Absolute Great Teacher
782 Black Doggy Sun’s Name!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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782 Black Doggy Sun’s Name!

Chapter 782: Black Doggy Sun’s Name!

In the Nine Provinces, one’s personal teacher was the most important in the world.

Regardless of occupations, even for a blacksmith, if the blacksmith’s disciple made a major mistake, and the blacksmith killed them accidentally, the government wouldn’t care about it. At most, the townspeople would gossip about the blacksmith.

A teacher had such great authority, but they naturally had to shoulder huge responsibility as well.

After a student took on a master. If the student ended up being useless trash in the end, their master/teacher would surely suffer a torrent of abuse.

Since the Tyrant Blade Yue Ba had accepted Yue Changdao as his disciple, he would naturally do his utmost to teach Yue Changdao.

Just like the saying ‘a good teacher will produce a brilliant disciple’, given that Yue Changdao’s talent was extraordinary, as well as him having cultivated unceasingly during these ten years, he was exceptionally troublesome to deal with.

Even with so many people ganging up on him, they weren’t able to perform a fatal strike.

After Yue Changdao’s retaliation forced many enemies back, he seemed as though he was drunk and began swaying to the left and right.

Shadowless Heroic Blade.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Immediately, Yue Changdao’s body vanished as seven of him materialized. Three of them rushed into the depths of the canyon, and two more lunged toward Sun Mo and his students.

As for the last two, they sped madly toward the canyon’s exit.

“Protect Great Teacher Sun!”

“Two of us should chase each clone. Don’t waste our combat strength.”

“Which is the real body?”

The responses of the major characters were all different. Some wanted to play tricks and hold back their strength secretly. After all, Yue Changdao was so powerful and they might die if they truly fought him one-on-one.

Some wanted to reinforce and save Sun Mo to gain his favor.

Some directly rushed into the deeper parts of the canyon. From their point of view, since so many people were hunting Yue Changdao, he would absolutely not be able to escape if he ran outside the canyon. Entering the canyon was the only chance he could survive. His true body must be among the three that rushed into the deeper parts of the canyon.

There were people trying to give commands so they wouldn’t waste their combat strength, but no one listened. After all, the battle situation could change at any moment. Everyone had different thoughts and they would naturally ignore the commands.

“Brat. I will remember the grudge today and definitely kill you in the future!”

Yue Changdao roared, “Also, all of you who acted today will be remembered by me. Not a single one of you should think about living.”

“Quickly chase him. It’s that person who spoke!”

Lu Lin shouted and pointed to a clone that was rushing outward.

An expert immediately changed direction and gave up his current target to chase after that clone.

“A bunch of fools. No wonder you guys cannot comprehend this stage.”

Upon seeing everyone being fooled by him, Yue Changdao’s lips curled into a smile of disdain.

Actually, the clone who spoke was also a fake.

After that, he felt at ease and started to plan on how to kill Sun Mo in the most abusive way so he could vent his anger. But all of a sudden, Sun Mo appeared before his eyes.

“What the hell?”

Yue Changdao was shocked. His broadsword slashed out instinctively.


Sun Mo was beheaded, but there was no blood. He shattered and transformed into a ball of dark-red mist before dissipating into the surroundings.


Yue Changdao’s heart shuddered. He hurriedly increased his speed to flee. However, a beam of light instantly blasted through the mist toward him.

When Yue Changdao saw it and wanted to dodge, it was already too late.


The spiritwave light directly blasted into half of Yue Changdao’s ankle, causing his foot to change shape from the impact.


Yue Changdao screamed miserably and fell onto the ground.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

More beams of light shot out, blasting into Yue Changdao’s legs, riddling them with bloody holes.

“Shameless rat. If you are capable, just fight openly against me for three hundred rounds!”

Yue Changdao roared.

“Stop shouting, you look so pathetic like that!”

Sun Mo ridiculed and stood not far away from Yue Changdao.

“How did you discover that I’m the real one?”

