Absolute Great Teacher
773 A Wave of Rewards
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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773 A Wave of Rewards


Lu Lin was in a small forest outside Battlegod Town.


Duan Hu’s iron fists ruthlessly hammered Lu Lin’s chin, sending him flying. Duan Hu had already won, but he felt it wasn’t enough yet. Hence, he hurried forward and jumped up with a flying knee attack, aiming for Lu Lin’s ribs.


Lu Lin, who was originally about to land on the ground, was sent flying up the air again. The intense pain caused him to scream in agony.


Lu Lin fell onto the ground, causing clouds of dust to kick up.

“Enough, do you want to kill him?”

Miao Ze was helpless and held Duan Hu back. “Also, if you hit someone, can you not hit their face? The injuries would be seen like this!”

“Pui! If I don’t hit his face, I would find it hard to get rid of the hatred in my heart!”

Duan Hu spat out a mouthful of saliva and had a disdainful look in his eyes as he looked down at Lu Lin, who was lying down on the ground. His gaze was as though he was looking at a dead dog. “Also, what are you afraid of? This is a fair match. He agreed to it. Also, I never used any sinister moves and won fairly. Is there something wrong?”

After Duan Hu said this, he looked at Lu Lin. “What do you say, Classmate Lu?”

Lu Lin crawled on the ground. For a time, he felt intense pain wracking his body. After hearing this, he felt anger and embarrassment. His right hand grabbed a handful of grass on the ground tightly.

“If you are reluctant to accept this, you can always come and find me for a fight!”

Duan Hu’s lips curled. “I will accept it any time!”

“Let’s go!”

Miao Ze was no longer interested. He originally thought that Lu Lin would have improved after comprehending so many stages. In the end, Lu Lin was still a salted fish.

“He must have listened to Sun Mo’s explanation and passed like that. However, trash is ultimately still trash. Even if you give him the Battlegod Catalog, he won’t be able to win against me.”

Duan Hu was very proud of himself.

When the two of them left, Lu Lin kept punching the ground.

(Why can’t I win?)

(I clearly entered the fifth part of the canyon!)

When facing Duan Hu’s challenge, Lu Lin’s battle intent had surged. He had been prepared to prove himself. But in the end, he was completely abused.

(Am I really that weak?)

Lu Lin was completely at a loss and he felt very disappointed. He wanted to consult Fu Yanqing, but he didn’t dare to do so. What would happen if he asked a question that Fu Yanqing felt was rubbish? Maybe, he might be given up by Fu Yanqing then.

Ask Great Teacher Bai?

Right now, Bai Hao couldn’t even take care of himself. How would he have time to guide him?

As for the other great teachers...

He was so lousy and they probably wouldn’t be able to teach him well.

“Should I look for Great Teacher Sun?”

Lu Lin recalled the heroic appearances of Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beifang when they fought. His request wasn’t much. It would do as long as Great Teacher Sun could teach him to be half as impressive as them.


The students of the Westshore Military began to enter the fifth part of the canyon continuously. After that, they were stunned because they weren’t even able to snatch a single soldier. The soldiers were all taken by the student group from the Central Province Academy.

“How do we even play then?”

The Westshore students were very unhappy. However, what could they do?

(Can’t you guys look at Bai Hao who can only stand at the side and not do anything?)

(Looking is still fine, but wanting to touch the soldiers?)

(Sorry, he’s not permitted.)

Yet, the students of the Central Province Academy could do anything they wanted to, and once danger appeared, major characters of the Longevity Realm would immediately act to save them and block the attacks of the soldiers.

At a moment like this, even Fu Yanqing felt a loss of face.

For a total of three days, Sun Mo had been exploding armor and drawing out the ancient gigantic beast diagrams from the battle clothes of the soldiers. When there were no soldiers to fight, he was extracting spirit runes from the diagrams.

It was unknown whether the ancient Battle God was doing this as a prank or to test the patience of the cultivators. Many of the spirit runes that Sun Mo had extracted from the diagrams were fragmented ones.

