Absolute Great Teacher
777 Personal Disciple of the Tyrant Blade
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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777 Personal Disciple of the Tyrant Blade


Seeing how tyrannical the beggar was, Sun Mo really wanted to reflect the attack using ‘Paying someone back in their own coin’.

However, his rationality stopped him.

Because if he did so, he would be heavily injured.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art might be a peerless saint-tier cultivation art, but it wasn’t invincible. If the gap of the strength between both parties was too great, the superiority of the cultivation art wouldn’t be able to mitigate it.

Luckily, a divine art was ultimately a divine art.

When Sun Mo used ‘copy’, the beggar’s movements immediately slowed down in his vision. Moreover, he even activated the Invulnerable Golden Body.


The broadsword chopped down and directly created a half-meter-deep gorge in the ground.

Just when Sun Mo dodged it, the broadsword slanted to the left and slashed over.

Sun Mo waved his hands.


His fists clashed against the broadsword. Sun Mo borrowed the momentum and directly retreated backward.

“Yo, interesting!”

The old fisherman’s eyes brightened.

Sun Mo was clearly borrowing the other party’s strength to escape this place.

Even the bun-haired middle-aged man couldn’t help but open his eyes.

It was easy to talk about something like this but hard to execute. After all, the person attacking with the broadsword was Yue Changdao, the personal student of the Tyrant Blade Yue Ba. Yue Ba was an expert who could move unhindered in the Nine Provinces, someone who rarely suffered defeat.

After executing two moves and missing, Yue Changdao’s expression changed. He was shaking in anger and just when he wanted to unleash his ultimate skill to kill Sun Mo, he suddenly felt a sense of danger.

He subconsciously used his weapon as a shield and adopted a blocking posture.


A beam of light shot out.

It was too late for Yue Changdao to block. He saw a beam of light shooting at his face, and he instinctively twisted his body to the side to avoid his vital spots from being hit. However, his shoulder was grazed through.

There was no blood, but a smell of burning flesh could be detected.

“What’s that?”

The Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art was an extremely rare long-range attacking cultivation art, and those who knew it could be counted with the fingers of a hand. That was why Yue Changdao felt a little shocked as he had never seen it before.

Due to the moment of distraction, Sun Mo had successfully retreated.


Yue Changdao cursed, feeling a great loss of face.

“The cultivation arts of that fellow are very good.”

The old fisherman evaluated.

“Yup, it’s definitely a peerless saint-tier one. And, he doesn’t only know a single art.”

The bun-hair guy spoke.

“Yo, our Great Teacher Sun finally spoke after being silent for three years?”

The old fisherman teased.

“Yue Changdao, you are too tyrannical.”

Sun Ming berated.

“As expected of a great teacher, your tolerance is great. I can’t be like you. In any case, those who failed to pass the test of my broadsword shouldn’t be dreaming about trying to seize this piece of meat (the sixth part of the canyon) from me.”

Yue Changdao retracted his weapon and lay down on the patch of grass again.

“Given your aptitude, you most probably wouldn’t have any hopes of clearing this stage even if you spent all your life here. Why don’t you let that young man try? Maybe, you might gain some inspiration.”

The old fisherman chortled. Actually, he felt a little resentful too.

(It’s so rare for cannon fodder to come by, yet you chased him away? Pity, what a pity!)

Yue Changdao coldly snorted.

(I also wish to find cannon fodder, but what if that brat manages to succeed in comprehending this stage?)

“What do you mean?”

The old fisherman frowned.

“If it was an old man or a middle-aged man who entered, I wouldn’t mind it. But don’t you all feel that the guy is simply too young?”

Yue Changdao might look like a brute, but his thoughts were meticulous. “There’s a very high chance that a genius like him would be able to comprehend something. But do you feel he would tell us anything?”

“Nope, unless he is a retard!”

The old fisherman shook his head.

“So we might as well chase him away.”

Yue Changdao didn’t attack Sun Mo because he looked down on him. Rather, he dreaded him somewhat.

“A young man who can train in such powerful cultivation arts and has such a high aptitude...his background is surely extremely deep. Yue Changdao, you just stirred up great trouble.”

