Absolute Great Teacher
779 I Came Here for the Sake of Killing You!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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779 I Came Here for the Sake of Killing You!


“Cunning rascal!”

Bai Cha chortled. Sun Mo not only had sharp judgment, but he could also ‘kill’ someone invisibly.

A single sentence from him caused Gu Yun to become the target of a multitude of arrows. One could say that Gu Yun would no longer be able to stay in the town.

Firstly speaking, not a single shop would dare to do business with him. There was no solution to it. Gu Yun was a poison user, what would others think?

This was especially so for restaurants. Everyone would subconsciously stay far away from a restaurant if they knew Gu Yun visited one.

Also, all cultivators would be wary of him and do their best to limit their interactions with him.

Bai Cha had been living in Battlegod Town for so many years and he had seen too many of such situations.

“Sun Mo, I want to fight you!”

Gu Yun roared. With a clapping sound, he grabbed his dagger tightly and his earlier frivolous expression turned into a solemn and serious one.

A surge of killing qi gushed forth.

“Wanting to fight Great Teacher Sun? You should ask whether my sword permits it or not!”

Zha Liang spoke and entered the shop. His pair of sharp eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Who fathered you? Daring to challenge Great Teacher Sun? Are you even worthy?”

“Quickly crush him to death.”

Behind Zha Liang, over 50+ major characters at the Longevity Realm entered the stall with him. Each of them was staring at Gu Yun like how tigers would eye their prey.

As long as Sun Mo said a single sentence, they would immediately act to kill this loathsome fellow.

Gu Yun naturally didn’t want his head to be beheaded and given to Sun Mo as a gift. Hence, he decisively chose to leave.

“Sun Mo, I won’t give up.”

After Gu Yun spoke, he leaped onto the roof and vanished from sight

“Great Teacher Sun, many thanks!”

The guy, who coveted the spirit diamonds earlier and wanted to attack, hurriedly bow to Sun Mo now.

(My heavens, that was a poison expert!)

(If I attacked, I would definitely have died.)


Favorable impression points from the greedy passerby +500.

“Don’t mention it. Everyone, please be seated!”

Sun Mo stood up and called out. “Boss, more tea.”

“We don’t deserve your praises!”

Everyone hurriedly spoke humbly.

These people were all at the Longevity Realm, and the youngest among them were at least a hundred years old. But right now, they were all very respectful toward Sun Mo.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to exchange pleasantries. He went straight to the main topic. “I’ve already comprehended the true meaning of the wall mural. There’s no problem if all of you want to learn it, but I have a condition.”

“That’s only proper.”

Zha Liang hurriedly replied, “This is such a great secret, so you naturally shouldn’t reveal it for free. Great Teacher Sun, please just let us know your requests.”

Everyone expressed their understanding.

After all, such a secret had demand but no supply. For people like Fu Yanqing, even if you wanted to acknowledge him as your father or sent him money and beautiful girls, he wouldn’t reveal it.

“Have all of you heard the name Tyrant Blade Yue Ba before?”

Sun Mo asked. The guests in the stall immediately pricked their ears up.

The major characters nodded.

This fellow depended on his peerless blade skills to be famous through the Nine Provinces.

“One of his students Yue Changdao is currently in the sixth part of the canyon. He refused to allow me to see the murals there. What do all of you think we should do?”

Sun Mo asked.

Everyone fell silent and exchanged glances, not knowing what Sun Mo was thinking about. In the end, Zha Liang was still the one who spoke.

“Great Teacher Sun, your meaning is?”

“I want him to die!”

These simple five words were filled with killing intent.

Ever since Sun Mo got started on his martial path up until now, although he had met arrogant enemies, everyone would try to suppress him while being on the side of ‘rules’. But Yue Changdao directly wanted to kill him just because of a verbal disagreement.

It was like someone on the streets saw a little child that was of kindergarten age. That person then directly went over and crushed the kid’s head. Was there any difference between this and what Yue Changdao did?

Wasn’t he simply depending on his higher cultivation base and to do whatever he wanted to? If not, why didn’t he kill that bun-hair guy and the old fisherman?

Monopolizing the murals?


After hearing Sun Mo’s request, all the guests took in a breath of cold air and stared at him in astonishment.

So Sun Mo was so ruthless?

