Absolute Great Teacher
781 Isn“t Your Luck Far Too Good?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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781 Isn“t Your Luck Far Too Good?

Chapter 781: Isn’t Your Luck Far Too Good?

“What the hell?”

Yue Changdao, who had wanted to teach Sun Mo a lesson and let him understand how precious the streams of sword qi were, was instantly stunned speechless at the sight of this scene. He wanted to snatch it, but there was no time for him to do that.

It was because this sword qi was really too close to Sun Mo.

“Damn it, are you the godson of the ancient Battle God? Isn’t your luck too good?”

Yue Changdao was almost driven to death from fury.

Sun Ming assessed Sun Mo. Some people were born with good luck, and it seemed that this was the case for Sun Mo.

“Stay calm, stay calm. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get one or two sword qis.’

The old fisherman was also consoling himself.

(It’s mostly me unwilling to accept having them picked up by this kid!)

Yue Changdao felt helpless, but this was how sword qi was. No one knew when or where it would form.

One would either have to rely on their capabilities to snatch them or rely on their luck.

“Hmph, I don’t believe that you’d be this lucky every time.”

Yue Changdao lay back down on the grass slope.

Sun Mo shrugged and continued walking leisurely. When he arrived at a spot by the stream, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why don’t you fish here?”

“Lord Jiang went fishing; those who want to be caught, get caught.”

The old fisherman grinned and made a Buddhist allegory.

(Do you know that I find monks and priests annoying? It’s because when they try to deceive people, they like to say such ambiguous words. There’s no right or wrong way to interpret them.)

(I’m a straightforward person and can’t stand such things.)

Therefore, Sun Mo bent over, casually picked up a piece of stone, and then tossed it into the water.


The stone fell into the water, creating ripples.

The old fisherman was about to tease him, but his eyes suddenly opened wide. It was because a sword qi shot out from the surface toward Sun Mo like a fish that he had caught.


Sun Mo slapped out with one hand, receiving the sword qi.

“What on earth is going on?”

Yue Changdao looked stunned.


Sun Ming looked perplexed as well.

(Isn’t your luck far too good?)

“Hmmm? It’s another sword qi?”

Sun Mo was surprised and he looked toward Yue Changdao. “I’m sorry, I got it again.”

“Do you believe that I’ll hit you with my sword?”

Yue Changdao gritted his teeth.

“Stop talking crap and quickly comprehend it!”

Sun Ming persuaded, sounding a little envious.

It was rare for sword qi to shoot out from the lake. He wondered what kind of Battlegod Will it was.

Sun Mo comprehended it fast, taking only three minutes. He then continued to stroll around in the canyon.

The only pity was the lack of beautiful women in such a celestial place.


Given Jin Mujie and the other two’s talent, it’d probably take them a few months to come in. The little sunny egg was the only one with the chance to enter quickly as she knew the study of spirit runes. However, he couldn’t possibly lock arms with a female student to travel around, could he?

After seeing Sun Mo’s attitude, Sun Ming closed his eyes and couldn’t bother to persuade him anymore.

Sun Mo walked over to a pear tree. “Does this wild fruit taste good?”

“It’s slightly sour!”

After the old fisherman said that, Yue Changdao lashed out, feeling displeased. “Ask, ask, ask... Why the f*ck don’t you go ask your mom? Won’t you find out after giving it a taste?”


Sun Mo casually plucked a wild fruit and bit down on it.


The fruit tasted sour. It was horrible.


After seeing Sun Mo falling for it, Yue Changdao was about to mock him when with a swoosh, a sword qi shot out from that pear.


This time around, even the old fisherman who was pretending to be composed was stunned. They had never seen streams of sword qi coming out from wild fruits.


Sun Mo swung his head and shattered that sword qi with a bite.

Sun Ming opened his eyes with a swoosh.

“How does it feel?”

Yue Changdao couldn’t help but ask as he hadn’t seen it before either.


Sun Mo assessed seriously.

