Absolute Great Teacher
778 Dark Dawn, Star General Candidate!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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778 Dark Dawn, Star General Candidate!


The majority of the time, a human’s name was given by their parents. One couldn’t choose their names before they were born, hence, their names didn’t usually represent anything. However, nicknames were earned through one’s behavior and style of doing things.

In the Nine Provinces, only a few experts had pinnacle-level blade skills.

Yue Ba was known as the Tyrant Blade, but it wasn’t because he had the word Ba (Tyrant) in his name. Rather, it was because this fellow was extremely tyrannical and ferocious. If someone said a thing that sounded like a disagreement against him, he would immediately attack that person.

His slogan was simple. “Things that can be handled with my blade will not be handled with any other methods.”

“Yue Changdao has learned the blade arts from Yue Ba since he was very young. Not only was Yue Changdao’s skill outstanding, but his personality was 70 to 80% like Yue Ba. Ten years ago when he came to the Battlegod Canyon, he also caused a bloody storm to occur.”

Bai Cha sighed. “Don’t underestimate him. He is very powerful.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. How could he not be strong? People who depended on themselves to enter the sixth part of the canyon could be considered dragons and phoenixes among humans.

However, Sun Mo didn’t plan to give up like that.

“Sun Mo, listen to my advice. Take your time to consider before making your decision.”

Bai Cha sincerely persuaded. “It’s said that Yue Changdao’s actions were too brash and cruel and he had created many enemies for himself. Not being able to stay in the Nine Provinces, he fled to the Darkness Continent.”

“I understand.”

Sun Mo drank his coffee in a single gulp and rose as he went back to his campsite.

For the next two days, Sun Mo was in seclusion to comprehend the true meaning of the sixth stage. But in the eyes of others, Sun Mo was afraid.

After all, Bai Cha didn’t keep it a secret, and the matter of Yue Changdao expelling Sun Mo slowly began to spread. This could be considered as him helping Sun Mo build up his reputation.

Right now, Sun Mo’s battle achievements were splendid. Although he had quite a few fans now, many people were also jealous of him. Once he failed, these people would definitely use the opportunity to mock him sarcastically.

Bai Cha felt that Sun Mo might as well take the chance to retreat and after this tempest was over, he could try again.

In any case, Sun Mo’s current achievements were already sufficiently outstanding.

On the morning of the third day.

Bai Cha’s tea stall was packed to the brim with people.

Everyone knew that Sun Mo loved to drink this strange-tasting white tea. Hence, when they had nothing to do, they would come here and drink a cup or two, hoping that they might run into Sun Mo. Maybe, they could gather some information.

Even if they had no harvest, it would also be good if they could take a look at Sun Mo.

In any case, when they started to brag in the future, they couldn’t possibly not know how to describe Sun Mo’s features, right?

“No seats left?”

A young man frowned and stared at the three empty seats inside. “What are those? Don’t tell me I have to pay more before I can sit!”

The young man’s tone was unkind.

(Unscrupulous merchants are truly everywhere. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sun Mo likes drinking this white tea, this daddy wouldn’t have come here. I feel disgusted just by smelling it.)

“Oh, those three seats were reserved by some young misses.”

Bai Cha smiled and explained.

These misses were from elsewhere. They came here to chase celebrities, and the amount of money they spent was even more compared to the males.

(Look at you guys. Ordering the cheapest tea and wanting to sit around the whole day here, taking up seats for potential customers. Those little misses directly reserved seats for themselves for a month!)

(Their only request was for me to inform them when Sun Mo came here.)

“In any case, they are not here yet. Why can’t I sit there first? I will leave immediately when they arrive.”

The young man’s wallet wasn’t that thick. Hence, he didn’t have much confidence when he spoke.

“I’m sorry, I’m a merchant with integrity.”

Bai Cha shook his head.

“Nope, you are an intelligent merchant. Who would ever sell ‘reserve seats’ to people?”