It was like when one was playing a jigsaw puzzle game, one had to constantly collect the pieces and arrange them.

Luckily, there were so many free laborers here, and he could even monopolize the soldiers. Otherwise, if he depended only on himself, he might even need to spend a year here.

Before this stage, Sun Mo had revealed the true meaning of the murals in the earlier stages simply because he wanted to do so. He didn’t expect this act to actually help him win the trust and favorable impressions from these major characters.

Because Sun Mo knew that being anxious was useless, he calmed his heart down. Other than guiding his students on their martial skills and correcting some of their bad habits, he would be fighting ferociously against the soldiers.

Maybe because these soldiers were created by an ancient Battle God, they were extremely powerful. Their cultivation arts and attacking methods contained intense ancient charm that was completely different from the current era. This truly caused Sun Mo to broaden his horizons.


When Sun Mo was doing his utmost to decipher the true meaning of the murals, his fame in Battlegod Town reached its peak.

In the past, when everyone met, they would simply ask, ‘Have you eaten?’. Now, they would ask ‘Has Sun Mo cleared the stage?’.

“In the past, if someone told me a guy could clear four stages in the Battlegod Canyon in a week, I would spit a mouthful of phlegm on their face immediately and even trample on them a few times. But after seeing Sun Mo, I believe that there are truly lifeforms such as geniuses in this world.”

A middle-aged man sighed ruefully.

“An absolute genius.”

“Speaking of which, this tea is so bitter. Why does Great Teacher Sun like it so much?”

“This is why he is an absolute genius, while you are a stupid idiot.”

“I’m a stupid idiot just because I don’t like to drink this tea?”

A group of people chatted idly.

During these few days, Bai Cha’s tea stall was packed to the brim.

This was because everyone knew that Sun Mo loved drinking this tea, hence, people who had free time would wait here. If they saw Sun Mo by chance, they might even receive the latest information.

Hence, Bai Cha was raking in the profits.

Everyone chatted idly and drank coffee while staring in the direction of the Battlegod Canyon. At the same time, they were also surveying the cultivators who had just entered the town.

During this era, who wouldn’t have a few friends?

After Sun Mo had exposed the true meaning of the murals, other than attempting to comprehend them, they immediately wrote letters to inform their friends and family to quickly come over.

He Wei immediately grew busy.

He couldn’t do anything about it as there were simply too many people. If there were too many of them in one place, trouble would arise. Other than random fights, the number of people currently in the town has already exceeded the town’s capacity. This town didn’t have sufficient resources.

Naturally, He Wei also wanted to take the chance to earn some profits.

“I heard you guys kept boasting to the point where there’s a deluge of heavenly flowers. Is that Sun Mo really so impressive?”

A young man asked with disbelief on his face.

The dagger in his hand was like a butterfly and kept flipping through his fingers.

“That’s because you are ignorant!”

A middle-aged man replied, “Great Teacher Sun exploded Bai Hao’s head with a single strike. Do you know who Bai Hao is? He is the second-ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, a new superstar from the Westshore Military School!

“But in the end, not only did Bai Hao not find trouble with Sun Mo, but he even bowed to Sun Mo with respect, thanking his guidance. As Sun Mo has helped him to pass the stage and level up, I don’t think it would be too over-the-top even if he prostrated himself and worshipped Sun Mo.”

“And not only so!”

Another old man who was very chatty immediately continued, “Fu Yanqing questioned Sun Mo and in the end, two of Sun Mo’s personal students directly cleared the stage, even willing to die for him. This meant that exploding heads wouldn’t kill anyone, so Bai Hao is alive.

“The most fascinating part was when Great Teacher Sun used his God Hands and checked that Old Wang had passed the stage only after assiduously cultivating for 11 months. He provided pointers to Fu Yanqing and made Fu Yanqing concede defeat. He then covered his face as he retreated.”

The young man looked at the looks of admiration on the faces of these people. Some of them also revealed expressions of regret that they had missed out on watching this show. He couldn’t help but curl his lips. (So what even if he is a genius?)