The major characters at the Longevity Realm didn’t speak. After all, if they killed Yue Changdao, they would offend Yue Ba.

“I won’t force everyone either. Those who agree to the condition can stay behind. Those who reject it can just leave.”

Sun Mo drank his tea calmly.

“Great Teacher Sun, Yue Ba isn’t a good target to offend!”

Someone persuaded him.

“He isn’t a good target’? Does this mean I should not offend him?”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. “Or do you mean that I’m a good target to offend?”

In the Nine Provinces, one would naturally want prestige and face, let alone an occupation like great teachers. This time, if Sun Mo backed down because he was terrified, people would say that he was afraid of Yue Ba and didn’t dare to retaliate even when Yue Ba’s disciple wanted to kill him. Wouldn’t Sun Mo’s personal students feel a great loss of face then?

It was like when your father got beaten up, but he didn’t even dare to let out a fart. Would you as the son not feel embarrassed?

“I understand all of your trepidation and fears. So, you all can leave now.”

Sun Mo smiled. “However, I also believe that a lot of you don’t fear Yue Ba and still want to know the true meaning of this stage. After all, this is already the fifth part of the canyon. Even if you cannot comprehend the Battlegod Catalog, the true meaning of this stage can still allow one to improve their strength greatly.”

The major characters here sank into deep contemplation.

“I will only wait for five minutes.”

Sun Mo took out his pocket watch and glanced at it.


After seeing this scene, Bai Cha silently praised Sun Mo for being tyrannical.

Knowledge was power. The ancient saying was true.

Look at Sun Mo, a weak young man at the Divine Force Realm. He could even give orders to a bunch of major characters at the Longevity Realm.

There was no solution to it as the true meaning of the murals was a ‘hard need’ and not a ‘want’ for them!

There were many people here. They paced around the canyon and wouldn’t be able to gain any insights even after tens of years had passed. Now that there was a chance, who would be willing to give up?

“F***, isn’t it simply a Yue Ba? What’s there to be afraid of? I’ll do it!”

Zha Liang was the first to speak. (At most, this daddy won’t return to the Nine Provinces anymore.)

“That’s right, I’ll do it too!”

“The opportunity is rare!”

“The true meaning of the murals is truly too valuable. Even if we didn’t do it, other people would seize this chance and still help Great Teacher Sun.”

Some major characters swiftly made their decisions. In any case, the Nine Provinces were so large. Even if Yue Ba wanted to kill them, he wouldn’t have it easy tracking them.

Naturally, some who were bogged down by the fear of their families’ safety chose to retreat.

In the end, only 19 people remained, less than half of the number that had originally gathered here. However, they were more than sufficient to kill Yue Changdao.

“Very good, the moment Yue Changdao is killed will be the moment I reveal the true meaning of the murals.”

Sun Mo kept his pocket watch and smiled. “Say, if I offer a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art as the price, would I be able to hire someone who can kill Yue Ba?”

The originally noisy atmosphere once again fell into silence as everyone stared dumbfoundedly at Sun Mo.

“Great Teacher Sun, y...you can’t make this joke!”

Zha Liang was also somewhat shocked.

“Just tell me, will I be able to or not?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Yue Ba is a blade expert. It won’t be easy to kill him.”

Zha Liang pondered. “But such high-level cultivation art is enough to make an entire clan prosper.”

“That’s right. Those famous major characters wouldn’t feel interested, but those new rising superstars would absolutely try their luck.”

Everyone started to discuss if Yue Ba was worth the price of a peerless saint-tier cultivation art.

“What about two?”

Sun Mo laughed.


Everyone felt like their throat was grabbed. They were speechless.

“I can even afford three.”

Sun Mo drank a mouthful of tea. (With Immemorial Vairocana, what type of cultivation art would I not be able to obtain?)

Although everyone no longer spoke, they didn’t doubt his words.

If Sun Mo was willing to pay three peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts as the price, Yue Ba would be dead for sure.

If Sun Mo made this announcement publicly today, Yue Ba wouldn’t be able to live past tomorrow.

“Alright, you guys can enter the canyon first. I will come after finishing this cup of tea!”

Sun Mo was very calm.

No one could tell how shocking his thoughts were.

Honestly speaking, those present here already felt their hearts being moved.

