Absolute Great Teacher
780 Battle God’s Sword Will, Incomparably Profound!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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780 Battle God’s Sword Will, Incomparably Profound!

Chapter 780: Battle God’s Sword Will, Incomparably Profound!

This part of the canyon, which was akin to a paradise, once again returned to its tranquility.

Sun Ming closed his eyes and continued to meditate. The old fisherman was still wielding his fishing pole that had no fishing line. He put one hand beneath his chin and acted like he was waiting for a fish to bite.

Yue Changdao lay down on a slanted grass patch and stared at the skies in a daze. He would occasionally break a stem of grass and chew it in a bored manner.

They had been comprehending this stage for close to ten years, and things were truly too dull. Despite their previous anticipation, all their excitement had long since been exhausted.

If they had one more chance to choose again, they would have decisively chosen to leave ten years ago instead of wasting their time here for an unrealistic Battlegod Catalog.

Naturally, one couldn’t help but admit that these streams of sword qi did cause them to improve quite a lot.

Sun Mo had guessed at this ending. If Yue Changdao was truly a brute, he wouldn’t appear here. He would have long since been killed by someone.

Without anyone to disturb him, Sun Mo leisurely began to stroll around this part of the canyon. The more he looked, the better his mood was.

The scenery here was truly beautiful!

If this was in the modern era, even the tidal of a 5A scenic spot might not do this place justice. It could even be termed as one of the wonders of the world and would definitely be protected by the government.

(How good would it be if this place was my house’s back garden.)

Sun Mo sighed ruefully.

Other than the beautiful scenery here, its density of spirit qi was also extremely high. Moreover, it was unknown whether or not this was caused by the radiation from the streams of sword qi, but this place caused Sun Mo’s mental state to be stimulated.

Such a state was very suitable for learning. Hence, if someone constructed a library here, learners would find that they could learn things easily with half the effort.

15 minutes later, a stream of sword qi appeared and simply shot out.

At the same time, Yue Changdao, Sun Ming, and that old fisherman all moved. Their expressions were solemn, and they were like ferocious beasts who were competing with their fellow beasts to seize prey. Each of them exuded a sharp and ferocious aura.

The old fisherman stood the furthest away, but as he flicked out his fishing pole, a fishing line was formed from spirit qi and the line moved toward the stream of sword qi.

“Don’t dream about it!”

Yue Changdao waved his broadsword and slashed toward the fishing line. “Haha, this time around, the stream of sword qi belongs to me.”

But the instant Yue Changdao’s broadsword touched the sword qi, Sun Ming’s attack arrived first despite him moving later. A punch forced Yue Changdao’s broadsword back and Sun Ming managed to grab that stream of sword qi.


The sword qi dissipated and the skin on Sun Ming’s hand was broken as well, bleeding. However, it was as though he felt nothing and he simply stood there as he sank into contemplation.


Yue Changdao cursed.

Although he really wanted to kill Sun Ming, they had a pact between them.

When sword qi appeared, all of them could snatch it using all sorts of methods, including insidious and sinister ones. But once someone managed to successfully obtain the sword qi, the other two parties had to stop their attacks.

After all, comprehension was the most important thing. If they fought against each other and delayed all of their comprehension, obtaining the stream of sword qi would be for naught.

“So this stage is like this!”

Sun Mo understood somewhat now.

“During these two years, the number of streams of sword qi I snatched is the least. This can’t continue.”

Yue Changdao fretted. During these two years, this Sun Ming was growing more and more powerful.

After a short battle, the canyon returned to silence once more.

Yue Changdao felt a little hungry. He took out the remains of the roasted rabbit he ate last night. He didn’t care for the cold food and directly bit on it, tearing a large portion of meat away and swallowing it.

And at this moment, another stream of sword qi shot out.


Yue Changdao was in a fluster. He hurriedly wanted to snatch, but how could he make it in time?

Both the fisherman and Sun Ming were experts. They definitely wouldn’t give him the chance.