(I’ll kill him for you guys to see!)


West Capital City, Headquarters of Saint Gate.

A clerk hurriedly entered the office.

“Why are you in such a hurry? How preposterous.”

Liang Hongda berated. He was someone who emphasized on grace and poise the most. Hence, he requested for his subordinates to pay attention to their speech and actions.

“A major incident occurred.”

The clerk passed He Wei’s letter over.

“What major incident?”

Liang Hongda took scissors and was pruning his bonsai. This was his hobby.

“The Battlegod Catalog is going to be deciphered.”

The clerk explained.


Liang Hongda frowned. After he heard the clerk’s words, he was somewhat speechless.

Once every generation, rumors about a genius who could comprehend the Battlegod Catalog would appear. But in the end, didn’t everyone fail?

The Battlegod Canyon could exist for tens of thousands of years until now, and it was the best proof.

“However, Sun Mo’s performance is very outstanding!”

The clerk heard that this man got 2 stars in a year and was a two-time champion. He was a new rising superstar in the great teachers world.

“Even if he were more outstanding, it was impossible. If the murals were so easily deciphered, someone else would have done it.”

Liang Hongda waved his hands and indicated for the clerk to leave. “No matter a day or a hundred years, as long as one cannot enter the last stage, everything is meaningless.”

The clerk then exited.

When he looked at Liang Hongda’s uncaring expression, he really hoped Sun Mo could pass so Liang Hongda’s face would be smacked. However, he understood that this was an extravagant hope.

If Sun Mo accumulated more experience, he might be able to challenge it a hundred years later.

Several major characters had also received the news, but their attitudes were the same as Liang Hongda. No one had high hopes for Sun Mo. After all, Sun Mo was a newbie.

(Wanting to clear the stage? Go and temper yourself for a hundred years before you talk!)



Congratulations, you obtained a total of +1,309 favorable impression points.

After showering, Sun Mo, who came out of the bathroom, was already used to these random gains of favorable impression points.

It was like tax money. As long as there were newcomers in Battlegod Town, after they heard of Sun Mo’s shocking performance, they would contribute some favorable impression points no matter what.

“This feeling is pretty wonderful!”

Sun Mo began to feel some longing. If he could really comprehend the Battlegod Catalog, the favorable impression points he obtained on that day would probably be in the tens of thousands, right?


“Congratulations on obtaining over a hundred thousand favorable impression points within a week and obtaining a new achievement. You took another large step on the path of a great teacher and you are hereby awarded 1x mysterious treasure chest.”


“Congratulations on convincing Bai Hao and defeating Fu Yanqing in terms of learning ability. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”

There were now two rewards.

“Surprise and joy came too quickly. It feels just like a tornado.”

Sun Mo hummed a melody. When Lu Zhiruo came to pay her respects to him during the night, he patted her head.

“Open, open, open!”


“Congratulations on obtaining 500 types of peerless earth-tier cultivation arts. Proficiency: expert-level.”

“I’ve profited!”

Sun Mo consoled himself. Actually, other than providing some experience in martial arts and broadening Sun Mo’s horizons, these cultivation arts were useless to him.

Their levels were too low.


Sun Mo urged.


“Congratulations on obtaining Darkness Species Encyclopedia: Ferocious Beast Edition, 500 types. Proficiency: expert.”

“A skill book, I’ve profited again.”

However, there didn’t seem to be any practical opportunities.

After Sun Mo learned it, he looked at the introduction. There was a type of rabbit named moon rabbits that lived on Osmanthus Island. Their meat was extremely delicious and after eating it, one would be able to maintain a cheerful state for eight hours. It would also increase the chances of getting pregnant.

“If I can find the moon rabbits, wouldn’t I be able to become a child-sending Guanyin*?”

Sun Mo made fun of himself.

“Open the treasure chest I obtained previously too.”

Just when Sun Mo was preparing to open the third one, Lu Lin knocked on his room’s door.

[1] A goddess people in China pray to when they wish for a child.

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