Sun Mo laughed and teased.

“Great Teacher Sun, you are here?”

“Boss Bai, get me some tea, your best tea!”

“Great Teacher Sun, there’s an empty seat here. I reserved it for you.”

Once Sun Mo entered the tea stall, the guests who were here all stood up excitedly and greeted him with a humble and polite attitude.

Sun Mo glanced around and had a social smile on his face.

(Sigh, it’s not too good to be overly famous. It’s too troublesome to entertain people.)

(Should I act a little colder and more high profile?)

It was said that such a ‘personality’ was very famous nowadays and would attract many inexperienced young girls.

“Just drink your tea!”

Bai Cha laughed and scolded.

Because their interests were similar and they could get along with each other very well, Bai Cha had long since treated Sun Mo as his friend and would always reserve a seat for him.

“Same order!”

Sun Mo sat there and started to wait for people. Today, he wanted to get some help to kill Yue Changdao.

When the surrounding guests saw Sun Mo deep in contemplation, the volume of their voices also grew much smaller.

But not long later, an irritating voice rang out.

“You are Sun Mo?”

A young man clad in green stood before Sun Mo. He was smiling and surveying Sun Mo.

Because his appearance was overly feminine, his smile made him look very frivolous. However, he should be highly skilled.

Sun Mo noticed that this young man’s right hand was playing with a dagger, and it was agilely flipping through the gaps of his fingers in a beautiful manner.

Sun Mo ignored him purely because this fellow caused him to recall a bad memory back when he was in school. Back then, there was a male student in his class who liked to spin pens around his fingers. In just a semester, that guy managed to get three girlfriends using the excuse of teaching girls how to spin pens.

“Oi, how can you speak like this to Great Teacher Sun?”

A guest finally saw a chance to gain some brownie points and immediately jumped up. But after he spoke, his vision immediately dazzled.


A silvery-white blade shadow flashed. After that, the guy felt pain in his ear area. He subconsciously touched it and felt blood on his hands. His ear had been sliced off.


Everyone took in a cold gasp of air. That dagger, after slicing off that unlucky fool’s ears, spun around and returned to the hand of the young man.

There were others who wanted to speak, but they hurriedly shut their mouths immediately when they saw this scene.

This young man truly did have some capabilities!

The young man didn’t look bothered at all. It was as though what he did was as insignificant as stepping a cockroach to death. He didn’t say anything from the start to the end and simply looked at Sun Mo. “My name is Gu Yun. I heard of Great Teacher Sun’s feat and am inspired. I wish to seek your guidance by challenging you.”

Sun Mo drank his tea in silence.

“Why, you don’t dare?”

Gu Yun provoked.

“If I agreed to the challenge of any Tom, Dick, or Harry, would I still have my own private life to enjoy?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes and impatiently waved his hands. “Can you become famous first before talking to me again?”

Since the other party had a provocative attitude, Sun Mo wasn’t going to be polite either.

Gu Yun’s expression froze. He felt like he just got underestimated. He wanted to act directly, but that would be considered a sneak attack, and it wouldn’t be a glorious win.

However, even if they didn’t fight today, he could play some tricks to ‘fix’ this great teacher and make him stumble a little.

As Sun Mo spoke, he activated Divine Sight stealthily.

Gu Yun, seventh level of the Divine Force Realm. He is proficient in using daggers, poison, and assassination techniques.

Strength: 37. He is capable of wielding something as though it is light.

Intellect: 36. Sinister personality. He likes to trick people.

Agility: 39. Close to max stats. He has an excellent movement technique, please take note of it.

Will: 38. Ever since he cultivated, he has never suffered a defeat before. He is currently in high spirits.

Endurance: 38. Don’t even dream of exhausting him to death.


Potential value: Extremely high

Note: A part of Dark Dawn, the brilliant disciple of a Darkness Starlord. He is a candidate to become a Star General.

Warning, warning! This person is a poison expert.

