Absolute Great Teacher
775 We Are All Great Teachers Yet Only He Stands above the Crowd?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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775 We Are All Great Teachers Yet Only He Stands above the Crowd?



After seeing Sun Mo walking over, the students on the scene all stood up. There was no need to bow, but greeting him was a normal gesture.

“Just continue to enjoy your meal!”

Sun Mo indicated that everyone should just be at ease.

But now, everyone was already in no mood to eat.

“Teacher, are you really intending to clear the stage tomorrow?”

Zhang Yanzong didn’t know why, but he felt a little nervous. Although he had asked the question, it was merely something he asked in passing. When Sun Mo was really going to clear the stage, he actually felt flustered.

“Is the timing too rushed?”

The others subconsciously nodded.

“It has already been a week.”

Sun Mo felt that it had been long enough.


After hearing this, the students didn’t know whether to feel impressed or helpless. When others were comprehending the murals, they would measure units of time in years. But as for you? A week would suffice?

“Teacher Sun, if others heard your words, they would definitely want to beat you to death.”

Jin Mujie rolled her eyes as she silently sighed in her heart.

“We are all great teachers, yet only he stands above the crowd.”

Gu Xiuxun mocked.

“Teacher, please act cautiously!”

Zhang Yanzong persuaded.

“Eh? Weren’t you anxiously asking Teacher when he would clear the stage earlier? Why are you persuading him not to do so now? Could it be that you don’t want my teacher to be in the limelight?”

Qin Yaoguang felt astonished.

“I’m afraid Teacher Sun might make a mistake.”

Zhang Yanzong grew anxious. “Don’t talk nonsense. Teacher Sun has no record of failing before in my heart. Hence, he has to succeed in one attempt this time around.”

“That’s right, he has to maintain a perfect record.”

“Either he doesn’t attempt it or he must pass the stage immediately.”

The students started chattering and discussing. All of them wanted Sun Mo to wait a little while more.

Seeing how concerned Zhang Yanzong was with regard to Sun Mo clearing the stage, Li Ziqi couldn’t help but survey him in astonishment. (Are you Teacher’s personal student or am I? Are you not afraid Teacher Gu would be jealous?)

Zhang Yanzong naturally wasn’t afraid because he knew that his teacher was also concerned with Sun Mo. Also, both of them didn’t consider each other as outsiders.

Maybe five to six years later, the two of them might become a couple and at that time, he could be considered as a half-personal student of Sun No

At that time, he would be considered in the same ‘sect’ as Li Ziqi and the rest

So even if he showed concern about Sun Mo’s reputation now, there was nothing wrong with it.


Dawn arrived and the sun rose in the sky.

When Sun Mo entered the canyon, Zha Liang and the other major characters at the Longevity Realm were already waiting here.

“Good morning Teacher Sun!”

“How’s your sleep last night? I’ve some alchemy pills that can calm one’s spirit and recover one’s mental energy. Do you want to consume one?”

“Why is there a need to eat medicinal pills? He should just find a lady and release his stress. I dare guarantee he would have a good and comfortable sleep after that.”

It was too monotonous to fight the soldiers for Sun Mo every day, but whenever everyone thought about the possibility that Sun Mo might be able to clear the stage, they immediately felt full of motivation.

They had also discussed privately before. At the very least, they had to persist for half a year before asking Sun Mo if he had any good news.

In any case, they would be satisfied as long as they could clear this stage within three years.

“Later on, I have to trouble everyone to fight more seriously and target a more powerful soldier!”

After Sun Mo spoke, everyone’s spirits stirred.

“Great Teacher Sun, did you have a major discovery?”

“How powerful can they be?”

“Just you watch!”

Everyone rubbed their fists, eager to get into action.

Sun Mo also didn’t waste words. When he saw the teachers and students of the Central Province Academy arriving, he walked over ten meters along the stone wall and stopped before the mural of a blood-soaked general that was riding on a warhorse on the battlefield.

After observing it for a few minutes, Sun Mo took out his chasing cloud dagger and sliced the skin of his index finger before wiping the blood on the general’s body.

“What is he doing? Is he trying to summon it?”