“I’m not asking you what the fruit tastes like. I’m asking about the sword will.”

Yue Changdao was so angry that he felt like hammering Sun Mo’s head to crush it.


Sun Mo paused for a moment, and Yue Changdao stopped talking and just quietly waited. However, a few minutes later, Sun Mo said this.

“I don’t feel anything!”

Yue Changdao had the urge to kill. He shot out and pounced over to the bottom of the pear tree, plucking over ten fruits and started chowing down on them.

The old fisherman hesitated for a moment and came over as well. Although he knew that the hopes weren’t high, what if he turned out lucky? After all, no matter how unlucky one was, there’d always be a time when they’d lucked out.

It was a pity that after eating nine pears, he knew that he was out of luck.

“Great Teacher Sun, do you want some?”

Yue Changdao asked.


Sun Ming’s reply was crisp.


Yue Changdao held some pears and wanted to bring them over to Sun Ming when another stream of sword qi formed near Sun Mo and shot out toward him.

“Is this for real?”

Yue Changdao let out a surprised gasp while feeling elated, pouncing over ferociously. “Scram! This is mine!”

Sun Mo acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, putting out his hand to receive it.

“You’re courting death!”

Yue Changdao slashed out with his blade, emanating a great disposition.

Sun Mo had no other way but to retreat temporarily.


Yue Changdao felt proud. He put out his hand to receive the sword qi.


The sword qi entered his body. It hurt, but Yue Changdao seemed as if he didn’t notice anything. He just thought it was a feeling of exhilaration that he hadn’t experienced for very long, making him feel euphoric.

(After six months, I’ve finally snatched a sword qi again. This feeling is so great!)

However, just as Yue Changdao was planning to focus on comprehending it, the sound of wind breaking rang out.


A wooden blade lashed out fiercely onto Yue Changdao’s face.


It left a green and swollen mark.

“You unworthy guy! How dare you!”

Yue Changdao was infuriated and chased Sun Mo straightaway.

Sun Mo quickly backed off toward the canyon’s entrance.

Even a scrawny camel was bigger than a horse. This was how amazing the Longevity Realm was. Even the sneak attack that Sun Mo had carefully planned out had no real effect at all.


After the two of them left, the old fisherman and Sun Ming exchanged a glance.

“Did he set up this trap? Or was it just a coincidence?”

The old fisherman asked.

“It should have been a coincidence. After all, no one knew when the sword qi would come out.”

At the mention of this, Sun Ming suddenly shut up. It was because what had happened was too bizarre.

Why did a lot of sword qi erupt next to Sun Mo?

It was probably impossible to explain this with luck. However, if it wasn’t luck, then the answer would be even more terrifying. After all, unless Sun Mo had decrypted the true meaning of the murals and could stimulate the sword qi, how could he have come up with such a scheme?

“That’s impossible, impossible. We’re overthinking this.”

The old fisherman shook his head. If it really was the case, then how good must Sun Mo’s head be? Wouldn’t their effort over the past decade make them seem like a fool?

“Should we go out to take a look?”

Sun Ming was undecided.

“Don’t worry, if Sun Mo has come up with a plan against Yue Changdao, then Sun Mo won’t die for sure.”

The old fisherman sat down. They should just wait as they’d get the answer in a while.


Although his head was almost smashed, it was worth it to have been able to snatch a sword will.

Yue Changdao’s lips curled up into a smile. He was thinking that he was very smart.

He had purposely said that he’d bring pears to Sun Ming, choosing to walk over to hand them to him instead of tossing them over. This had just been an excuse for him to get close to Sun Mo.

(As expected, I’m an intelligent person.)

Yue Changdao felt proud and then started feeling envious of Sun Mo’s good luck again. He didn’t think of the possibility that the sword qi had been stimulated by Sun Mo.

It was because that was impossible!

Otherwise, Sun Ming would have long since comprehended them.

Who was Sun Ming?