Sun Ming’s expression didn’t change, but his tone was filled with a hint of rejoicement at Yue Changdao’s misfortune. “If I didn’t remember wrongly, he was wearing the teacher robes of the Central Province Academy. He has two stars above his school’s insignia. It means that he is a 2-star great teacher.”

Sun Ming sighed sorrowfully. He had been here for ten years and truly missed out on many good things.

(Even the people of the great teacher world have forgotten about me, right?)

“I’m the Little Tyrant Blade Yue Changdao. Ever since I started my martial path, I’ve killed several hundreds of people. Why would I be afraid of anyone?”

Yue Changdao coldly snorted.

“Oh, let me add a sentence. The headmaster of the Central Province Academy is a secondary saint.”

Sun Ming had stayed too long in the Battlegod Canyon, hence, he had no idea that the old headmaster had failed in his attempt to break through to the Saint Realm and was currently in a coma.

“Although the fame of your teacher is great, it’s impossible for it to be greater when compared to a secondary saint!”

The old fisherman clicked his tongue and sighed. “Yue Changdao, you are in for it now. You might just die!”

“You are the one who is going to die!”

Yue Changdao spoke in contempt, “I admit that the young man has an extraordinary aptitude, but this place is the Battlegod Canyon. No matter how strong you are, as long as you cannot comprehend the insights at the fifth stage, you won’t be able to enter this place. As long as I don’t go out, there’s no way he can get a group of people to besiege me, right? He can’t possibly make a secondary saint act on his behalf either.”

“That secondary saint’s style would be too ‘low’ if he did that.”

Yue Changdao had long since thought about it. “At most, I’ll stay here for ten more years. If that young man is capable, he can jolly well wait for me at the entrance of the canyon!”

Sun Ming narrowed his eyes. No wonder this fellow could obtain the favor of the Tyrant Blade and became one of his personal disciples. Although he was very burly and looked like a brute, his thoughts were meticulous.

“As for you guys, do you have any discoveries? Say them and let all of us contemplate and examine them!”

Yue Changdao urged.


Just when everyone was raising their heads in anticipation, Sun Mo exited from the sixth part of the canyon with a gloomy expression.

“F***, I feel so unhappy!”

Sun Mo suddenly recalled the online games he had played before where those high-leveled players would wait outside a dungeon to PK lower-leveled players because they didn’t want them to hunt mobs in the dungeon and get better equipment.

“Great Teacher Sun!”

Everyone called out in shock. After that, they swarmed over, but they suddenly stopped when they got near Sun Mo.

Right now, Sun Mo’s status in everyone’s heart was already limitlessly high.

He only took half a month to enter the sixth part of the Battlegod Canyon. Who could achieve this feat?

“Teacher, is there something wrong inside?”

Li Ziqi jogged over and asked in a low voice. She even seamlessly inspected Sun Mo and only heaved a sigh of relief after ascertaining that he wasn’t injured.

“Teacher Sun, what’s the matter?”

Jin Mujie frowned. In her heart, Sun Mo had always been a cheerful and sunshine-like young man. But now, he exuded an extremely gloomy feeling.

“Do you guys know who the people inside are?”

Sun Mo glanced at Zha Liang.

“I’m not sure!”

Zha Liang shook her head. Although they had stayed in the Battlegod Canyon for quite a long time, those in the deeper parts had been here even longer and wouldn’t exit for several years.

“Great Teacher Sun, did you encounter any trouble? Just say it and we will help you resolve it!”

A person immediately patted his chest to express his loyalty.

“No hurry. Let me think through things.”

Sun Mo took a few steps forward before he added, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve said I would tell you guys the true meaning of this stage, I’ll definitely do so.”

“Great Teacher Sun, you came out so quickly. Did the people inside refuse to allow you to look at the murals?”

Logically speaking, Sun Mo should have spent a few hours inside before coming out.

“There are such shameless people?”

“Kill them!”

“That’s a must. Daring to bully Teacher Sun? I, the Number One Blade of the Northern Region will not spare them.”

Everyone commented. After that, they left the canyon and were preparing to drink a little to celebrate.

(Great Teacher Sun has passed, this is worthy of celebration.)