Zha Liang scratched his head. He didn’t know what was going on, and he also didn’t dare to ask. At this very moment, the general with the fresh blood wiped on it suddenly began radiating a red-colored light. With a woosh, it directly became alive and rode upon its warhorse as it charged out from the stone wall.


The warhorse whined.

All the major characters felt great joy. Sun Mo could summon a general from the murals. Didn’t that mean that he already had a bit of understanding with regard to the true meaning of this stage?

This was great news!

“Great Teacher Sun, how should we kill it?”

The major characters jabbered, competing with each other to express their loyalty.

“Explode its armor!”

Sun Mo instructed and retreated.

Zha Liang was the first to rush out, wanting to display his strength properly and win Sun Mo’s admiration. In the end, he discovered that a few old men, who usually pretended to be weak, moved even quicker than him.


Zha Liang cursed.

It was tough to kill the general, but there were many people on Sun Mo’s side, and using human wave attacks with Longevity Realm experts would naturally be very formidable.

Gu Xiuxun was extremely envious as she watched.

What was a famous great teacher of the Nine Provinces? This was it.

Just a single sentence from Sun Mo was enough to make these major characters work for him.

Three minutes later, the general’s armor exploded and it revealed a battle cloth with a diagram of dragons and phoenixes. Through the mist, it exuded a luxurious aura.

“Ziqi, cast a Retentive Memory on me!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The little sunny egg lifted her hand and did so.


With the great teacher halo reinforcing him, Sun Mo’s memory stat instantly rose to the max. No matter how complicated the things he saw, he would be able to remember them all.

“Alright. Finish it off!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he closed his eyes. In his mind, he directly stripped apart the useless bits on the scales and left behind the spirit rune.

This entire process was very tiring, not in any way inferior to using mental calculations to do calculus. However, it would bring about a huge improvement to one’s standard of the study of spirit runes.


As the general got its heart penetrated and exploded, a walnut-sized red-colored crystal fell onto the ground.

This should be something good, right?

Although everyone wanted to take it for themselves, they didn’t have the guts to do so. Zha Liang was the most decisive. He directly picked it up and passed it to Sun Mo.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo received the crystal and injected his consciousness into it. He instantly felt the vast amount of pure energy contained within. This was a reward given by the ancient Battle God.

This was to be bestowed on the people who were skilled in spirit runes and could achieve this step.

Sun Mo wasn’t polite either and directly absorbed it.

A moment later, a surge of energy filled his body. He felt like a desert traveler, who had suffered from thirst for many days and was on the verge of death, suddenly wandered into an oasis. Every single one of his cells received nourishment.

The Battlegod Canyon had existed for several tens of thousands of years and had been basking in spirit qi. Although the efficiency of the canyon absorbing the spirit qi was low, given the long duration of accumulation, it would also be a terrifying amount.

Right now, the energy essence was absorbed by Sun Mo into his body.

Moreover, the benefits of the crystal didn’t end here. Because this was something the Battle God had created, as the energy essence entered Sun Mo’s body, he also gained a portion of the Battle God’s will and experience.

The will was like a war hammer, tempering Sun Mo’s mind and spirit. The experience was like morning dew, enhancing Sun Mo’s combat strength.

Sun Mo instantly gained more knowledge and had an epiphany.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sun Mo who was at the peak of the seventh level of the Divine Force Realm directly started to break through after his bottleneck was shaken loose by this fortuitous opportunity.


A vast amount of spirit qi surged, they were akin to the tides and gathered over. There was a spirit qi tornado formed above Sun Mo’s head.

“Teacher Gu, Teacher Mei, guard him!”

Jin Mujie’s expression stiffened, and she immediately pulled her sword out and stared warily at the surroundings.

Gu Xiuxun and Mei Ziyu didn’t dare to be careless. The moment when a cultivator was at their weakest wasn’t when they were injured. It was when they were breaking through to the next level.

This was because any sort of influence could cause one’s breakthrough to fail. And the consequences were dire. Not only would the body suffer injuries, but even their mind and mental state would.