He was Secondary Saint Wang’s personal disciple and had been the rising superstar, ranked first on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. If it hadn’t been for the Battlegod Catalog, he’d have become a famous great teacher whose name had spread across the nine provinces.

Back then, he had cracked the first five stages in just nine months. However, he had spent close to ten years in this part of the canyon. Were you saying that Sun Mo cracked it in just one week?

He couldn’t have been a reincarnated saint, right?

(But isn’t it a bit of a loss to kill him? This guy is just like the battle god’s blood-related son. Why not make him into a human swine [1] and then place him in the canyon to attract sword qi?)

All sorts of thoughts went through Yue Changdao’s heart and suddenly, he felt a danger and subconsciously dodged.


A longsword came piercing over from a diagonal point at an extremely fast speed.

“Who are you?”

(Yue Changdao frowned. Have my enemies come all the way to this place?)

However, the sneak attack didn’t stop there. Another two people attacked.

A blade and a sword attacked from his left and right.

One had to admit that a disciple who was highly regarded by the Tyrant Blade, even if they were kicked out of his tutelage, was considerably good. Yue Changdao had managed to avoid the attacks in such a dangerous scenario.

Three Longevity Realm cultivators failed.

“Who on earth are you guys?”

Yue Changdao bellowed out while trying hard to recall who amongst all his enemies would be able to call out three Longevity Realm experts after him.

However, at this moment, someone made a move.

This time around, Yue Changdao wasn’t able to dodge at all and he got a slash on his back. He then found himself surrounded.

“I, Yue Changdao, have no feuds with you guys. Why are you ambushing me?”

Yue Changdao hollered furiously, feeling horrified

(Over ten Longevity Realm experts are out to kill me. My god, I didn’t offend someone so amazing back then.)

“You dare harm Great Teacher Sun? How dare you! I’m going to skin you alive today.”

“Is Great Teacher Sun someone you can offend? Go on your knees and beg for mercy. Great Teacher Sun might still spare your life if you do so. Otherwise, we’ll definitely kill you!”

“Stop the crap talk. Let’s just chop off his head and offer it to Great Teacher Sun.”

This bunch of major characters talked at the same time, taking this very seriously.

(The chance is finally here after having waited for so many days. Yue Changdao, if you don’t die, Great Teacher Sun won’t reveal the true meaning behind the murals. So you should die!)

“Great Teacher Sun?”

Yue Changdao was stunned. (Have I offended someone with this surname before?) He then saw Sun Mo who had escaped earlier. Sun Mo was standing at the side and watching the battle.

“It’s you?”

Yue Changdao took in a cold gasp of air. (F*ck it, Sun Ming was right. This guy is really from an amazing family. Otherwise, how could he possibly command so many Longevity Realm experts to work for him?)

“Weren’t you very arrogant just now? Come and kill me then! I’ll just stand here and not move!”

Sun Mo beckoned with his hand.


Yue Changdao was almost driven to his death from fury. He wanted to kill Sun Mo, but at this moment, he had a problem saving his own life.

“This guy is so amazing!”

Helian Beifang’s brows furrowed tightly.

“That’s right!”

Qin Yaoguang nodded. “Although he hasn’t cleared the stage, he has benefited a lot in the past few years.”

The Longevity Realm experts naturally noticed this as well. Yue Changdao was up against so many enemies and although he was in a forlorn state, he still didn’t die. He continued to retreat as he fought. This was an extremely astonishing performance.

By right, the difference in cultivation tier and strength between both sides shouldn’t be so great. But the current situation only showed that the murals in the sixth part of the canyon could allow one to improve tremendously.

Thinking of this, the people who had wanted to back out and not participate in this were also tempted. They ended up joining the battle too.

“This is bad!”

Yue Changdao secretly thought that things were bad and started performing his ultimate skills.

[1] To have one’s limbs chopped off, blinding them by gouging out their eyes, cutting off their tongue, cutting off their nose, cutting off their ears, forcing them to drink a potion that made them mute, and making them dumb with toxins.

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