toxins.


Sun Mo had long since obtained the answer from Divine Sight. This cultivation art was a fragmented one. However, Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to expose it. “If you don’t believe me, you can go and check things out yourself.”

“How would I not believe you?”

Zha Liang immediately replied obediently, “So it can be resolved as long as I eat some fire-attributed alchemy pills?”

Sun Mo smiled and didn’t reply directly.

There were differences between fire-attributed alchemy pills. Hence, their neutralizing effects on the cold toxins would be different as well. One could say that the Jasper Meridian Washing Art could produce as much might as the amount of cold toxins one’s body could purge.

However, how could Sun Mo easily tell Zha Liang this secret just because Zha Liang bootlicked him a bit?

The armor of the soldiers had exploded, and Sun Mo also didn’t wish to waste words. He hurriedly went over and did his best to memorize them.

After seeing this scene, Fu Yanqing’s expression turned heavy. Could it be that Sun Mo had discovered some secret?

That shouldn’t be the case!

Back then, he had also exploded the armor of these soldiers, but it was useless. In the end, he had used some other methods to pass the stage.

After this wave of soldiers vanished, Sun Mo drew out the diagrams he could remember first. After that, he opened up the system merchant store.

“Is there the Jasper Meridian Washing Art for sale?”

Sun Mo asked.


A cultivation art appeared on the shelves, and it shone with blue light.

It was an inferior saint-tier cultivation art when trained to major completion. The user would then be able to form ice meridians in their bodies, and the ultimate skills they used would be imbued with the frost effect, allowing them to freeze the myriad of things.


Sun Mo was taken aback. The completed version was actually a saint-tier cultivation art? He glanced at the price. It cost 100,000 favorable impression points!


Although Sun Mo could afford it after a few months of working hard, he had completely no interest in buying this cultivation art.

Another wave of soldiers would spawn after an hour. The speed was too slow, and all of the soldiers would be attacked by Sun Mo. After everyone watched for a while, they grew bored and left respectively.

Bai Hao felt reluctant to accept this and continued to attempt snatching one. However, he was blasted by the group of major characters.

“Why are you still so insensible?”

“Snatch for what? Just go stand at the side. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving you face since you clearly don’t want it.”

A fiery-tempered major character directly told him to scram.

Bai Hao was almost infuriated to death. Now he didn’t even have the chance to compete with Sun Mo on an equal stage. How could he surpass Sun Mo then?


All simps shall die horrible deaths!

As Miao Mu informed the students about the true meanings of the stages, they started to gradually enter the fifth part of the canyon and then they saw this scene.

Sun Mo surrounded all the soldiers and didn’t even leave a single one to other people.

Lu Lin stared at Sun Mo and was mulling over whether or not he should transfer to the Central Province Academy. But at this moment, Miao Ze and Duan Hu went to look for him with ill intentions.

They definitely had to dig out the secret behind this fellow’s rapid improvement.

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