Yue Changdao was curious. He subconsciously glanced at the major characters who came to reinforce Sun Mo as well as Sun Mo’s students. Then he looked toward Sun Mo.

He didn’t vanish. It meant that the Sun Mo before his eyes had long since predicted this step and had come here to block him.

“I naturally guessed it!”

Sun Mo peered down imperiously at Yue Changdao. “Being ganged up by so many experts in the Longevity Realm...even a retard would know he had to flee. The next question then comes...where to flee?”

“To the deeper parts of the canyon? What if your enemies decided to guard the entrance forever? Hence, you thought you might as well cause a distraction, right?”

Sun Mo stared at Yue Changdao. “Although your words and behavior are vulgar and coarse, acting like a brute, your style of doing things is filled with cautiousness. For example, when you passed the pears to the bun-hair guy earlier, why didn’t you toss them over?”

“You knew that I wanted to snatch your stream of sword qi?”

Yue Changdao stared into Sun Mo’s eyes and discovered that this was all part of Sun Mo’s strategy.

“Not only did I know, but I also intentionally created the chance for you to snatch the sword qi!”

Sun Mo chortled.


Yue Changdao was shocked. He subconsciously blurted, “Impossible. How can you control the streams of sword qi?”

“Why is it impossible?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Because those streams of sword qi were made by the ancient Battle God!” Yue Changdao snorted in disdain. “You think you are the boss here?”

“You have stayed here for ten years, right? Could it be that you still didn’t understand how the sword qi was generated?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Didn’t I say that the sword qi was generated from the will left behind by the Battlegod and would slash out casually? Didn’t you sense the experience and intent embedded in the streams of sword qi?”

After Yue Changdao spoke, he suddenly frowned. “Or is my deduction wrong?”


Sun Mo shook his head with certainty.


Yue Changdao wanted to sneer. (I’m wrong because you said I’m wrong? Who do you think you are?) But when he was about to say those words, he wasn’t able to continue.

Because he recalled those streams of sword qi that had generated beside Sun Mo.

“So it isn’t because you are lucky, but rather, you have comprehended the true meaning of this stage?” Yue Changdao asked in shock.

“You only realize that now?”

Sun Mo grew joyful. “If my luck was so good, I would have long since become a life-winner.”


Yue Changdao still felt disbelief. (How many days has it been since you entered? And you’ve already comprehended the true meaning? In that case, what does my assiduous cultivation and comprehension during these ten years count as?)

(Was it a joke?)

But very soon, Yue Changdao wasn’t concerned about all these anymore. He subconsciously asked, “How to clear the stage?”

Sun Mo squatted and leaned forward slightly.

Yue Changdao listened attentively.

“I’m not going to tell you.”

These words almost caused Yue Changdao’s lungs to explode from anger.


Yue Changdao roared, but it was useless. The major characters who were standing at the side were competing with each other to act first. They directly chopped off Yue Changdao’s hands and legs.

One of them was even ruthless enough and slashed at Yue Changdao’s privates, causing fresh blood to spray out a moment later.


Everyone including Sun Mo glanced over.

“Are you mad?”

“This fellow has insulted and wanted to hunt Great Teacher Sun. He ought to be punished. If I may suggest, we should bury him with shit and only let him die half a year later.”

This fellow spoke with righteous indignation. After that, he took the initiative to recommend himself. “If you guys allow me to handle him, I dare to guarantee that he wouldn’t die even if he wanted to.”

“May I be so impudent to ask what is the occupation of your forefather?”

Someone was curious.

“It’s a shame to speak of it. My forefather was an executioner. Oh, the type where he could cut 108,000 times and the criminals still wouldn’t die.”


Everyone felt their hair standing on their ends and took a step back, lengthening the distance between them and this fellow.

Even a burly dude like Yue Changdao, who wasn’t afraid of death, felt his guts growing cold.

(Although I wasn’t the one to act, they acted on behalf of me, so I will acknowledge this debt.)