Mei Ziyu grabbed a tiny human puppet from her bag and infused her spirit qi in it. After that, she tossed it out.


A ball of black light shot out and after it landed on the ground, the light instantly expanded. A human silhouette could be seen after the black light vanished.

Because it had a mantle on, its face couldn’t be seen.


Li Ziqi and the other students were astonished because this fellow had participated in the students’ battle during the 2-star great teacher examination before.

After Mei Ziyu tossed her puppet out, she was still worried. She took out another seed and flicked it out.


When the seed landed on the ground, it immediately burrowed into the earth, and a ball of green light manifested. After that, a 3-meter-tall tree took form and started twisting and turning until it became a treant.

Kacha, kacha!

The treant glanced around with vigilance at the surroundings.

“What the hell?”

The surrounding people were dumbstruck and felt their scalps turning numb.

What was this beautiful girl’s profession?

She seemed like a mechanist but she was not completely that?

“Take precautions!”

Li Ziqi reminded her junior martial siblings as they did their best to act as protectors for their teacher.

“Don’t worry, I will tear apart whoever dares to act recklessly!”

Zha Liang’s voice was sinisterly cold as he expressed his loyalty.


Jin Mujie spoke.

Zha Liang immediately smiled.

There was no solution, he didn’t dare to offend her.

Although he wasn’t afraid of Jin Mujie, he was afraid of Sun Mo.

One must know that the looks of beautiful women were their weapons. Moreover, Jin Mujie was someone with both beauty and a good figure. If she whispered a few words when Sun Mo was bedding her, Zha Liang would die for sure.

But very soon, everyone had no mood to care about these matters. They were all shocked by the momentum of Sun Mo leveling up.

Was he trying to drain the surroundings completely of spirit qi?

Zhang Yanzong sighed in admiration.

Because the spirit qi here was overly dense, not only was there a phenomenon of flashing light motes, but there were even huge wind currents so powerful that everyone found it hard to open their eyes.

Three minutes later, Sun Mo completed his breakthrough.

He was now at the eighth level of the Divine Force Realm.

“My heavens...the duration of his breakthrough was normal but isn’t the amount of spirit qi he absorbed a little too much?”

Zha Liang recalled the time when he was at Sun Mo’s level. During his breakthrough years ago, he couldn’t even absorb half of Sun Mo’s spirit qi. Hence, he grew depressed now.

When humans compared themselves to others, it could be extremely infuriating.

“Congratulations to Teacher Sun for leveling up!”

Everyone hurried over to give their congratulations.

“Many thanks!”

Sun Mo nodded. He only wanted to test his research results of the spirit runes and didn’t expect there to be such an unexpected harvest.

“Great Teacher Sun, what is that crystal?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s a type of energy essence.”

Sun Mo didn’t say there was still the Battle God’s will because he still didn’t dare to be sure.


The audience marveled.

“How can we summon the general?”

This was the main question. Hence, after someone asked, the canyon fell into silence as all eyes here turned to Sun Mo.

“It isn’t that I don’t want to teach, but rather, you guys wouldn’t be able to learn it even if I taught it!”

Sun Mo shrugged.


Some people coldly laughed, feeling that Sun Mo intentionally wanted to conceal this. There was even someone who ran toward the stone wall where the general was at, wanting to see if there were any traces here so they could pick up some clues.

“Don’t judge a gentleman with the heart of a vile character. When I watched earlier, I could tell that the diagram Teacher Sun drew was very complicated.

Zha Liang spoke a word of justice.

“It’s fine, if you guys don’t believe it, you all can just go and test it out.”

Sun Mo shrugged again.

Because the general had been summoned earlier, its mural on the stone wall vanished. A few people with thick skin even went to search for other general murals, and then they cut their fingers and used flesh blood to dab on the murals.

There were no effects.

“Alright, I’ve wasted quite some time. I’m going to clear the stage now.”

Sun Mo spoke a few sentences to Jin Mujie and then instructed his personal students. After that, he walked toward the mist-filled area in this part of the canyon.


Zha Liang and the others had stunned looks on their faces. Did they hear wrongly?

(Going to clear the stage now? Isn’t it a little fake?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》