Absolute Great Teacher
776 Wife, Quickly Come Out and Look. Great Teacher Sun Cleared the Stage Again!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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776 Wife, Quickly Come Out and Look. Great Teacher Sun Cleared the Stage Again!


“Great Teacher Sun, please wait!”

Completely due to instinct, these major characters directly rushed over, and some even anxiously used movement arts as they appeared before Sun Mo.


Sun Mo frowned.

“Great Teacher Sun, don’t misunderstand. We have no ill intentions.”

Zha Liang smiled as he cautiously chose his words, doing his best to not make Sun Mo unhappy. “Mn..do you want to wait a little while more?”

“Wait for what?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Yeah, wait for what?

The major characters exchanged glances and didn’t know what to say.

They also wanted Sun Mo to quickly clear the stage so they could benefit. But wasn’t a week too fast?

One must know that the estimation in their hearts for Sun Mo to clear the stage was three years.

(Isn’t the amount of time you need far too short?)

“Great Teacher Sun, we are not anxious?”

A major character spoke and hurriedly explained, “It isn’t that we don’t trust you, but we are worried for your safety.”

Everyone was worried about this, hence, they started persuading him.

Sun Mo was the last hope of all of them. If he died, they wouldn’t be able to solve this stage anymore.

Honestly speaking, everyone was used to Sun Mo comprehending the true meaning of the stages rapidly before revealing it to everyone. They could simply benefit by waiting for him. Now if someone wanted these people to go and comprehend by themselves, they would lose their shit.

“How much longer should I wait?”

Sun Mo smiled.

“At least three, no, six months?”

“A year? I feel a year is about right.”

“Great Teacher Sun, this stage isn’t a joke. Those who failed would die. Hence, if you don’t have a 100% certainty, you absolutely must not try.”

Before this, everyone would hope for a person to be trying to clear the stage every day so they could accumulate more knowledge and broaden their horizons.

However, they were reluctant to see something happen to Sun Mo.

“Alright, don’t talk anymore. For a thing like comprehension, if you succeed, it means you succeed. If I wait any longer, it will only be a waste of time.”

Sun Mo spoke. After that, he headed toward the mist.

Li Ziqi smiled.

To her teacher, this wasn’t comprehending. Rather, it was like solving a mathematical question. As long as he found the correct answer, he would be able to pass this stage.

Honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for her teacher being too cautious and telling her not to do it, the little sunny egg would also dare to walk through the mist.

This scene caused Bai Hao and the other people that were standing before the stone walls to turn and look at Sun Mo.

“Should we tell Group Leader Fu?”

Duan Hu’s gaze turned over and he asked in a low voice.

Bai Hao was still in shock and he completely didn’t hear Duan Hu’s words clearly.

(Is Sun Mo going to try and clear the stage? He would fail, right? It has only been a week!)

Bai Hao had asked Fu Yanqing in private and learned that the latter had taken three years to clear this stage. But even so, this was considered a feat of glory that he could boast joyously on the wine table.

After all, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to comprehend this stage even if they tried their entire lives.

“Teacher Bai?”

Duan Hu increased his volume.

“Go and inform Group Leader Fu!”

Bai Hao instructed.

Duan Hu grunted, but he didn’t move because Sun Mo had entered the mist.


Everyone instantly looked over.

“If one failed, what sort of methods would they be killed by?”

Someone was curious.

After all, after reaching this stage, everyone was extremely cautious, so it wouldn’t be easy for them to see unlucky people who failed.

“No idea!”

A major character shook his head. “It’s said that a war painting exists in the mist. Those who failed their comprehension would ‘enter’ there, and the soldiers on the murals would shoot arrows chaotically to kill that person.”

Everyone instantly pricked their ears and listened seriously. Silence was everywhere.

So did he pass or not?

Everyone felt very anxious from waiting.


In the misty area, one wouldn’t be able to see their fingers even if they stretched out their hand in front of their face. Hence, only after Sun Mo counted 90 steps mentally did his vision clear.


Sun Mo marveled.

Was this paradise in the mortal world?

This part of the canyon was covered with grass and flowers. The path was tree-lined with shade-giving foliages, and the clouds and mists slowly flowed through the path, giving one the feeling that they were in a celestial abode.

There were little beasts frolicking around; the cries of bugs and birds could also be heard.

A clear creek flowed through a meandering path, occupying the ground and reflecting the sunlight. There would also occasionally be fishes jumping out of the water, creating clear and crystalline waves.

Sun Mo raised his eyes and looked, but he actually didn’t see any stone walls here. There was only a circular-shaped light-yellow transparent rampart that looked like a lid covering this celestial realm.

“What the hell? A greenhouse?”

Sun Mo frowned so severely that his brows could squeeze two crabs to death. The transparent rampart was so glossy that one could see their own reflections. There were no murals of any sort here.

Sun Mo had planned to walk around here to observe the environment. But all of a sudden, he instinctively grabbed his weapon as his wariness rose to the max.

He suddenly felt a sense of sharpness being targeted at him.

Someone in the canyon was looking at him.

“This gaze is so piercing.”

Sun Mo mumbled. Through his pretty good sixth sense and sensitive observation prowess, he soon discovered three people.

There was a three-meter-large rock beside the creek. A middle-aged guy with his hair tied in a bun was sitting cross-legged on it.

He was like a rock himself. Even the little birds didn’t treat him as a living object and landed with no worries on his body.

There was another old man sitting beneath a large tree with a fishing pole in his hands. He took the posture of fishing.