“Sun Mo, if your words are leaked, there would surely be trouble for you.”

Bai Cha reminded him.

“There are so many people here. Can my matter of wanting to kill Yue Changdao be concealed? So, I might as well take the initiative to let Yue Ba know that if he wants to touch me, he has to first measure his own capabilities properly.”

Sun Mo coldly smiled.

(Really? Treating me as a fool?)

(If Yue Changdao was the Tyrant Blade’s son, I would surely change my plan. But for a disciple who stayed in the Battlegod Canyon and did not return home for ten years? Please, how deep could their relationship be? After I become a 3-star great teacher and a 3-time champion, I won’t even need to offer cultivation arts, and some major characters in the great teacher world will act on my behalf.)

Sun Mo stood up.

Leaving aside others, just Mei Yazhi alone was sufficient. Would the Tyrant Blade dare to antagonize her?

A person’s fame was built from countless successes. If you stumbled once, your fame would be weakened by a portion.

Bai Cha started. After that, he flashed a thumbs-up.

Sun Mo didn’t intentionally hide this from others. So when he entered the sixth part of the canyon again, the chattering of the crowd from the tea stall already spread through Battlegod Town.

At the campsite of the Westshore Military School.

“Has Sun Mo gone mad? Even if he meant it as a joke, given the Tyrant Blade’s personality, he would surely not spare Sun Mo easily.”

Miao Mu frowned.

“God Hands, getting 2 stars in a year, a 2-time champion, the fiance of the Central Province Academy’s headmaster, knowledgeable in several top-level cultivation arts...Sun Mo does have the capabilities to say such a thing.”

Although Fu Yanqing disliked Sun Mo, he still spoke out a word of fairness.

What were great teachers?

They were people with brilliant battle achievements and students all around the world. Their social connections extended throughout the Nine Provinces, and the higher their star-ranking, the more famous they were and the stronger their rallying power would be.

Who knew...there might come a day when an expert wanted to send their child under Sun Mo’s tutelage, and they would take the initiative to give Sun Mo Yue Ba’s head as a meeting gift.


Sun Mo entered the sixth part of the canyon and once again saw the paradise-like area.

The chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers here made one feel carefree and relaxed.

“You still dare to enter?” Yue Changdao’s eyes narrowed. (Is he truly not afraid of death?)

Normally, Yue Changdao wouldn’t waste time and would have directly slashed out. But Sun Ming’s earlier words reminded him. It was rare to see such a young 2-star great teacher. If he antagonized such a genius, things would be troublesome for him then.

“I came here for the sake of killing you.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled.


The fisherman was stunned. (These words are so tyrannical. I admire them!)

Sun Ming also opened his eyes and surveyed Sun Mo with interest.

“My broadsword doesn’t kill nameless ghosts. Report your origins!”

Yue Changdao took an indirect approach to investigate Sun Mo’s background.

“Talking nonsense with someone who is going to die soon? Sorry, I don’t have such an interest!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Haha, you most probably don’t know my identity, right?”

Yue Changdao taunted.

“Have your brains gone rusty? What did I do when I headed out for two days? It’s natural to investigate you. I know you are the Blade Tyrant’s disciple. You don’t have to use his name to frighten me.”

As Sun Mo spoke, he shook his head. “Anyway, don’t you think it’s embarrassing for you to use the name of your teacher to scare off your enemies?”

Yue Changdao immediately flushed.


The old fisherman applauded and laughed loudly.

Sun Ming laughed involuntarily as well. He had long since guessed this ending. (You are just an abandoned disciple, so why are you acting so high and mighty? Now, you have rammed your toes into a steelboard, right?)

“Hmph, I might not be as strong as my teacher, but my broadsword can still kill.”

Yue Changdao coldly snorted, but he didn’t take any action.

“Why? You don’t want to kill me now?”

Sun Mo mocked.

“In any case, you won’t be able to comprehend the true meaning of the murals here. There’s no difference between me killing you or not?”

Yue Changdao answered back sarcastically. Honestly speaking, Sun Mo’s calm manner actually caused him to feel dread.

For such a person, he would either have a trump card or he was a madman. Yue Changdao didn’t wish to antagonize either.

(Forget it, he won’t be able to comprehend it anyway. It’s fine to let him stay here.)

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