After he saw the words ‘candidate to become a Star General’, Sun Mo’s brows furrowed. This young man should be a core member of the Dark Dawn, right? When Sun Mo saw the words ‘poison expert’, he subconsciously glanced at the cup in his hand.

“Main components: Caffeine with a new addition of datura nectar. Note: Extremely harmful.”

Sun Mo immediately grew unhappy.

This Gu Yun was so ruthless.

Although the datura nectar had the word ‘nectar’, it didn’t have much connection with flower nectar. Rather, it was the juice of a type of poisonous vine and had a strong illusionary effect on those who drank it. It would cause people to see illusions.

People who drank it would be in an excited state and do unfathomable things like running around naked, treating feces as delicacies, swallowing them, etc...

This Gu Yun could be considered a malicious prankster.

If Sun Mo lost control, his reputation, which he worked arduously to build, would be completely destroyed.

“Haha, I didn’t expect Great Teacher Sun to be someone so gutless. How disappointing.”

Gu Yun shook his head and glanced at the surroundings. “Those who feel bored can fight me in a life-and-death battle.”

No one replied.

Gu Yun shrugged. He took out a bag and tossed it on the table.


The bag opened and revealed the spirit diamonds within.


Everyone marveled in admiration as their eyes widened.

These were spirit diamonds. Although it was only a small bag, their value was extremely high.

“This bag of spirit diamonds and this peerless spirit-tier dagger will belong to whoever can kill me!”

Gu Yun put on an expression akin to a newborn calf that was unafraid of tigers.

Some guests felt their hearts being moved. After all, the majority of the cultivators here in the Darkness Continent were not kind souls.

“I’ll do it!”

A middle-aged man walked out.

“Gu Yun, if you drink this cup of tea, I will fight you!”

Sun Mo interjected and pushed the cup of tea in his hands to Gu Yun.

Gu Yun’s countenance changed.

(It can’t be, right? Did Sun Mo discover I did something? That shouldn’t be the case. My poison techniques are done in an extremely concealed manner.)

Gu Yun looked at Sun Mo and discovered that the latter was smiling and extremely composed. He couldn’t see anything at all. But the more Sun Mo acted like this, the more uncomfortable he felt.

(If there are no reasons, why would he want me to drink this cup of tea?)

“No, he must be finding an excuse. Hmph, true wealth can move human hearts!”

Gu Yun coldly snorted. (Just drinking tea? What do I have to fear? I’m someone with the antidote.)

But at this moment, Sun Mo spoke.

“The nectar of datura. Strictly speaking, it isn’t poison and if used correctly, it would be considered a type of medicine. Hence, the antidote in your hand cannot fully dispel the illusionary effects.”

Sun Mo evaluated.

Gu Yun felt a chill in his heart, and his right hand that was holding onto the teacup was trembling.


Some tea seeped out.

“It’s one thing if you want to challenge people, but why must you use poison?”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. “If I fight you after finishing this cup of tea, will it still be a fair fight?”

“What? This brat poisoned the tea?”

“Look at his expression, Great Teacher Sun is definitely correct.”

“The tea is here, wouldn’t we know if we make him drink it?”

The expressions of the guests were indignant. Everyone hated scum who used despicable tricks. This was especially so for people who used poison. Everyone would actually feel even more disdain for them.

This was the reason why the system didn’t recommend Sun Mo to become a poison master.”

“Everyone, his poisoning techniques are very brilliant. You guys have to be careful!”

Sun Mo reminded everyone. He then looked at Bai Cha. “Boss, you better change the tea set, or you might be in for it if someone got poisoned.”


When Sun Mo’s words rang out, everyone was shocked. They subconsciously stood up and moved themselves further from the teacup. Those who already drank the tea hurriedly placed their finger in their throat and stirred forcefully, wanting to vomit the tea out.

“Sun Mo, you are playing me?”

Gu Yun’s expression turned unsightly because the gazes of everyone toward him were now filled with wariness and anger.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》