This time around, it was the old fisherman who succeeded.

“You were so arrogant. I initially thought you were the strongest here!” Sun Mo’s lips curled. “So you are the noobest among you three?”

“Do you want me to tear your mouth off?”

Yue Changdao’s eyes flickered with rage.


Sun Mo provoked.

On the contrary, Yue Changdao chortled instead, “Do you think you can comprehend the Battlegod Catalog just by standing here? Let me tell you something, you won’t be able to do it even if you spend your entire life like this.

“For this stage, random streams of sword qi would be generated, and we have to depend on snatching them to comprehend the Battle God’s will. When our understanding of the sword qi reaches major completion, we will naturally be able to pass this stage.

“However, the appearance of the sword qi has no rules governing him. Sometimes, there would be two or even three streams of it in half an hour, and sometimes we wouldn’t see one even if we waited for half a year.”

Yue Changdao looked at Sun Mo and smiled like he was rejoicing in Sun Mo’s misfortune. “With the three of us here competing to snatch the streams of sword qi, how long do you need to wait before you can obtain your first stream of sword qi? Three years? Thirty years?”

“Why is it not three months?” The fisherman interrupted.

“Do you think breaking through to the Longevity Realm is a piece of cake?”

Yue Changdao spoke in disdain. After that, he looked at Sun Mo. “Being able to see something but not eat it, does it feel ‘good’?”


Sun Mo smiled and continued to stroll around idly. Just when he walked past a crooked willow tree, the leaves moved without wind, and a stream of sword qi was generated at the tree branch.


Yue Changdao cursed and directly lunged over.

The old fisherman took a few steps forward but then halted. As for Sun Ming, he took a glance and didn’t even move.

This was because the stream of sword qi was too close to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and grabbed it.


The sword qi shot into Sun Mo’s arm and left behind a wound that looked like a line. Fresh blood seeped out, but Sun Mo didn’t care. His attention was fully captured by the scenes gushing into his mind from the sword qi.

The scenes seemingly painted a picture of someone attacking a certain darkness ruins.

“What sort of damn luck does this fellow have?”

Yue Changdao was speechless.

“I wonder what experience he gained?”

The old fisherman was curious.

Yue Changdao had wanted to curse out loud, but after hearing this, he actually shut up and chose to wait quietly.

Three minutes later, Sun Mo regained his senses and looked at Yue Changdao. “Earlier, what did you say? How long did I need to snatch my first stream of sword qi?

“Three years? Thirty years? Sorry. I obtained one even before three minutes.”

Sun Mo ridiculed him, using the exact same tone that Yue Changdao had used as he repeated his words. “Being able to see something but not eat it. Does it feel ‘good’? I’m sorry. Not only do I not feel ‘not good’, but I also feel very high now!”


Yue Changdao was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. He really wanted to kill Sun Mo.

“Enough, both of you, just say a word less.”

The old fisherman became the meditator. “Little friend, according to the rules, you will need to share your insight with us for the first three streams of sword qi you obtained. What do you think?”

“He is so young. Does he even understand enough to tell us his insight?”

Yue Changdao mocked. Actually, he didn’t doubt Sun Mo’s intelligence. After all, being able to enter the sixth stage was the perfect proof.

“My insights are...”

Sun Mo paused and glanced at Yue Changdao. “I feel so high now.”

“F*** your...”

Yue Changbao couldn’t bear it anymore. His broadsword trembled and he wanted to hack Sun Mo to death.

“Can you guys stop quarreling?”

Sun Ming frowned. After that, he looked at Sun Mo and persuaded him kindly, “The opportunity is rare. Don’t waste the sword qi and quickly comprehend more of it.”

From Sun Ming’s point of view, Sun Mo had only been here for a few minutes. How much could he have comprehended?

Giving the sword qi to him was simply a waste of heavenly treasure. However, given how cultured Sun Ming was, he would naturally not say such a thing. Instead, he even persuaded Sun Mo to cherish the chance.