Comprehending it by themselves?

Stop joking, they wouldn’t be able to do it. They should just wait and drink soup.


An exact hour arrived and the soldiers spawned again.

However, since everyone had left, the soldiers simply paced around and weren’t attacked.

Logically speaking, this was a great opportunity to accumulate experience, but when Bai Hao saw these soldiers, he was in no mood to inspect them.

Even his mental state was affected. Sun Mo’s strength was terrifying.


Favorable impression points from Bai Hao +500. Respect (1,700/10,000).

At the campsite of the Westshore Military School.

Fu Yanqing sat in his tent and was reading a book. He knew that he had no way to comprehend the true meaning of the murals in such a short time. Hence, he couldn’t be bothered to go and seize the sword will from the sixth part of the canyon.

After all, the clash between experts in the sixth stage was too intense.

If one was the slightest bit careless, they would be seriously injured or might even die.

Fu Yanqing, who was already a 6-star great teacher and was enjoying glory, started to cherish life.

“Even if Sun Mo passed the fifth stage, there would only be a path leading to his death when he entered the sixth part of the canyon.”

Fu Yanqing’s lips curled. After that, he shook his head and laughed. (What am I thinking?)

(If Sun Mo can clear the fifth stage so fast...)

(I will tear off my head and let him use it as a stool!)

(Wait a minute...)

Fu Yanqing suddenly thought of Sun Mo’s terrifying speed of clearing the stages. He decided to give Sun Mo a time limit. (Let it be three years then!)

“Sigh, Bai Hao is truly unfortunate. He most probably has been psychologically impacted for the worse during this tempering exercise.”

Fu Yanqing shook his head.

“Teacher Fu!”

A voice rang out outside his tent.

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Yanqing casually asked.

“Sun Mo passed.”

Duan Hu glanced at the surroundings and lowered his voice because he felt that this might be a piece of bad news for the people of their camp.


Fu Yanqing was astonished. “What did you say?”

“Sun Mo cleared the stage!”

Duan Hu suddenly felt that by coming here to inform Fu Yanqing, he might not be able to get Fu Yanqing to remember his existence in a positive way. He might even incur Fu Yanqing’s loathing.

“The fifth part of the canyon?”

Fu Yanqing felt perplexed.

Just when Duan Hu grunted in agreement, Fu Yanqing immediately rushed out of his tent like a cyclone. He grabbed Duan Hu’s arm and roared in a low voice, “Did you see this personally?”


Duan Hu’s voice wasn’t loud, but Fu Yanqing’s voice was like the roaring thunder.

(This... How can that be possible? It has only been a week!)

(Could Sun Mo be the reincarnation of the Battle God? If not, how did he do it?)

Fu Yanqing had seen those murals before and they were as difficult as the heavenly book. How could Sun Mo understand them so quickly?

(Could there be some secrets within which I have no idea of?)

Fu Yanqing’s mind was in chaos and he was badly impacted by this news. Although he knew the student wouldn’t dare to lie to him, he still decided to head to Battlegod Town.

He had to personally go and see for himself.

At this moment, a commotion was already shaking Battlegod Town. The news of Sun Mo passing spread around rapidly and everyone was discussing this.

Even the ladies who came here from far away to ‘earn money’ were no exceptions. They hugged the arms of guests and kept asking questions about Sun Mo.

At the tea stall.

“You actually cleared the stage?”

Bai Cha marveled and involuntarily surveyed Sun Mo. “I’ve never seen someone with bigger brains than you!”

Sun Mo drank a mouthful of ‘coffee’ and asked Bai Cha, “You have stayed here for so long. Do you know that broadsword guy’s origin?”

“He should be the disciple of the Tyrant Blade and is named Yue Changdao. When he first came here, he immediately challenged everyone and killed over ten people. After that, when he started to comprehend the true meaning in the Battlegod Canyon, he cleared three stages in a single day.

Bai Cha recalled. This was an incident that happened ten years ago.

“Why? Is he looking for trouble with you? You are in for it then!”

[1] Bun-hair guy – guy with his hair tied in a bun. He is also a great teacher with the ‘Sun’ surname.

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