However, there was no water before him. There was not even a line. What could he fish up?

The last person was the fellow with a sharp gaze.

His clothes were tattered and his hair was disheveled. Due to long years of not washing his hair, clumps of dirt had formed and his hair looked extremely disgusting.

This fellow had a muscular build and through his tattered clothes, Sun Mo could see a large tattoo on his skin. He was currently lying down on a patch of grass and using a broadsword as his pillow, coldly looking over.

His gaze caused Sun Mo to feel like his head was underneath a guillotine.

There weren’t many people here and Sun Mo wasn’t surprised because of this. After all, this was the sixth stage of the canyon.

Those who could enter would undoubtedly be geniuses with outstanding talent, and the vast majority of these people wouldn’t possibly waste all their lives here to comprehend something unrealistic like the Battlegod Catalog.

Although saint-tier cultivation arts were rare, if one could train in one, their futures were basically secured.

Geniuses who could walk into here would surely have accomplishments in the Middle Earth Nine Provinces. Hence, there was no need to doubt what they would choose.

“Changdao, don’t act like this. It has been three years and a new person finally joins us. What should we do if you scare him off?”

The old fisherman teased.

“If he doesn’t run, he will die.”

The beggar only said a few words, but his sentence was filled with killing intent.”

“No matter how beautiful the scenery here is, we have looked at it for close to a hundred years. It’s rare for there to be new excitement, so it’s better not to kill him.”

The old man persuaded. “At the very least, leave him alive for a year so I can hear him talk? If not, I may forget how to speak when I exit this place in the future.”

“I thought you said you won’t leave this place if you cannot comprehend the Battlegod Catalog? So, it doesn’t matter if you forget how to speak, right? In any case, you will be staying here for your entire life.”

The beggar had a cold look on his face, his tone tyrannical.

“Scram or die!”

The beggar ignored the words of the others and directly commanded Sun Mo.

“Legendary Realm?”

Sun Mo’s thoughts were meticulous as he asked the question. He didn’t carelessly activate Divine Sight or with the personality of this man, it was highly possible that this man might act to kill him.

“You are overestimating him. He’s just at the Longevity Realm.”

The old fisherman chortled.

“Do you want to fight with me?”

The beggar narrowed his eyes. As he asked the question, the atmosphere here turned tense, and even the bugs and birds departed the area.

“Aiya, I hook a fish!” shouted the old fisherman excitedly.

The old fisherman lifted his pole and did a motion of reeling the ‘fish’ in. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sun Mo could see nothing, he might have thought that the old man had really managed to catch something.

“A silent guy sitting at a rock, a mad old man, and a tyrannical brute. Who are these people?”

Although these three fellows didn’t look too terrifying, Sun Mo didn’t dare to be careless.

There was spiritual qi in this world and the myriad of living things could cultivate. So, humans who had always been proud of their own intellect created many types of cultivation arts to break the shackles on their bodies, seeking to surpass themselves.

And as time passed, it formed into a fixed world system.

At the start, the cultivators strengthened their bodies for the sake of tempering their physical attributes, leading to them being untouched by illnesses. And after that, they started to meditate to strengthen their minds, souls, and spirits so evil entities like ghosts and demons wouldn’t be able to assail them.

When one’s body, mind, and soul were strengthened to a certain extent, their fresh blood would enter the state of blood ignition and they would change their bodies and bones, obtaining a trace of divine force. When their divine force reached major completion and began to qualitatively evolve, they would be able to extend their longevity and step into the Longevity Realm.

People at the Longevity Realm had to experience every joy and suffering in life. They would ultimately gain comprehension and step into the Legendary Realm.

People who could cultivate to the Legendary Realm were considered hegemons of a respective area. They could simply wave their hands and destroy minor characters like Sun Mo effortlessly.

“I’ll count to three. If you don’t leave, just die!”

The beggar stared at Sun Mo and spoke in an icy tone.




(Wow, you don’t even want to let me take a look? Isn’t this too tyrannical?)

Sun Mo was speechless, but he knew that in the Darkness Continent ‘might makes right’. Strength was logic.

Although the beggar had said he would count to three, he suddenly brandished his broadsword and slashed out before the count ended.


A moon-shaped sword qi arced through space and directly appeared before Sun Mo.

Sun Mo exerted force with his feet and shifted his body slightly.


The sword qi sliced past his face. It was just an inch away from severing half his body.

“Yo, you actually missed?”

The old fisherman taunted. He steadily surveyed Sun Mo before involuntarily exclaimed, “How old are you?”

Sun Mo looked to be at most 20+ years old. (Being able to enter the sixth part of the canyon at such an age? He must have extraordinary talent!)

No wonder Yue Changdao wanted to kill him.

Such a person would definitely be a huge threat.

Yue Changdao frowned. He also didn’t waste words and directly lunged over like a bullet, shooting straight for Sun Mo.


The grass on the ground was flattened by the wind he created from his movements.

Sun Mo explosively retreated and activated his Divine Sight.

Yue Changdao. Peak of the eighth level of the Longevity Realm. He trains in the Azure Mountain Tyrannical Art, an inferior saint-tier cultivation art.

Personality: Explosive temper and has a ruthless and fierce character.

Warning: Danger! Danger!

A gigantic row of red words immediately appeared in Sun Mo’s vision.

Yue Changdao was still around five meters away from Sun Mo, but he already slashed out with his weapon.


Just this casual slash from him caused Sun Mo to feel an aura capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas. It was like a gigantic tsunami wave ruthlessly gushing over.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》