“Many thanks.”

Sun Mo clasped his fists.

Comprehending the sword qi?

He wasn’t in a hurry because he had almost deciphered the murals in this part of the canyon. As long as he understood the true meaning, he would be able to have as many streams of sword qi as he wanted to have.

So, angering Yue Changdao to death was his first priority.

Sun Mo’s cultivation base was low and his strength was weak. Since he couldn’t kill Yue Changdao, he would anger him then. Sadly, he didn’t comprehend the halo ‘Sharp Tongue’ or he would curse at Yue Changdao so badly that he would bleed.

For the next half a day, no more sword qi was generated. Sun Mo strolled around and observed everything in this part of the canyon.

He would occasionally squat beside some wild flowers and pick one up to play with it, or he would remove his shoes and occasionally waddle into the creek to hunt for fish and shrimps. In fact, he even climbed up some fruit trees and began plucking fruits.

Gradually, Yue Changdao couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to Sun Mo anymore.

For someone with such a playful nature, how capable could he be?

(As expected, my enemies are only Sun Ming and that fisherman.)


When the moon rose, the light from the stars cascaded down on the canyon.

Yue Changdao noticed Sun Mo heading out.

“He went for a meal, I guess?”

The old fisherman conjectured.

“Hmph, there are wild fruits, small beasts, and fishes here to eat, and we can fill our bellies easily. Missing out a potential stream of sword qi for the sake of a meal? The losses truly don’t make up for the gains.”

Yue Changdao suddenly felt that he had been too anxious before.

This fellow was clearly a conceited and contemptuous, egotistical and arrogant fellow.

“Just wait and see. This part of the canyon will definitely teach him how to act properly.”

After Yue Changdao spoke, another stream of sword qi generated. The three of them immediately prepared to snatch it.

Although Sun Ming obtained it in the end, Yue Changdao wasn’t discouraged. After all, Sun Mo also missed this stream of sword qi.

This made him rejoice in Sun Mo’s misfortune.

In the morning the next day, when the sun was high up in the sky, only then did Sun Mo return.

“Don’t tell me you just woke up?”

Yue Changdao saw the yawning Sun Mo and felt a little astonished. (What’s with your sloppy appearance that looks as though you just woke up? Did you spend the entire night in the lap of a lady?)

Sun Ming frowned, feeling a little unhappy.

From his point of view, a person who had just entered the canyon and gained the chance to comprehend new things would have to spend at least half a month and sink themselves in a state of deep research.

Sun Mo’s manner was too sloppy.

“This great teacher, the opportunity is rare to come by. You have to cherish it.”

Sun Ming sincerely tried to persuade Sun Mo, hence, Priceless Advice activated.

Sun Mo started. After that, he clasped his fists in thanks.

At the very least, this guy had good intentions.

As for the night, Sun Mo basically didn’t sleep and was deciphering spirit runes. In the morning, he drank a soul calming tea brewed by the little sunny egg. He then began to feel a little fatigued.

Sun Ming nodded, feeling that Sun Mo was someone worthy of teaching, but who could have known that for the next week, Sun Mo acted like before and would exit the canyon every day during sunset and only come back again in the morning.

Even Yue Changdao couldn’t bear to see his sloppy manner anymore. Finally, on the eighth day, Yue Changdao cursed at him.

“Are you a day worker? Can you be more serious and take out a better attitude to comprehend the streams of sword qi? Did you know that during these few days, you have missed five streams of sword qi?”

“Only five streams?”

Sun Mo mentally mused. How few.

“Only? Don’t you know that this is considered a case of the sword qi flooding the canyon? During the longest wait, we had to wait for eight months before a stream of sword qi was generated.”

Yue Changdao felt that Sun Mo was too short-sighted.

“Is that so?”

Sun Mo casually replied while walking to the side of a willow tree. After that, he lifted his hand and plucked a leaf.


Sword qi was formed and appeared above Sun Mo’s head.

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