Sun Mo glanced at the surroundings. “In the future, if someone wants to disclose the information here, don’t implicate the others. Just get the Tyrant Blade to look for me!”


Sun Mo’s words immediately caused everyone to cheer.

Those major characters at the Longevity Realm clenched their fists even tighter.

“Great Teacher Sun, what are you saying? We are the ones who kill him and we will naturally admit to that.”

“That’s right. Even if Yue Ba came, he wouldn’t be able to do anything!”

“You really dare to boast. You probably won’t be able to defeat Yue Ba’s eldest disciple.”

A group of people started chatting, but they felt more reverence toward Sun Mo. This fellow was a true man, daring to bear the responsibility.


Congratulations on obtaining a total of +3,100 favorable impression points.

“I now feel some regret about attacking you.”

Yue Changdao looked straight at Sun Mo. “If we were at some other places, I think I would want to be your friend.”

He admired Sun Mo’s personality very much.

“Sorry is useless!” Sun Mo shook his head. “But based on this sentence of yours, I will satisfy your last wish in life.”

“Can you tell me the way to clear the sixth stage?”

Yue Changdao didn’t tell Sun Mo to take care of his family and whatnot. He had no hesitation and directly asked the question.


Sun Mo leaned close to Yue Changdao’s ears and told him the answer in a low voice.

“It’s actually like this?”

Yue Changdao was astonished. “Doesn’t that mean that I’ve wasted ten years of my life?”

“That’s right. Even if you stayed here for a hundred years, it would be useless.”

Sun Mo nodded.

Yue Changdao’s expression turned from shock, to disbelief, and to reluctance before transforming into a burst of loud laughter.

“Haha, the fisherman, Sun Ming, and I competed for ten years, but in the end, all of that amounted to nothing!”

When he thought of the fact the two fellows also wouldn’t be able to obtain the Battlegod Catalog and had wasted ten years for nothing, Yue Changdao laughed so hard that tears came out of his eyes.

Everyone was curious what Sun Mo had told him, but Sun Mo used a voice transmission and his voice could only be heard by Yue Changdao.

Hence, everyone could only look at Yue Changdao blankly.

“Last question, what is your name?”

Yue Changdao looked at Sun Mo.

“Sun Mo. Sun Mo from Jinling!”

Sun Mo held the hilt of his weapon with his left hand, while he placed his right hand behind his back.

(I should look very handsome, right?)

“God Hands!”

“‘The great gushing Yangtze with piling waves flows toward the east, away it carries gallant souls of the remote bygone days! Before the Jiang Clan Manor, Sun Mo calls everyone waiting there to be dogs.’ You actually never heard of this phrase before?”

“Some people are young with strong aspirations, tempering themselves as they advance forward. As for others, they waste 100 years of their life and are worse off than a dog!”

The others quickly added.

“Also there’s Golden Sentences Sun!”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched.

“So it’s Great Teacher Sun. How regretful, what a pity!”

As Yue Changdao sighed, he breathed his last.


Favorable impression points from Yue Changdao +300. Friendly (300/1,000).

Sun Mo started when he heard the abrupt notification.


“Because he regretted his actions. For someone like Yue Changdao, he regards heroes and great teachers as the most important figures in his life. He admires your ability from the bottom of his bones. Just like what he said, if it was under different circumstances, he definitely would become one of those major characters on your side, helping you to charge and break through the enemy lines.”

The system explained.

Did Yue Changdao hate Sun Mo for killing him? That was only natural. However, he was mentally prepared for death in his heart. After all, when he had been too obsessed with fighting in the past and had killed entire clans, not even sparing the children, he had expected that he would have such a day coming.

Dying in the hands of a great teacher couldn’t be considered an insult to himself.

The major characters here naturally didn’t care for Yue Changdao’s thoughts. When they saw that Sun Mo’s request was completed, all of them stared fixedly at him, waiting for him to reveal the true meaning of the fifth stage.

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